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Troy Gathers Publishes His New Book ‘African World History’ Amid America’s Racial Divide

ATLANTA, Ga. -- In his newly released book "African World History" (ISBN: 979-8669353353) author Troy Gathers seeks to bring a calm to America's storm. According to Troy Gathers of BE YOU PUBLISHING, the year 2020 will forever leave a permanent blemish in our lives. Not only are we still in the middle of a global pandemic, but we are approaching one of the most controversial Presidential Elections in modern times.

Both Democratic and Republican parties are focusing on solutions they maintain will smooth out America's issues, but one issue that definitely stands out in America is the racial divide. During the first presidential debate, we witnessed both President and Vice-President dismiss groups that further a separatist agenda but to no avail. Although during the debate white supremacy was denounced, not much was done to bring understanding amongst either side.

Author Troy Gathers believes that education of each other's culture along with justice may close the gap in race issues. "There seems to be a void in relationships amongst all races in America," says Gathers. America has a dark history of racism that is typically excluded from front-page headlines. Troy is determined on closing America's racial divide with his book African World History. Gathers trusts that after reading "African World History" there will be a shift in energy and new grounds to build as a unified nation and not a nation at odds.

The history of Africa has never been a permanent fixture in the history books in America, thus leaving countless citizens without any awareness of Africa's immense history. Unfortunately, only 10% of the African American community is aware of the history of Ancient Africa as well. No wonder why we see groups in the African American community making the case that their lives matter.

"African World History" is Gathers' fifth book, however one that he shaped carefully. Troy states, "I understand the History of Ancient Africa is vast, yet this book points out key kingdoms and rulers to set the stage for your research. Moving forward, we must have a greater respect for each other."

About the Author:

Troy Gathers is an Entrepreneur and PhD Candidate focused on cultivating and inspiring his readers. Troy began working on literally books in 2015, reaching millions with his original quote books. (Take Me with You) African World History is Troy's attempt to educate all races about the immense history of Africa before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. "There are far too many great rulers and kingdoms from Ancient Africa that are never discussed in school. That is not fair to any race to omit a part of history that can bring all of us closer as one," Gathers says.

"African World History"
ISBN: 9798669353353

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Books and Publishing, Business, Entertainment, Free News Articles, General Editorial, Product Launches

New Publishing Company Brings Rich Stories of Africa to the Young and Young at Heart

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A longtime education professional with a passion for fiction is announcing the launch of a brand-new publishing company with a focus on young adult adventure fiction targeting readers of all ages. Former high school teacher, university adjunct and current curriculum developer manager for higher institutions, Joan Cheboswony is the founder of Worlds Unknown Publishers, a new self-publishing firm created to provide a platform for sharing stories about Africa, her people, cultures, and expansive natural beauty.

"Our books give voice to the rich and vibrant stories of 1.3 billion African people," Cheboswony said. "Our lineup of titles is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of even the most reluctant teen readers."

Cheboswony, a resident of Phoenix and a native of the village of Kipniwai, Kenya, was motivated to curate a collection of African-themed books to ignite the curiosity and passion of young people craving literary encounters with fascinating and real youth from around the world, whose experiences are simultaneously relatable and yet completely foreign to them.

As an immigrant, Cheboswony was exposed to different cultures through books, which helped her navigate cross-cultural communication and created a hunger in her to explore "worlds unknown."

Her mission with Worlds Unknown Publishers is to partner with authors from Africa to develop and publish high-quality fictional books for young adults. The current lineup of authors includes titles by Erick Ngoda, Muthoni wa Gichuru, Emily Wekulo, Moraa Gitaa, Newton Mudaki, Maria Ngoda, and Goro wa Kamau.

One of the company's newly released books, "Let's Talk About This" by Moraa Gitaa, centers on two young girls from different cultural backgrounds in Nairobi, Kenya who meet at the Angels of Mercy Girl's Crisis Centre the morning after both have suffered the trauma of rape. "Let's Talk About This" is an engaging YA novella that recounts an end-of-the-year school party gone wrong while addressing issues of sexual trauma and forced child marriages.

Cheboswony said, "'Let's Talk About This' is just one example of her publishing company's engaging and boundary-pushing books, each one filled with authentic characters and relatable stories from around Africa."

Another example is "Ward Nine" by Emily Wekulo, a story of wealth, power, and mental illness centering on characters tangled in twisted cultural beliefs.

"Our authors' characters are vivid and very real," Cheboswony said. "Readers will lose themselves in the pages of these books. They will barely notice how long it took to get to the last page of each one."

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