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Print’s Not Over – It’s Just Getting a New Lease on Life

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Is print cool or old school? According to the Productivity Network LLC, a Chicago-based print production company, it's a little of both and that's a good thing. In business for one year, the team at the Productivity Network is positive that print's not just sexy, it's downright hot.

Co-owners, Erika Pflederer and Michael Wade, believe that while digital continues to reign, print is far from over. That's why they've extended their hand to those who want to add or re-introduce print into their mix.

"The past year has taught us many things," Pflederer says. "Among those lessons learned are: anything is possible, people are increasingly growing tech-weary, business models are rapidly changing and more and more consumers crave nostalgia. It's these factors and more that point to a comeback for print. It's time for print to shine again."

In fact, Pflederer and Wade were so confident that they bet their careers on it and launched the Productivity Network in September 2020. To date, it's landed some impressive accounts including a well-known packaged goods company and multiple financial businesses.

The co-owners intentionally designed their business to be virtual which provides them the flexibility to work with anyone, anywhere. And being veterans of the print ad business, they have a wealth of resources at their fingertips.

Its model is low overhead, killer service, attention to detail, top talent and the ability to scale up and down as needed.

"We can quickly pivot to meet demand," she says.

Since launching their business, Pflederer and Wade have worked on a variety of print campaigns ranging from billboards and transit signage to bus wraps and business presentations.

"Of course, we do digital work too. We're not that crazy," Pflederer shares. "It's just that we believe print has to be accessible to those who want it and we really know how to do it. There are not many in-house print production services out there anymore and we serve to fill that niche. We work directly with brands too."

Pflederer, who grew up working in her dad's print shop, makes it a point to ask people to think about print.

"Just look around. Go into a shop. Get on a train. Drive on the interstate. Open your mail. Dig into that swag bag. We're surrounded by print. Sometimes people don't even realize they need print until they think about it. 'Oh yeah,' they say. It's not going away and we're here to help," she says.

About Productivity Network

The Productivity Network provides high-end print production services typically found at large advertising agency studios. It can meet a variety of production needs ranging from print to digital and can efficiently and professionally handle ever-changing production needs. Prior to launching Productivity Network, Pflederer and Wade worked for multiple major advertising agencies and for countless top-name brands. They've successfully executed and delivered national and international print campaigns and now they're excited to pass on that expertise and passion directly to their clients.

For more information, visit:


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Photo Caption: "Print's Not Over."

Erika Pflederer
of Productivity Network

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Real Estate Technology Firm Swift Homes Partners with iHeartMedia on Marketing Campaign

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Today, Swift Homes announced a partnership with iHeartMedia on a multiplatform marketing campaign across multiple markets in the United States to help build awareness of Swift Homes' benefits and seller-friendly offerings that are available to consumers who are looking for real estate advice and services.

"Our partnership with iHeartMedia is important because of the scope and scale they provide," a Swift Homes senior executive said. "Their relationship with their audience allows Swift Homes to effectively communicate to prospective home sellers - educating audiences across the country about simplifying their home selling process."

Swift Homes is a technology company specializing in fast and easy home sales without the seller needing to list their property with a realtor. Their innovative platform provides home sellers with a fast cash offer and closing as quickly as thirty days after signing a contract. Home sellers pay no traditional broker fees, make no repairs, and close and receive cash as soon as thirty days after signing a contract.

Swift Homes stands out among its competitors because it operates across the United States, so sellers aren't limited to specific geographies. In addition, Swift Homes provides special seller-friendly offerings such as allowing sellers to remain in their homes with a rent back program. Even more, Swift Homes will typically make a purchase even if the home being sold is an investment home with tenants.

The marketing campaign has begun and is running across iHeartMedia broadcast radio stations in six markets including: Birmingham, Cincinnati, Fayetteville, Memphis, Raleigh, and St. Louis.

