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FormFree announces support for new Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor enhancement aimed at expanding sustainable homeownership for renters

ATHENS, Ga. -- FormFree® announced that mortgage lenders using AccountChek® verification of asset (VOA) reports in conjunction with a Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor® (LPA℠) solution will soon benefit from an enhancement that takes loan applicants' 12-month on-time rent payment history into consideration when assessing eligibility for qualified first-time homebuyers.

The enhancement, which is effective once announced in the Freddie Mac July Guide Bulletin, is designed to expand sustainable homeownership for the millions of Americans by taking their rent payment history into account when assessing eligibility. The expansion of rent payment history can increase the number of mortgage loan applicants who receive an Eligible/Accept recommendation in LPA.

"Freddie Mac is focused on offering value to our clients and improving the borrower experience as we continue to modernize the mortgage process," said Kevin Kauffman, Freddie Mac Single-Family Vice President of Client and Partner Delivery. "FormFree has been a strong partner on this journey by helping lenders assess credit eligibility for qualified first-time homebuyers."

LPA will automatically identify on-time rent payments - including those made via mobile apps like Venmo, Zelle and Paypal - within AccountChek VOA reports and take them into consideration when assessing eligibility for qualified first-time homebuyers. Only on-time rent payments will be considered; LPA will not assess late or missing rent payments.

"Freddie Mac's move to have Loan Product Advisor consider rent payment history in its assessment is part of a much larger push for more equitable home financing practices," said FormFree Chief Customer Officer Christy Moss. "People of color, who have disproportionately low homeownership rates and are overrepresented among credit invisible consumers will be most positively impacted by this enhancement to LPA."

"FormFree takes great pride in helping borrowers communicate their ability to pay and equipping lenders with the tools to confidently and efficiently verify borrower credentials," continued Moss. "We look forward to supporting Freddie Mac as it continues to deploy technology that improves access to sustainable credit for homebuyers."

Lenders can leverage rent payment history assessment through LPA asset and income modeler (AIM) when they order AccountChek reports of any length, including 30-, 60-, 90- and 180-day reports. In supplying LPA with 12 months of rent payment history, AccountChek has established safeguards that ensure the collection of extended rent payment history does not expose lenders to non-rent transactions, such as large gift deposits, that occurred more than 90 days in the past.

"FormFree remains committed to developing and supporting solutions that correct the racial homeownership gap," said FormFree Founder and CEO Brent Chandler. "Using FICO scores alone to evaluate creditworthiness excludes a large swath of minority homeowners who pay their rent on time and responsibly manage their finances without borrowing money from creditors. Direct source financial data is the key to understanding consumers' true ability and FormFree applauds Freddie Mac's efforts to help lenders finance homeownership more equitably."

For more information, visit

About FormFree:

FormFree® is a market-leading fintech company whose revolutionary products AccountChek® and Passport® make for a more inclusive credit decisioning landscape by enabling lenders to understand people's true ability to pay (ATP®). Our vision is to leverage source data and data-driven intelligence to usher in a new era of transparent, fair and liquid credit markets. To date, thousands of U.S. lenders and brokers have ordered millions of FormFree's patented verification reports representing trillions of dollars in loan verifications. FormFree delights borrowers and lenders with a paperless experience, dramatically reduces origination timelines and offers automated analysis and standardized delivery to lenders and investors using a secure ReIssueKey®. For more information, visit or follow FormFree on LinkedIn.

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Galantines Day Gala Celebrates Success and Preps for National Growth: Sherri J. White Brings Together Women to Innovate and Inspire

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Inspired by remarkable women business leaders and innovators, entrepreneur Sherri J. White launched the Galentines Day Gala in 2021 to award and celebrate standout women across industries and professions. After witnessing nearly 50 percent year-over-year growth in 2022, Thinkzilla Consulting Group is announcing Women in Business nominations are now open for the 2023 Houston event.

White, a well-recognized business consultant and childcare guru, is also preparing to expand her event nationally, adding Women in Business awards and a special event in Houston in 2023.

