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youturn and First Sun Partner to Provide EAP clients with Innovative Substance Misuse Support

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- youturn, the world's largest platform of evidence-based and therapist led video content for Stress, Anxiety, and Substance Misuse, announced a partnership with First Sun EAP. Through the partnership, youturn and First Sun will co-market services to help enterprises decrease employee stress and anxiety while increasing resilience and productivity.

The partnership will provide First Sun clients with access to youturn's risk mitigation training content for businesses and the youturn library will supplement First Sun's expansive employee and leader support programs.

youturn's CEO, Shay Houser, said, "First Sun is the leading EAP in the Southeast. Serving over 150,000 lives, we believe our combined efforts can reduce employee Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (SAD) while minimizing the impact of substance misuse inside the enterprise."

According to Maria Lund, First Sun's president and COO, "Our business is designed to grow with the needs of our customers. Offering youturn is a great added-value service that aligns with the how we are helping our customers support their employees through this difficult time."

A New Solution to a Growing Epidemic:

First Sun EAP has witnessed the transformation of mental and emotional assistance for employees for decades and, since the onset of the pandemic, has seen first-hand the impact of the rise in mental illness and decline in well-being. There is clear evidence for the need and value of organizations investing in substantial support for employees around stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally, the national rise in substance misuse is impacting every business.

According to a Gallop Poll, close to half of U.S. adults, 46%, have dealt with substance use problems in their family. And that was pre-COVID-19. Substance Misuse amongst employees has accelerated to epidemic levels. And, the missing link in the well-being of employees, is the impact of loved ones at home who are struggling. This trend is a silent killer of productivity, and more importantly, people.

First Sun and youturn intend to address this crisis by combining youturn's evidence-based educational content with First Sun's extensive clinical and workplace expertise.

"An increasing number of employees struggling with mental health challenges are reaching out to First Sun for help," said Maria Lund. "It is our goal to make our broad array of services accessible to everyone. We can now expand our convenient well-being solutions to include youturn's powerful suite of offerings."

About youturn

youturn maintains the world's largest library of proprietary, therapist-led, video content about substance misuse. youturn's team has lived experience and have supported tens of thousands of individuals and families navigate the world of substance misuse. youturn has been utilized by leading institutions such as the Illinois Army Reserves, University of South Carolina Medical School, Clemson University School of Medicine, The South Carolina Veterans Administration, Prisma Health as, and numerous publicly held enterprises. Learn more:

About First Sun

First Sun EAP is a leading provider of well-being solutions for work, home and life. We collaborate with enterprises and groups so their entire population is covered through our comprehensive well-being services: full service EAP, population programs, training and development, and critical incident response. Our integrated approach to well-being reduces the overwhelming challenges people face every day and supports leaders with tools to create success. For more information or to get a quote visit


youturn: Shay Houser, CEO, 864.373.5007

First Sun: Maria Lund, President/COO, 803-530-2748

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youturn LLC and I-Ally Partner to Provide Comprehensive Addiction Services to Family Caregivers

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- youturn, the leader in therapist-led content for people struggling with substance misuse, announced a partnership with I-Ally, a rapidly expanding platform of caregiver resources. The partnership will allow a mutual sharing of resources. youturn member employees will now have access to I-Ally's robust resources to help unlock young family caregiver intelligence through support, empowerment and other needed resources.

"We're excited about this new partnership that allows us to better connect families in need with resources around caregiving and addiction support," Shay Houser, co-founder and CEO, youturn says.

Caregivers are often family members who are committed to caring for their loved ones. And, according to AARP, an estimated 53 million Americans qualify as caregivers. As a result, it's critical for these people to have access to education and support resources such as those that I-Ally and youturn provide.

Supporting family members and other loved ones comes with a host of challenges and necessary decision-making skills. It's a stressful situation that takes time, energy and money. I-Ally has tools to help ease the burdens. For caregiving cases that specifically involve substance misuse, youturn's proprietary content platform educates and informs.

"Combining the services of youturn and I-Ally ensures that the stress of caregiving doesn't lead to dangerous substance misuse," Lucinda Koza, CEO, I-Ally says.

About youturn

youturn maintains the world's largest library of proprietary, therapist-led video content about substance misuse. Developed after engaging with 40,000 individuals through nationally-recognized, non-profit partner, FAVOR Greenville, youturn provides evidenced-based training content to enterprises. These training protocols reduce risk related to drugs and alcohol while also increasing employee resilience and productivity. It also helps to contain health plan costs.

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About I-Ally

A community-driven app and website, I-Ally is the first and only service dedicated to supporting millennials in their caregiving role for loved ones. It saves millennial family caregivers time, reduces stress and enables informed decision-making by providing services that fulfill their unique needs.

From telehealth and coaching to wellness, financial and other typical caregiver responsibilities, I-Ally provides invaluable support to meet these challenges head-on. It's the leading community for caregiver support services.

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Shay Houser
of youturn, LLC

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