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Kennedy Intelligent Data Forms Partnership with Blueshift Cyber Security to Provide Data Security Services

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. -- With the threat of ransomware and cyber-attacks in general growing daily due to worldwide unrest and economic insecurity, Kennedy Intelligent Data (KID) has allied with Blueshift Cyber Security. This alliance allows KID to provide comprehensive and turnkey managed security services for companies like those in the auto industry that are at significant risk of data theft and financial harm to their customers.

Ransomware attacks have cost companies an untold amount of money, certainly in the hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years, as the attacks have shifted from stealing data to making fraudulent purchases and selling the information on the dark web to simply locking owners out of their systems. The attackers then require a ransom to get access to the data back. The attackers threaten to destroy it, sell it to other bad actors, or release it to the public, generating a public relations nightmare for the target of the attack.

"We have all seen the news reports of companies large and small dealing with these crippling cyber-attacks," said James Kennedy, CEO of KID. "Organizations of all types, especially those handling large quantities of client data, must do everything they can to protect that data, or they could face massive financial liabilities that cyber security insurance might not cover."

The approach of most cyber-security firms in the past has been one of prevention, stopping an attacker from getting into the network or endpoint and then compromising the data. That approach has proved to be unreliable against advanced cyber adversaries. Firms that are responsible for successfully protecting a company's IT infrastructure and data must now assume there will be a breach and focus on detecting and responding to intrusions as early as possible in the "cyber kill chain."

Kennedy has worked with the auto industry for decades as a consultant and is aware of just how much sensitive customer data the auto dealerships collect and often store as they sell and service vehicles for customers. But this risk looms large for any company that deals with customer data, including schools, hospitals and health organizations, retailers' brick and mortar or web-based of all kinds, and virtually any organization that collects data at all.

As the automation and ease of customization have grown, the cost of cyber-security measures, originally only affordable for the largest of companies, has come down to the point where services like Blueshift XDR™ are cost-effective for even small to medium size businesses.

"Partnering with KID allows Blueshift to further our mission of providing enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection to small and medium-sized businesses," said Brad Rowe, CEO of Blueshift Cybersecurity. "SMBs are often poorly equipped to detect and defend against a cyberattack. The Blueshift XDR platform fills the protection gap for SMBs. We quickly detect and automatically respond to cyber-threats before these inevitable intrusions evolve into full-scale cyber-attacks. Our clients can focus on running their business while we focus on defending it."

The Blueshift XDR™ service combines advanced deep packet inspection, comprehensive security event logging, and vulnerability detection to actively defend your entire IT infrastructure and devices, including remote workers (work from home). AI and machine learning combine with proprietary algorithms and filtering to distill voluminous alerts to a meaningful and manageable total. Blueshift's active on-premise sensors constantly monitor and automatically protect all assets. And everything is monitored around the clock by Blueshift's 24/7/365 SOC - manned by seasoned industry experts with context, tactics, and behavior to rapidly diagnose and resolve vital threats. Only Blueshift XDR combines enterprise-grade technology with human intervention to protect any sized company affordably via an easily deployed SaaS-based platform.

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About Kennedy Intelligent Data

Kennedy Intelligent Data (KID) is a subsidiary of Kennedy Marketing Group (KMG) a national data-driven marketing agency that has produced thousands of successful marketing programs for retail businesses, and automotive dealerships coast to coast. With this foundation of success for their clients, they have been able to expand, creating a multi-channel marketing platform, with full reporting and accountability that continually improves through research and development. For more information, visit

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Aclaró AI Announces Data Lake API That Directly Integrates Into the CDK Platform

MIAMI, Fla. -- Aclaró AI, the fast-growing startup that specializes in the science of personalized experiences, is announcing a new product, The Aclaró Data Lake, which integrates directly with auto dealers' CDK platforms.

Leveraging this Data Lake and CDK integration, developers from around the world can create valuable apps to enable auto dealers mitigate risk and capture new revenue opportunities. With all of this data at their fingertips, dealers and developers will now provide even more value to their customers.

Unlocking Additional Value from One of the Most Popular Dealer Management Systems

CDK is known to be one of the most popular and important vendors in the auto dealer community. According to some estimates, 8,000 dealerships run the CDK dealer management system ("DMS") platform. Small and large dealerships take advantage of real-time data and valuable tools to streamline and grow their businesses.

Using Aclaró's Data Lake interfaces ("APIs"), dealerships and developers can now accelerate new application development on the CDK platform. You can think of this new integration as similar to the Apple App Store. The Apple App Store has generated countless apps that have created immeasurable value for Apple users. The Aclaró Data Lake will do the same for CDK users.

In this context, developers will create apps that pull data directly from the CDK Data Lake. The process is seamless and intuitive, giving developers and dealerships the power of Big Data and Aclaró's AI Engines to develop new applications. They will develop fast-to-market solutions that give clients the services and solutions that they need. In less than four weeks, a two developer team created a full Customer Loyalty System that delivers fully One-to-One personalized offers and coupons to dealership customers.

Aclaró provides more than 80 APIs to manage the data lake of augmented DMS data. This includes everything from customers and pricing to inventory and service. Dealers and developers also get access to Aclaró's API engines, which let dealers access opportunities like setting variable pricing. Dealers can even include this engine in a web interaction, to capitalize on impulse purchases.

Benefiting Dealerships and Customers

This integration between CDK and Aclaró is a win-win for dealerships and customers alike. For starters, the new integration enables dealerships to leverage the power of artificial intelligence. CDK can implement APIs that can bring the very best third-party developers to dealerships' doorsteps. Dealerships can also overcome legal hurdles and subpar third-party vendors that compromise customer data. In other words, it helps enables dealerships to avoid those aggressive third-party suppliers who offer aggressive, limited, and subpar solutions.

Along with this, Aclaró's new product results in a better end experience for customers. They will see a custom and personalized experience, whether they are searching for a new car or are simply looking for routine auto service. The robust developer community will create applications that improve nearly every aspect of the customer experience.

Doing business in an increasingly competitive market, dealerships will use Aclaró's new product to help their businesses grow. It is a huge step forward for car dealerships, as it opens the doors to all kinds of exciting possibilities on the CDK platform. Whether dealers want to increase sales, develop better customer relationships, or better manage their schedules and workflows, Aclaró's new product can certainly get the job done. It provides a granular look at dealership operations, which can will allow for better planning and decision-making.

About Aclaró

Aclaró AI is a technology company that creates customer-centric software for auto dealerships and auto lenders. Through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Aclaró customers can grow their sales, mitigate their loan risk, obtain a higher return on investment, and grow their bottom lines. Aclaró is especially focused on leveling the playing field for smaller auto dealerships, as they often don't have the same opportunities, resources, or financial backing as larger enterprises.

To learn more about how Aclaró can help your auto dealership or auto lending firm, feel free to visit Aclaró's website at There, you will find a detailed description of Aclaró's technology and how the company provides value to auto dealerships and auto lending firms. Or click here to learn more:

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