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Fanplayr Opens Latin American Headquarters in Mexico City

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, a leader in targeted ecommerce conversion solutions, announced it has opened a new corporate hub in Mexico City. Located in the prestigious Polanco district, Fanplayr's headquarters for Latin America (LATAM) has been in operation since September.

Fanplayr CEO Simon Yencken explains, "With our new LATAM offices, we are bringing the concept of behavioral analysis to one of the 10 largest ecommerce markets. We are thrilled to offer positive changes to the region with the strength of Fanplayr's platform, exceptional customer service, and results that have been consistently above expectations."

Led by Mariano Tripiciano, Managing Director Latin America, the new office is strategically located for business relations with key countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Its close proximity to Fanplayr headquarters in California makes Mexico City an ideal location.

Tripiciano began his career as an entrepreneur in Argentina, but also has lived and worked in England, America and Italy. He joined Fanplayr in 2013, where he successfully led the Italian business in opening the Milan office, covering first the position of Head of Operations and then VP Europe. Tripiciano then started to follow the South American market by establishing contacts with important customers.

"We realized long ago that the Mexican market was receptive, but we were trying to manage everything centrally from Italy with limited local support," said Tripiciano. "With a critical mass of business in the region, the time has come to open a new, much more functional office to best serve our customers."

In South America, Fanplayr has already established contacts with important local businesses in a wide variety of capacities, as well as collaborations with major media centers and agencies.

In this first phase, Mariano will be joined by Saúl Corral Rodríguez, Sales Director. With his 15 years of experience in the South American market, Rodríguez will help Fanplayr reach out to the most promising companies. In the second phase of expansion, the goal is further growth of the team with the addition of new functions to fully serve all customers.

"I know South American companies and their business models, but I was surprised with how quickly they have understood the potential of working with Fanplayr," adds Saúl Corral Rodríguez. "They know that we are an excellent ally and the perfect tool to optimize their investments."

About Fanplayr

Founded in 2011 in Palo Alto, California, Fanplayr has received more than $8 million in funding. The senior management team is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs with multiple technology IPOs behind them. Today, it employs 30 people worldwide and has a fast-growing sales network in Europe, North America, Latin America and APAC. Fanplayr's mission is to make online user behavioral data effectively and measurably actionable. Fanplayr is a leader in real-time segmentation solutions and helps its customers customize their relationships with their users by making each session unique.

Fanplayr improves the conversion rate of its customers' sites by improving performance across all sources of paid and organic traffic, both managed and self-service. Fanplayr is the ideal tool for media agencies and direct customers in the fields of travel, telecommunications, automotive, fashion, retail, finance, insurance, energy utilities and electronic retail.

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Caption: Mariano Tripiciano, Managing Director Latin America for Fanplayr.

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Fanplayr is Creating Better Consumer and Provider Experiences by Making E-commerce Behavioral Data Actionable in Real Time

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, the leader in targeted, real-time e-commerce conversion solutions, announced today the creation of a focused system of software providing real-time, actionable behavioral data, called Behavioral Data Hub. The precision of this new, more focused digital solution helps buyers and sellers, in addition to clients and service providers, by delivering on the promise of greater productivity in the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent globally in attracting visitors and trying to get them to return. But only a tiny fraction of that, as little as one percent, is spent on the "last mile," converting those visitors to customers or clients, or optimizing the value created for those already "converted," namely, existing customers or clients. As e-commerce continues to disrupt the modern brick-and-mortar retail model, it is evident that more awareness needs to be brought to this key aspect of digital interaction with the customer.

"Tackling this new last-mile problem requires focus and precision. By utilizing Behavioral Data Hub, productivity is increased, translating into shared tangible benefits, better returns on digital investments on one side of the market, and greater satisfaction on the other," states Simon Yencken, founder and CEO of Fanplayr.

When considering the typical sales funnel, the crucial last mile for e-commerce is unwittingly reduced to relative insignificance. Unfortunately, this inattention has held back innovation for the customer conversion stage.

"With Behavioral Data Hub, Fanplayr has both identified and addressed the requisite details of making this conversion stage work better, for consumers and for providers of products and services," says Derek Adelman, VP Asia Pacific, Co-Founder of Fanplayr.

Fanplayr's Behavioral Data Hub is software that is both rich and responsive, not depending on static demographic data, instead relying on real-time, actionable behavioral data. Intelligent software that guides the final stage of the consumer decision process can have significant impacts on these conversion rates. Increasing a conversion rate from 2 percent to 3 percent represents a massive 50 percent gain for the seller.

By collecting rich and relevant data at the conversion stage, creating real time and productive classifications of website visitors, along with real-time segmentation leading to action options that are productive for visitors, Fanplayr's Behavioral Data Hub permits careful, targeted experimentation and efficient learning. Employing this software system improves ongoing customer and client interactions.

"Behavioral Data Hub also addresses a looming problem for the digital world: individual privacy. European regulators have already begun to act on increasing concerns for the protection of demographic and personal characteristic data that fundamentally erodes privacy. Fanplayr recognizes that an approach based on more precise behavioral data, not necessarily tied to fundamental personal identities, delivers productive digital interactions and transactions with greater privacy protection. Such an approach is a better way forward for everyone," Yencken affirms.

About Fanplayr:

Fanplayr is the leader in targeted real-time e-commerce conversion solutions. By harnessing the power of Big Data, Fanplayr's 'Smart & Targeted Conversions' enables marketers to identify, profile and target visitors with customized offers in real-time during the shopping experience. Fanplayr is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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