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Capital Subaru of Greenville to Participate in 2021 Subaru Share the Love Event

GREENVILLE, N.C. -- Capital Subaru of Greenville announced its participation in the 2021 Subaru Share the Love Event and selected the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina as their hometown charity to be added to the list of organizations that customers can select to receive a Subaru Share the Love donation.

The Subaru Share the Love Event ran from November 19, 2020 to January 4, 2021 and allowed Subaru retailers the opportunity to select charities operating in their community to be included in a list of organizations that new owners can select from to receive a $250 donation from Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA).

For a fifth year in a row, there was no cap on the total donation from SOA to its Subaru Share the Love Event charitable partners. At the culmination of the 2020-year, SOA and its retailers exceeded the projected grand total of $200 million donated since the creation of the Subaru Share the Love Event.

The thirteenth-annual Subaru Share the Love Event included the following four national charities:

* The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®)

* Make-A-Wish®

* Meals on Wheels America

* National Park Foundation.

In addition to the national charities that are participating, Humane Society of Eastern Carolina was included as the hometown charity for new Subaru owners to receive donations at the end of the event. Capital Subaru of Greenville will present a check for $22,400 to the Humane Society on March 24, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

"At Subaru of America, we relish the opportunity to share the love with not only our national partners, but also a host of hometown charities near and dear to our owner's hearts," said Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Subaru of America, Inc. "We're more than a car company, and as we are into our thirteenth consecutive Subaru Share the Love Event, we are proud to support these incredible causes and make a positive impact on our communities during the holiday season and beyond."

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MAR VISTA, Calif. -- Since the pandemic began, a year ago, searches on leading vehicle records site, have fallen as the used car sales market has fallen away but the latest figures show a rise in searches which is good news for used vehicle sellers.

When the pandemic and associated restrictions hit in March 2020, searches on fell by over 70%, and although they began to rise again throughout the year, they didn't get back to 2019 levels. This has broadly reflected trends seen across the used vehicles sales industry.

Since the start of 2021, has seen vehicle searches on the site rise month by month and returning to almost pre-pandemic levels in the last report. This rise is forecasted to continue and rise to around 20% above pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021. This trend is expected to be followed by used vehicle sales as the industry usually follows the trends seen on the site.

Overall, US car sales rose by 8.7% in Q1 of 2021 and March 2021 sales are expected to be 50% higher than they were in March 2020 (*NOTE 1).

A spokesperson for comments, "We find that our search figures are usually in line with used vehicle sales trends so when our figures drop, this usually means that overall sales go down and vice versa. The fact that we have seen three months of continued increases in searches means that more people are looking to purchase a new vehicle and this will hopefully see an increase in used vehicle sales.

"2020 was a hard year for everyone in the automotive industry but this positive trend is great news and hopefully bodes well for the rest of 2021"

Using a vehicle checking site is vital when purchasing a used car or truck as you can't normally see any real problems just by looking at it. In addition to this, you should always ask the seller why they are selling it, their answer should make sense. You should also ask to see the VIN number on the driver's side door and the dashboard, if they don't match up there is a serious problem. If possible, take the car for a 30-minute test drive, this will give it time to warm up and also show up any problems. Finally, you should always ask a mechanic to check the vehicle over if you can. was created to ensure that Americans could access all available information on a used car before they made the decision to buy, making sure that they don't get ripped off.

The company started off by offering VIN checks which only provide basic data, but over time have developed their data search systems to be able to now offer a full report into the history of a vehicle. With this report, you can find out whether the has been in any major accidents or totaled. It also provides information on fire and flood damage and even lets you know if the vehicle has been reported stolen. Best of all you even get an estimate of how much you should be paying for the vehicle.

All of this information is vital for anyone purchasing a used car or truck. Even if you are not buying a top-of-the-range car you want to get good value for money and not something that will break down shortly after you buy it. With this report, you will know exactly what you are buying and end up with a car or truck you can be proud of.

For more information, please visit or contact customer support on 1-855-450-4006 or

*NOTE 1:

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American’s Top Reason for Accessing Driving Records Is to Check A Partner’s Record

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Checking the driving records of a spouse or partner is the main reason that people have been using a leading driving records website., the leading site for driving records and data, has carried out research into the main reasons that people are using the site, and checking the driving records of a partner has come out tops.

Other main reasons that people are using the site include checking their own records and reconnecting with a long-lost friend.

Some more unusual responses included trying to find the father of a child, looking up the previous owner of a pet, and one person even tried to search for information on President Trump!

The top 10 list of reasons for using are:
1. Checking a spouse or partner
2. Checking themselves
3. Reconnecting with a long lost friend or relative
4. Checking on new neighbors when moving house
5. Checking a new person in their lives - a friend or lover
6. Checking celebrities or sportspeople
7. Searching people with the same name as them
8. To track down the father of their child!
9. To find the previous owner of a pet
10. Researching the owner of land.

