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Come grow with us as Triple Finale’s Short Story Audiobook Authors create fast moving storylines with a triple-ending twist

REDMOND, Wash. -- Triple Finale L.L.C. has added an exhilarating twist to short stories as a form of entertainment, by developing a virtual platform for fast-paced trilogies. We offer an audiobook/eBook marketplace platform where individuals sell their triple-ending short stories online to generate extra income.

We encourage authors, bloggers, content creators, and novices to purchase our Triple Finale Author membership and join in on the fun of writing and selling fast-paced, triple-ending short stories. We offer a variety of genres including Romance, Comedy, Suspense, Sci-Fi and Kid-Friendly short story audiobooks and eBooks.

Launch Overview:

* Product name: Triple Finale Author Membership

* Price: $20/month

* Launch date: January 14, 2023 - Author/Vendor Grand Opening

* Description: Triple-ending Audiobook/eBook Online Marketplace for Authors

* Website:

* Location: Redmond, Wash.

"With the global audiobook market growing to over $35 billion/USD by 2030 (according to Grand View Research), fast-moving short stories with unpredictable endings are the evolution of present day audiobooks," says said Andrea Mitchell-Khan, President and CEO of Triple Finale L.L.C. "Our triple-ending short story format is our delightful response to this demand for compelling, vibrant short story entertainment. We want our authors to have as much fun creating these audiobooks as their fans have experiencing them. Writing enthusiasts from all levels of expertise are welcome to join our platform. Their short stories don't have to be perfect, just fun!"

Our virtual Grand Opening on January 14, 2023 is an invitation to everyone to purchase a Triple Finale Author Membership and create triple-ending short stories on our platform. Headquartered just minutes away from downtown Seattle, WA in the beautiful city of Redmond, WA, our mission is to provide a fair, fun, quality audiobook/eBook marketplace platform for creative writers. To promote an all-encompassing virtual shop which meets the needs of our customers, we encourage our authors to create and sell both audiobooks and eBooks on our platform.

Since every short story sold on the Triple Finale L.L.C. platform must have three alternate endings, our authors let their imaginations soar. Our customer review rating system provides authors with instant feedback on which version of the story their fans love the best, and our Podcast showcases stories from our trending authors. Enjoy the Journey.

Come grow with us on January 14, 2023. Look for us at

Also, join us on Facebook at Triple Finale Podcast and our Instagram handle is @triplefinalepodcast.


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Michael Jackson Tells His Own Story in Interactive Audio Book Filled with Intimate Voicemail Recordings

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Dieter Wiesner, Michael Jackson's former manager and friend, had many voice recordings from the pop icon, and sought a way to share them with others. He wanted people to know the real Michael Jackson. When he met Yusuf Jah, a published author, he was inspired to write a book where Jackson actually 'told his own story.' "Michael Jackson: The Real Story" (ISBN: 978-1732181397), co-authored by Wiesner and Jah and published by Kingdomedia, is the result of that desire. It gives readers a firsthand account of what Jackson was really like along with some astonishing plans he had in the works - plans that he hoped would change the world.

Through a series of narratives and numerous previously unreleased voicemail messages, readers and listeners now have access to new information that provides a deeper insight into the visionary, business man, father and family man. They'll gain a greater breadth of understanding regarding what Jackson really hoped to achieve in what he thought remained of his life.

Wiesner's collection of Jackson's personal data is impressive. He spent years traveling and living with him so the information he has to share is invaluable in so many ways. He wants people to know Jackson the way he did.

"His memory, his legacy and his dear family all deserve to hear the perspective of someone who was around him and who he trusted within his inner circle," Wiesner says. "He shared things with me that he shared with no one else."

Thanks to publishing audio technology, readers will get to hear the "King of Pop" talk about everything from making business acquisitions and partnering with Disney and Marvel Comics to create a universe of entertainment that would rival any other. He wanted to see more people of color in the board room and hoped to inspire that to happen.

"Sadly, his life was cut short and he was never able to carry out these second phase-of-life plans that would have made him one of the wealthiest people on the planet," Wiesner says. "His plans could have affected not just pop culture, but the world."

In addition to messages about business ventures, the human side of Jackson is touched on too - the one that yearned to have a simpler life where he could do everyday things without being held accountable to millions. Going out for a pizza or sipping a soda for most are non-eventful moments. For Jackson, they were unforgettable.

"We hope this book resurrects the spirit of Jackson," Jah says. "He's no longer part of the physical world, but his passion and desire to implement change certainly is."

"Michael Jackson: The Real Story" is currently available on Audible, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble and more. It's available as an audio book, in print (with audio transcripts) and as an ebook.

Get a book preview and hear some of Jackson's voicemail messages here:

To order a copy on Apple Books:

(Review Copies available upon request).

About the Authors

Dieter Wiesner has more than 20 years of professional business and talent management experience. He provided merchandising for the entertainment industry including high profile clients such as Adidas, Nintendo, WELLA, Lufthansa, Uncle Sam, Coca-Cola and many others.

For more information visit:

Yusuf Jah has co-authored several books including: "Fight the Power: Rap, Race and Reality;" and "Uprising: Crips and Bloods Tell the Story of America's Youth in the Crossfire." He is an educator in Los Angeles.

