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Inspirational New Book ‘Prodigious Son: A Memoir of Miracles’ Reveals Remarkable Life of An Urban Shaman, Ralph Matson

CHICAGO, Ill. -- First time author Ralph Matson shares, in his own words, remarkable stories of healing, recovery and enlightenment in, "Prodigious Son: A Memoir of Miracles" (ISBN: 978-1098308872). Matson's journey leads us into the famous Woodstock festival, down drug alleys, and over mountain ashrams on a never-ending quest for higher consciousness as he struggles with his inner demons and angels.

Growing up in severe poverty Matson battled the unjustified hatred of a tyrannical father leaving him with a negative self-image. Paradoxically he associated throughout his life with remarkable and affirmative people such as, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, Rammurti S. Mishra, and Swami Rama. Even in his depictions of heartbreak or cruelty, Matson generously renders a world-and a philosophy-of devotion, kindness, and perseverance that is the underlying thread of his life story. His many brushes with death, including accidents, tumors, overdoses and heart failure only confirmed his spiritual beliefs and demonstrated the miraculous power of healing.

On the way to the emergency room, struck down with severe heart failure, his nephew John pleaded with him to write his memoir, telling him "you cannot die until you have told your story." From that plea this book was born with a front cover designed to depict the power of light and love we all hold in the palm of our hands. "If my book can help one person find hope or awakening in the middle of despair," said Matson, "then I will feel I have been blessed with another miracle before I leave this world."

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About Ralph "Corky" Matson

Ralph "Corky" Matson, born in 1943, currently resides in his hometown of Chicago where he continues to pursue spiritual awakening with a lifelong humanitarian philosophy. Matson was a graduate from the Kellberg Institute of Swedish Massage and the Dale Carnegie Institute for Public Speaking. Even through Matson has had numerous brushes with death and addictive challenges, he has been blessed with extraordinary meetings and experiences with remarkable people.


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*Caption: "Prodigious Son: A Memoir of Miracles" by author Ralph Matson.

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Dr. Lauren Goodall (PsyD) Releases Her Ground-Breaking Self-Help Book, ‘Bipolar is Not an STD’

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Dr. Lauren Goodall (PsyD), releases her ground-breaking self-help book, "Bipolar is not an STD" (ISBN: 978-1543975581), Dr. Goodall designed the book around getting people better faster. She wanted a book that could be finished over the course of a weekend; not something that would take a long period of time to plow through.

There are distinctive compasses in the book. "People always confuse Personality disorders, with mood problems. That's like confusing north from west. You won't end up in the right place; confusing the two," says Goodall. Instead of talking about the usual in relationships, she goes beyond affairs and relationship screw-ups that people don't recognize. "There are a million ways to screw up a relationship besides affairs."

In further conversation with Dr. Goodall, she named her book, "Bipolar is not An STD." In her translation of the title - "Too many people look at the word Bipolar and attach stigma that isn't warranted. I've spent a full career working with these people. Bipolar can be confusing more than it's hard. Ineffective symptom reporting, and lack of treatment is hard!"

Dr. Goodall looks to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to recognize mood symptoms, and get better diagnosis; rather than the current research-based average of 6 years.

The reason, she believes, this number is so high, is because people cannot self-report their symptoms well, and "bad diagnosis information is a waste of time, money, and quality of life. Good therapy helps a lot, but a lack of understanding medical underpinnings and how they coordinate with the Psychological is a big piece of missing information. Both are critical for getting the job done."

"Bipolar is not an STD," is currently released and available in softcover thru her website, E-book is available thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major book retailers.

Softcover will be available to retailers on August 5, 2019. Dr. Goodall is available for interview by contacting her via the above website.

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Dr Lauren Goodall

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New Book, ‘CONFESSIONS OF 400 MEN: True Revelations of Lust, Fidelity, Feelings and Fantasy’

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Author Heidi Doheny Jay will debut her new book, "Confessions of 400 Men: True Revelations of Lust, Fidelity, Feelings & Fantasy" (ISBN: 978-1543925968) at Philly Art Collective: 253 N. 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 on Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 6-9 p.m. Press engagement is open from 5-6 p.m. Members of the press will receive a free copy of the book.

For "Confessions of 400 Men," Ms. Doheny Jay spent two and half years interviewing men from all ages and walks of life asking them to divulge their innermost secrets about the women they've loved. She pulled back the curtain on the untold side of the relationship story- his side.

She heard everything - lifelong secrets, funny snafus, lovers that got away and the real reason men long for intimacy. She discovered how common it is for men to feel lonely and what actually drives them to be unfaithful. She learned why men work so hard at their careers and not so much, seemingly, at their personal relationships.

"We miss the girlfriend we married," said Chris, a 59 year old married Caucasian professor from Delaware.

"Men like to fix things, that's how we show you that we care. Women need to pay more attention to this," said Trent, a 46 year old single African American social worker from Maine.

"The guy who actually wants to be in a relationship is worried that the perfect woman will come along and he won't be ready," said Steve, a 48 year old divorced African American transportation owner from the Midwest.

At a time when men are thought to be coldhearted and at best ruthless creatures, "Confessions of 400 Men" reveals their hidden side.

"This book exposes the side of men that's not talked about or shown to the world. When men feel safe and believe they won't be judged, they'll allow themselves to be seen by others, but few are ever given that opportunity," says Doheny Jay.

The author hopes to inspire men to feel more comfortable discussing their feelings and to help women better understand why men act the way they do.

"I set out to understand men better. I had originally intended to write a small eBook and interview about 25 men, but I quickly discovered that when you merely listen to men without judgment or criticism, they'll share everything with you," Doheny Jay adds.

"Men wanted to talk, so I kept listening -- but after 400 interviews I knew I had more than enough to convince the world that men need to be heard just as much as women do. I truly hope to shift the paradigm and allow men the same luxury women have had for years, to freely express their feelings."

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About The Author:

Heidi Doheny Jay was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Pa. She began her life as an aspiring dancer but quickly realized that she lacked enough talent to make it to the big stage. She turned to Pharmaceutical sales as a career and has spent the past 15 years in the industry. She discovered her affinity for writing while living in upstate New York when she accidentally signed up for a creative writing class that took place in the basement of a coffee shop.

She is an author, blogger and published columnist who explores the mysteries of life, relationships and what makes men and women tick. She is based out of Philadelphia. When she's not writing, she enjoys taking ballet classes, playing the piano and adoring her rescued blue nose pit bull, Lola Falana. She has a degree in Psychology and holds a Master's degree from Syracuse University.

"Confessions of 400 Men" is available at or anywhere books are sold.

For speaking engagements and interviews contact, or follow her @heiditheauthor everywhere on social media.

Book Details:
"Confessions of 400 Men: True Revelations of Lust, Fidelity, Feelings & Fantasy"
October 2018 - Non-Fiction
$14.95 Print (ISBN: 978-1543925968)
$7.99 eBook (ISBN: 978-1543925975)
BookBaby Publishing.

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