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Cottonwood Farm and Grocery Provides Affordable and Nutrient Dense Foods to the Public and People in Need

FLORENCE, Ala. -- Tucked away in downtown Florence is Cottonwood Farm and Grocery, a one-stop-shop for local meats, produce, bulk grains, flowers, cheeses and even housewares. With their grand opening set to mid this year, this local market fills a need for downtown residents. It's a convenient alternative to larger chain stores in Huntsville and offers vegan, gluten-free products, EBT purchasing and DoorDash Delivery too.

So, for anyone who works in the downtown area or at the nearby university, they've got a great place to shop for items such as fresh carrots, broccoli, avocados, apples and more. It's just next door to the left of Trowbridge's.

Williamson says that right now they're focused on getting more people to see what they offer.

"We want their feedback so we can continue to meet their needs," he says. "How many times does a community get a chance to build its very own grocery store? We have the support system to make it happen. Have a special diet? Let us know. Want a specific product. We can likely get it. We want to make life easier for our customers and are here to serve."

The owners of Cottonwood Farm and Grocery are passionate about helping their community. For instance, items that were damaged during transport or products that don't sell out are given a second chance before their end date at the Help Center where homeless or others in need can benefit.

The storefront is located at 318 N. Court St. and is well stocked with organic and farm-fresh foods. By using UNFI, the supplier of companies like Whole Foods, Cottonwood has been able to keep their shelves filled with organic brand favorites like Annie's, Woodstock, Amy's, Lacroix, Beyond Meat, Evol, Vital Farms, Flowers Creamery, Piper & Leaf Tea, Rosecreek Farms Produce and more.

"We opened this storefront to give local farmers a place to sell their goods, and we've succeeded," Brian Williams, co-owner, Cottonwood Farm and Grocery says. "And, keeping the shelves stocked with other organic items is something the community vocalized, so we're trying to meet that need."

Produce, dairy, eggs and meats are homegrown in the Tennessee Valley - straight from the farm to the table. Cottonwood is also working with their vendor to offer grab-and-go items like snack boxes, drinks and salads.

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ProfitMax Chemical asks supermarkets, laundries, restaurants and hotels if the cleaning and sanitizing product companies they use are as clean as the products they are selling?

ABILENE, Texas -- ProfitMax Chemical is asking owners, managers and department heads to consider taking a little closer look into the cleaning products, the companies manufacturing those cleaning products, and the companies supplying those products to ensure all are objectively as clean as they claim to be.

From questionable company practices to the way a company treats its employees to how it reports the effectiveness and results of its products, there is a lot to consider if any or all of these elements are important to you and your business.

It may be good to pause and simply ask yourself if the cleaning products are actually doing what they claim and if the proof is definable beyond any marketing hype?

As technology advances and our understanding of the natural world progresses, some chemicals and detergents that were once valued for their efficiency turn out to be less effective than their original inventors and marketing programs claimed them to be. Over time, the laws of unintended consequences may prove a less than advertised result or may more commonly leave an unpleasant side effect.

Another pertinent question to ask and yet one that may surprise you is if your sanitation manufacturer and supply provider are actually clean?

When companies continue to use sanitation products that have proven fallible, it's you the customer that may suffer.

Many of these companies spend money and marketing resources to hide bad reviews, bad press, questionable business practices and internal issues at hand. Many can bury or push such information down in searches, but it does not always disappear if you dig deep enough.

It can be a good idea to search a particular company through an internet search engine by adding the name of the company, name of the product and then adding terms in that search such as:

* Violations
* Lawsuits
* Problems
* Scams
* Complaints
* Reviews
* Patents

From there, you may find out a little more of what is either being hidden or if the company and products you are using are as clean as you were hoping them to be.

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About ProfitMax Chemical:

ProfitMax Chemical is a training and sales company distributing environmentally sensitive cleaning products and the education on how to use them. ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource by educating businesses on the products, the processes and details that are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning.

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CUB Works with Capstone Logistics on Last Mile Grocery Delivery

PEACHTREE CORNERS, Ga. -- CUB and Capstone Logistics are collaborating to bring grocery and liquor deliveries to Minnesota residents. Capstone is currently deploying 300 independent contractors to 80 grocery stores and 27 wine and liquor stores.

CUB selected Capstone because of its cost-saving delivery model, powered by its proprietary MileZero platform. The technology optimizes route planning and synchronizes deliveries to multiple store customers, creating efficiencies and reducing costs. Delivery information is shared in real-time with the consumer and CUB through a white-labeled app.

