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Soberlink Launches ‘Addiction Care is Healthcare’ Campaign in Honor of National Recovery Month

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- In recognition of National Recovery Month this September, Soberlink, the 'Gold Standard' in alcohol monitoring, is proud to announce the launch of its 'Addiction Care is Healthcare' campaign. The initiative seeks to normalize addiction care and firmly establish its place within the larger umbrella of holistic healthcare.

"Soberlink celebrates National Recovery Month by showcasing the parallelism between healthcare and addiction care," reads the campaign's landing page. The company's mission is to break barriers, shift paradigms, and erase stigmas associated with alcohol monitoring and addiction care.

Joshua Cagney, M.A., an Addiction Recovery Professional, emphasized the importance of Soberlink's technology in the recovery journey. "External structures are critical for clients in early recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder. I'm not sure that I've found a better tool to create external structure outside of the treatment environment than Soberlink," said Cagney.

Recent studies underscore the urgency of the campaign's message. Research supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reveals that nearly one-third of adults in the U.S. have experienced Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) at some point in their lives. Alarmingly, only about 20 percent of them seek AUD treatment.

Soberlink's state-of-the-art design and technology provide a modern, discreet user experience, rewriting narratives on alcohol monitoring. "Much like tools in traditional healthcare, such as glucose monitors for diabetes, Soberlink plays a pivotal role in addiction care by fostering connectivity, accountability, and progress tracking," the company stated.

The campaign's landing page, which can be found at, offers more insights and resources on the importance of addiction care in the broader healthcare landscape.

For media inquiries or further information about the 'Addiction Care is Healthcare' campaign, please contact Thy-An Tran, Soberlink's Advertising & Marketing Director, at

About Soberlink:

Since 2011, Soberlink has linked sobriety with technology to create the most comprehensive remote alcohol monitoring system. Recognized as the 'Gold Standard' in alcohol monitoring by healthcare professionals and clients alike, Soberlink continues to innovate and lead the industry in ensuring that addiction care is seen as an integral part of holistic healthcare.

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Legacy Launch Pad Publishing Releases Non-fiction Book on Using Breathwork for Addiction Recovery

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is proud to release "Breath of Life: Finding Long-Term Recovery with Breathwork and Stepwork" (ISBN: 978-1-956955-87-3 (ebook); 978-1-956955-86-6 (paperback); 978-1-956955-85-9 (hardcover)), the first book by Nick Terry TNT, a breathwork specialist, cofounder of addiction rehab Honu House in Hawaii and owner of Breath of Life Recovery.

Now clean and sober for more than nine years, Terry is a World Coaching Institute-certified life coach and holistic addiction consultant who holds five mindfulness training certifications. In "Breath of Life," Terry combines his personal experiences as a recovering addict with his professional experience as a residential treatment director, case manager, recovery coach and breathwork advocate. The combined result is a genre-defining, holistic recovery handbook.

In "Breath of Life," Terry takes readers through a turbulent and delinquent childhood which led to a life of severe addiction and petty crime. To avoid pending legal charges, Terry fled to Hawaii where he became a father, though his unchecked drinking and drug habits led to the dissolution of his family. Despite multiple attempts at sobriety though the 12 Steps, Terry couldn't maintain sobriety until he found the missing piece of his recovery puzzle in breathwork and other holistic practices.

Rather than an attempt to replace other recovery paradigms, "Breath of Life" pays homage to AA and models itself after the Big Book, with separate sections dedicated to Terry's story, breathwork and step work recovery principles, breathwork exercise instructions and interstitial client testimonials. Terry defines this approach to readers upfront:

"Though I still love AA to this day-attending several meetings a week, regularly connecting with my sponsor and volunteering to sponsor newcomers who need guidance-what's been abundantly clear to me over the years is that we need something new. We need a new program-a 'breath of fresh air,' if you will-or at least something to help people stay tethered to recovery that is non-dogmatic. What I've tried to develop in the process of writing this book is a guide, modeled off of the Big Book, to what the recovery world has been missing: breathwork."

"Breath of Life" has already drawn praise from Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, one of America's foremost addiction experts and the bestselling author of Glow Kids, who also contributed a foreword. "With this book, Nick Terry has given us all a wonderful gift," Dr. Kardaras says. "He has taken ancient wisdom, modern science, his own powerful life story and his actual breath practice and created an amazing and revelatory book with a systemic approach to improving people's lives through breathwork, and to living lives of balance and alignment."