About Swift Homes

Swift Homes is the pre-eminent buyer of homes within the real estate tech space. Their technology has revolutionized and simplified the way a home is sold by streamlining the process and removing unnecessary fees and time that come from listing a home with a broker. With over 20,000 offers made, Swift Homes is one of the largest technology-based home buyers in the country, and their team has over 20 years of experience purchasing homes. In short, if sellers need to sell fast or for any reason, they can sell to Swift Homes in a few easy steps.

About iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia, Inc. [Nasdaq: IHRT] is the leading audio media company in America, reaching over 250 million people each month. It is number one in both broadcast and digital streaming radio as well as podcasting and audio ad tech and includes three business segments: The iHeartMedia Multiplatform Group; the iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group; and the Audio and Media Services Group. Visit for more company information.


Swift Homes is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3218 in Chicago and can be reached by calling (877) 861-2466. For more information visit or email

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Chicago West Side Families Celebrate 70 Years of Peace and Unity

CHICAGO, Ill. -- 3161-3163 Monroe Family Fellowship Chicago IL and NewNegro Media announce a Plaque Dedication Ceremony at 3161-3163 Monroe, September 5, 2021, to celebrate the tenants 70-year anniversary. All families are invited, tickets are $30 and children under 12 free. The event kicks off Friday September 3 with an evening cocktail reception at Comfort Suites Lombard, Saturday September 4, Picnic Miller Meadows Forest Preserve River Forest, and Sunday September 5th Gumbo Gala following the dedication ceremony.

Participants must RSVP by August 27th, 2021, for ticket information contact Derrick Williams or call (312) 523-7227.

3161-3163 W. Monroe is not an address; it is "the Mothership." For over 70 years families connected by bloodlines, childhoods and a church have resided at the six-unit, three-story, apartment complex, located in the heart of East Garfield Park. The "Monroe Family Fellowship" will be hosting a Plaque Dedication Ceremony September 5, 3161-3163 W. Monroe at 3 p.m.

The Family Fellowship are the Balthazars, Milam/Brownlee's, Jackson/Norwood, and Brown/Williams.

All Monroe family and friends are invited to attend a celebration to honor the pioneers and motivators of 3161, 3162, 3163 and 3164 W Monroe with a bronze plaque that reads, "A love silhouette of brick and mortar, this building and the names engraved below will forever be bound together as a symbol for grace, redemption, and unending friendship, proving unity and love trump racism, corruption, and palpable ignorance."


* Mr. & Mrs. Louis and Doretta Balthazar, Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Robbie Brownlee, Mr. & Mrs. Louvania (Brother) and Dorothy Brownlee

* Mr. & Mrs. Henry and Lucy Hailey, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Margaret Milam, Mr. & Mrs. Sydney and Annie Norwood,

* Mr. & Mrs. Spencer and Mary Williams, Mrs. Anna White, Ms. Daisy Partee, Ms. John Ella Williams, Mr. Joe Ford,

* Reverend Ferdinand Hargrett, Reverend E.J. Hatch

The Milam and Brownlee family's relationship goes back to reconstruction when both families lived on plantations known in the 1900 census as Beat 5, Tate County, Mississippi. It was said "The Brownlee's were the only sharecroppers allowed to leave the plantation, because they were related to the White People who owned the land." This mattered little to Papa Brownlee. He had a reputation for being a defiant Black man, or the more popular phrase, "an unruly Negro," a trait present in the Brownlee's today.

Lucy Milam, born in slavery worked as domestic for a person only known as "The White Man." She would birth 14 children between her husband Hence Milam, and the man known as the "The White Man."

According to her Great Grandson Frank Wilson, "My father would tell me stories about how they would all go to this white lady's house, and she gave them food, because she knew they were the children of her husband."

Frank Wilson's father, Frank Milam partnered with Mr. Jake Brownlee and the two became the most successful bootleggers in Mississippi. Jake had a brother named Richard Brownlee. Richard was known for being handsome, a barber, and successful gambler. Richard liked to gamble and drink; Frank like to drink and gamble. By 1925, the rear of Richard Brownlee's shop became an official Negro Casino. Some years later, Richard would meet Frank Milam's 1st Cousin, a fair maiden named Robbie, and here is where story begins for the next generation.

