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A Major Part of James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder Surfaces

OAKDALE, N.Y. -- Sixty-five years after the infamous crash, a major component of the James Dean Porsche 550 Spyder has surfaced. Found in rural Massachusetts, the original and complete transaxle assembly will see the light of day after being stored in a wooden crate and hidden from public view for over 30 years. Porsche collector Don Ahearn unveils this discovery from the car that many Porsche enthusiasts consider to be the most famous of the marque.

This assembly may be the only documented and provable part of the James Dean Spyder known to still exist, and it is certainly the only part anyone may be able to see publicly. It is one of three permanently traceable components of a 550 Spyder. These include; the chassis, the engine, and the gearbox/transaxle. This transaxle is stamped with the correct factory serial number #10046.

The transaxle has been in continuous, documented ownership and it has been authenticated by experts as far back as 1984 as being the original component to the Dean 550.

The history of James Dean and his 550 Spyder has been well written elsewhere so there is no need to repeat it here in detail.

The original body/chassis #550-055 was reported stolen in 1960 while returning from a highway safety exhibit, never to be seen again. There have been rumors in past years of the whereabouts of the lost wreck though none have been substantiated. The original engine #P90059 is reported to still be in California, though it has not been seen nor verified in decades. This gearbox assembly could be the only verifiable part of the famous car that will ever be available to be seen by fans of James Dean.

Now removed from the wooden crate, the transaxle is mounted in a display stand that was custom fabricated by expert metal shaper Steve Hogue. It displays the assembly exactly as it was in the original 550 Spyder.

Future plans for this incredible piece of history call for the possible sale to a major collection or museum. The sale will be the first time ever any part of the original Spyder is offered publicly. September 30, 2020 marks the 65th anniversary of the legendary actor's death.

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Brazilian Flat Track League organizes online race for 2020

SOROCABA, SP, Brazil -- It's not a secret that Covid-19 had 2020 pretty much canceled all over, affecting some of the major events in the USA and abroad, but has also brought people together and fired up new ways for connecting and exchanging ideas, says the Brazilian Flat Track League.

In Brazil, the two biggest custom motorcycle shows - the BMS (Brasil Motorcycle Show) and the Lucky Friends Rodeo - had to be canceled, and with it, the races for the recently created Brazilian Flat Track League. Or, so we thought.

In an effort to not let the sport lose momentum, the Brazilian Flat Track League, the organizers from BMS, and Lucky Friends Rodeo got together to keep the competition going and fire up the teams and racers with an online event that promises to bring the excitement of the race to the audience's screens: the "On Track."

On November 1, 2020, at 1 p.m. (ET/EST), flat track fans worldwide will be able to tune in online and watch "On Track," the first Brazilian flat track race event to be offered online. Viewers will get a taste of how the sport is creating roots among racers and motorcycle enthusiasts in Brazil.

To broadcast the event, the Brazilian FT League will use the platform

Anybody can sign up to watch the race for free, but numbers are limited, so the organizers recommend the public to sign up as soon as possible using the link (there is an English option for singing up at the bottom of the page).

"Everything changed. People are finding new ways to work, to support their favorite restaurants and bars, to be together in general. So why not bring the adrenaline of flat track racing right to the safety of their homes?" says Cezinha Mocelin, founder of BMS Motorcycle. "With an online event, not only are we still making sure the sport keeps growing in Brazil, but we are also guaranteeing the safety of the fans, the racers, and all the team members."

The "On Track" organizers are following all WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations for the participants of the race: health check booths and Covid-19 tests for racers, team members, and production crew, and lots of masks. The race will happen in Sorocaba, SP - Brazil.

Flat Track in Brazil

Flat track races are relatively new in Brazil. The category started to gain popular attention in 2016, at the Lucky Friends Rodeo event, and then with the BMS Motorcycle. With more of a roots appeal and an underground vibe, it quickly gathered momentum among the motorcycle community and the custom culture fans.

In 2019, it became an official race class in the country with the creation of the Brazilian Flat Track League and its first season of official competitions. The League has not only pushed the popularity further, with more media coverage, sponsors, sanctioned events but also gave flat track racing legitimacy in Brazil.