"Breath of Life: Finding Long-Term Recovery with Breathwork and Stepwork" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

About Legacy Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company for entrepreneurs, Legacy Launch Pad has published numerous Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling authors who have been featured on such shows as Today and Good Morning America as well as in the New York Times and USA Today.


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Embrace the Power of Proof: How Documenting Sobriety Can Restore Relationships and Boost Confidence in Addiction Recovery for Mental Health Awareness Month

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- In anticipation of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Soberlink, the leading alcohol monitoring technology for documenting proof of sobriety, is excited to launch its inspiring "Proof is Powerful" initiative. This campaign aims to emphasize the life-changing impact of proving sobriety in healing relationships and bolstering confidence during the recovery process.

By sharing the moving stories of Soberlink clients who have successfully rebuilt their lives and relationships, the "Proof is Powerful" initiative brings attention to the significance of the little green checkmarks on a Soberlink calendar. As individuals demonstrate their commitment to sobriety, they progressively restore trust with their loved ones, creating a supportive environment for enduring recovery. The campaign poses the question: Can something as simple as proving sobriety truly be the key to unlocking this healing process?

Grant, a former Soberlink client, witnessed this transformative power firsthand. Initially hesitant to use Soberlink, Grant soon recognized the positive impact it had on his relationships with those around him. By documenting and proving his sobriety through Soberlink, Grant was able to regain trust, mend relationships, and renew his dedication to a healthier, sober life, along with a rewarding new career.

"For me, Soberlink was a crucial accountability tool. It was the guardrail that kept me from veering off the road to recovery," says Grant. "Soberlink also provided evidence of change that helped me regain the trust of my family. With the help of Soberlink and other support, I learned that recovery was not only possible but also enjoyable and rewarding. So much so that it inspired a career change and led me to work for an organization whose mission is to help people struggling with alcohol and drug use disorders find quality treatment appropriate for their needs."

For more on Grant's story, click here:

Aligned with the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, Soberlink's "Proof is Powerful" initiative strives to shift the conversation around proving sobriety by showcasing its potential to heal, rebuild, and empower those in recovery. The campaign aims to promote a supportive and empathetic environment for individuals on their path to sobriety.


About Soberlink:

Soberlink is the leading remote alcohol monitoring technology company that provides documented proof of sobriety. The company's technology includes a portable breathalyzer device and a cloud-based system that monitors and reports sobriety in real-time. Soberlink's strives to support individuals on their recovery journey by providing a technology that promotes accountability, builds trust, and empowers lasting recovery. The "Proof is Powerful" initiative is just one example of Soberlink's commitment to promoting a supportive and empathetic environment for those in recovery.

To learn more about Soberlink and its products, visit

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New Book About Conquering Addiction Receives Book Excellence Award

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- "Life is Crying" (ISBN: 978-1641119849) by Benzena Brown, recently received the Book Excellence Award Finalist - an international book awards' competition dedicated to recognizing independent and traditionally-published authors and publishers for excellence in writing, design and overall market appeal.

The ultimate goal of "Life is Crying" is to assist individuals and families suffering with chemical dependency to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to get the needed support for recovery. It also alerts family and friends of the dangers and consequences of substance abuse, with the intention to limit this horrible, threatening and life altering dilemma that can be defined as a mouse trap or chasing the dragon.

The book recognizes chemical dependency as a universal outcry and struggle for the addict, family and friends. It demonstrates how chemical dependency is widespread just like the sky, all over the world. Chemical dependency is classified as a mental health disorder. The dilemma of chemical dependency can be an innocent curiosity leading to disaster as it is like a sharp piercing blade that stabs the mind/brain.

Alarming fact, chemical dependency can begin at youth. Chemical dependency is not reserved for the young or old. It can start at any age. When chemical dependency sets in, it takes over the body and mind.

Brown recognizes addiction provides a thrilling and sensational pleasure which often leads to repetitive use inflicting pain, suffering, agony and intense craving. The consequences of the intoxicating pain can make the body feel like a bunch of French fries sizzling in scalding hot cooking oil. The riptide of chemical dependency has landed on the victim and has added a helpless feeling and challenge to life.

"And, while the challenges of addiction may seem like a spinning top failing to fall on its side, help is available," Brown says.

From intervention and drug rehabilitation to mental health, to drug counseling, and relapse, help is available. Intervention

programs allow family or friends to persuade, guide and gently convince the victim that he/she needs help and help is available. Other programs provide in-house stays for chemical dependency individuals and are designed to meet the needs of the specific individual.