Using Driving Records is a great way to find out information on a variety of subjects. You can use them to search yourself to make sure that the correct information is in the public domain, to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with, and even to look up your neighbors if you have concerns about their driving! was created to provide driving records to commuters all over the United States. The site provides an extensive database of information on driving records. The only information required is a name and location and the site can generate a report that provides all driving data available.

Millions of Americans used last year to research their driving records. Compared to other driving history providers, the site's database supplies more information than just speeding offenses. offers a comprehensive driving report for each customer that covers name, address, incarceration records, suspensions or revocations, and more!

For more information, please visit or call customer support on 1-855-482-6235

DISCLAIMER: DMV.US.ORG is not owned or operated by a government agency. We are a private company that provides driving records online.

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Indigo in Motion: long-time studio is in high gear and on a new path

ATLANTA, Ga. -- For more than 20 years Indigo Studios has been creating beautiful CGI content for its long-standing clients like Caterpillar, Ford, Daimler AG and Hasbro, to name a few. Once again, Indigo has pushed the creative bar even further by launching Indigo in Motion, a dedicated motion design and VFX platform in their Atlanta offices, with the studio's Detroit, Chicago and London offices supporting the charge.

A link to our latest reel can be found here:

Indigo's goal is to become one of the leaders in motion for the automotive and other industries needing creative storytelling.

"When we commit to a new offering for our clients, we don't do it halfway," said Peter Stamos, CEO of Indigo Studios. "Our clients are part of our family. And we're an extension of their marketing teams. So, it's only natural for us to make big decisions like this one, with them in mind."

Building and investing in the studio's infrastructure pipeline was a large part of this venture for Indigo. But that was only half of the investment. "We knew that if Indigo in Motion was going to be successful, we would need to bring on board some of the very best artists in the business," Stamos said. "So, that's what we did."

Indigo hired Felipe Roque, a seasoned artist in CGI and 3D, and a solid leader in the automotive sector. "Felipe was a must-have for us," said Indigo's Director of CGI Chris Clor. "To call him a 'car enthusiast' is selling it short. This guy, lives and breathes automobiles - and that dedication is reflected in his art."

Also added to the Indigo in Motion roster are Senior 3D artists Corin Segar and Dariusz Macowski, with decades of combined automotive experience.

Stamos is quick to note that the changes to his studio are added services and not replacement services. "We've invested in motion but we're still in the business of making beautiful CGI stills," he said. "Client demand is high in both areas and we're pleased to provide our expertise in both. Now, we're simply offering a whole new opportunity for our current clients and for clients to come."

Founded in 1996, Indigo Studios is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in Chicago, Detroit and London, England. With services that include production, CGI, animation, motion design, VFX, retouching and experiential, Indigo Studios is always looking for what's at the heart of an experience and expressing it, picture perfect. Because, Indigo believes the best way to tell a good story is to tell it beautifully.

Learn more at:

*LOGO link for media:

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New On-Line Product Disrupts the Automotive Industry for The Good of Consumers

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Autica, a U.S. based internet-based consumer website, announces the development of a revolutionary and disruptive on-line car purchasing solution that provides consumers the ability to purchase and take delivery of a vehicle in one hour or less from an extensive network of localized dealer inventory unique to each customer inquiry.

With Autica, the consumer easily locates, selects and has the car delivered to their home or office for test drive and inspection the very same day. No more speculating on the condition or suitability of a vehicle from competitive websites which can take days to travel to the consumer. Autica allows individuals the freedom and convenience to finalize every aspect of their vehicle purchase, including delivery quickly and remotely. Utilizing a laptop computer or other smart device, the entire transaction is now financed and fully documented without ever having to visit the dealership.

Michael P. Martinez, CFO for Autica states, "The consumer will no longer have to wait endlessly or take an entire day out of their busy lives to purchase a car. They can finally complete the entire purchase from anywhere, on their schedule, with the entire transaction financed, documented and car delivered in under an hour from the comfort of their home or office. There are no hard sales pitches or pressure from the dealer. Just simplicity and convenience, what the consumer has come to expect."

Autica will be ready for introduction to the public in the coming months. Autica is an innovative solution to buying a car and finally gives the consumer what he/she wants -- making a car purchase fast and easy without long waits, pressure and lengthy sales pitches at the dealership or even waiting days for inspection and test drive. For additional information contact Michael P. Martinez at (505) 280-3200.

George Lovato
Autica LLC

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Kelly Toyota & Kelly Hyundai are Open and Ready to serve Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania

HAMBURG, Pa. -- The Kelly Automotive Group is pleased to announce the acquisition and addition of two new dealerships. Kelly Toyota and Kelly Hyundai are setting up shop in the former Freedom Toyota and Freedom Hyundai locations of Hamburg, Pa. The new stores will not miss a beat and will be up and running immediately.

