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Kennedy Intelligent Data Forms Alliance with SQREEM Technologies

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. -- Kennedy Intelligence Data (KID), a subsidiary of Kennedy Marketing Group (KMG) has formed an alliance with SQREEM Technologies Pte. Ltd., a leading artificial intelligence firm to provide superior real-time and behavioral driven digital advertising services for the automotive industry. KID has exclusive rights to SQREEM's proprietary artificial intelligence platform for the automotive industry and will focus on franchise dealerships in North America.

SQREEM uses proprietary processes and a fully-automated approach that allows them to track the relationships between "anything and everything" affecting the purchases of more than 3 billion consumers on the planet. The auto industry has begun adapting their approach in places such as South Africa and among multiple high-valued car brands.

SQREEM has demonstrated a 500% to 3,000% increase in advertisement click-through rates and was 30 times more cost efficient for companies employing their services.

"Bringing SQREEM's world class on-demand AI platform to U.S. based auto dealers is a game-changer and we can't wait to show clients how to increase their sales even more than we have in the past," said James Kennedy, CEO of KID and KMG.

KMG has been a leading provider of innovative multichannel marketing services in the automotive industry for the past decade and employs an ultra-personalized approach to automotive marketing that values the element of personal human touch. KMG and its subsidiary KID use advanced data analysis and targeted messaging to maximize impact on pure, in-the-market auto buyers.

"We are very pleased to have formed an alliance in North America with a leading automotive marketing organization that has proven experience providing data-driven advertising services to Auto Dealerships large and small throughout the United States market," said Ian Chapman-Banks, CEO, SQREEM Technologies Pte. Ltd. "Adding this great partnership to our already established relationships with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Rolls-Royce and other major players in the auto industry will accelerate the adoption of our superior AI platform in the auto industry."

Auto dealers and industry leaders that are interested in greatly increasing the relevance, effectiveness and cost efficiency of their digital advertising campaigns can contact Michele Bombardiere at or call 949-429-4886 for more information.


SQREEM Technologies is a next-generation Artificial Intelligence company that has 100s of MNCs as clients in 40 countries, with 6 offices and 200 staff. They have AI platforms for Digital Insights & Media buying; Governments to Track & Trace for Malfeasance & COVID-19; Fraud detection for Banks; Big Pharma & Drug Discovery; and Enterprise AI tools to merge databases.

About Kennedy Marketing Group

Kennedy Marketing Group is a national data-driven marketing agency that has produced thousands of successful marketing programs for automotive dealerships coast to coast. With this foundation of success for their dealership clients, they have been able to expand, creating a multi-channel marketing platform, with full reporting and accountability that continually improves through research and development. For more information, visit

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SeQuel Welcomes New Executive Vice President of Sales

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- SeQuel Response is excited to announce the arrival of a new Executive Vice President of Sales, Chris Bixler. In this new role, Bixler will lead our sales team and training initiatives, enhance our lead generation and prospect engagement approach, and collaborate with SeQuel's leadership team to develop and execute short- and long-term business strategy.

"The addition of Chris and this new role for SeQuel aligns well with our overall growth strategy in our key markets. His strong background in building top performing sales teams will be a valuable asset to SeQuel's sales and marketing efforts," said SeQuel CEO and Co-Founder, Jay Carroll. "I believe Chris is an optimal fit for SeQuel's culture and he is the right leader for our well-established sales team."

As a print industry veteran, Bixler is an experienced sales executive recognized for his contributions in strategic sales planning, account management, new client acquisition and team development. He takes pride in nurturing collaborative, trusting relationships to identify client needs and launching customized ideas to fulfill those needs. Bixler has established a proven track record of business growth and client satisfaction for top brands and Fortune 100 retailers across print, technology, design, and retail marketing industries.

"After watching SeQuel's impressive success over the past ten years from afar, I'm grateful to be joining this strong team," said Bixler. "The SeQuel culture, values and people made the decision very easy. I'm looking forward to working with this talented group of people and leveraging my experience to strengthen the sales program as we continue to grow our client base."

