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Scopedive Launches and Disrupts Cyber Security Talent Market

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Scopedive, Inc. announces the official launch of its novel cyber security talent marketplace, matching top cyber security freelancers and consulting firms with businesses for any cyber security or compliance project scope.

Scopedive directly addresses the growing cyber security skills gap, so businesses can tackle their most pressing security and compliance needs quickly, remotely, and at rates averaging 40 percent less than large consulting firms and staffing agencies.

All Scopedive consultants and freelancers are vetted, U.S.-based cyber security professionals who complete projects using Scopedive's custom, secure remote access solution, Scopedive Islands. Islands make remote cyber security work more attractive and possible than ever before, by ensuring confidentiality and integrity during remote engagements and a complete process audit trail.

Scopedive's expert community delivers services ranging from cyber security strategy, risk assessments, regulatory compliance audits, penetration testing and incident response to ongoing engagements provided by virtual chief information security officers (vCISO) and managed security services providers (MSSPs).

While its business model is focused on saving time and money for small to medium-sized businesses, large businesses with greater budgets can benefit too.

"Our innovative model is disrupting the traditional incident response market in particular, which typically requires retainers of $50,000 or more," co-founder, Katelyn Ilkani, says. "Every Scopedive membership, which starts at $199 per month paid annually, comes with access to incident response experts who can be mobilized at a moment's notice with hourly rates that are significantly less than big firms."

The company is offering a free trial - the first month of basic membership is on them. Businesses with less than 100 employees and start-ups can also apply for Scopedive's grant program, which offers membership discounts from 50 percent to 90 percent for up to three-years. It's always free for cyber security experts to join.

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About Scopedive

Scopedive has one mission - to make all businesses more secure. Scopedive's founders have deep expertise in business, cyber security, and software development. Husband and wife team, Awat and Katelyn Ilkani, founded Scopedive in March 2019. Prior to its founding, Awat was an executive at ABB with years of experience managing global teams. Katelyn spent four years at IBM Security and completed a Master's in Cyber Security at Brown University. They quickly partnered with Boz Zashev, a senior developer who has shipped more than 70 products. Tim Johnston, a former NSA endpoint exploitation analyst and white-hat hacker, joined the team in December, 2019.

Collectively, they have a deep understanding of the cyber security space which has enabled them to cultivate an impressive network of U.S.-based cyber security experts. Every day they work to make cyber security and compliance more accessible by democratizing cyber security expertise.

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TechStak Launches Suite of Cybersecurity Resources for the Unique Needs of Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Today TechStak, a leading SMB service provider matching companies with highly curated and pre-vetted outsourced IT partners, announced they have launched a cost-effective arsenal of risk assessment tools and accompanying educational resources designed for the unique needs of smaller businesses.

Cybersecurity Suite of tools:
* Breach Cost Calculator - estimates the potential cost associated with a data beach
* Dark Web Scan -identifies breached accounts and stolen passwords
* Risk assessment packages - includes Website Scan, Network Vulnerability Scan, Cybersecurity Health Assessment, detailed reports, phone consultations with industry experts explaining results and next steps for remediation
* Security Awareness Training - A video-based subscription program, the first of its kind.

What does this mean?
For small to medium businesses who may not have, or necessarily need, a full-time IT provider, but struggle to navigate the vast and fast-paced cybersecurity landscape, these services provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource. TechStak's all-in-one platform gives smaller companies easy access to essential IT and cybersecurity-related services they would not otherwise have in their fight against cybercrime.

"100% of the assessments we've done have identified a cyber threat that could blindside a smaller company," says TechStak CEO, Nicol Pasuit. An integral part of each assessment is the recommendations TechStak provides to mitigate these risks. These services help smaller businesses understand their cybersecurity preparedness, identify and prioritize their IT needs, mitigate risks, and put solutions place.

"We just did our risk assessment, and it was eye-opening," says Amy Shovels, Director of Operations and Customer Service at Zonya Health International. "TechStak did a thorough job, and gave us detailed reports with follow-up steps. It's nice to see the recommendations were able to be put into action so quickly!"

Companies can learn more about TechStak and their new small business-focused cybersecurity tools online at

About TechStak

TechStak's mission is to help small businesses find IT and cybersecurity solutions that are the right fit for their business. We think that finding outsourced firms you can trust with the keys to your business should not be a daunting, stressful process. So we simplified it. TechStak improves the IT and cybersecurity service provider selection process through transparency and reviews. With TechStak, businesses make confident IT and cybersecurity outsourcing decisions because they work with reputable providers they can trust. Visit to learn more.

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.