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Winter Ice Buildup in Lakes and Ponds Can Cause a Host of Problems for Boats and Docks, as Well as for Fish and Wildlife

SANTA MARIA, Calif. -- The change of seasons no longer means having to perform labor intensive tasks to safeguard your boat, dock and summer lake equipment from the damage that can occur from frigid, freezing water conditions. This winter use a Deicer in your lake or pond to prevent costly damage, says Discount Pumps.

If you live in a frigid climate, you know your lake or pond is subject to icy conditions. This can make proper care of your dock or shoreline a challenge. If your dock is permanent or you have shoreline structures that have to be protected each year, a Deicer is a must to keep ice from forming around your property.

Deicers are used by marinas, hydropower facilities, municipalities, and pond owners.

Deicer products are designed to keep a large area of the pond or lake, free from ice build-up, even under extreme winter weather conditions. A Deicer will keep an area of water from forming ice wherever the Deicer is placed in the water. They prevent sheets of ice from enveloping the structures left in the water for the winter. Damage occurs when ice is allowed to form causing undue pressure on the item the ice has surrounded. When the ice moves that pressure damages whatever property it has attached to.

The Deicer operates by bringing warmer water up from the bottom of your lake or pond and sending it out (50-foot diameter minimum) in a continuous agitated movement. This enables the water around your dock, boat and shoreline to stay ice-free.

Other benefits of using a dock Deicer are aeration for fish and aquatic life, prevention of debris from settling near your dock, and keeps pond water open that attract birds for hunting.

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How does this all work?

Dock Deicer: Provides the added plus of in-water boat storage as a possibility during harsh winters. A dock mount deicer mounts quickly and easily to almost any type of dock using a stainless steel dock plate, pipe and yoke assembly that suspends the Deicer under the surface of the water. This mount allows for easy adjustment to accommodate different water levels.

Slinger Deicer: Using nylon rope to secure, the Slinger Deicer can be suspended from a boat, pilings or dock. It easily adjusts to compensate for varying levels of the pond. This is best for use in hard-to-reach areas and rapidly changing weather conditions. An economical solution to prevent ice formation in large marinas and dock areas.

Floating Deicer: Floating Deicer is designed to keep a large area of the pond open in the winter. The deicer is connected to a float approximately 2 feet below the pond's surface. Also the Floating Deicer can adjust for variations in water levels.

Free Standing Deicer: A free standing post for a Deicer without a dock! Now you can place your Deicer in those hard to reach spots, no dock required.

Adding an oscillator: A fully programmable oscillator attachment helps keep larger areas free from ice build-up without the need to purchase a second deicer. Pre-programmed to rotate in 20-degree increments every 20 minutes, an oscillator turns the deicer on its mounting. You can set it for any radius you need, then plug it in, that's it.

The owner of Discount Pumps stated "We offer several sized Deicers for your pond's needs with installation guidelines. To have peace of mind this winter, consider a Deicer to prevent structural ice damage and keep your pond waters free and clear of ice."

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For a Healthy Pond and Aquatic Environment Discount Pumps Helps Size the Right Pond Aerator for Maximum Aeration

SANTA MARIA, Calif. -- A property with a pond and all of the aquatic life is beautiful and serene, but in order to keep a healthy balance and water clarity, a pond aerator is essential. To maximize your pond's aeration, the pond aerator you select needs to be large enough for the pond size. Discount Pumps presents a variety of pond aerators and sizes to choose from, including decorative pond aerators, sub surface aeration systems and high-oxygen surface aerators.

This website has convenient charts to help our customer's selection process in customizing aerators to their ponds:

Whether it is a residential or commercial pond, the condition will deteriorate without the necessary aeration. The bottom layer of the pond runs out of oxygen first, which can result in the death of many living invertebrates like snails, worms, and other organisms that are vital in keeping the pond's balance. Ponds that are deeper than 6 feet without proper aeration cannot produce enough oxygen. A pond aerator can resolve this problem by providing oxygen to the beneficial bacteria that promotes a hearty aquatic environment.

An oxygen depleted pond has high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen which contributes to the growth of aquatic weeds and algae. A pond aerator will dramatically reduce phosphorus and nitrogen, while increasing water clarity.

For the price conscious consumer that wants high quality pond fountains, the ECO Series is a great option. Made with an industrial trash pump with stainless steel impeller, motor and housing, this fountain delivers reliability along with beautiful sprays.

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The buildup of muck at the bottom of the pond or lake is caused by decaying organic waste like fish food that is not eaten and waste from fish, geese and ducks. Also dead and decaying aquatic weeds add to this buildup up and when left untreated can get quite thick. This muck is also a food source for unwanted algae and weeds. When algae and aquatic weeds die off, it adds to the muck. The more muck, the more weeds, the more weeds, the more muck, and the cycle repeats.

The right tools make pond maintenance easier. These tools will help keep your pond or lake bottom weed-free as you gather your cut weeds and remove decomposing organic materials from your lake and pond bottom. Pull weeds up from underwater as far as 45 feet away and collect large mats of floating debris. Also keep your beachfront free of weeds and other debris for maximum enjoyment all season long.

Pond owners that want to beautify their lakes and ponds can visit Articles and Videos that offer expert advice and helpful tips for all your pond and lake questions. Learn more:

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