"Today's consumer is busier than ever, and they shouldn't be treated differently if they can't find time to purchase their groceries physically in one of our stores. Our new online grocery pickup and delivery experience allows us to better deliver on our My CUB, My Way promise, giving customers who shop at CUB access to the same benefits and experience whether they prefer shopping in our stores or online through curbside pickup or home delivery," said Chad Bersie, director of e-commerce at CUB.

"Our grocery delivery solution provides the technology and logistics execution retailers need to offer omnichannel fulfillment," said Jon Rydel, EVP of Capstone's Last Mile division. "As online grocery sales continue to skyrocket, improving service needs to be a priority; and with Capstone Last Mile, retailers can offer their own branded solution that improves the total customer experience."

About Capstone Logistics

Capstone Logistics is the leader in providing specialized, technology-enabled solutions for the most challenging supply chains. Powered by an interconnected platform, Capstone creates end-to-end efficiencies and cost-savings that help suppliers, distributors, and retailers exceed customer expectations. From performance-driven labor solutions to high-touch transportation and fulfillment, Capstone delivers the scale, accountability, and continuity that enables modern supply chains to compete in an ever-evolving environment.

To learn more, visit

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Downtown Florence’s Cottonwood to offer same products as Whole Foods

FLORENCE, Ala. -- The Shoals' favorite farm-to-table grocery store, Cottonwood Farm & Grocery, now partners with United Natural Foods (UNFI) to offer all of your niche organic and natural favorites - right around the corner.

UNFI, the same distributor who stocks Whole Foods, has already delivered their first truck to the Shoals, allowing Cottonwood customers to enjoy their big-name favorites without driving more than an hour to purchase them.

"We're always thinking about what our community wants and needs," said co-owner Brian Williamson Jr. "We don't want people having to drive to Huntsville, Nashville, or Birmingham to get their groceries when we can easily provide those goods for them."

Cottonwood Farm & Grocery is the first and only business in the Shoals to offer wholesale UNFI products - such as Annie's Homegrown, Justin's Peanut Butter, Chobani and LaCroix, among others - as well as 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables of better quality than Publix or Amish produce.

"If there's something you don't see in the store but you usually pick up on your Whole Foods run, I guarantee we can get it," Williamson said. "Why would you need to go to Trader Joe's when you've got us right around the corner?"

Since their grand opening in April, Cottonwood Farm & Grocery has offered downtown Florence fresh flowers and produce as well as humanely raised meats and dairy products. Their focus on providing farm fresh goods has bolstered community education of local versus wholesale farming, and the organic, natural offerings provided by UNFI complement that goal.

Current UNFI-provided products include:

* LaCroix Sparkling Water
* Topo Chico Sparkling Water
* Annie's Homegrown Mac and Cheese, Snack Mix, and Cereal
* Justin's Peanut Butter Cups
* Kettle Brand Potato Chips
* Bragg Liquid Aminos and Apple Cider Vinegar
* Near East Pilaf and Couscous
* Kind Granola Bars
* Angie's Popcorn
* Chobani Greek Yogurt
* Tubs of trail mix
* Dozens and dozens more!

Current organic fruits and vegetable selection includes:

* Broccoli slaw
* Carrots (Regular and Baby)
* Cucumbers
* Herbs (including basil, rosemary, and thyme)
* Lettuce and salad mixes
* Mushrooms
* Onions
* Mini sweet peppers
* Baby potato mix
* Tomatoes (heirloom and cherry)
* Pink Lady apples
* Bananas
* Red seedless grapes
* Peaches (white and yellow)
* Hummus (Black Bean, Roasted Red Pepper, and Regular)

For questions regarding Cottonwood Farm & Grocery, contact Brian Williamson Jr. at or visit

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Nature Fluent begins offering free same-day delivery of its eco-friendly Cottontail bamboo toilet paper

MENIFEE, Calif. -- Cottontail bamboo toilet tissue is now available for free same-day delivery in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee and other select South Riverside County cities on all online orders placed at before 3 p.m. local time. The new service is being offered directly to consumers and businesses, and will expand to other areas in the coming months. The service is expected to be available to 50 percent of Riverside County by the end of 2021, including Riverside the most populous city in the Inland Empire.

