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New Podcast Uses Innovative Format to Deliver Top Real Estate News

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Words that Build is a new, crowdsourced podcast that publishes hot takes from industry professionals and transmutes written articles from top publications to audio.

Real estate professionals are invited to submit voice memos to the company's voicemail mailbox as a quick way to broadcast their opinions or share insights on the industry. This allows architects to be heard by developers, developers to be heard by financiers, and people from all regions to cross-pollinate their experiences and strategies. The hope is that contributors will find this as a way to form valuable relationships with like-minded people across different fields of the industry.

Topics range from updates on recent commercial and residential real estate projects to property tech and urban planning.

Words that Build is not only beneficial to people in the real estate industry, but also to groups that share content with the new platform.

"Converting the text to audio allows the publication to appear on audio search engines like Spotify and Apple Podcasts giving them more opportunities to be discovered," Zak Goldwasser, team member, Words that Build, says. "These search engines are less saturated due to the higher barrier of entry of audio."

For example, Urban Turf, the authority on real estate in the nation's capital, is one of the places that Words that Build aggregates content from and its news is now popping up in all popular podcast spaces.

Words that Build is the result of team members, Zak Goldwasser, a muralist who helps companies transform ordinary real estate into stunning, unforgettable spaces; and Reese Williams, a voice actor of 20 years; Reese has her own music podcast called "This Room Sounds Great."

"Our goal is to function as an audio-first industry publication," Goldwasser says. "We want to make getting and sharing industry information a frictionless process."

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-- or wherever else podcasts are available.

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