"My goal has always been to raise women up and celebrate their outstanding accomplishments in the world of business, with the aim of becoming the 'Grammys' for women in business today," White said. "Launching a new program and awards show during a pandemic was a challenge to say the least, but the response has been phenomenal and we look forward to celebrating even more amazing women in both Atlanta and Houston next year."

The annual February Galentines Day Gala convenes women business leaders with an awards program and an educational program that share additional resources, support the economy and inspire others. The new Houston event, known as "The Take Off," will consist of a weekend of networking events combined with a luxury retreat, all designed to give attendees more time to connect.

"Our previous attendees shared interest in spending more time together, which inspired us to develop this one-of-a-kind weekend filled with everything from mixers to breakout sessions to brunch and luxury business engagements," White added. "The sky is truly the limit when it comes to recognizing and reveling in the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs today and we look forward to even more growth in the years to come."

Registration for 2023 events is also open at

About the Galentines Day Gala:

Founded in 2021 to celebrate outstanding women in business, the Galentines Day Gala and Women in Business awards recognize the best in women entrepreneurs. The awards events also incorporate education and economic impact. To learn more, submit a nomination or register for an upcoming event, please visit

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Glam Scrubwear Partners with KARE to Support National Healthcare Workers

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Bringing more glam and purpose to those who need it the most, Glam Scrubwear is partnering with KARE, a labor marketplace that connects qualified caregivers and nurses with senior care facilities, to offer discounted and trendy healthcare uniforms to caregivers, better known as KARE Heroes, Thinkzilla Consulting Group announced today.

Launched during the pandemic by nurses and mother and daughter duo Katrice Thompson and KaShirah Thompson-Monroe, Glam Scrubwear features innovative, stylish and comfortable uniforms that merge with futuristic concepts in work wear. KARE connects qualified caregivers and nurses with senior care communities and nursing homes through its app that gives its team of heroes the flexibility to create a schedule that works for them as well as the ability to get paid the next day.

"Both of our organizations take great pride in giving back, so this is a perfect partnership that supports the amazing healthcare heroes across the globe," said Katrice Thompson, co-owner of Glam Scrubwear. "With a little style, a little swagger and a nice discount, we are honored to dress some of the finest people and healthcare professionals around."

To thank the KARE Heroes, Glam Scrubwear, which was recently featured by Yahoo, is offering a 10 percent discount on its Get Glam Bling embellished set in orange or black with a special promotional code.

"We are proud to partner with Glam Scrubwear to help our Heroes be empowered, confident, and look and feel their best while at work," said Katie Rhone, VP of HERO Development for KARE. "This partnership is even more special knowing, Katrice and KaShirah, the founders of Glam Scrubwear are also KARE Heroes."

Glam Scrubwear was created to allow healthcare professionals of all backgrounds and interests to wear groundbreaking trends that are equally fashionable, functional and cost-effective.

About Glam Scrubwear:

Created by mother and daughter nurses on the frontlines, Glam Scrubwear provides healthcare professionals with the latest in work-wear. With a vision to elevate self-esteem, inspire creativity and inspire innovation, Glam Scrubwear feels as good as it looks, giving new and aspiring professionals a competitive edge.

For more information, please visit

About KARE:

KARE is the first labor marketplace dedicated solely to the Senior Housing and Post-Acute industry. KARE connects qualified caregivers and nurses with Senior Care Communities and Nursing Homes. The KARE app gives caregivers the flexibility to create a schedule that works for them, and it gives communities the ability to quickly fill open shifts, delivering a revolutionary approach to solving staffing challenges. Learn more:

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Atlanta Native Singer Tony Hightower Kicks Off the New Jazz Concert Season at Friday Jazz at The High Museum in Atlanta Friday, June 17

ATLANTA, Ga. -- At a time when Jazz music could truly use a boost in listenership, singer Tony Hightower is on a mission to be the bridge to help a younger generation of appreciators crossover. With his sophomore album LEGACY entering the marketplace in June 2022, all-around singer/entertainer Hightower - a protégé of the late Freddy Cole - is leveraging his R&B and Hip-Hop roots to entice more young people to dig jazz.