Brown advocates that education is the best source for understanding addiction and its consequences.

"A blinking yellow light can change to a red stop light," she says.

About the Author

Benzena Brown writes motivational and inspirational books. And while her vision is impaired, she manages to write with a software program for the blind. She studied social work at Chapman University and worked as a volunteer at the Salvation Army. She's also volunteered for UCR University Suicide Hot Line and as a mediator for the Moreno Valley California courts. Benzena is retired from the Department of Defense where she worked in public service. Benzena also donated her kidney in 1994 and lives a healthy lifestyle without medication.

For more information:


*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Book cover, "Life is Crying" by Benzena Brown - Shadej Griffin - Neisha Battle.

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Launch Pad Publishing Releases Addiction Recovery Anthology

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Launch Pad Publishing is releasing its first ever anthology, a collection of 18 essays about addiction and recovery from some of the world's top addiction and recovery writers.

"The Addiction Diaries: Stories of Darkness, Hope and All That Falls in Between" (ISBN: 978-1951407278) features stories about a woman trying to save her brother from his gambling addiction, a child heroin user who recovers and finds a calm life, a mother of two addicts who watches them go from jail to freedom and a former bank robber reflecting on nearly two decades of sobriety, among many others.

The collection is equal parts harrowing, heartbreaking and hopeful - a comprehensive work that shows addiction and recovery from every angle, age, socioeconomic level and race.

Author and EMDR expert Dr. Jamie Marich praises "The Addiction Diaries," calling it a "major contribution to the addiction literature canon" and commends it for "bringing a more human face to the public health problem of addiction...and the joys of recovery."

"I'll admit that upon original conception, I wasn't sure we could tell the stories of the wide swath of people who have been impacted by addiction," says editor and publisher Anna David. "And while I'm not saying that we've included every story possible - that would be impossible - the tales these authors tell here are tragic, inspiring, heartbreaking, illuminating...and perhaps most importantly, all unique."

While the opiate crisis rages on - roughly 50,000 people a year die as a result of opiate addiction - an additional 88,000 a year die from alcohol-related causes. Cases of addiction have only risen since March, leading some to call the addiction crisis "the pandemic within the pandemic." But what the headlines don't cover is the hope that comes after recovery. That's where this collection comes in.

Included among the contributors are Colleen Connaughton, Monique Elise, Ryan Hampton, Jessica Lopez, Jennifer Lovely, Patrick O'Neil, Jacq Maren, Emily Redondo, Paul Roux and Lisa Smith.

"The Addiction Diaries" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

To learn more visit:

About Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their field, Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment world, including KTLA anchor Courtney Friel and "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Joe Gorga, in addition to government sales expert Gene Moran, Magic Johnson agent Darren Prince and franchise expert Tim Conn, among many others.

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Cover, "The Addiction Diaries: Stories of Darkness, Hope and All That Falls in Between."

Media Contact
Ryan Aliapoulios

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Local Club to host a family-friendly fundraising event for local drug addiction awareness organization

FREDERICK, Md. -- Free Riders IMC to host the First Annual Fundraiser event benefiting Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates, both nonprofit organizations. June 22, 2019 from 12-8 p.m. at "The Farm" Amvets Post #2 Event Address: 9602 Baltimore Road Frederick Maryland 21704.

Thank you to our generous sponsors, Emerge Recovery Addiction Treatment Center, Second Street and Hope, and Doug & Sarah Dieringer.

Poker Run: 9:30 a.m. at Dominic's Bar and Grille. Address: 11791 Fingerboard Road Monrovia, MD 21770. Any vehicle can participate.

Main event: 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. at "The Farm" Amvets Post #2 @ 9602 Baltimore Road Frederick, MD 21704.

Buy Tickets Online at:

*All donations support our statewide advocacy partnerships in fighting the heroin/opioid epidemic - 100% of all donations go directly to our communities.

$25 tax-deductible donation includes:
* Hot dog and Chips
* Poker Run

Event includes:
* Local Bands-Poverty Ridge the Band and The Cindy Miller Band
* DJ Biker George
* Silent Auction
* 50/50 Raffle
* TV Raffle
* Pull Tabs
* Kids Corner
* Horseshoes
* Corn Hole
* Food and drinks
* Vendor tables
* Educational and Resource tables

About MD Heroin Awareness Advocates:

We provide education, resources, and services to help those who suffer with substance use disorder. We are an organization, consisting of family members with lived experience who advocate, raise awareness, and support those suffering with substance use disorder. Learn more at:

Media Contact:
Carin Miller

MD Heroin Awareness Advocates, 6608 Freedom Avenue, Sykesville, Maryland 21784-8035.