Passionate about the success of others, Bixler has sought to fulfill this desire through servant-leadership roles throughout his career. Most recently, Bixler led the sales team and account acquisition strategy at Meyers Printing Companies. During his time there he helped to elevate the customer base, identify new business opportunities, and develop a new strategic sales approach for major accounts.

Bixler holds a B.S. in Communications from Western Illinois University, where he was a collegiate rugby player. When he is not cheering on his favorite college football teams, you will find Chris playing tennis, snow skiing, or traveling the coasts to visit his children.

About SeQuel Response

SeQuel Response has quickly become the go-to direct response advertising agency for growth-oriented consumer brands looking to launch and rapidly scale their direct mail and digital marketing campaigns.

In five consecutive years, Inc. Magazine has named SeQuel to its Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S., and the reason for the sharp growth is simple.

SeQuel's direct marketing experts and data scientists have developed a proprietary testing methodology called FaQtor Test, which utilizes predictive analytics to quickly uncover hidden performance insights, saving clients millions and optimizing response 400 percent faster than A/B testing.

Visit to watch a short animation that explains how FaQtor Test is dramatically accelerating growth for many of the nation's leading consumer brands.

VIDEO (YouTube):


For any business and/or media inquiries, please contact Jacqueline Johnson-Leister at 952-208-1314, or email her at

*Photo caption: Chris Bixler joins SeQuel Response.


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What your Choice of Quarantini says about You: A Valuegraphics Survey

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- During your COVID-19 quarantine, in those Zoom socials, was gin your preferred spirit in your martini shaker? If it was, here's what we know about you and your cohort of gin drinkers, according to The Valuegraphics Database and a new global analysis of what people all over the world care about most - and by extension how they will behave.

Gin drinkers, as a group, break into four main segments:

* 24% are "The Probably Bow Ties" and are loyal to tradition and believe there is one right way to do everything. They place a high value on loyalty, making things happen, and keep an eye on their finances.

* 23% fit a profile called "The Probably No Ties." They are social adventurers, out more nights than they are in, and use their martini as a kind of social prop. They are always looking to grow and will be attracted to anything that offers the opportunity to be a better version of themselves.

* At 21%, "The Food Funsters" are planners, fixated on food, but really don't expect anything will be as good as they'd like. They seek out customization, and are just as happy dining alone as they are in a group.

* 17% are "The Career Drinkers," who live to network and build their social standing. They will drink their martini how everyone else does, so they don't stick out. Influence and wealth are their objectives, and they will do what needs to be done to attain them.

The balance of the sample are splinter groups that are not statistically relevant.

"By knowing what people care about - their values - we know why they behave as they do," says human behavior expert David Allison, founder of The Valuegraphics Database, the first global dataset of human values. "As humans, we spend all our waking hours hunting and gathering anything that will feed and protect our values: the things we care about most. This is our life's work."

It's a distinction that shows the limited range of traditional demographics that put people in categories based on what they are, but tell us nothing about who they are or why they behave as they do.

"Regardless of the demographic boxes you check as a human in society - race, gender, age, income - we learn more from cohorts based on shared values which can predict, with great precision, what people will do next. From a social science perspective, that's a very different narrative," says Allison.

If you wanted to speak to, engage or influence gin martini drinkers, for example, highlight anything that will trigger personal growth, personal responsibility and experiences. These values, from a list of 56 accepted by the scientific community, will be the most powerful.

"Empirical data that isolates what your target audience cares about tells you exactly what buttons to push to influence behavior," explains Allison, "because what we value determines what we do."

National Martini Day is June 19. Drink responsibly.

About Valuegraphics

The Valuegraphics Database defines the shared values of target audiences, regardless of their demographic profiles. It uses a global database informed by neuroscience, psychology and sociology and measures 436 shared human values, wants, needs and expectations. It's accurate to +/- 3.5%, offering a high degree of confidence. Learn more:

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*Photo caption: Martini glasses. Credit: Reid Jacob.