In 1950 two families one from Louisiana and one from Mississippi purchased what is now 3161-3163 W Monroe. Among them were Robbie and Richard Brownlee, who could like many others, could pass for white, but instead demanded to be Black, purchased property, and invited other family to join them. The apartments soon became a way station for what would be called the "Great Migration."

3161-3163 Monroe is not a building; it is an institution. An urban motherland, that nurtures with a concrete smile, it is the address on birth certificates, parents birth certificates, grandparents birth certificates, and sadly obituaries. Despite the violence and gentrification of Chicago's Westside, after seven decades the families continue to keep the peace and maintain the property in the heart of East Garfield Park.

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New Research Shows Consumers Find Moments of Small Pleasure Beat Big Experiences When It Comes to Well-Being

CHICAGO, Ill. -- The Australian Macadamia industry released research that reveals that almost 50% of consumers globally now value finding peace and quiet in everyday life as the key to a happy mind. Conversely, only 25% globally said occasional big experiences and milestones make them happy.

The pandemic has reinvented day-to-day well-being, making it more difficult to manage than ever before. It forces consumers, the world over, to reconsider what makes them happy, while redefining the concept of indulgence, and the way our daily food choices can support this.

According to Accredited Practising Dietitian, Susie Burrell who also holds a Masters of Coaching Psychology and has a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing, finding new ways to manage mood and stress has never been more important. "The pandemic has resulted in many people turning inward and looking for ways they can actively work to support their own health and wellbeing. With big treats such as overseas trips off the table, and milestones like weddings and other celebrations more restricted, we've had to train ourselves to look forward to small things to find pleasure in on a daily basis to support our own happiness."

This is supported by the research, carried out in Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea and USA, and also showed that almost half of consumers globally say indulgence is about finding little pleasures of joy in the everyday, while only 27% defined indulgence as being about a special-occasion treat.

"On a day-to-day basis, people are carving out small moments of indulgence and savouring them," says Burrell. "Nourishing the body with healthy, nutritious food is an act of self-care and one of the easiest ways we can support not just physical but mental health too. Quality plant-based food in an otherwise ordinary day is a great way to support good mood, especially now when many people are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and emotionally drained after dealing with the pandemic for many months."

Australian Macadamias Market Development Manager Jacqui Price says macadamias are ideally suited to meeting the demands of these trends.

"Our research showed that 60% of people globally and 64% in the USA believe they have the ability to not just manage their physical well-being but also mental wellness, so they want food that is going to sustain them and their frame of mind throughout the day," says Ms. Price. "Macadamias are the perfect mood-booster and stress-buster. Its fiber, heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals offer many physical health benefits, while their velvety texture and creamy flavour make them an indulgent snack or ingredient, ideal for a range of food products."

It seems consumers also recognize these qualities. "It was exciting to discover that 53% of people consider macadamias to be a rich and delicious indulgence that is also good for your body," she says. "With consumers' desire for optimal wellness driving the increase in new products with on-pack wellness claims, macadamias make a great choice for food brands looking for an edge in this space."

About Australian Macadamias

Australia is the world's major producer of macadamia kernel and macadamias are Australia's fourth largest horticultural export. There are approximately 800 growers producing more than 46,000 tonnes per year, with 75% of the crop exported to more than 40 countries. Learn more at:

About new Australian Macadamias research

In late 2020, Australian Macadamias commissioned research based on 6014 individual surveys with consumers in Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the USA. Conducted by the Singapore regional office of independent research agency Kantar, the research was conducted between August and October 2020 and findings delivered in December 2020.


Jennifer Seyler, MBA, MS, RD


P: 312-919-5643


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*Caption: Australian Macadamias, Innovative Food Product Ingredient.