By the beginning of 2020, flat track season in Brazil was shaping up to be the greatest yet, starting in March when a group of nine racers and 12 people from Brazil came to the US for the weekend of FlatOutFriday and Mama Tried, in Milwaukee - Wisconsin.

"Even though the event didn't happen as expected, the time our group had in Milwaukee was crucial for Brazilian flat track. It allowed us to connect even more with other teams and with industry players. We did the best we could under the circumstances at the time, and in the end, we came back to Brazil with a lot accomplished," says Chrys Miranda, Brazilian racer and one of the founding members of the Brazilian Flat Track League.

One of the most significant announcements once "OnTrack" was confirmed, was the addition of the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 Flat Track class to the race; besides the traditional H-D Sportster and the H-D Antique hardtail classes.

BMS Motorcycle and Lucky Friends Rodeo

The collaboration between BMS and Lucky Friends Rodeo isn't new. Combining lifestyle, custom culture, attractions like the only Wall of Death in South America, music, art, bike building exhibits, and, of course, races, both events bring together over 20 thousand fans.

"Nothing better than combining our forces to bring to our public and to the fans of Flat Track a new experience. We are preparing a great event, so the audience will be able to feel all the adrenaline from the race straight from their homes", said Flavio Sieber, founder of Lucky Friends Rodeo.

"On Track"

Presented by: Harley-Davidson do Brasil and Royal Enfield Brasil

Sponsored by: MXF, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Urban, and Gedore

Supported by: Mitas, Motobatt, Wings Custom, and Accor Hotels.

WHEN: November 1, 2020 - at 1 p.m. (EST)

WHERE: Races will be broadcast online. Competitions will happen in Sorocaba, SP, Brazil.

HOW: Sign up the transmission list for FREE at:

Brazilian FlatTrack League:
Spokesperson - Guilherme Foster
+55 (11) 94224 0585


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*Caption: Credit to Jessica Mundt, snapped in 2019.

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Kennedy Intelligent Data Forms Alliance with SQREEM Technologies

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. -- Kennedy Intelligence Data (KID), a subsidiary of Kennedy Marketing Group (KMG) has formed an alliance with SQREEM Technologies Pte. Ltd., a leading artificial intelligence firm to provide superior real-time and behavioral driven digital advertising services for the automotive industry. KID has exclusive rights to SQREEM's proprietary artificial intelligence platform for the automotive industry and will focus on franchise dealerships in North America.

SQREEM uses proprietary processes and a fully-automated approach that allows them to track the relationships between "anything and everything" affecting the purchases of more than 3 billion consumers on the planet. The auto industry has begun adapting their approach in places such as South Africa and among multiple high-valued car brands.

SQREEM has demonstrated a 500% to 3,000% increase in advertisement click-through rates and was 30 times more cost efficient for companies employing their services.

"Bringing SQREEM's world class on-demand AI platform to U.S. based auto dealers is a game-changer and we can't wait to show clients how to increase their sales even more than we have in the past," said James Kennedy, CEO of KID and KMG.

KMG has been a leading provider of innovative multichannel marketing services in the automotive industry for the past decade and employs an ultra-personalized approach to automotive marketing that values the element of personal human touch. KMG and its subsidiary KID use advanced data analysis and targeted messaging to maximize impact on pure, in-the-market auto buyers.

"We are very pleased to have formed an alliance in North America with a leading automotive marketing organization that has proven experience providing data-driven advertising services to Auto Dealerships large and small throughout the United States market," said Ian Chapman-Banks, CEO, SQREEM Technologies Pte. Ltd. "Adding this great partnership to our already established relationships with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Rolls-Royce and other major players in the auto industry will accelerate the adoption of our superior AI platform in the auto industry."

Auto dealers and industry leaders that are interested in greatly increasing the relevance, effectiveness and cost efficiency of their digital advertising campaigns can contact Michele Bombardiere at or call 949-429-4886 for more information.