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Fanplayr Data Shows Retailers Are Making Up for Lost Sales

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, a leader in e-commerce intelligence, released figures that give clear insights into the adjustment consumers are making in light of significant lifestyle changes forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tracking aggregate behavior across clients' sites, the data prove a shift from retail to online purchasing. The results are particularly dramatic in large clothing, sports and kids fashion retailers.

According to analyses of sites with over 20 million visitors per month, key indicators of e-commerce success have risen consistently and simultaneously during the period of time a particular market has been dealing with COVID-19. Visitor traffic, conversion rates and AOV (average order value) have all increased. Simultaneous increases in key indicators is rare, even during peak holiday seasons. Simon Yencken, Founder and CEO of Fanplayr states, "It demonstrates our clients are recapturing some lost revenues, namely 30- 40%, caused by limited or no store traffic."

For example, the Japanese market has been dealing with COVID-19 longer than the U.S. because of their proximity to the epicenter. Over the period of time from first reports of infection to today, online key indicators have all risen.

This information is critical for retailers scrambling to make up lost profits. It demonstrates that lost revenue from shelter-in-place and school closures can be recovered from increased online sales, and the overall impact can be mitigated even more with strategies to increase closure rates of shoppers.

As transactions move increasingly online, revenue attributable to AI and behavioral personalization is also increasing. Yencken says Fanplayr's behavioral intelligence responds to anonymous online visitors by understanding their intent, based on their online behavior, and then responding appropriately. This removes the need for third-party tracking to increase conversion rates.

"Companies must focus online to capture every potential sale," says Yencken. "Without segmentation strategies, companies are losing potential sales, something no one can afford to do in this business landscape."

About Fanplayr

Fanplayr is a leader e-commerce behavioral data, using machine learning and AI to enable businesses to increase conversion rates and revenue, collect more leads, and retarget visitors with personalized recommendations during and after the shopping experience. Fanplayr is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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Fanplayr Strengthens its Global Presence with Opening of New Australian Branch in Sydney

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, an American company, founded in 2011 in Palo Alto, that converts online users into buyers thanks to Behavioural Data analysis, announces the opening of a new office in Sydney.

After the opening of the New York office at the beginning of the year, Fanplayr takes another step in its market expansion with the opening of a new office in Sydney. The Australian office will be managed by Sasha Auzins as Regional Sales Director, who will deal with the Australian and New Zealand markets, reporting directly to Derek Adelman, Founder & VP APAC of Fanplayr.

Sasha Auzins, has been working for more than twenty years in the sales and business development area of the digital industry, with relevant work experiences in different realities such as the marketing consultancy Elaboration, that himself founded in 2013, and the REA Group, a leading digital company, specialized in real estate where he had the role of Sales & Strategy Manager.

"Fanplayr is growing and the regional expansion reflects the constant growth of the Company during 2019, in terms of turnover," commented Simon Yencken, Founder & CEO of Fanplayr. "The Australian and New Zealand markets represent an opportunity for us to grow further and it is therefore essential to have a professional like Sasha, who knows them perfectly. I am sure that he will be able to take advantage of interesting business opportunities and establish long-term partnerships with new customers."

About Fanplayr

Founded in 2011 in Palo Alto, California, Fanplayr(TM) has received more than $8 million in funding. The senior management team is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs with multiple technology IPOs behind them. Today, it employs 30 people worldwide and has a fast-growing sales network in Europe, North America, Latin America and APAC. Fanplayr's mission is to make online user behavioural data effectively and measurably actionable. Fanplayr is a leader in real-time segmentation solutions and helps its customers customize their relationships with their users by making each session unique.

Fanplayr improves the conversion rate of its customers' sites by improving performance across all sources of paid and organic traffic, both managed and self-service. Fanplayr is the ideal tool for media agencies and direct customers in the fields of travel, telecommunications, automotive, fashion, retail, finance, insurance, energy utilities and electronic retail.

Learn more at:

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