"I want young people to know that Jazz is not old - Jazz is cool as a mug," Hightower enthuses! "So many of your childhood memories from the movies, television, and cartoons to some of the music you listen to on the radio - especially Hip Hop of the `90s were full of jazz or influenced by it - and you may not have even known it.

"Good melody and grooves are good melodies and grooves no matter what genre. Growing up in the Hip Hop and R&B generation myself, I was still listening to Jazz - real jazz. You are hearing more of it in my new record than ever before. I intend to merge the two worlds - retaining the integrity, of course, but allowing the appeal to expand. The audience can't all be older or of a certain demographic. I believe that if artists such as myself and Jazzmeia Horn can persuade listeners to dig us, they may reach back to appreciate the singers that influenced us. That will be beneficial to them and Jazz itself."


"I didn't have a choice about doing this music," Hightower confesses. "My mother, Theresa Hightower, lived her life onstage. She was a fiery and versatile vocal pro by age 16 and had me when she was 19. So, you could say I've been performing since the womb." Growing up under a local legend mother - a Funk-Rocker who could sing anything and mentored many singers coming behind her - Tony learned music first-hand from Bobby Blue Bland and the Platters to Mother's Finest.

Tony Hightower Docuseries



FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022

Friday Jazz @ The High Museum of Art

1280 Peachtree Street, NE

Atlanta, GA 30309

Showtimes: 6pm - 10pm ET

Members: Free

Non-members: $25

For more information on Tony Hightower, contact:

J'ai StLaurent-Smyth

Inque Public Relations & Marketing - 917.627.9161






VIDEO (YouTube):

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Down Payment Resource analysis finds that 33% of declined mortgage applications are declined for reasons addressable with homebuyer assistance

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Down Payment Resource (DPR), the nationwide database for U.S. homebuyer assistance programs, today announced findings from an analysis showing that a substantial share of mortgage loan applications are both declined for reasons that can be addressed with homebuyer assistance and eligible for homebuyer assistance programs.


Findings were derived by analyzing HMDA data for tens of thousands of declined purchase mortgage loan applications representing $3.7 billion in volume furnished by mortgage lenders. Loan applications declined for either insufficient cash-to-close or disqualifying debt-to-income (DTI) ratios were categorized as potentially recoverable with homebuyer assistance. Homebuyer assistance eligibility for this group of applications was determined by running loan application data - including location, home price, loan amount, income and homeownership history - through the DOWN PAYMENT RESOURCE® database.

Matching assistance programs were then applied to each loan to determine how applying homebuyer assistance to eligible declined loan files would have impacted loan-to-value (LTV) ratios.


Key findings are as follows:

* A large share of declined loan files were eligible for homebuyer assistance. 33% of all declined purchase mortgage loan applications were declined for either insufficient cash-to-close or disqualifying DTI ratios and also eligible for homebuyer assistance at the time of declination. The large share of loans potentially recoverable with homebuyer assistance highlights a significant, low-cost opportunity for lenders to increase purchase volume.

* Declined loan applications were typically eligible for multiple programs. On average, declined loan applications were eligible for 10 homebuyer assistance programs, indicating there are often multiple options available to homebuyers financing with homebuyer assistance.

* Many declined loans could have been recovered with homebuyer assistance. Applying homebuyer assistance to eligible declined loan applications would have reduced LTV by an average of 5.85%, making many of the loan applications recoverable. Lowering LTV can open the door to better and more affordable first mortgage scenarios, including conventional (rather than FHA) financing, reduced mortgage insurance costs and better interest rates.