SQREEM Technologies is a next-generation Artificial Intelligence company that has 100s of MNCs as clients in 40 countries, with 6 offices and 200 staff. They have AI platforms for Digital Insights & Media buying; Governments to Track & Trace for Malfeasance & COVID-19; Fraud detection for Banks; Big Pharma & Drug Discovery; and Enterprise AI tools to merge databases.

About Kennedy Marketing Group

Kennedy Marketing Group is a national data-driven marketing agency that has produced thousands of successful marketing programs for automotive dealerships coast to coast. With this foundation of success for their dealership clients, they have been able to expand, creating a multi-channel marketing platform, with full reporting and accountability that continually improves through research and development. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Lou Desmond
(951) 258-6466

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Moduline Cabinets Reimagines How a Work Van Should Look with New Upfit Series

BROCKTON, Mass. -- Moduline Aluminum Cabinets launches the Upfit(TM) Series, a new storage system for vans, trailers, box trucks and other vehicles. The Upfit(TM) Series features bold colors and anodized brushed aluminum frames that give any vehicle a sleek, clean, professional appearance. But it's more than just good looks; Upfit(TM) Series is built for performance. Made with military-grade aluminum and manufactured with pride and precision in the USA, Upfit(TM) Series shelving is designed to handle the stress and strain of stop-and-go traffic.

The Upfit(TM) Series is made from with lightweight, military-grade aluminum. Aluminum is the absolute best material when it comes to vehicle storage because its lighter weight will save you on fuel and gross vehicle weight (GVW) while also being durable to handle the force from starting and stopping in traffic, especially when fully loaded with cargo.

"We're excited to launch the Upfit(TM) Series" said Paul Gill, owner of Moduline Cabinets. "We wanted to make a storage system to fit any van. It had to be flexible enough for all the different trades and industries that rely on cargo vans, but it also had to be easy to order online."

Our new Upfit(TM) Series webpage makes it easy to find a van upfit package for any van. Simply filter by your van's make, model and wheel base and we'll show you a variety of standard setups designed for different types of storage needs. We also offer individual shelves, Mix & Match(TM) modules and accessories so you can add on to an existing package or build your own from scratch.

The Upfit(TM) Series also features Moduline's patented QuikDraw(R) Latch System, which keeps drawers securely closed on the road, but opens with just one finger anywhere along the handle. Every Upfit(TM) Series door and drawer also comes standard with a security key lock to keep your tools or documents safe.

Mix & Match Modules(TM) and storage accessories make the Upfit(TM) Series configurable for different storage needs. Options include tethered door kits, up to (4) QuikDraw(R) drawers per shelf, aluminum drawer and shelf dividers, and removable organization bins, which fit anywhere in the system.

To explore the new Upfit(TM) Series packages, visit:

About Moduline Cabinets:

Moduline Cabinets is a premier designer and manufacturer of quality, American-made modular aluminum storage cabinets. Moduline cabinets can be found in residential garages, vehicles, trailers, commercial and industrial shops, military and other specialty applications. For over 30 years, Moduline has provided cabinet solutions for car enthusiasts and professionals, specializing in custom designs and unmatched customer service.

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Capital Pre-owned Opens New Location in Leland, North Carolina

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Capital Pre-owned of Wilmington, ventured into the inception of another new location, this time in Leland, North Carolina.

"Your Hometown Dealer," as their motto goes, has a new hometown, in addition to their current, dual Wilmington locations in order to spread their vast inventory of all pre-owned vehicle makes and models. And as always, they'll offer free appraisals and stress-free financing.

"The time was right to expand our vast inventory and set up shop in Leland," explained Josh Barbour, general manager of Capital Ford. "We are excited about this new endeavor and believe it will benefit the surrounding areas with our knowledgeable, caring sales team and excellent quality vehicles."

The new location is at 1109 New Point Boulevard, Suite 1, Leland, NC 28451.

Their hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information, please contact Matt Allen at: 910-442-4040.

