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Martha Razo’s Xcelerator Business Summit: Igniting Entrepreneurial Success in a Time of Uncertainty

TINLEY PARK, Ill. -- In a world reeling from a global pandemic, dreams dashed and businesses struggling to survive, Martha Razo, a mathematician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, felt the call to reach out, to act, to transform. This conviction has culminated in the announcement of the Xcelerator Business Summit, a groundbreaking platform designed for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and innovators, a place where success is not just a dream but a shared goal, scheduled for August 31 to September 1, 2023, at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

With a heart filled with empathy and a mind sharpened by mathematical prowess, Martha saw beyond her own flourishing businesses. The news of closures and layoffs was more than just headlines to her; it was a call to action. Utilizing her expertise in data-driven decisions, Martha embarked on a one-on-one consulting mission to guide others towards success. But she didn't stop there. The Xcelerator Business Summit is her ambitious response to a troubled economy, an innovative platform where business minds can connect, share, and inspire. It's not merely a gathering, but a nurturing space for ideas, knowledge, and business insights, reflecting Martha's vision of success as a journey best traveled together.

One of the highlights of the Xcelerator Business Summit 2023 is the exceptional lineup of speakers who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Among them is Tsi-tsi-ki Felix, a multi-award-winning journalist, National TV Host, and esteemed TEDx Speaker known for her insights into media and communication. Joining her will be Blanca Sepulveda, a financial expert and the visionary founder of Transformation Financial.

Also gracing the stage will be Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, MD, the brother of Deepak Chopra and a distinguished Harvard Professor of Medicine, who will captivate attendees as the keynote speaker on leadership and health. Venture capitalist and business coach Bill Walsh will also share his wisdom on becoming a public speaker, leveraging years of entrepreneurial experience. With a diverse array of luminaries, the summit is poised to inspire and guide attendees on their paths to business success. With the best EMCEE in the Chicagoland area, Dr. Loren Michaels.

Lead Panelist: Lucero Mateos, Ainhoa García, and DeVon Chandler

The following are Xcelerator Business Summit speakers:

* James Watson

* Celia Colon

* Kimberle Smith Austin

* Lori A. McNeil

* Mansi Shah,

* Jasmine Willois

* Noeli Serna

* Alicia La Hoz

* Stephen Matley

* Jon Block

* Toccara Nicole

* Marie Antonette Waite

* Blanca Sepulveda

* Leonor Gil

* Jennifer Sanchez

* Lizeth Quintana-Romero

* Rubi Velazquez

* Luz Villa

* Kimberly Montesinos

* Paola Meinzer

* Margarita Morelos

* Fallon M. Flowers

* Tilsa Damary Fernandez

* Randy Barcella

* Gabriela Reyna

* Farrah Ali

* Gina Diaz

* Tia Juarez

* Michael Rannigan

For those struggling with the intricacies of entrepreneurship, Martha identifies a vital problem: "There are four pillars of business: marketing, sales, operation, and finances. And if these pillars are not aligned, then your business will not be successful long term." Her goal with the Xcelerator Business Summit is to create a strong foundation for business owners and connect them with the right people to "fill in the gaps."

Martha Razo's credentials are a testament to her abilities. She holds both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Applied Mathematics and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. But her education is just the tip of the iceberg. Martha is also the CEO of Guero's Pallets and co-founder of Solix Services, with a decade of diverse business experience, stretching across restaurants, properties, manufacturing, and more. From being an 8-figure business owner to being featured in NBC news, and authoring her book 'Business Diva,' Martha's expertise permeates her every endeavor.

The Xcelerator Business Summit 2023 is not just another business event; it's a guide for anyone looking to take their business to new heights. "You don't have to know it all," Martha insists, "But at least this summit will connect you to the experts who know what they're doing." There is going to be an expo where people can just walk around and talk to people one on one and explore different services for their business, master mind workshops, one on one coaching, book signings, and a Gala.

With an inviting and innovative spirit, Martha Razo's initiative promises to be a transformative experience, especially for those who feel the odds are stacked against them. Her advice resonates with a profound simplicity: "Come to the summit, network with the right people, accept what you do not know, and fill in their gaps!"

In a time when failure looms large, Martha Razo's Xcelerator Business Summit shines as a beacon of hope and success. It's an opportunity to learn, connect, and thrive. It's Martha's way of changing the world, one business at a time.

For more details on the Xcelerator Business Summit, please visit Martha's website:

Agenda and speaker lineup (PDF):

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Aravenda Consignment Software Selected as Techstars Oakland Backed Company

VIENNA, Va. -- Aravenda Consignment Software, a leader in consignment software solutions, has been selected as a part of the Techstars Oakland powered by JP Morgan program. Techstars is a prestigious accelerator program that receives over 10,000 applications annually and selects only 2-3% of these applicants in various global cohorts. The Techstars Oakland Program is the first for Techstars in the San Francisco Bay area.

"The Techstars program is more than just a single accelerator; It's a lifelong affiliation with an organization that supports and encourages innovation in the SaaS space, and we are proud to have been selected," said Carolyn Thomson, CEO of Aravenda.