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Associated Colleges of Illinois Awarded Grant to Help Improve Four-Year Degree Completion Rates for Community College Transfer Students

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Associated Colleges of Illinois (ACI) (, the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) and the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) were awarded a $25,000 planning grant to conduct research and develop an implementation plan to help more community college transfer students earn bachelor's degrees at ACI-affiliated colleges and universities.

The Teagle Foundation (, New York City, and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, awarded the planning grant, called "Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts." Collaborative research and planning work is expected to begin July 1 and be completed at the end of the 2021 calendar year.

"We're excited about the grant award and this initial phase to build enrollment and financial support for community college transfer students," said Mick Weltman, ACI executive director. "We're also pleased to collaborate with statewide team members such as ICCB and IBHE in this initial planning effort."

The grant proposal quotes research that states that 65 percent of jobs in today's economy require at least some postsecondary education, and yet, significant numbers of Illinois residents have no post-secondary degrees or credentials. Illinois established a goal of increasing the proportion of residents who hold high-quality degrees or credentials to 60 percent by 2025. In addition, more than 7 of 10 students who earned associate's degrees, then transferred to four-year institutions, earned four-year degrees in two years, according to the National Student Clearinghouse.

To meet the terms of the planning grant, ACI, the ICCB and the IBHE will form the Illinois Project Leadership Team. Team members will conduct academic and financial research, aimed at improving academic transferability and development of a campaign and fundraising plan to assist community college transfer students and Illinois higher-education institutions, according to the grant proposal.

The academic component, led by a project investigator, will involve collaborative research to help the project leadership team determine "effective strategies that can streamline and strengthen existing pathways," the grant proposal said. The team will also study a statewide community college transfer agreement among ACI-affiliated colleges and universities.

The financial research component will include resource development opportunities to fund community college students transferring to ACI-member institutions, and how best to obtain financial support.

A project investigator and ACI will use the research results to development a case for supporting more scholarships for community college transfer students and the expected effect on transfer degree-completion rates. The team will also develop a fundraising plan.

The project team will include ACI Executive Director Mick Weltman (, ACI staff, faculty and provost from ACI-member Judson University (, provost from Lincoln Land Community College, IBHE, ICCB leaders and an independent financial consultant.

About ACI:

Associated Colleges of Illinois (ACI) is a collaboration of 267 private, independent colleges and universities, representing more than 70,000 students. Established in 1952, ACI supports member colleges and universities by advancing independent liberal arts and sciences education and helping underserved students succeed in college, careers and life. The organization raises funds for scholarships, peer mentoring and emergency financial aid, and it provides member services such as professional development conferences and college-to-career seminars and events.

Visit ACI's website ( for more information.

John Brooks
Associated Colleges of Illinois
Phone 312-263-2391

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Music Theater Works Presents Mamma Mia!

SKOKIE, Ill. -- Music Theater Works will present "Mamma Mia!" at the North Shore Center For The Performing Arts In Skokie (9501 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60076) from August 19, 2021 through August 29, 2021 being the second production of the 2021 Season.

About The Show

ABBA's hits tell the hilarious story of a young woman's search for her birth father. This sunny and funny tale unfolds on a Greek island paradise. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter's quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother's past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

The story-telling magic of ABBA's timeless songs propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship, creating an unforgettable show. A large cast, non-stop laughs and explosive dance numbers combine to make "Mamma Mia!" a guaranteed smash hit. A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. A trip down the aisle you'll never forget with MUSIC THEATER WORKS!