"With a limited number of sustainable toilet paper options on the shelves of our grocery stores, we are eager to offer a low cost and extremely convenient way for the local community to become more sustainable while helping to support reforestation projects in the wake of major wildfires like those in Paradise, California," said Tricia Hall, a representative for the Cottontail brand. "Customers already love the idea of purchasing bamboo toilet paper and getting it delivered directly to their home - getting it same-day delivery is a game changer."

The convenience of same-day delivery means that shoppers no longer have to wait in traffic, visit a conventional checkout and wait in line to purchase toilet paper. With no minimum purchase amount required, in just a few clicks on their phones, tablets, or computers, the new service allows customers to receive their purchase the same-day when they shop In addition to free same-day delivery, through a partnership with One Tree Planted a tree is planted for every 24 rolls ordered.

Cottontail toilet paper is 3-Ply and made from an all-natural organic bamboo pulp and the unique composition of bamboo means that this toilet tissue has great tensile strength. When it comes to the softness of Cottontail, customers will find a happy medium between comfort and safe. Cottontail bamboo toilet paper is septic tank safe, biodegradable and without chemicals like chlorine or synthetic fragrances.

Customers can now purchase 24 rolls of Cottontail bamboo toilet paper for $29.99 with free shipping and same-day delivery, making Cottontail toilet paper very competitive compared to other popular bamboo toilet paper brands.

To purchase your 24 rolls today visit:

Follow the Cottontail brand at:

About Nature Fluent

Nature Fluent is a sustainable consumer products company that advocates leading an organic lifestyle that supports the well-being of all individuals and the thriving of communities. For every 24 rolls of Cottontail bamboo toilet paper purchased, we plant one tree in order to preserve our planet for generations to come. To learn more, visit

Joel Hall
Phone Number: 760-522-3337


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XLNT Foods’ Website Gets Facelift Just in Time for National Tamale Day

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- XLNT Foods, the oldest continuously operating Mexican food brand in the United States, is no stranger in the supermarket aisle. It's been producing small batch tamales and chili con carne with the same authentic recipe since 1894, but knows its marketing could benefit from more variety. That's why it has recently refreshed its website and plans to launch an online store too.

XLNT Foods is excited about this year's National Tamale Day on March 23, which coincides with the site's new look and feel. The website now features fresh photography highlighting its products, a store locator, updated product information pages, and a blog filled with favorite customer recipes, contests and announcements. There's also a new XLNT Foods' Gear Page showcasing a variety of apparel, housewares and other accessories.

"It isn't easy trying to keep a 127-year-old company going, but we know the need to evolve is part of that mission," says Vincent Passanisi, president of XLNT Foods. "In creating the new website, we've tried to meet ever changing wants and needs, while still preserving the spirit and flavor of what has come before."

The company prides itself on recipes that have stood the test of time and attributes that to its small batch cooking. The popular beef tamale includes a signature spice blend, and is an amazing value with 55 percent savory beef filling. The newest addition to the product line is a spicy chicken tamale with a tomato-based fill of chicken, potatoes and diced jalapeños. Both items are still wrapped by hand, in Southern California not far from where the company began.

As a small-family owned and operated business, XLNT Foods' leaders hope that this is the beginning of many new things ahead and reports that the new website is designed for all platforms - desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The website embraces the new, yet still maintains its old-school vibe and values.

"We believe that personal relationships are still the most important part of business," Passanisi shares. "Good food, drink and shared experiences are the stuff of life. We want to do more for our loyal customers, who have supported our products for so many years. This is just the beginning."


About XLNT Foods

XLNT Foods is the oldest continuously operating Mexican food brand in the United States, and one of the oldest companies in Southern California. For more than 125 years, its produced delicious, home-style Mexican foods which include small batch tamales and Chili Con Carne.

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Araku Boomi Instant Coffee Now Available in USA

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Boomi Coffee, the widely recognized beverage brand, introduces the Araku Boomi Instant Coffee to promise unique aroma and flavor to coffee lovers. If you just want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without the hassle of brewing it yourself or spending $5 at a coffee shop, your wait is over and you must try Araku Boomi Instant Coffee.

This coffee is produced without any artificial substances or additives. Its 100% Pure. This coffee is made out of 100% Arabica beans grown by Tribals in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh from India and it is just naturally grown; no chemicals, no pesticides on the crop and using only organic manure. Just good, clean coffee.

The Coffee beans are hand-picked by farmers in the Araku valley and roasted to perfection and extracted in state-of-the-art facility before it goes for packing in glass jars. Entire process is carefully configured to retain the sumptuous fruity flavor coupled with the caramel notes and bitter sweetness.