"In light of National Homeownership Month and the state of the housing market, it is important for the mortgage industry to reflect on ways it can improve financing outcomes for homebuyers," said DPR CEO Rob Chrane. "Our analysis definitively shows that homebuyer assistance programs are the most promising pathway to homeownership for a sizable share of the homebuyer population. Yet, homebuyer assistance programs are seldom offered as an option. It is my hope that this information will help lenders better serve their communities by showing that qualified homebuyers who need down payment assistance are not a niche market, but a major market that continues to grow."

About Down Payment Resource:

Down Payment Resource (DPR) is a nationwide database of down payment assistance and affordable lending programs. The company tracks funding status, eligibility rules, benefits and more for approximately 2,200 programs in 11 categories. Its award-winning technology helps the housing industry connect more homebuyers to the down payment help they need. DPR has been recognized by Inman News as "Most Innovative New Technology" and the HousingWire Tech100(tm). DPR is licensed to Multiple Listing Services, Realtor Associations, lenders and housing counselors across the country. DPR's subscription-based service, Down Payment Connect, helps agents and loan officers match buyers to available programs. For more information, please visit and on Twitter at @DwnPmtResource.

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Students Complete HBCU Green Fund’s Fellowship – Primed for Growing Opportunities in Clean Energy

ATLANTA, Ga. -- After successfully completing a rigorous fellowship that exposes students to opportunities in clean energy and sustainability, Serena Echols was awarded an internship assisting a community in Florida that was exposed to contaminated groundwater. One of twelve students selected by the HBCU Green Fund to participate in their inaugural Atlanta University Center (AUC) Fellows Program, Echols will document the experiences of the residents and seek resources for long overdue environmental justice.

A partnership between the HBCU Green Fund and the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE), the AUC Fellows Program connects students at Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College with entrepreneurs and professionals that provided training, mentoring and internships in energy and STEM industries. A grant to RICE from the U.S. Department of Energy provides resources for the program.

"The inaugural AUC fellowship was a huge success," said Illai Kenney, national program director, HBCU Green Fund. "Whether you look at the increase in catastrophic climate events or the impacts of oil on the global economy, the critical need for a swift transition to clean energy is clear. This program will help expand the pipeline of skilled professionals required to achieve energy independence. We're proud that AUC Fellows are primed to train their peers, educate their communities, and capitalize on emerging green infrastructure opportunities."

The students were introduced to various energy careers and gained hands-on training in renewable energy technologies. They conducted energy audits of buildings in Atlanta, received instruction on electric vehicle charging stations, and learned to mount solar panels. The program emphasized information on starting an energy-related business and identifying business opportunities. The fellows also attended the annual BIPOC Climate Justice Dialogue, a discussion between climate justice scholars, organizers, academics, and government officials about opportunities in President Biden's Justice40 Initiative.

"It was very helpful to be able to question someone who works in sustainability daily and has created a profitable business in the area," adds Echols, an environmental science major headed into her senior year at Spelman College. "I am excited about the internship the HBCU Green Fund helped me secure at the University of South Florida where I will explore the cultural construction of risk in a peri-urban African American community whose groundwater was contaminated by chlorinated solvents from the former American Beryllium Corporation site."

The AUC Fellows were trained by successful Black entrepreneurs and executives who work in the energy sector; many of them are also HBCU graduates. Dr. Anthony Kinslow, CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions; Sheryl E. Ponds CEO of Dai Technologies; Gilbert Campbell, CEO of Volt Energy Utility LL; Kristal Hansley, CEO We Solar Energy; and the WDC Solar team provided instruction. AUC faculty mentors Dr. Armita Davarpanah and Dr. Fatemah Shafiei (Spelman College), Dr. Cynthia Hewitt (Morehouse College), Dr. Olu Olatidoye and Dr. Myron Williams (Clark Atlanta University), along with Spelman Facilities Director, Arthur E. Frazier.