The dealerships are located where I-78 meets route 61 across from Cabela's.

The addition of Kelly Toyota and Kelly Hyundai will round out the Kelly Auto Group's list of dealerships to 12 franchises in eight locations consisting of Kelly Nissan on Route 33 in Easton, Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram, Buick/GMC, and Mitsubishi on the Lehigh Street Auto-mile in Emmaus, and Ford and Infiniti in Melbourne, Florida.

"Our goal has been to expand in the Greater Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania and we've been watching the steady retail growth along Route 61 in Hamburg since Cabela's opened." Commented KAG President Greg Kelly. "Toyota and Hyundai are sought after brands with large owner bases and impressive product lineups. That combination of great product and great people working at the dealerships made it the perfect time for us to expand to Hamburg. It's less than 20 minutes from Lehigh County and we'll make it even more convenient for our Lehigh Valley customers by offering online buying and home delivery.

Visit and today to start your car shopping journey.

For over 50 Years the Kelly Dealerships have been committed to the Risk Free satisfaction of their customers by providing services like their exclusive 3 day Money Back guarantee on all new and used cars.

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Ford is the most searched for car manufacturer in the US

WILMINGTON, Del. -- Ford is the most searched-for used car manufacturer in the US according to top records checking site Ford just pipped Chevrolet and Toyota to the top spot by a very small margin, reflecting all of these company's reputations as motoring giants.

The rest of the top 10 searches on was completed by a number of familiar names.

The Top 10 in full is:

1. Ford
2. Chevrolet
3. Toyota
4. Honda
5. Jeep
6. Nissan
7. Hyundai
8. Subaru
9. Kia
10. GMC

The list is pretty much in line with the national car sales figures* which have the same manufacturers in the top three positions, albeit in a slightly different order.

1. Ford
2. Toyota
3. Chevrolet
4. Honda
5. Nissan
6. Jeep
7. Subaru
8. Ram
9. Hyundai
10. Kia

Checking a used vehicle's history should be part of every driver's purchasing plan. It is vital to know about this to help you make a better decision on whether or not to buy a used vehicle.

A vehicle history report should include:
* Title information, so you can find out if it was ever salvaged or junked
* Any history of flood damage
* Whether the current odometer reading is accurate
* Lemon history
* If the car was used as a taxi or rental car was created to provide Americans with comprehensive vehicle history reports. The site has an extensive database of information on vehicles from around the world. All they need is the VIN (vehicle identification number) and from that can generate a report that provides all the data on that particular vehicle. With a report, you receive the information you will need to help make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

For more information, please visit or call customer support on 1-855-482-6465

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Bravo Protection Products Uses Latest Technology and Best-in-Class Products for Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting Services

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Bravo Protection Products is excited to announce that it has now completed more than 11,000 clear bra paint protection film and window tinting jobs. Tommy Prezioso, the owner of Bravo Protection Products, says, "Services such as clear bra paint protection film and window tinting can quickly change the appeal and function of a car, boat, home or business."

"And we only use products made by XPEL," Prezioso says. "XPEL is absolutely the best for automotive window tinting, flat glass window tinting, boat and RV window tinting and security window film."

The Minneapolis-based business, an industry leader, is also dedicated to using the latest product technologies, cutting-edge installation techniques, and following the latest product trends. It also has a staff with a combined experience of more than 50 years.

With Bravo Protection Products, customers can have XPEL Window Film installed on their windows at home or in an office and stop about 80 percent of the sun's heat from entering through the glass. Window Films from XPEL also eliminate up to 99.9 percent of the sun's damaging UV rays and reduce fading on hardwood floors, carpets, furniture and artwork.

Another popular product, Clear Bra Film, also known as the Paint Protection Film, provides a breakthrough technology that adds an invisible shield to a vehicle's paint.

Paint Protection Film, properly applied to a car, truck, SUV, or RV provides invisible protection against damage caused by rocks, insects, salt and other road debris.

XPEL's Safety and Security Window Films, also available at Bravo Protection Products, is an affordable and easy way to add protection to a home or office building. They can help to reduce the effects of intrusions such as break-ins, accidents, vandalism, and riots, along with nature's most dangerous threats.

"Our attention to detail ensures every installation is done to perfection," Prezioso shares. "We're very proud of that. We treat every customer like they're the most important customer we'll ever have, and that will never change."

As a result, Bravo is celebrating more than 24 years of providing unsurpassed quality service and customer satisfaction. Our updated installation facilities, quality control tools and techniques and positive and fun work atmosphere create the environment to complete every job to our very high standards.