* Music Theater Works

* Mamma Mia!
* Directed by Justin Brill
* Book by Catherine Johnson
* Choreography by Shanna VanDerwerker
* Music Directed and Conducted by Linda Madonia
* Music and Lyrics by Benny Anderson and Björn Ulvaeus (songs with Stig Anderson)

Cast Members:
* Dan Gold (as Bill Austin)
* Veronica Garza (as Rosie)
* Casiena Raether (as Tanya)
* Heather Banks (as Sophie Sheridan)
* Andrew Fortman (as Sam Carmichael)
* Alexis Armstrong (as Donna Sheridan)
* North Rory Homewood (as Harry Bright)

Creative Team:
* Sound Designer (Aaron Quick)
* Set Designer (Kristen Martino)
* Production Manager (Bob Silton)
* Hair and Make-Up (Alice Salazar)
* Lighting Designer (Andrew Myers)
* Costume Designer (Rueben Echoles)
* Props Designer (Hayley E. Wallenfeldt)
* Producing Artistic Director (Kyle A. Dougan)
* Assistant Director and Choreographer (Emma Parssi)

* Group Performance: Thursday, August 19, 2021 @ 1:00 PM
* Press Performance: Friday, August 20, 2021 @ 8:00 PM
* Saturday, August 21, 2021 @ 8:00 PM
* Sunday, August 22, 2021 @ 2:00 PM
* Wednesday, August 25, 2021 @ 1:00 PM
* Friday, August 27, 2021 @ 8:00 PM
* Saturday, August 28, 2021 @ 2:00 PM & 8:00 PM
* Sunday, August 29, 2021 @ 2:00 PM


North Shore Center For The Performing Arts In Skokie
9501 Skokie Blvd.
Skokie, IL 60077


Tickets start at $39 for Standard Seating and tickets start at $48 for Preferred Seating. Tickets for those ages 25 and under are half-price.

Box Office: (847) 673-6300


Health Safety:

Health safety guidelines imposed by the North Shore Center For The Performing Arts In Skokie have been followed in staging this event. For more information about the measures being taken please visit

Upcoming Shows

The 2021 season will feature RAGTIME (Oct 28th - Nov 7th) and BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL (Dec 23rd - Jan 2, 2022).

The 2021 season has been proudly sponsored by Joyce Saxon.

About Music Theater Works

Music Theater Works is a professional non-profit theater company based in Wilmette, Illinois featuring a colorful repertoire including operetta, the Golden Age of Broadway, the Great American Songbook, and modern classics since 1980.

As of 2021, Music Theater Works has become a resident theater company at the North Shore Center For The Performing Arts In Skokie (9501 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60076).

The mission of Music Theater Works is to produce and present musical theater from a variety of world traditions and to engage the local community through educational and outreach programs.

Media Contact
Aaron Ozee
Director of Marketing
Music Theater Works
Phone: (847) 920-5360 ext. 7

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Calgary Author Honored in 2021 Indie Book Awards for Memoir about Social Justice and Overcoming Mental Health Struggles

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Sandra LA Boszko is quickly building a name for herself as an author who's edgy and honest. That's why her new book, "Welcome to California: From LA County Jail to #1 in Sales" (ISBN: 978-1525546440) was named one of the best indie books of 2021 by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group. It recounts how her mental illness led to a wrongful and traumatic incarceration in the Los Angeles County jail system.

(Editorial note: Book title has strike-through [line] on the word 'Welcome.')

The book is humorous and heartbreaking all at once. It traces how she traveled from her home in Canada to the hills of Hollywood to pursue a career in acting/stunts and recounts how bipolar disorder repeatedly sent her packing from Los Angeles. After failed attempts to develop this dream, she finds herself in a prison system that ignores protocol for inmates with mental illness.

"The whole experience was horrific," she says. "Writing this book was cathartic and helped with the overwhelming anxiety and PTSD that resulted from this damaging ordeal. I never had that before."

For example, a 5150 is a section of the California Welfare and Institution Code (Thomson Reuters, 2017) that authorizes a mental health practitioner or an officer to involuntarily confine an individual suspected to have a mental disorder who is gravely disabled, a danger to themselves, or a danger to others. The individual can be brought into custody for up to 72 hours for assessment or placed into a treatment facility.

"Unfortunately, I didn't receive a 5150 even though the arresting officer knew I was mentally ill," Boszko explains. "Celebrities such as Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Mischa Barton and Kanye West have all received a 5150."