The 2022 AUC fellows are:

Sophia Boyd (Spelman), Serena Echols (Spelman), Indrianna Bowleg (Spelman), Brionna Findley (Spelman), N'Dya Jeffries (Clark Atlanta), Conrad Mctavish (Morehouse), Jason Gill (Morehouse), Ihunanya Destiny Agomuoh, (Spelman), Noah Bacon-Angevine (Morehouse), and Andre Brown (Morehouse). Two additional fellows joined late in the semester: Jonathan Banks (Morehouse) and Kahlea Henry (Spelman).

About The HBCU Green Fund:

The HBCU Green Fund is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization working to advance campus-wide sustainability at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and promote student engagement in green initiatives. The organization produces the HBCU Green Report, a ranking of green initiatives on HBCU campuses.

For more information on the HBCU Green Fund and AUC Project check out video here:

Learn more: (*note: website maintenance 6/2/22; if unable to reach site, try back later).

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Mortgage lenders are now able to use FormFree AccountChek to satisfy Freddie Mac’s reverification of employment requirement

ATHENS, Ga. -- FormFree® today announced that its AccountChek® digital asset verification service supports a new enhancement to Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) asset and income modeler (AIM) solution that makes assessment of borrower employment easier, faster, less expensive and more fraud-resistant.

Under Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide requirements, with limited exceptions, mortgage lenders must verify each borrower's employment during the initial loan application, then again within 10 days of the loan's closing date. The verification, done prior to closing, is officially known as the 10-day Pre-Closing Verification or "10-day PCV."

To fulfill the Freddie Mac 10-day PCV requirement, lenders have historically had to furnish a verbal, email or written verification of employment (VOE) or pay a third-party service provider for an electronic VOE report. Now, with the latest enhancement to AIM, lenders can automatically satisfy the 10-day PCV requirement using account or payroll data using FormFree's AccountChek.

Automation of the 10-day PCV using account data is available to all Freddie Mac clients effective June 1. Freddie Mac describes the service as "an improved way to assess borrower employment" that offers superior speed, cost and fraud resistance compared to alternatives.

"Verifying a loan applicant's employment in the runup to the loan closing protects lenders, investors and borrowers alike. But the process can be time-consuming and expensive, and it's only gotten worse with so many Americans working remotely," said FormFree Chief Customer Officer Christy Moss. "The Work Number is expensive. Manual employment verification is time-consuming. Using direct-source asset data to fulfill the 10-day PCV is an economical and efficient solution, and it couldn't come at a better time for an industry that is losing sleep over razor-thin margins."

AccountChek streamlines the mortgage process by empowering borrowers to share their asset and payroll data electronically in an underwriter-friendly format lenders can use to assess asset, income, and employment in seconds. By leveraging a business-applicable refresh period, lenders that use AccountChek for a loan applicant's initial employment verification will be able to generate the VOE report within 10 days of closing.

For more information, visit

About FormFree:

As the industry's go-to provider for direct-source VOA and VOI/E data, FormFree® helps lenders understand credit risk like never before. Our patented AccountChek® and Passport® products open doors to more inclusive credit decisioning by revealing each customer's true ability to pay (ATP®). We have completed over $3 trillion in loan verifications that help lenders lower operating costs while improving the borrower experience. For more information, visit or follow FormFree on LinkedIn.

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ZKTECO USA integrates STiD Mobile ID for Advanced Contactless Access Control Offering

ATLANTA, Ga. -- STid announced today that ZKTecoUSA has integrated the STiD Mobile ID® application with ZKTecoUSA's ZKey mobile credential app for a more comprehensive, advanced contactless access control offering. The combined, enhanced mobile application offers four unique modes for contactless identification to ensure users have multiple options to meet their individual needs and preferences in addition to secure and dynamic QR code support.

STid's Mobile ID is currently compatible with ZKTecoUSA's Atlas and Pro series access control panels and will be integrated into many other hardware and software solutions from ZKTecoUSA moving forward.

STid's Mobile ID simplifies managing and issued cards by using virtual cards on smartphones that can be used with or without conventional cards. Virtual access cards can be stored on STid Mobile ID App, for Android or iOS, available free of charge in app stores, for near instant issuing of credentials.