For more information:

About Bravo Protection Products

Since 1997, Bravo Protection Products has provided high-quality window tinting in the Twin Cities region. Its team of expert enthusiasts has 50 years of combined experience in car window tinting, commercial window tinting, residential window tinting, safety and security window tinting and boat window tinting.

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Moduline Cabinets Announces Custom Storage Solutions for Van Upfits

BROCKTON, Mass. -- Moduline Cabinets, a trusted custom cabinet manufacturer, announced the expansion of its flagship PROII™ cabinet series to serve van upfits. This unique expansion gives customers looking for an in-vehicle storage system even more storage options, in addition to Moduline's Upfit™ Series.

PROII™ cabinets have been a trusted cabinet storage solution for decades. The professional-grade, customizable cabinets are made from durable military-grade aluminum and are specially designed to maximize storage capacity and functionality.

Customers are free to mix-and-match PROII™ cabinet configurations to meet their storage needs, whether it is in the garage, at the shop, or now in their work vehicle. Traditionally, PROII™ cabinets are used in garages, industrial shops, and manufacturing settings. Now, the PROII™ cabinet line is expanding to meet the growing demand for van upfits. As more professionals are working on the go, they need more portable and secure storage solutions for their vehicles.

"We also put PROII™ Series cabinets in vans. Usually, it's just wall cabinets, but sometimes full-blown setups with counters and everything. We've seen people order Upfit™ series and fill in with some PROII™ overheads, so we want customers to see our solutions for vans include both products," said Tristan Riley, Moduline Cabinets engineer.

Now, consumers who need a safe and secure storage system in their van, trailer, box truck and more, can choose from Moduline's PROII™ cabinets as well as Moduline's Upfit™ Series. The Upfit™ Series, launched in 2020, offers more lightweight custom cabinet solutions designed specifically for vehicle upfit projects.

PROII™ cabinets are perfect to offer even more upfit storage options. PROII™ cabinets feature Moduline's patented latch system that keeps drawers and cabinet doors securely shut without needing a lock and key. Customers can also add one of the PROII™ cabinet countertop options to their van upfits to create a workspace even when they are always on the go.

All Moduline cabinets come with a lifetime warranty to guarantee our manufacturing, materials, and workmanship.

You can learn more about the PROII™ cabinet series and its many applications on our website.

Moduline Cabinets designs and manufactures modular aluminum storage cabinets to fit the unique needs of our customers. For three decades, Moduline Cabinets have been used in homes, garages, vehicles, trailers, commercial buildings, industrial shops, and by the military. We pride ourselves on specializing in custom cabinet designs along with unmatched customer service.

To explore the Upfit™ Series packages, visit:

To explore the PROII™ Series of cabinets, visit:

About Moduline Cabinets:

Moduline Cabinets is a premier designer and manufacturer of quality, American-made modular aluminum storage cabinets. Moduline cabinets can be found in residential garages, vehicles, trailers, commercial and industrial shops, military and other specialty applications. For over 30 years, Moduline has provided cabinet solutions for car enthusiasts and professionals, specializing in custom designs and unmatched customer service.

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World’s largest auto distributor selects Rapid Deployment Solutions to upgrade OpenText across their RedHat Platform: 47TB of Data

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS), a global software and services provider, has announced today that it has been awarded a contract to upgrade OpenText across the RedHat platform for the World's largest distributor of automotive and industrial replacement parts. Over 47 Terabytes of data and millions of A/P and A/R documents.

RDS is excited to announce that it has been selected by the World's largest distributor of automotive and industrial replacement parts to upgrade its OpenText solutions.

The implementation that RDS will manage, brings the customer to current and supported releases of OpenText Enterprise Content Management. This advanced implementation provides integrated capabilities with PeopleSoft and other internal applications on a global scale. The OpenText suite provides access for more than 88,000 users across their subsidiaries to access and view their A/P & A/R documents. The modern, scalable, and highly available architecture will maintain 47 Terabytes of content and millions of invoices.

OpenText Content Suite provides a secure and scalable platform as the backend content application for business-critical applications such as PeopleSoft and RightFax," said Jason McCloy Hall, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer of Rapid Deployment Solutions. "For enterprise IT, the upgrade of OpenText across the RedHat platform means that delivering speed and agility is now just as important as security when it comes to information management."

OpenText helps companies connect business applications, digital business processes and proprietary company content. With technology that brings together information previously siloed across the business, OpenText can help transform content-intensive processes from complex and costly pain-points to sources of intelligence that boost customer satisfaction and provide an information advantage.

About Rapid Deployment Solutions

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) is a woman-owned small business delivering professional services fueled by OpenText, SAP, M-Files Nipendo to Fortune 1000 and SMB companies globally. RDS combines unmatched experience and specialized capabilities globally. RDS provides the core values of integrity, healthy relationships, and unwavering commitment to customer service.

For more information, visit:

For further information, contact:

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