Araku coffee has been acknowledged across the world for its unique flavor.

You can enjoy Araku Boomi Coffee in black or with milk. If you are black coffee lover, you can enjoy by just mixing a teaspoon of Araku Boomi Instant Coffee in hot water. If you like coffee with milk/creamer, you can add it depending on your taste. You can also make cold coffee using Araku Boomi Coffee.

Whether hot or cold, you get relaxed, stress-free and ready to cut your Monday blues with Araku Boomi Instant Coffee.

Relish the flavors of Araku Boomi Instant Coffee!

Available in a 3.50 oz. glass jar, you can get it from online store or You can also check for it in the some of the local grocery stores.

About Boomi Coffee:

Araku Boomi Instant Coffee Brand is owned and promoted by Boomi Beverages INC. Boomi Beverages adopted unique sourcing process and directly responsible its entire logistics chain beginning from sourcing of Coffee Beans, processing at its state-of-the-art facility in India and its distribution in North America.

The objective is simple. To make unique, authentic and delicious coffee available to the most demanding coffee lovers, for them to enjoy their beverage at their convenience at affordable price without compromising on its quality.

All the products manufactured by Boomi are specially grown in the Arabica coffee plantations in the highly popular Araku Valley in India. The Araku Valley Arabica Coffee was accredited with a score of 88-90 out of 100 by The Specialty Coffee Association, esteemed non-profit organization that is composed of coffee professionals across the globe.

For More Information:

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SIMEK’S Launches Holiday Recipe Magazine – Holiday Recipes, Gift Guide, Giveaway and More!

SAINT PAUL PARK, Minn. -- SIMEK'S has been a holiday tradition for generations, so while this holiday season may feel different, it doesn't have to taste different. SIMEK'S has compiled their favorite holiday recipes using both their Premium Meatballs and All-Natural Lasagnas. From old classics, like barbecue meatballs, to new favorites like spaghettini's, this recipe magazine is sure to hold something for everyone.

SIMEK'S doesn't just taste good, it does good. In addition to being committed to helping consumers put quality meals on their tables, they are equally committed to helping those less fortunate in local communities to do the same. Believing in the idea of Great Food for the Greater Good(tm), the company champions its One Gives One(tm) hunger-relief program in partnership with Feeding America.

For every SIMEK'S product purchased, one meal is donated to the local Feeding America food bank, serving the community where the purchase was made. By the end of 2020, SIMEK'S anticipates donating a total of 4.5 million meals since the launch of One Gives One(tm).

"Everything we prepare in our kitchen is guaranteed to be something that people will be proud to serve in theirs. We are passionate about providing convenient and quality products that do not sacrifice flavor," says Lindsey Hickey, SIMEK'S president.

In addition to sharing their favorite holiday recipes, SIMEK'S has put together a gift guide of their favorite things this year and will be giving away all the items to one lucky winner!

To view the Holiday Recipe Magazine, Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway, visit

About SIMEK'S:

SIMEK'S is a family and women-owned company, committed to providing Great Food for the Greater Good(tm). Since 1972, SIMEK'S has specialized in quality frozen food products consumers can be proud to serve their families. Today, the company offers all-natural lasagnas and fully cooked meatballs free from artificial colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives. The company champions its One Gives One(tm) hunger-relief program in partnership with Feeding America(r).

For every SIMEK'S product sold, one meal is donated to the local Feeding America food bank, serving the community where the product was purchased. SIMEK'S anticipates donating 4.5 million meals by the end of 2020 - SIMEK'S doesn't just taste good, it does good. Learn more at:

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Datasembly Rebrands as it Evolves into Data Leader for CPGs and Retailers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Datasembly announced a major rebranding to reflect the software company's evolution, becoming the world's leading provider of data tools for hyper-local, real-time product transparency. The rebranding is a top to bottom redesign of the company's website, logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence, aimed at modernizing and conveying their product solution for CPGs, brands, and retailers.

Datasembly is changing the way retailers and CPGs get and share pricing information, eliminating the need to settle for averaged data or constant in-person store visits. Using real-time, store-level pricing and promotions data, Datasembly's customers get unprecedented transparency between retailers, partners, and suppliers.

CEO and Co-founder Ben Reich stated, "We're always pushing the limits of what's possible with technology, and we want to make sure that our brand has a modern feel that reflects the revitalized, forward-thinking approach we've taken into looking at the data CPGs and retailers really need to make strategic business decisions."