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo Caption: "Michael Jackson: The Real Story"

Joseph David
of Kingdomedia

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Bill Bryson Meets J.D. Salinger in New Novel that Explores Value of Travel – ‘The Perfect Culture’

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- "The Perfect Culture" (ISBN: 978-1733862202), authored by Brent Robins, is a new novel that explores the value of foreign travel through historical analysis and satirical humor. Robins blends the easy and relaxed style of Bill Bryson with the deep observations of J.D. Salinger.

The book is filled with humorous insights and thoughtful analysis of travel, people and customs. It confirms the value and power of international travel as a source for broadening the mind and providing a wider view of humanity.

Robins is an avid world traveler who has globe-trotted through more than 40 countries, and six continents and this is his debut novel. It's an exciting and thought-provoking piece of work.

"After all of these exotic experiences, I wanted to share them with a wider audience. This, combined with my interests in history and satire, made writing a novel quite desirable," said Robins.

"The Perfect Culture" is the story of Thomas Gephardt, an American, who after graduating from college, attempts to expand his horizons while living overseas in three different places: France, Japan and Israel.

Determined to leave the confines of his sheltered upbringing in the United States, Gephardt spends three months with a French family in Bordeaux, before a romantic interest in Paris - an Israeli woman named Sendi - complicates matters. He remains in contact with Sendi while he lives abroad in Japan as an English teacher, and then in Israel as a volunteer on a kibbutz.

"The Perfect Culture" explores the value of foreign travel and examines how countries have been shaped by their complex history and cultural differences.

It's available in soft cover, as an e-book, and as an audiobook and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and other online sites and bookstores around the globe.

"The audiobook helps bring alive the international feel of the book. The narrator, David George, has passports from three countries and he does about ten different accents," said Robins.

For more information or to request a review copy, visit:

About the Author:

Robins lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He grew up in Bowling Green and attended high school in Toledo. He has a passionate interest in foreign cultures, history and satirical humor.

While in college at the University of Michigan, he studied abroad during his third year at the University of York in England. He traveled through Europe (including France) during the academic year and then went on to teach English in Japan for a few months and in South Korea for two years. He learned Spanish in Peru and has taken multiple shorter trips all over the world, including Israel.

His undergraduate degree is in history and philosophy, and he has a master's from the University of Texas in public policy. He's a fan of The Daily Show, Monty Python and Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" novels.

* Photo link for media:
* Photo Caption: Brent Robins, author of "The Perfect Culture."

Hannah Hargrave
of Hargrave PR & Events

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Self-published Author Battles Big-Name Publishers and Takes Home Top Honors at Audie Awards

TAMPA, Fla. -- When Olivia Norem first heard the narration of the book, "His Viking Bride," she was so caught up in the story she nearly forgot that she is, in fact, the one who wrote it. And this marketer turned author is not the only one who found the audiobook captivating.

On March 4, 2019, Norem received word that her audiobook was the winner of the Audio Publishers Association's prestigious Audie Award in the Romance category. It was also the only self-published book in the category going up against the likes of Penguin Random House, and Harper's audio divisions.

"His Viking Bride" is a love story that is described as: "filled with folly and challenge, wit and passion ... with two iron-willed characters who share more than their explosive traits, the ecstasy of all-consuming love."

"When you spend months writing a novel, you become consumed by it - so you may not always be able to look at the finished product objectively. But hearing Greg Patmore's narration the first time, I knew for sure it was a marriage of great words with a truly gifted voice actor," Norem explained. "The Audies are akin to the Oscars for us in the audiobook world so when I entered it to the APA award competition, I did it on a whim. I honestly didn't think I had a shot for such an elite award, especially up against competition from big-name publishing houses."

And that skepticism is understandable. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal and data from Edison Research, audiobook sales were up about 20 percent year over year across the publishing industry in the first eight months of 2017 while print sales rose just 1.5 percent and e-book sales dropped by 5.4 percent during the same time period. The research says that is, in part, due to changes in consumers' listening habits that includes increasing use of smart speakers, airpods, wearables and smartphones. That all translates to big business for established publishing houses - with the American Publishing Association reporting a nearly 34 percent increase in the number of audiobooks published in 2018.

Norem's 30 years of corporate advertising and marketing experience and know-how came in handy, though. It leveled the playing field a bit against the big publishers when it came to promoting her product - an advantage that many independent publishers do not have.

This is not, however, Norem's first time in the winner's circle. Born in the Chicago area, Norem moved to Florida to attend University of Tampa and never left. Well into her corporate career, she took a leap of faith to pursue writing full-time. Since then, she won an International Writers and Editors Award for her poem, Televised Side Effects, and AudioFile Magazine's Earphone Award for "His Viking Bride." Her other published works include "Firewater," a short story set in the old west, and "Wicked Wicked Passage," an erotic romance novella. All available on Amazon.

"For me, writing is a reward in itself. Yet, winning the Audie Award reinforces I took the right risks in pursuing a passion and it is truly an honor to be recognized by the APA for my gift of words brought to life with Greg's outstanding performance," she said.

"His Viking Bride" audiobook is available on Audible for $24.95 at:

For more information about the author, go to - or @olivianorem on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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