Sandra's incarceration lasted 10 days while her family struggled to locate her and to convince the courts that she was in need of medical care. During that time, she experienced abusive guards, isolation and neglect.

And according to L.A. County Jail stats, she's not alone. The County of Los Angeles reports that 70 percent of the inmate population has a serious medical or mental illness upon initial assessment and at least 30 percent of its inmates have a mental illness.

"This experience left me deeply traumatized and I knew I had to share this story with others. During the writing process, I began to heal," she says. "I want people to understand mental illness from the inside out and to help the stigma go away. I truly hope this memoir helps others to realize that they are not alone in their struggles."

Sandra is an award-winning finalist in two categories - Social Justice and Memoirs (Personal Struggle/Health Issues) in the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the world's largest book awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors.

The winners and finalists will be honored on June 25, 2021 in an online event which will stream live on Facebook at at 7 p.m. ET and 4 p.m. PT.

The Next Generation Indie Book Awards are judged by leaders of the indie book publishing industry, including many with long careers at major publishing houses.

For more information:

About the Author

Sandra currently works as a full-time Territory Manager for a multinational company. She enjoys facilitating presentations and has been a facilitator for a bipolar group in Calgary. She's active in Toastmasters and has placed first at two of its 2019 competitions. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Manitoba and a black belt in Taekwondo. She lives in Calgary. Alberta. This is her first book.

For more information about the book and the author:


PHOTO link for media:

Caption: "Welcome to California: From LA County Jail to #1 in Sales" by Sandra LA Boszko.

(Editorial note: Book title has strike-through [line] on the word 'Welcome.')

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Swift Homes Achieves Milestone of 20,000 Home Offers This Year

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Swift Homes, a Chicago-based property purchasing company that buys homes for fair prices to rent out to local families and which is backed by a multi-billion-dollar private equity fund, announced its milestone achievement of 20,000 home offers this year, hitting awe-inspiring cash offer numbers to the delight of neighbors across the nation and cementing its reputation as one of America's largest cash home buyers.

Being in a unique position to help clients who need to sell their home for any reason, the Swift Homes team boasts the ability to guide the seller through the process and close the transaction quickly, its representatives utilizing a systematic approach that has proven its worth as a valuable tool for sellers in a myriad of transactions. What's more, because the company buys homes and rents them out, its reps are in a position to provide competitive offers, the Swift Homes team being comprised of members with more than 20 years combined experience buying properties.

"The Swift Homes team has completed transactions on more than 5,000 properties, with an emphasis on single-family homes, and we are so very proud of this latest incredible milestone achievement," says a Swift Homes senior company representative. "Because we can make cash offers without requiring a visit to a property, our team boasts the ability to close on a seller's desired timeline, handling all necessary repair work - a tactic that has undoubtedly contributed to this year's 20,000 home offerings.

"Further, Swift Homes occupies a specific niche in the form of helping homeowners sell their properties with ease, guiding sellers through their straightforward process and closing transactions in a fast and hassle-free manner. Indeed, to label our company a 'renowned real estate buying entity for numerous reasons' is something of an understatement."

The reason why so many sellers work with Swift Homes has to do with the company's ever-widening presence and vast experience, what with its team operating in more than 100 markets around the U.S., in thousands of cities, in addition to standout elements such as its program that allows sellers to remain in their homes by renting them back from Swift. And, the organization makes a purchase even if a seller is dealing with an investment home with tenants, as the homes are regularly bought to be made available for renting.

The Swift Homes three-step process begins with sellers answering a few questions about their property and company reps preparing an offer, before a home is sold as-is for cash - without the need to worry about repairs. Sellers then have the opportunity to close within 10 days, in a few weeks or longer, and can even pick their specific closing date.