For more information about Capital Pre-owned, please visit their website at:

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Revealiency Announces Issuance of US Patent Covering AI-Powered Autonomous Emissions Testing, Analysis, and Reporting Technology

LEHI, Utah -- Revealiency (aka Emissions-Based Maintenance or EBM) is a Clean Technology company that focuses on optimizing compression ignition engine performance by sampling, and analyzing, engine exhaust using EBM Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to identify corrective maintenance actions that can be taken by engine owners.

Revealiency focuses on commercial and industrial engines that operate over long periods at high-duty cycles. Therefore, even small improvements identified by EBM's technology yields significant benefits.

Today, EBM proudly announces that it has secured US Patent No. US 2020/0109677 A1 - Engine emission status-based maintenance, which autonomously monitors exhaust-gases and provides actionable maintenance corrective actions that can be taken to improve engine performance. By doing so, this technology can also verify an engine is operating within specified parameters.

Benefits of the technology include: 1) reduced environmental impact, 2) lower operating costs, 3) enhanced engine reliability, and 4) improved engine life.

"I am pleased to see the development of this new EBM AI technology. It has been developed using decades of science-based research and hands-on experience with thousands of diesel engines," said Steve "Skinner" Forbush, Co-Founder and Lead Technical Engineer. "This patent leverages recent technological advancements in industrial IoT (telematics) devices with decades of emissions-based engine research."

EBM AI co-inventor and Revealiency Co-Founder and President, Jeramiah Forbush, added, "Many engine owners rely on OEM systems to monitor engine performance and assume that modern computer-controlled engines operate as they were designed. We have collected thousands of emissions tests and typically identify considerable opportunities to improve engine performance. This new AI technology allows for an increase in the frequency of emissions testing while completely automating the testing, analysis, and reporting functions."

For more information on how this patented technology might benefit your business, contact Jeramiah Forbush at or (801) 901-8258.

About Revealiency

Revealiency is a clean technology company that focuses on improving commercial and industrial engine performance by identifying engine maintenance opportunities. This is done by sampling and analyzing engine exhaust using EBM AI technology. In recent projects, EBM AI has produced emissions and fuel savings of more than the 5%-7% targets. EBM has prided positive results with customers on six continents. Revealiency has identified corrective actions that can be taken to save over 2 Billion pounds of CO2 from the environment, which is equivalent to the annual CO2 production of over 900,000 automobiles.

Learn more at:

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Sokal to Sponsor Greg Biffle’s Return to NASCAR

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Sokal, a leader in the advertising world, will sponsor the long-awaited return of Greg Biffle to NASCAR.

Sokal, a long-time supporter and avid fan of NASCAR, will be the proud sponsor of this event.

"I'm extremely proud to sponsor Greg's return to Darlington and my prayer for him is that he becomes the only driver in the history of NASCAR to win all three NASCAR series races held at Darlington," commented Mark Sokal, Founder/Chairman of Sokal. "I will be rooting for him and I'm anticipating an excellent win!"

Biffle, who is now 50 years old, secured the Truck Series race last year at Texas Motor Speedway, but prior to that he hasn't competed full time in NASCAR since the 2016 Cup Series season.

His racing accomplishments include 43 top five finishes, 55 top ten finishes, 12 pole positions, and an average finish of 9.0. He'll now return to NASCAR once more for the Darlington Raceway Truck series race and make his appearance in the #24 Chevrolet for GMS racing in this event.

The race is planned for Sunday, September 6, 2020 at 2 p.m. and will be held at Darlington Raceway, 1301 Harry Byrd Highway, Darlington, SC.

For more information about Sokal, please visit their website at:

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*Caption: Freshly painted hood!

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Aclaró AI’s Carzi Product Helps Increase Car Transactions Amidst COVID-19

MIAMI, Fla. -- Aclaró AI, the fast-growing startup that specializes in the science of personalized experiences, is helping drivers more easily purchase new vehicles through its new Carzi application. Amidst COVID-19, Carzi is an outstanding tool that help consumers get a granular look at a vehicle that interests them. With that data in hand, customers can obtain the confidence they need to make a purchase.

Encouraging Signs Amidst Economic Uncertainty

COVID-19 has been one of the most disruptive events in recent memory. Yet even among massive medical and financial uncertainty, new car sales have started to bounce back. According to a report from Auto Finance News, we are starting to see increases in new car transaction prices. Since the peak of the crisis in March, we are also starting to see automaker revenue increases for the first time.