The four unique modes include:

* Badge mode: smartphone or wearable is presented like a convention access card

* Slide mode: hand becomes the access card

* Tap Tap mode: double tap the smartphone in a pocket for access

* Hands-free mode: ID is automatically detected

Hosted on the cloud or on-premises, STid's Mobile ID offers managers ease of use with multi-user or multi-site options and quick, easy management of virtual cards.

"Integrating with STid has allowed us to provide solutions for our customers that were not able to be previously met," said Prata Khadilkar, marketing manager, ZKTecoUSA. "Advanced features like Pocket & Wave mode allow us to stay ahead of the trends in the access control world. We have even been able to integrate the credentials into our existing ZKey mobile credential app already supporting our secure & dynamic QR codes for truly contactless access."

The new mobile application is available for use with the ZKTecoUSA Atlas Access Control Panel, which features an easy-to-use interface with fingerprint reader to ensure building managers can control and grant access to only those users who are authorized and supports both Wiegand & OSDP protocols. Mobile ID is also available with the popular Pro series tripod turnstiles for indoor environments.

STid's Mobile ID will also be added into ZKTecoUSA's BioSecurity software and solutions for a direct connection to create and send credentials to the users, Cielo 365 cloud solution and Atlas 360 hybrid-cloud solution later this year. Multiple ZKTecoUSA hardware kits will include an STid Mobile ID option moving forward.

"We're happy to combine strengths and expertise with another industry leader to deliver the best solutions to end users," said Frederick Trujillo, U.S. Director of Operations, STid. "Our Mobile ID operates worldwide with any other open solutions and offers the widest range of usage options to ensure adoption. We look forward to expanding our relationship with ZkTecoUSA to deliver more innovation access control solutions."

Learn more:

About ZKTecoUSA:

ZKTecoUSA is a globally renowned enterprise focused on delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer and wiser place for all its inhabitants. ZKTecoUSA brings to market a wide range of solutions including Smart Identity Authentication Applications, Smart Entrance Control Applications (for both pedestrians and vehicles), and Smart Office Applications. Products range from simple RFID & QR code readers to advanced biometric door controllers, turnstiles, walkthrough metal detectors, and even x-ray inspection scanners. For more information, please visit

About STid Group:

STid's mission is to protect people, their property and data through secure access and identity. For more than 25 years, STid has created and marketed identification solutions for high security physical and logical access control, as well as Automatic Vehicle Identification. STid has the widest range of OSDP(tm)-Verified readers on the market today. The Company aims for businesses, residential, governments and industry to simplify and protect their digital identity management by developing non-proprietary intelligent identification solutions that use state-of-the-art RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® and Internet things of Things (IoT) technology.

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Helen Butler, GCPA Executive Director, Statement On Election Integrity In Georgia Primary

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Helen Butler, executive director of the Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda (GCPA), issued the following statement about election integrity during the Georgia Primary on May 24, 2022:

"We are still assessing the impact of the numerous problems Georgia voters reported across the state, and will provide a formal briefing in the near future. Today, based on reports from coordinators and coalition members across the state, we can say that several locations opened late, machines were broken, and we had reports of voters receiving error messages. A few precincts, including Savannah High, reported that machines were not operating for the first few hours and they didn't provide provisional ballots until after 9 a.m.

"We received several complaints about voters who got the incorrect voting precinct on MVP. Once voters found out they received erroneous precinct information, rather than have a system to accommodate those voters, some voters were sent to another wrong polling place. The mix-up appears to be related to an inadequate amount of time to provide voters with correct precinct information between the acceptance of redistricting maps and the date of the primaries. Elections officials anticipated this problem and requested to change the date of the primaries, however, the Georgia legislature decided not to reschedule.