Follow on Twitter at:

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Newman Intervention Services Fully Completes LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification

MCALESTER, Okla. -- Robert "Bobby" Newman announces that his company Newman Intervention Services has just achieved full certification from LegitScript. This certification means that any family or individual looking for help for an addicted loved one can trust that Newman Intervention Services has fully passed the rigorous requirements for legality, safety and transparency established by LegitScript.

LegitScript was founded to provide the public with a way to determine if an online service or product provider meets this company's stringent accountability requirements. This certification has become particularly vital for families trying to navigate the bewildering world of drug rehabilitation and related services. A LegitScript certification means that families contacting Newman Interventions for help for an addicted loved one can do so with confidence.

Entities allied with or utilizing the services of LegitScript include:
* National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
* National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
* The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
* National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
* US Food and Drug Administration's Office of Criminal Investigations
* Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies
* Facebook
* Google
* Bing
* Visa

With this addiction treatment certification, Newman Intervention Services can answer the calls of families who have been unable to convince an addicted loved one to accept an offer of rehabilitation. The immediate services of Newman Interventions can turn a catastrophic situation into one of hope and salvation.

"I'm pleased to join the growing number of rehabilitation facilities and supporting organizations that have achieved this certification," said Newman. "As more groups become certified, families have a longer list of trustworthy resources they can turn to when their need becomes urgent."

LegitScript supplies the "trust factor" for anyone working with online service providers. When it comes to seeking help for a loved one struggling with addiction, the difference between choosing a trustworthy addiction treatment provider and one that is not trustworthy can be life or death.

About Newman Intervention Services:

In 2016, Robert Newman founded Newman Intervention Services to help families in crisis by managing their addicted loved ones' arrivals in drug rehabilitation. He currently travels all over the United States and internationally to aid in ending the conflict, trauma and loss that accompanies addiction to drugs or alcohol. Prior to founding Newman Intervention Services, Newman spent the prior 15 years working in addiction recovery and prevention, educating more than 135,000 people on the life-threatening danger of drug or alcohol use.

To learn more about the services Newman Intervention Services offers, call 866-989-4499 or visit:

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Recovery Blogger Kelly Fitzgerald Junco Sells Memoir About Her Adventures as The ‘Sober Senorita’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Passageway Press, a boutique publisher based in the U.K., has acquired recovery blogger Kelly Fitzgerald Junco's memoir, which recounts her journey from party chica to sober senorita - moving from suburban Pennsylvania to the tourist city of Cancun, Mexico and then succumbing to alcohol and cocaine addiction.

What started as an innocent adventure abroad quickly turned into a hopeless and desperate attempt of a 20-something girl to normalize the destructive behavioral patterns that turned into the cycle of her life.

After finding sobriety, Kelly launched "The Adventures of a Sober Senorita" blog, where she wrote a post about reaching a year of sobriety. The story went viral via the Huffington Post and was translated into five languages.

Junco wrote the proposal for "From Party Chica to Sober Senorita: Getting Sober in Mexic" after completing the All the Write Moves coaching program.

"It feels completely overwhelming and simultaneously amazing, to put my life stories into a book," Junco says. "When I still drank, I used to joke around and say one day I will write a book about my crazy life, and it's absolutely surreal that's what's actually happening."

To learn more about Kelly Fitzgerald Junco, visit

To learn more about the All the Write Moves coaching program, visit:

About Kelly Fitzgerald Junco:

Kelly Fitzgerald Junco is a freelance writer, the co-founder of the Bloom Club (a virtual coaching program offering online classes and community for those who are seeking an alcohol-free lifestyle, or are currently in recovery), currently does social media and marketing for a CrossFit gym and professional soccer team, and is taking recovery coach training.

About All the Write Moves:

All the Write Moves is a program offered through Light Hustler, a company that shows creatives how to share their dark to find their light through telling their stories. All the Write Moves is six-month coaching program for writers, which walks 10 students at a time through the process of writing and selling their book proposals with personal writing coaches, videos, sample book proposals, webinars and the opportunity to meet with agent Alexis Hurley of Inkwell Management and Zephyr Bookshelf publisher Paul Fuhr.