The world economy certainly isn't back to pre-COVID levels, yet these numbers signal hope for automakers in these troubling times. Consumers throughout the world are more likely to invest in a new vehicle. That being said, these consumers are still being extremely cautious. They want to make sure that they are getting a high-quality vehicle at the most competitive prices.

Aclaró's New Carzi Product: Creating Substantial Value for Consumers

This is where Aclaró AI comes in. Aclaró AI's new Carzi product was specifically designed to help increase auto sales during these tumultuous times.

Consumers can think of Carzi as their knowledgeable guide to virtually any vehicle on the market today. To put it simply, Carzi provides a wealth of information to the consumer enabling them to check a wide range of facts about a specific vehicle.

For instance, to start, Carzi gives consumers an accurate value of a vehicle. In today's economic climate, most car buyers are being much more cautious. They want to ensure that they aren't overpaying for a vehicle even if they love it. Whether or not the customer decides to negotiate, this price a great starting point.

Along with accurate pricing data, Carzi lets consumers access a vehicle's entire service history. This is a huge benefit for consumers. Instead of jumping from dealer to dealer to retrieve the vehicle's history, Carzi users can obtain all of that data with one touch. Carzi is an essential tool to help buyers avoid vehicles with a poor service history. The complete service information can inform their decision to purchase and empower their negotiations with the seller.

These are just two ways that Carzi provides substantial value to consumers. Living in these trying times, consumers are seeking confidence and security. They want to make sure that they are getting the most value possible - especially when making such a large purchase.

Carzi is yet another Aclaró AI product for both dealerships and consumers. Regardless of market circumstances, Carzi will continue to help auto consumers make better and more informed decisions.

About Aclaró AI

Aclaró AI is a technology company that creates customer-centric software for auto dealerships and auto lenders. Through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Aclaró AI's customers can grow their sales, mitigate their loan risk, obtain a higher return on investment, and grow their bottom lines. Aclaró AI is especially focused on leveling the playing field for smaller auto dealerships, as they often don't have the same opportunities, resources, or financial backing as larger enterprises.

To learn more about how Aclaró AI can help your auto dealership or auto lending firm, please visit There, you will find a detailed description of Aclaró's technology and how the company provides value to numerous auto dealerships and auto lending firms.

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Aclaró AI Announces Data Lake API That Directly Integrates Into the CDK Platform

MIAMI, Fla. -- Aclaró AI, the fast-growing startup that specializes in the science of personalized experiences, is announcing a new product, The Aclaró Data Lake, which integrates directly with auto dealers' CDK platforms.

Leveraging this Data Lake and CDK integration, developers from around the world can create valuable apps to enable auto dealers mitigate risk and capture new revenue opportunities. With all of this data at their fingertips, dealers and developers will now provide even more value to their customers.

Unlocking Additional Value from One of the Most Popular Dealer Management Systems

CDK is known to be one of the most popular and important vendors in the auto dealer community. According to some estimates, 8,000 dealerships run the CDK dealer management system ("DMS") platform. Small and large dealerships take advantage of real-time data and valuable tools to streamline and grow their businesses.

Using Aclaró's Data Lake interfaces ("APIs"), dealerships and developers can now accelerate new application development on the CDK platform. You can think of this new integration as similar to the Apple App Store. The Apple App Store has generated countless apps that have created immeasurable value for Apple users. The Aclaró Data Lake will do the same for CDK users.

In this context, developers will create apps that pull data directly from the CDK Data Lake. The process is seamless and intuitive, giving developers and dealerships the power of Big Data and Aclaró's AI Engines to develop new applications. They will develop fast-to-market solutions that give clients the services and solutions that they need. In less than four weeks, a two developer team created a full Customer Loyalty System that delivers fully One-to-One personalized offers and coupons to dealership customers.