"Details matter. To protect the integrity of the election we must give election officials and staff enough time to disseminate correct information. The only way for every eligible voter to cast a ballot that counts is for them to receive accurate information from their board of elections. Voters have jobs, families and other responsibilities and should not have to travel from precinct to precinct in search of a place to vote. Instead of focusing on ways to make voting harder, our legislature and elected officials should make voting easier and ensure that we have fail-safe backup systems for people who are provided inaccurate information by the board of elections.

"Another issue we encountered was people who changed their names on their drivers license but the name wasn't automatically updated in the system. One person that had this issue went home to get their passport but with the strict ID requirements, some voters don't have an alternate acceptable form of ID and others don't have time or transportation to go home for more ID. We must make sure that the automatic voter registration system is automatic.

"Clearly, as we progress to the General Election, Georgia officials need to spend less time thinking of ways to restrict voting and more time focused on protecting the integrity of our elections by providing reliable information to voters, maintaining working voting machines, opening all precincts on time, and improving systems to ensure that democracy works for all voters."


Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization performing year-round voter registration, education and mobilization in Black communities throughout Georgia. Led by board chair, Rev. J. A. Milner, and Butler, the organization has headquarters in Atlanta and offices in Athens, Albany, Macon, Augusta, LaGrange and Savannah.

For more information visit, email or call the People's Agenda at (404) 653-1199.

Edrea Davis

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OneKey MLS names Down Payment Resource partners as designated provider of down payment assistance tools

ATLANTA, Ga. -- OneKey® MLS, the largest multiple listing service (MLS) in New York, today announced that it has partnered with Down Payment Resource (DPR), the nationwide database for U.S. homebuyer assistance programs, to indicate MLS residential listings that may be eligible for down payment assistance and other homebuyer affordability programs.

OneKey MLS has 45,000 MLS subscribers and specializes in listing residential and commercial real estate in nine New York counties covering Long Island, the Hudson Valley and all five NYC boroughs. In addition to providing home directories to its subscribers, OneKey MLS enables consumers to search home listings on a public-facing search site.

"Many prospective buyers do not realize the wealth of down payment assistance programs available to them, even at the state and regional levels," said OneKey MLS CEO Jim Speer. "Thanks to our partnership with DPR, our subscribers can swiftly connect borrowers with the homebuyer education and assistance programs they need to achieve their financial dreams."

DPR's toolset is the latest of many time-saving resources that OneKey MLS offers consumers and subscribers. Through its new partnership with DPR, OneKey MLS will now flag listings eligible for homebuyer assistance programs on both its public- and subscriber-facing search pages. Down Payment Resource has already identified 54 programs available in OneKey MLS' area coverage for which 62% of its residential listing inventory is potentially eligible.

"Home prices across the United States have soared in the past year. New York state is no different, with low inventory driving the state's median home price up by 19.4% in 2021," said DPR CEO Rob Chrane. "Now, New Yorkers that are hoping to buy a home can count on OneKey MLS and its Realtor subscribers for homebuyer affordability guidance they may have never encountered otherwise."

About Down Payment Resource:

Down Payment Resource (DPR) is a nationwide database of down payment assistance and affordable lending programs. The company tracks funding status, eligibility rules, benefits and more for approximately 2,200 programs in 11 categories. Its award winning technology helps the housing industry connect more homebuyers to the down payment help they need. DPR has been recognized by Inman News as "Most Innovative New Technology" and the HousingWire Tech100(tm). DPR is licensed to Multiple Listing Services, Realtor Associations, lenders and housing counselors across the country. DPR's subscription based service, Down Payment Connect, helps agents and loan officers match buyers to available programs. For more information, please visit and on Twitter at @DwnPmtResource.

About OneKey® MLS:

OneKey MLS, made possible by the merger of MLSLI and Hudson Gateway MLS, is one of the nation's leading Multiple Listing Services, serving over 45,000 REALTOR® subscribers and 4,300 participating offices throughout Long Island, Manhattan, and the Hudson Valley. OneKey MLS is dedicated to providing more comprehensive coverage, up-to-date statistics, and the best real estate tools and resources.

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