According to Swift Homes personnel, the typical individual selling to the company is any home owner looking to unload a property quickly at a fair and competitive price; he or she may want to sell for a number of reasons, whether it's not being able to keep up with mortgage payments, a divorce or being behind on taxes. Irrespective of a house needing too much work or someone looking to part with a home that was inherited, Swift Homes buys houses for cash from any home owner - for any reason.

While the company specializes in single-family homes, Swift will work with sellers attempting to unload condos and multi-family/commercial properties.

Swift Homes is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3218 in Chicago and can be reached by calling (877) 861-2466. For more information visit or email

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Chicago Support Group Part of National Network Taking Aim at Chronic Pain

CHICAGO, Ill. -- More than 50 million Americans live with chronic pain. The U.S. Pain Foundation addresses the incredibly isolating and difficult experience that affects all aspects of a person's life-their ability to work, their self-confidence and identify, personal relationships and social engagement, and more. Studies show that people who experience daily pain are significantly more prone to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation.

But it does not have to be that way.

Led by Becky Fleming of Orland Park, Illinois, a support group that meets monthly via Zoom is helping alleviate the myriad of struggles faced by individuals with chronic pain. Becky Fleming draws on her own experiences with migraine to help educate and encourage attendees.

The support groups offer attendees the chance to connect and talk with others who understand the unique challenges of disabling pain. But there's also an educational component-leaders help participants understand new treatment options, self-management strategies, mindfulness techniques, and more.

"I have lived with chronic pain for 17 years. For many years, I felt alone and feared my chronic pain would make my life unmanageable. I felt like I lost so much of my life. It's been a long road to get to the place I'm in now, and I hope to help others on their path towards a better life while living with chronic pain," says Fleming.

The group is part of Pain Connection, a national network of support groups created through U.S. Pain Foundation, the largest organization in the country dedicated to serving people with chronic pain. Led by Gwenn Herman, LCSW, DCSW, who lives with chronic pain herself, Pain Connection offers an intensive training to volunteers looking to become effective group leaders.

After completing the training program, support group leaders return to their communities ready to establish a group for other people with chronic pain. The leaders use the training and their own experiences with chronic health conditions to facilitate dialogue and understanding among group members, and nurture a sense of community that can be so valuable.

The group, which meets via Zoom on 10 June 2021 from 3:30 pm to 5 pm CST, and plans to continue monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month in the coming year. To learn more, contact Becky Fleming at

U.S. Pain Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those who live with pain conditions and their care providers. It offers dozens of programs and services designed to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for people living with conditions that cause pain. Learn more at

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Chicago Rock Band Lucky Boys Confusion Celebrates 20th Album Anniversary with Global Streaming Event Memorial Day Weekend

CHICAGO, Ill. -- It's been twenty years since Lucky Boys Confusion arrived on the global scene with their 2001 debut, "Throwing the Game." During the TTG era, the hard-touring Chicago five-piece crisscrossed the U.S. innumerable times over, made their national television debut on the CBS Late Late Show, and even made a pit stop in Japan to play for their enthusiastic overseas fan base.

The ensuing two decades have been a story of artistic growth (see 2003's follow-up, "Commitment") and perseverance through tragedy (the unexpected loss of founding member Joe Sell in 2012) as the band has continued to perform and create, culminating with their 2017 comeback record, "Stormchasers."

Now, with the "Throwing the Game 20th Anniversary Special" the boys are back, and ready to celebrate their legacy. This special global streaming event - an "in-studio concert & documentary special" - is a combination of recently recorded live footage (including TTG classics such as "40/80'" and "Fred Astaire"), new interviews with the band members, and unearthed archival footage from the recording of the album, as well as the ensuing 2001-2002 tours. Oh, and maybe a few surprise guests will drop by to say hello!

The "Throwing the Game 20th Anniversary Special" streams worldwide on Thursday, May 27 at 8 p.m. Central Time on the Moment House streaming platform (, where the band will be doing a live, virtual "VIP after party" with fans immediately following the airing. Virtual tickets are available now, which will provide users a link to the event.

Follow Lucky Boys Confusion on social:



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