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Organic Aromas Unveils Aurora: A Textured Glass Diffuser with Dynamic Color Play and New Light Function

KUNA, Idaho -- Organic Aromas® (, maker of the beautiful nebulizing aromatherapy diffuser has once again delivered a new diffuser design with the most unique features yet! The Aurora is a pretty gem that brings rainbows into your life. Utilizing stylish ribbed glass, this vibrant colorful piece allows you to enjoy illusions that illuminate your space. The smooth, charming ceramic base is attractive and striking and comes in black or white.

The pearly top showcases a contemporary diffuser design displaying the ultimate modern look of aromatherapy. The Aurora is a flattering addition to every space in the home and office. The one-of-a-kind textured glass takes style to a whole new level ensuring that modern aromatherapy is best delivered with charming aesthetics like those of the Aurora.

Furthermore, The Aurora is fitted with a brand new "dimmer function" with a simple touch sensor control that takes the light from 100% brightness to 50% to 30% and then off. The color play is an effect achieved by applying a special glaze on the glass surface at very high temperatures. Organic Aromas plans to bring this original dimmer function design to all of the nebulizing diffusers equipped with the white LED light.

In addition, Organic Aromas is excited to announce the rollout of a spectacular color "picking" function feature where you set the tone and mood as you wish. Now the nebulizing diffusers equipped with our regular rainbow LED mood lighting will come with a new "color picking" function where you can choose from one of any 7 colors ranging from green to yellow, red and blue. A touch sensor at the base of the unit allows you to conveniently choose and stop on the color you want. This simple function has been a common request received from loyal, long-time customers from very early on and Organic Aromas is happy to deliver!

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Bright Future for Organic Aromas with International Expansion

Organic aromas is proud to announce the successful launch of new markets in Poland (, Korea ( and in South Africa ( in 2021. Sales growth has been extremely robust and the outlook is strong. Currently, multiple new branches are planned across the globe for next year, including in Japan and the United Kingdom. The worldwide demand for the unique, high quality nebulizing diffuser is substantial and Organic Aromas looks forward to meeting that challenge with rapid global growth.

Organic Aromas Is Giving Back

As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, Organic Aromas is creating a resource hub for aromatherapy safety. This resource will provide free, accurate information and tools that will help people use essential oils safely, effectively and in the right way. This forum will bring together industry experts in a bid to assist people safely attain the best results from aromatherapy.

As an active aromatherapy market player for many years, we realize that many people do not know how to properly leverage essential oils to effectively promote wellness and health. We are therefore stepping in to provide vital guidance and information on best practices in this respect. We are certain this move will bring long-lasting value to the industry and the consumer.

This festive season, we wish you and your family great health and happiness. We are dedicated to bringing you innovative solutions in aromatherapy so that you can continue to thrive holistically. We are here to serve you.

About Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas is the leading aromatherapy brand - maker of the iconic Nebulizing Diffuser®. The company also sells a host of premium quality essential oils and aromatherapy accessories that promote natural wellness. This innovative company is always adding exciting products to its portfolio to enhance and promote effective aromatherapy.

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Organic Aromas, 525 Main St. Ste B; Kuna, ID 83634.

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Organic Aromas Defends Intellectual Property

BOISE, Idaho -- Organic Aromas, the creator of Nebulizing Diffuser(R) aromatherapy products, emphasized today that they have long owned intellectual property rights for their well-known brands Nebulizing Diffuser(R) and Organic Aromas(R) as well as their diffuser products. In an effort to combat unauthorized knock-offs of their brands and products, the company has taken appropriate legal measures to protect their brands and products.

Organic Aromas has been involved in the aromatherapy industry since 2014. It spent years perfecting the technology that makes the Nebulizing Diffuser(R) products work. Now, 6 years after sharing its innovative creation with the world, Organic Aromas has established a reputation in the market as a pioneer in the aromatherapy industry.

The company has been using the brand names "Organic Aromas" and "Nebulizing Diffuser" since 2014 in connection with its diffuser and essential oil products. Since that year, the company has been known for high-end products such as the Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser(R) and Elegance Nebulizing Diffuser(R) aromatherapy products, the designs for which were originally crafted by the company. Organic Aromas' Nebulizing Diffuser(R) product is known for its ability to diffuse essential oils without the use of heat, water, or plastic.

It recently came to Organic Aromas' attention that a number of companies and sellers have been using the company's brands to sell knock-off products. Pirated versions of the aforementioned products have been found in various online marketplaces. Such practice brings confusion to consumers and infringes on Organic Aromas' intellectual property rights.

