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RodthaGreat’s ‘The Garden’ Hits the iTunes Charts with VIP Recordings

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- RodthaGreat after recently signing a distribution deal with VIP Recordings, currently distributed by a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, recently peaked the iTunes Hip-hop/Rap Song Charts at #57 with his release of "The Garden."

RodthaGreat's success has not come easily and he has had his share of challenges he has had to overcome along the way. As a result, according to the young phenom, he "specializes in gathering his thoughts, emotions, and ideas from the mental planes and converting those feelings into sound in order to heal myself and potentially others who feel the same way I do. I think more artists should work with me due to the fact that I care about this art deeply."

The budding superstar is working with Billboard charting Florida based label VIP Recordings and has plans to keep "evolving as a person so that the music can evolve along with me. Every piece of music I put out is a part of this legacy I'm trying to build and I want everything to be conveyed the way I want it to be. After 'The Garden,' we're on the way to an EP that will take me, as well as people around me to different heights. I see it opening lots of doors."

RodthaGreat is cementing his legacy on radio as well as 'The Garden' is currently charting the radio charts peaking at #111 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart. RodthaGreat is scheduled to release his sophomore album EP "The Art of Slumber" in October 2021.

Related link: https://www.viprecordings.com/

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VIP Recordings’ ‘Red Devil Compilation’ debut at #25 on the Billboard Compilation Album Chart

ORLANDO, Fla. -- VIP Recordings' "Red Devil" compilation debut at #25 on the Billboard Compilation Album Sales Chart features some of the best independent Hip-hop and Pop artists in the music industry. Hybrid styles of powerhouse independent Hip-hop artists and notorious Pop/R&B artists headline a powerful mixture of musical styles on this VIP Recordings compilation album.

Combining sentiments of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop melodic and harmonic textures to the fabric of this album provides the listener with a body of work that embodies today's most popular styles.

Indeed, hybrid music is the name of the game to today's active listeners who crave both the dynamic energy behind the cadence of Hip-hop music or electronic rich harmonic textures, and "Red Devil" evidently delivers.

VIP Recordings, a record label out of Florida, USA is now currently distributing with "The Orchard," a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

The label will be hosting "VIP Recordings Presents: Listening Sessions North Hollywood" during Memorial Day weekend 2021 where artists have an opportunity to perform on stage for A&R's for $100K advances.

Download the sizzling-hot album that climbed to #4 on the iTunes Hip-hop/Rap Album Sales chart. VIP Recording's infamous "Red Devil" compilation album features some of the music industry's most successful independent artists such as Gwa-la, C-Stud Vill, Taran Richards, Black Dawn, Wayne Gunna, SATgame, Big Lew, Dockko, Ralphy Clouds, K Mac-Beats and IAMR0MEO.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/red-devil-compilation/1562603152

VIP Website: https://www.viprecordings.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/viprecordings/

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Related link: https://www.viprecordings.com/

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