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5rand5’s New Crowdfunding Shopping Cart Helps People Help Each Other Anonymously

ATLANTA, Ga. -- 5rand5 LLC has launched its people-based shopping cart crowdfunding platform, ( Donors can send as little as a $5 tax deductible donation through the shopping cart, or send donations directly. Donors have an option to do a random donation to five different individuals or families in need, and they can choose who will receive their contribution. Both donor and receiver will still remain anonymous.

The majority of users that are seeking funds are the homeless, families with children and disabled veterans. The organization also helps a small amount of people in the arts industry and even those just seeking gas money. Donors are able to use the support by category feature to find and add the people to their shopping cart that they want to give their contributions. There is no minimum or maximum number of people or causes to support, and handles all the distribution of funds to the recipient without disclosing any of the donor's personal information.

There is a vetting process for each donation seeker on the platform, and those in the homeless category have to submit documentation from local shelters. The primary focus for the platform is to help homeless families with children, however other askers are allowed to seek support from the platform. College students, animal rights organizations and unemployed people are also accepted, but with limited space. Each recipent is required to send in proof of their current situation before being able to accept donations.

"We are just starting out with small community donations until people learn more about us," says founder Lisa L. Johnverrell. "Our goal is to one day raise larger amounts for homeless shelters and individuals across the United States, but for now we can help a few individuals and families at a time."

Donations made directly to to be distributed are tax-deductable, but direct donations are also allowed. The site encourages the donors to use the shopping cart for maximum secure transactions, but also wanted to keep the direct payment option for those that want to help others immediately.

"Donations can be received for 90 up to 180 days once listed," says Johnverrell. "Our platform is not for raising a large amount of funding at once, and that separates us from other charity based crowdfunding sites."

5rand5 is currently accepting applications for people needing assistance and is always accepting donations to help its funding seekers. To learn more visit

About 5rand5:, managed by 5rand5 LLC in an Atlanta, Georgia was originally launched as a crowdfunding, randomizer platform that allowed users to anonymously give donations to people using their payment processor tags.We have since created a human shopping-cart where people can chose whom they'd like to help, or donate an amount to us and we will choose based upon those individuals and organizations with the greatest need.

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Family Promise Serves Record Number of People Impacted By Homelessness in Morris County, NJ

MORRISTOWN, N.J. -- Family Promise of Morris County (FPMC), is closing out November Homelessness Awareness Month by receiving a Proclamation from Assemblyman Anthony Bucco acknowledging its work to end homelessness in the county.

At the request of Assemblyman Bucco, the proclamation is bestowed to commemorate Homeless Awareness month, raise awareness of the issue and to recognize FPMC for their positive contributions to the County of Morris and its residents. Assemblyman Bucco urged all citizens to recognize and raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in our community.

"The recognition of National Homeless Awareness month provides an opportunity for us to tell the story of each and every person we help, and the impact that has on our community," said Joann Bjornson, Executive Director, Family Promise of Morris County. "Regardless of age, race or religion, we work to ensure dignity and a path to self-sufficiency is provided to all those who seek it. I have to thank our volunteers and community members who give their time, talent and resources to support our shared mission of ending homelessness."

In 2015 Family Promise of Morris County mobilized a volunteer workforce of over 1,600 from 87 congregations to provide services to the county's most vulnerable citizens with funding from grants, foundations and primarily private donors. 93 percent of FPMC donations go directly to support families in programs.

Last year, The Family Promise of Morris County organization provided:

* 4,438 bed nights.
* A 94 percent Success rate of emergency shelter clients getting and keeping housing.
* Over 6,000 hours of Case management to this in shelter and community.
* Through Our Promise Drop In center (opened July 21, 2015), provided clinical case management in 1-on-1 private sessions, having served 18,000 face to face meetings and organized and managed over 6,000 pieces of mail for over 500 individuals.

About Family Promise of Morris County:

Family Promise of Morris County is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending the crisis of homelessness faced by Morris County residents by partnering with other public and private agencies, religious congregations and community volunteers to provide shelter, case management and mentoring services leading to self-sufficiency.

In 2015, FPMC had a 94 percent success rate of shelter clients getting and maintaining housing. 93 percent of every dollar FPMC receives directly supports children and their families. FPMC is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

To donate or support FPMC please visit

Dominique Tornabe
Director of Development and Community Relations
(973) 998-0820


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