This recognition is a significant milestone for Aravenda and validates its innovative approach to consignment software. Resale is approaching $100 billion + in US-based revenue alone and is expected to grow 127% by 2026.

Aravenda's consignment software feature set has enabled users with vision and passion for resale to create their own Real Real™", StockX™ or Poshmark™ style resale platform. Unique features like fully integrated inbound shipping, remote item entry, pricing assistance and electronic consignor vendor payout functionality are built into the single-price Aravenda subscription enabling online sales and in-store collaborations.

"We're allowing customers to create their own resale platforms with an emphasis on e-commerce supporting brick-and-mortar sales. Aravenda consignment software allows clients to scale their businesses faster, giving them a competitive advantage and generating more profit," said Randy Howard, VP of Operations and Delivery.

In addition to being selected as a Techstars company, Aravenda has continued to receive grant money for improvements and expansion. The International Trade division of Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) awarded Aravenda an export-focused grant to help track their progress toward international growth.

Aravenda, a Shopify Partner since 2018, is committed to fostering partnerships with best-in-class third-party integrations for their clients like Clover and Lightspeed. These programs and awards are critical to Aravenda's international growth strategy and to those in search of the best consignment software to take local resale and antique businesses globally.

Aravenda's enterprise product enables resale franchise operators and national charities, such as the Assistance League, to have an Amazon™ type e-commerce platform where people can support the charity from anywhere. Buyers' orders are fulfilled from multiple locations seamlessly, and local chapters of the charity can maintain a local website for local pick-up. This is a note to Aravenda's unique ability to manage franchises with individual Tax IDs across multiple locations.

"We are delighted to see the growth of our team and the recognition of our successes by companies and competitive programs such as Techstars," stated Carolyn Thompson, CEO. "The resale business is recession-proof and gives individuals the opportunity to scale a profitable business with minimal up-front investment. Aravenda is a fit for small resellers to large enterprise companies with multiple locations and franchises who appreciate our one-stop-shop approach to consignment software and resale solution collaborations."

More information about Aravenda Consignment Software:

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innovosource summit to connect early-stage investors with university-managed tech and startup funds and accelerator programs

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- innovosource will host its fifth annual COVERGENCE Summit from Oct. 20-21, 2022, at the University of Utah Rice-Eccles Stadium Club. The event gathers more than 60 university gap fund/accelerator programs (GAP) and potential commercial and investment partners to discuss best practices and review portfolios and investable projects and startups.

Jacob Johnson, innovosource founder, works to bridge the gap between researchers, investors and corporations and says that there is a real opportunity to address the lack of early-stage capital and innovation development support through strong university GAP fund and investor partnerships

"These summits serve as the meeting place to introduce investors to GAP program leaders and their pipelines of promising technologies and startups. By aligning with these programs, investors will see high-potential opportunities that have already gone through significant de-risking and validation. They are at the place where they are seeking investment and commercial partners to take the technologies and startups to market," he says.

Interested investors will benefit in multiple ways. They'll gain inside access to a wide array of investable tech/startups coming out of these gap-fund and accelerator programs and will get to experience direct relationship building with executive program leaders and portfolio managers, leveraging $88 B+ in research funding per year. Investors will also gain insights into emerging technology advances and themes while learning how to finesse early-stage investment strategies for programs that produce a high-rate of investable and ready-to-commercialize technologies and startups.

Universities and hospitals are leading through the implementation of university gap funding (proof of concept, startup, venture) and accelerator programs to bridge this "valley of death." Over the past 15 years, these programs have evolved into sophisticated investment, evaluation, development, and commercialization support mechanisms to nurture the most promising opportunities in emerging, high-growth technology areas.

Smart companies and investors are taking notice and making it a strategic, external innovation priority to partner with these gap fund and accelerator programs through applied research, proof of concept projects, seed and venture investments, and advisory/mentorship in return for insights, competitive positioning, and access to future technology and startups.

innovource's most recent landscape report reveals that 176 gap-fund and accelerator programs from 97 universities have:

* invested $665MM of their internal funds into more than 1,500 startups and 1,000 corporate-licensed technologies;

* realized $8B+ in direct follow-on investment from PE, family offices, and angels

* originated 90 percent of opportunities from institutions outside of Boston, New York, and Silicon Valley; and

* supported a diverse portfolio of applications in biopharma and medical devices, software and apps and food, agriculture and energy.

From partner panels and investor focus groups to happy hour mixers and fund/accelerator program and portfolio briefs this event is designed to be exclusively intimate, capping registrants at 150.

"We keep events intimate to maximize relationship building and knowledge exchange. Attendees will have ample time to meet each other and provide a basis to carry those relationships forward long after COVERGENCE," Johnson says.

A former attendee said, "COVERGENCE offers insight into a niche industry that the corporate and investment worlds are neglecting. There is a huge opportunity for collaboration and partnership to help university-founded startups scale their businesses."

Cost for investors to attend COVERGENCE 2022 is $499 that includes registration and access to the pre-event partnering site and opportunity database.

For more information and to register, visit: .

About innovosource:

Over the past 15 years, innovosource ( has worked with and supported hundreds of gap funding programs around the world. By partnering with research institutions and affiliates, innovosource informs, connects, and advocates for technology and startup gap funding and accelerator support programs.

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