This unethical violation of Organic Aromas' rights devalues the hard work invested by the company's creators to develop a unique, efficient product, such as the Nebulizing Diffuser(R) product, and to produce high-quality essential oils and essential oil blends. These products were manufactured with high precision to ensure that every user gets the benefits of aromatherapy.

"It is clear that these unscrupulous sellers who wish to make a quick buck are exploiting the goodwill and solid reputation of Organic Aromas, and in doing so, they are also exploiting our customers," said Mark Fackrell, the company's CFO. "We are steadfast in protecting our intellectual property and our customers. We want to make sure that they get our original, high-quality Nebulizing Diffuser aromatherapy products."

In light of the activities around the market, Organic Aromas has indicated plans to protect their intellectual property from fraudulent companies and individuals. To that end, Organic Aromas has worked with e-commerce websites and legal counsel to successfully address and remove fraudulent listings.

About Organic Aromas

Founded in 2014, Organic Aromas is a luxury essential oil and aromatherapy brand that manufactures the Nebulizing Diffuser(R) aromatherapy product and proprietary essential oil blends. Its Nebulizing Diffuser product is known for its innovative technology that is free of heat, water, and plastic. The Nebulizing Diffuser product disperses essential oils without the use of heat and water so you can enjoy their complete, undiluted benefits and scent in your home.

Organic Aromas' Nebulizing Diffuser product also disperses the scent of essential oils over a large area in a short period. Additionally, it comes in different models that can address your aesthetic and practical needs. The company offers a wide range of essential oils and essential oil blends to suit your preferences.

For more information about Organic Aromas, visit their website at

Organic Aromas, Pure And Simple, 1655 W. Fairview Ave. Suite 102, Boise, Idaho 83702, (208) 286-4657.

Mark Fackrell
Organic Aromas
(208) 286-4657

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Organic Aromas to Launch Remarkable New Products, Make Aromatherapy Better, More Effective

BOISE, Idaho -- Organic Aromas(R) (, maker of a wide range of premium aromatherapy products for the home and professional-use markets, has announced today its plans to further launch several exciting and unique new products for this holiday season.

With the advent of its proprietary Nebulizing Diffuser(R) technology, Organic Aromas has revolutionized the previously static essential oil market by introducing some of the most beautiful and effective aromatherapy products available today.

With no need for heat, water or plastic, Organic Aromas aims to restore health and true well-being to an aromatherapy market that has, heretofore, been inundated with tired, ineffective and even dangerous product options. Nebulizing diffusers(R) can disperse strong aromas across a wide area in a short time, allowing you to quickly and fully enjoy the complete therapeutic value and benefits of only pure essential oil without dilution, transmutation or adulteration.

Organic Aromas continues to raise the bar again this year with the introduction of a variety of new items set to be big hits for this Christmas and into 2018.

In all, there are at least four different new products. Expanding an already diverse product set, Organic Aromas will begin selling an all-new specialty nebulizing diffuser made from ceramic. No other product on the market is quite the same, the unique shape and new base material is certain to be popular as a fashionable piece of functional art.

In addition, to bring more holiday cheer there will be a lovely new, colored Christmas tree glass and matching laser-engraved Elegance base this year. It is sure to bring extra joy to your seasonal celebration!

On the essential oil front, Organic Aromas will continue to take the lead in creating cutting-edge products found nowhere else! On the heels of the announcement that Organic Aromas(R) will roll-out third-party testing on all its essential oils, there will be an exciting and unique sampler box of 40 different blends, singles and organic pure essential oils for greater aromatherapy pleasure. This exclusive, new product is like nothing on the market. It will allow those new to essential oils a chance to try and experiment with a huge variety of different essential oils affordably and without any waste.

Lastly, Organic Aromas(R) will begin a whole new era by introducing the first wireless, rechargeable Nebulizing Diffuser(R) to the market. Sleek and very effective, this ground-breaking product will allow the user to take their aromatherapy wherever they go. At home, on a trip or on-the-go, the convenience and power of this exclusive new unit may change the face of the industry forever.

About Organic Aromas:

Organic Aromas(R) is a premium essential oil and aromatherapy brand that manufactures the most effective and beautiful aroma diffuser on the market. Using absolutely no heat, no water and no plastic this Nebulizing Diffuser(TM) can emit a heavy concentration of scent across a large area in a short period of time. These powerful aromatherapy devices can be used to enjoy the full potential therapeutic benefits of only pure essential oils and nothing else. Control a very strong aroma, instantly and for as long as you want it.

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Caption: Opulence Plus Elements Box Set.
Caption: Discovery Essential Oil Experience Box.
Caption: Mobile Mini Nebulizing Travel Diffuser.

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