Aclaró provides more than 80 APIs to manage the data lake of augmented DMS data. This includes everything from customers and pricing to inventory and service. Dealers and developers also get access to Aclaró's API engines, which let dealers access opportunities like setting variable pricing. Dealers can even include this engine in a web interaction, to capitalize on impulse purchases.

Benefiting Dealerships and Customers

This integration between CDK and Aclaró is a win-win for dealerships and customers alike. For starters, the new integration enables dealerships to leverage the power of artificial intelligence. CDK can implement APIs that can bring the very best third-party developers to dealerships' doorsteps. Dealerships can also overcome legal hurdles and subpar third-party vendors that compromise customer data. In other words, it helps enables dealerships to avoid those aggressive third-party suppliers who offer aggressive, limited, and subpar solutions.

Along with this, Aclaró's new product results in a better end experience for customers. They will see a custom and personalized experience, whether they are searching for a new car or are simply looking for routine auto service. The robust developer community will create applications that improve nearly every aspect of the customer experience.

Doing business in an increasingly competitive market, dealerships will use Aclaró's new product to help their businesses grow. It is a huge step forward for car dealerships, as it opens the doors to all kinds of exciting possibilities on the CDK platform. Whether dealers want to increase sales, develop better customer relationships, or better manage their schedules and workflows, Aclaró's new product can certainly get the job done. It provides a granular look at dealership operations, which can will allow for better planning and decision-making.

About Aclaró

Aclaró AI is a technology company that creates customer-centric software for auto dealerships and auto lenders. Through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Aclaró customers can grow their sales, mitigate their loan risk, obtain a higher return on investment, and grow their bottom lines. Aclaró is especially focused on leveling the playing field for smaller auto dealerships, as they often don't have the same opportunities, resources, or financial backing as larger enterprises.

To learn more about how Aclaró can help your auto dealership or auto lending firm, feel free to visit Aclaró's website at There, you will find a detailed description of Aclaró's technology and how the company provides value to auto dealerships and auto lending firms. Or click here to learn more:

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Nationwide auto transportation firm releases new case study highlighting company’s award-winning services

MIAMI, Fla. -- A new case study from a top U.S. vehicle transporter details the rapid rise of RCC Auto Transport, one of the largest and most trusted providers of auto transportation and car shipping services in the country.

RCC Auto Transport, LTD employed the services of an outside firm to create a six-page case study detailing industrial trends and the company's 17-year history specializing in vehicle transportation and consultation services within the shipping industry.

The conclusion: RCC's success hinges on the company's unparalleled ability to build and maintain lasting business relationships while delivering superior customer service.

RCC Auto Transport, the 8th fastest growing business in the state of Florida according to Crain's Business, has grown to become one of the largest auto transporters in the country thanks to relationships with major clients like North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, Graebel van Lines, Move Management, Unigroup, Mayflower, and United Van Lines, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Chrysler. Clients also include a wide range of new and used car dealerships, auction organizers, auto financing companies, and individual car owners.

To accommodate their growth, the company recently expanded its portfolio of services to include premium retail service while improving their website and their business-to-business platform, Miles Ahead.

RCC Auto Transport Ltd has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Patriot Award in 2020 in recognition of the team's commitment to serving as a Military Support Employer.

The report's conclusion: RCC Auto Transport is a reliable car transport service provider that can be trusted to ship vehicles to the customers' desired destination, with responsive customer service along the way.

"RCC Auto Transport LTD is a remarkable company and a tenacious shipping industry player," the case study reports. "Their achievements in the auto transport industry have made them pacesetters with amazing contributions."

RCC Auto Transport, located at 20340 NE 15th Ct. in Miami, maintains the expertise and equipment to move a wide range of vehicle types owned by individuals or companies, from sedans to trucks and from RVs to commercial vehicles. The company can move vehicles to a new home across the country or for college students attending out-of-state universities, military relocations, snowbirds, and online car buyers looking for door-to-door auto transport of new and used car purchases, with the option for enclosed moves for antique vehicles.

The company is licensed, bonded, and insured, operating under U.S. DOT NO. 2247043 and MC #717985.

To request an instant quote for transportation services online any time of day or night, go to

Learn more about RCC Auto Transport LTD at

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