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Vandi Lynnae announces Christmas Album ‘Holiday Healing’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- 2021 has been an impressive year for singer-songwriter Vandi Lynnae, who has continued to release a steady flow of singles, from heartfelt ballads to EDM remixes over the past twelve months. Her latest release, 'Holiday Healing,' is a Christmas album that will be available on the 24th of December 2021. Throughout December, Lynnae will be releasing a Christmas-themed single every Friday leading up to the album release.

Like many, Vandi Lynnae is inspired by the festive period. "I love Christmas, and I put a lot of my own family's traditions and memories into these songs. I love that the holiday season is a time to step away from the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life and be with the people you love most. These songs celebrate the wonder of the season and togetherness. It is a time when people come together," Lynnae explains.

'Holiday Healing' gave Lynnae a chance to cherish the joy of the season while incorporating it into her own signature sound, experimenting with genres and styles. The record features original Christmas tracks by Lynnae, and re-imaginings of Christmas classics like 'Birthday of a King,' 'Angels We Have Heard on High' and 'Away in the Manger.' The digital album will also include three remixed tracks and an instrumental composition.

Opening the album is Vandi Lynnae's own Christmas song 'Party Like It's Christmas Day,' a fun and energetic introduction to the record, embellished with all the festive goodness of ringing bells and lyrical sing-along. Lynnae's enchanting voice stands out, layered over harmonies and rhythmic cheer, a celebration of the album's offerings. 'Follow the Winter Star' is an emotive contrast, with dreamy piano and haunting vocals, driven by the nostalgic feel of steady drums and accentuated by strings and bells.

Vandi Lynnae's cover songs also take on a life of their own. In her version of 'In the Bleak Midwinter' Lynnae's mother, Bobbi Bye, features on the track. Shining a light on Bye'soperatic voice, the classic song is re-imagined with a landscape of choir, accompanied by the simplicity of strings, piano and acoustic guitar. This isn't the only collaboration on the album, with Lynnae's patron Lloyd Crain featuring on 'Go Tell It on the Mountain,' which embraces a Country feel.

Classic Christmas songs like 'Come All Ye Faithful' illustrate Lynnae's skills of taking a well-loved song and giving it a complete makeover. With acoustic guitar and percussive instrumentation, the song is driven by a bouncing synth bass, tied together with emotive vocals and mesmerizing harmonies. Remixes like 'My Gift Is You' offer festive production, fully wrapped up with catchy melodies and dance-worthy beats, ready for any Christmas party.

'Holiday Healing' is an eclectic mix of genres and styles that exhibit Vandi Lynnae's skills as a songwriter and a singer. Unafraid to experiment with her sound, Lynnae's heart remains at the center of it all and this album is a gift for all those who listen.



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Vandi Lynnae releases remix album ‘The Beginning’

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Releasing just one album was never going to be enough for Indianapolis singer-songwriter Vandi Lynnae, who released her album "The Beginning" earlier this year. Wanting to explore her music one step further, Lynnae decided to transform her heartfelt pop album into an infectious EDM record curated of 20 songs, 9 of which are remixed from the original project.

"The Beginning (Remix)" is a feel-good collection of tracks made for the dance floor, released on 27th October 2021, and is now available on all digital platforms.

"This is a remix of my debut album 'The Beginning' but also has some new songs as well. The album is great if you want dance rhythms, ready to motivate you in the early morning or get the blood pumping for your workouts," says Vandi Lynnae, explaining the new approach to her signature pop ballads.

What's impressive about the remix release is that Lynnae is still at the core of the record, whether in the emotive vocal performance or the relatable storytelling, the EDM fusion is simply a new flavor added to an already delightful recipe. Where there was once acoustic rawness in Vandi Lynnae's composition, now exists an energetic, upbeat backdrop of distinctive EDM elements including playful kicks, hi-hats and claps, and magnetic synthesizers.

The impact of this electronic soundscape still leaves space for Lynnae's unique vocals and the familiarity of the piano, such as tracks like "Living In A Fantasy," "Time Hurts" and "Lie To Me," while the acoustic guitar appears on "Power Rise," and pizzicato strings feature in "I Fall." The sweetness of Lynnae's voice and melody is still apparent amidst the electronics and percussive rhythms, a reminder of Vandi Lynnae's talent and perhaps an acknowledgement to her inspirations; Ellie Goulding, Sia and Bebe Rexha.

True to the genre's form, there's a multitude of dance-worthy drops, fun vocal-pitching effects and catchy refrains that make the remixes a perfect fit for nightclubs and feel-good festival vibes, transporting Vandi Lynnae's music into whole new worlds.

As the album comes to a close, Lynnae treats listeners to festive Christmas remixes, a project that Lynnae has embraced as she works on her Christmas album 'Holiday Healing', scheduled for a Christmas Eve release, sharing singles every week throughout November and December.


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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.