Datasembly's proprietary technology collects billions of grocery and retail product records from hundreds of thousands of locations every day. Data includes pricing, promotions, and assortment information for both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Datasembly's clients gain invaluable insight and competitive information for real-time product transparency. A growing client list which includes 2 of the top 5 retailers and 3 of the top 10 CPGs.

"Our vision is to provide total transparency for every product being sold everywhere. Our Series A fundraising has allowed us to methodically add the talent, capabilities, and assets that will allow us to do that - it's literally producing business-changing results for our clients," said Ben Reich.

Datasembly's rebrand and growth are both occurring during this unprecedented time. Retailers and CPGs are facing new challenges, competition is increasing, pricing and assortment is changing rapidly and better pricing intelligence is needed to improve strategic decision-making. Datasembly has proven itself to be the premiere source for unprecedented transparency in retail pricing today, and beyond.

About Datasembly

Datasembly empowers brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions about prices and promotions in real time. Datasembly collects hyper-local, real-time data from tens of thousands of retail, grocery and QSR locations across North America. Datasembly's intuitive web app leverages this data to solve real-world problems and deliver immediate visibility and insights that helps CPGs and retailers save time, money and improve efficiencies.

For more information, visit

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Hoppon Announces Launch to Help Local Businesses Attract New Customers and Boost Revenue

CHICAGO, Ill. -- 2020's stunning events have made e-commerce more important than ever for local businesses who want to succeed, and the innovative new grocery ecommerce platform, Hoppon, can help in a very exciting way.

In 2020, Chicago-based local businesses have faced challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic and other associated issues. These challenges have made taking new approaches to marketing, along with exploring opportunities to expand reach, vital for those who want to thrive.

The good news is that help is out there for those who know where to look. The new e-commerce grocery platform for Chicago, Hoppon, is here to assist.

Hoppon connects customers and hyperlocal businesses with its online e-commerce platform, with the aim of helping local businesses get new customers and boost revenue. This approach is geared to be a real "win-win" for all involved. To help local businesses in need, Hoppon is inviting shop vendors/owners in the Chicagoland area to list their shop on the platform through the end of December 2020, for free.

"We are committed to helping small businesses during these difficult times," commented Hoppon CEO, Shekar Dhandapani. "We are also entrepreneurs, and we understand better than anyone how much we have to help each other through this period. That's why we're here. More consumers are embracing mobile-based shopping, so running promotions and advertising on Hoppon can help local businesses get more customers in a relatively short period of time at a fraction of the cost they would otherwise need to spend for marketing."

Hoppon is a great choice for many local businesses. We especially focus on specialty shops with energy and spirit to serve local customers, including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, and other ethnic restaurants, grocery stores, and small businesses. Chicago is well known for local businesses of this type being the most authentic, high-quality choices in the entire United States.

The hyperlocal Chicago small business platform is quite easy to search, making it especially valuable for Chicago shoppers. The featured sales and discounts encourage customers to check in often to see what new offers might be available, along with verifying whether any interesting new businesses have jumped on board.

The early feedback for Hoppon has been positive across the board.

Christine S., from Chicago, recently said in her five-star review: "My husband and I love Greek groceries and restaurants. Hoppon has helped us keep track of what's happening and also connect with e-commerce options too. Highly recommend!"

For more information and to register a shop with Hoppon's platform through the end of December 2020 for free, visit:

About Hoppon

Hoppon connects customers and hyper-local businesses with an online eCommerce platform. Hoppon helps local businesses get new customers and boost revenue. Hoppon is committed to helping small businesses during these difficult times. We are also entrepreneurs and understand better than anyone that we have to help each other through this period. And we are here to help. In addition, with more & more consumers embracing mobile-based shopping, running your promotions and advertising on Hoppon can get you, customers, in a relatively short period of time, that too at a fraction of the cost.

Hoppon connects consumers with small or independent grocers, specialty food stores, craft food purveyors and other quality food merchants in the Chicago, Illinois area. Grocers can sign up with Hoppon and select easily add their available inventory through a CSV file or to send the information to us and we add it. Delis, bakeries, and even specialty food markets are using the platform to make shopping more accessible.

We especially support the local specialty shops, including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, and other ethnic restaurants, grocery stores, and small businesses. Hoppon has apps in Google Play and the Apple Store. For more information or to register your shop, visit https://us.Hoppon .com/

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