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International Recovery Coach Dr. Lauren Casey Sells Memoir About Her Journey from a Life of Champagne, Cocaine and Millionaires to Falling in Love with a Prisoner

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- International recovery coach Lauren Casey, PhD, has sold her memoir, "Breaking the Chains: Drugs, Millionaires and the Prisoner Who Set Me Free," to addiction recovery imprint Zephyr Bookshelf. Zephyr will be releasing the book in spring of 2019.

Dr. Casey's memoir is a shattering reflection of a life punctuated by drugs, jetting around the globe with millionaires, champagne, detox, rehab and an unlikely connection that ultimately saved her.

A deceptively complex story, Casey's book manages to be tragic, honest and inspiring, revealing as much about Casey as it does about the genuine hope that exists for everyone.

"I am deeply honored and humbled to be able to share my story," says Dr. Casey, adding, "I learned a long time ago that it's really not about me-it's about instilling hope for others."

Zephyr acquired the memoir via All the Write Moves, New York Times bestselling author Anna David's coaching program for writers, which walks 10 students at a time through the process of writing and selling their book proposals. Last month, Fuhr acquired a book from the previous group of students-Taming the Wild Things in My Head by David Griggs (to be released in late 2018).

To learn more about Dr. Lauren Casey, visit:

To learn more about the All the Write Moves coaching program, visit:

About Lauren Casey:

Over the past 20 years Dr. Lauren Casey has worked professionally with several regional, national and international organizations committed to the reduction of health inequalities in society. She has developed programs and services for incarcerated women and has delivered workshops to women and youth at a variety of detention centers and federal and state prisons throughout California. She was also an invited guest speaker at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the American Society of Criminology and the Academic Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health held in Boston, Mass.

About All the Write Moves:

A six-month book proposal coaching program for 10 writers that includes personal writing coaches, videos, sample book proposals, webinars and the opportunity to meet with agent Alexis Hurley of Inkwell Management and Zephyr Bookshelf publisher Paul Fuhr.

Zephyr Bookshelf information:

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Addiction Recovery Imprint Acquires Memoir by First Time Author David Griggs

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Addiction recovery imprint Zephyr Bookshelf announced today that it's publishing a brand-new title this winter: "Taming the Wild Things in My Head" by first-time author David H. Griggs.

The memoir is equal parts harrowing, heartbreaking and hopeful - a compelling collection of stories that charts Griggs's impossible trajectory from an otherwise normal upbringing to the darkest depths of substance abuse.

From meth-addled machine gunning in the National Guard to alcoholic sex-crazed blackouts in Japan to crack binges in San Francisco during the dot-com era, Griggs paints a beautifully raw portrait of addiction with both delicate and deliberately reckless brushstrokes.

"What truly makes a recovery story unique is how it's told," Zephyr Bookshelf publisher Paul Fuhr says. "'Taming the Wild Things in My Head' is a deceptively complex account of one man's addiction. Griggs has plunged you into the chaos of his past. We couldn't be prouder to help put this story out there."

Fuhr discovered the memoir via Anna David's coaching program for writers, which walks 10 students at a time through the process of writing and selling their book proposals. Out of each group of 10, David and a committee select one author to receive a meeting with agent Alexis Hurley of Inkwell Management and publisher Fuhr. While there's no guarantee of publication, Fuhr leapt at the opportunity to be the first to publish Griggs.

Griggs, an Oregon-based attorney, is a bit shell-shocked by his sudden transition into a creative career, admitting he applied for the coaching program solely so he could find catharsis through unearthing his most challenging experiences.

"After more than forty years of keeping dark secrets buried deep within me, I had two choices," Griggs says. "I could either lose my sanity and likely die an active addict, or I could release them. Fortunately, I was guided to release them."

David admits that selecting Griggs for the meeting with Hurley and Fuhr was a bit like Sophie's Choice. "I somehow keep ending up with the most talented students I could have imagined," she says. "They're all survivors who have incredible stories to tell. But ultimately, I felt I had no choice but to help the world discover this book."

Zephyr Bookshelf expects to release "Taming the Wild Things in My Head" this Christmas.

To learn more visit:

About Zephyr Bookshelf:

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Zephyr is one of the first imprints focused solely on recovery from addiction. At a time when over 50,000 people are overdosing from opiates alone, the imprint plans to make a dent in clarifying the public perception of addiction by telling the individual stories of those who have recovered from it. About company:

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