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COYOTAS Tortillas is Naturally San Diego’s Pitch Slam People’s Choice!

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- On April 7, at the "Naturally San Diego" 2nd Annual Pitch Slam, "COYOTAS" Cassava Tortillas, took the People's Choice Award in this Shark Tank style event, showcasing Southern California's emerging and promising natural products companies and their owners in front of a board of experts and a live audience. The sole purpose of this event is for the local community to support and drive growth in their industry.

Janet Flores Pavlovich, Founder of "COYOTAS" took the stage with the opening question "Who here eats Tacos?" to which the whole crowd replied excitedly about their love for Tacos.

"COYOTAS" Cassava Flour Tortillas are Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegan and Paleo Tortillas made locally in San Diego, created for the purpose of dignifying the Tortilla and show how an authentic one should be already in the specialty food market.

Janet continued by saying: "We are the ONLY tortilla company in the market that offers a clean label 4 ingredients tortilla, authentic, with great flavor, great texture. The texture is so soft and pliable that your taco won't fall apart; since it's a deal breaker if it does."

Janet went back to her hometown of Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico to learn how to make tortillas from the source. Women called "Tortilleras" who have been making tortillas by hand for generations.

Inspired by living in California and its lifestyle, she decided to put a spin to the traditional tortilla recipe by making it gluten free and grain free by using cassava flour to, and by being made in a facility operated by her and cofounder/husband Alfredo Contreras, they can assure the quality of each tortilla being produced, and in her own words: "We have very high standards for Tortillas."

The company Started in January 2020 in Farmers Markets, hand pressing every single tortilla, and were able to gather all the feedback firsthand and saw the love for the product.

But a couple of months later all shut down because of COVID and they had to create a solution when they decided to rely on ecommerce to be able to reach the customers they had at the moment.

At the same time, several specialty food markets started reaching out due to their own customers requesting that COYOTAS be in their retail stores.

Currently most of the business covers around 60 specialty food retail stores in Southern California mostly San Diego and Los Angeles area, focusing on growing organically, by saturating the area before expanding to new territories, being able to meet the customers' needs and satisfaction before taking the next step, and keeping on the integrity and simplicity of our products, in the words of Janet: "We don't want to be the small fishing boat catching a big whale and eventually sink."

She added: "Want to build a company that we are truly proud of, connecting to our community, we want to use only clean ingredients in our products, and most of all have fun. What we do are Tortillas... but radically better and with Good Vibes."

The pitch concluded with a series of questions from the board regarding the views and direction, growth and scalability for the company, in which she replied that COYOTAS is at 60% capacity already making plans for the next step in volume and efficiency without affecting quality that our customers know them for.

Another member of the panel mentioned she was hesitant of the Tortillas since most of the Gluten/Grain Free Vegan in the category are dry and fall apart, she was tremendously surprised at how delicious and fantastic they were, leading to the question, How is COYOTAS communicating to consumers that they will not be sacrificing their love for tortillas by consuming these? To what Janet replied: "We have been very lucky that our own loyal customers have been our voice to new customers, especially since in proximity they too look for similar products. Also, we currently offer 1 Free Pack of Tortillas on our website for them to be able to try before committing to a full purchase, since we trust our product and brand so much and by doing constantly demos at the retail stores where you can find COYOTAS."


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El Pollo Grill is THE San Diego Mexican Food Spot for 2022 Foodies

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- The team at El Pollo Grill knows that a new year brings with it new opportunities for patrons to have wonderful culinary adventures at their 3 dining establishments (Lemon Grove, Otay Ranch, and Bonita Rd. in Chula Vista). Although the focus is on the future, El Pollo Grill has a rich history that continues to shape the business.

Family owned-and-operated, El Pollo Grill first opened its doors in 1987 when founders Rafael and Constanza Lopez assumed control of a small existing restaurant in Lemon Grove called Pollo Charro. In addition to serving their signature marinated and flame broiled chicken (prepared "The Lopez Family Way"), the couple reshaped the menu to incorporate recipes that had been in their families for generations. El Pollo Grill quickly found great success as both a restaurant and food catering company, eventually opening up two more locations.

El Pollo Grill provides a variety of dishes lovingly prepared in the kitchen and served for dine-in customers as well as takeout and delivery orders. In addition to classics such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, they also have flame broiled chicken meals for individuals and families along with wildly popular weekly specials. El Pollo Grill is also the home of the 619 Cali Quake Burrito Challenge and the #TatisTacos giveaway during the MLB season.

Food catering is another vital part of what El Pollo Grill offers, with individuals and businesses across the San Diego region relying on them to prepare dishes for events and other gatherings. Thinking "outside the tortilla" and wanting to meet the needs of as many patrons as possible, El Pollo Grill's catering menu goes beyond Mexican cuisine to include BBQ, Italian, fresh fish of the day, and even breakfast options.

As their website indicates, El Pollo Grill cares deeply about giving back as much as possible to the incredible communities it serves. They recognize how much San Diego has given to their family over the years, and in turn are proud to frequently participate in fundraising efforts with local youth sports organizations, schools, non-profit organizations, and more. Those with fundraising ideas looking for support can contact El Pollo Grill by phone or online. The company also gives out complimentary meals to those in need via nominations through social media.

This year El Pollo Grill is excited to continue serving its cherished family recipes to long-time customers and new patrons alike. While it has been close to 35 years since Rafael and Constanza Lopez began their restaurant & catering adventure, the team remains fully committed to crafting top-quality dishes made from the freshest and most flavorful ingredients available. For those in Lemon Grove, Chula Vista, and across San Diego, there is truly no better spot for Mexican food year round.

El Pollo Grill currently has 3 locations in the greater San Diego area. El Pollo Grill - Bonita is located at 3041 Bonita Rd Ste 105 in Chula Vista, and can be reached by calling (619) 653-1902. El Pollo Grill - Lemon Grove is located at 7836 Broadway in Lemon Grove, and can be reached by calling (619) 697-7153. El Pollo Grill - Otay Ranch is located at 2015 Birch Rd Ste 2003 in Chula Vista, and can be reached by calling (619) 934-1300.

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XLNT Foods’ Website Gets Facelift Just in Time for National Tamale Day

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- XLNT Foods, the oldest continuously operating Mexican food brand in the United States, is no stranger in the supermarket aisle. It's been producing small batch tamales and chili con carne with the same authentic recipe since 1894, but knows its marketing could benefit from more variety. That's why it has recently refreshed its website and plans to launch an online store too.

XLNT Foods is excited about this year's National Tamale Day on March 23, which coincides with the site's new look and feel. The website now features fresh photography highlighting its products, a store locator, updated product information pages, and a blog filled with favorite customer recipes, contests and announcements. There's also a new XLNT Foods' Gear Page showcasing a variety of apparel, housewares and other accessories.

"It isn't easy trying to keep a 127-year-old company going, but we know the need to evolve is part of that mission," says Vincent Passanisi, president of XLNT Foods. "In creating the new website, we've tried to meet ever changing wants and needs, while still preserving the spirit and flavor of what has come before."

The company prides itself on recipes that have stood the test of time and attributes that to its small batch cooking. The popular beef tamale includes a signature spice blend, and is an amazing value with 55 percent savory beef filling. The newest addition to the product line is a spicy chicken tamale with a tomato-based fill of chicken, potatoes and diced jalapeños. Both items are still wrapped by hand, in Southern California not far from where the company began.

As a small-family owned and operated business, XLNT Foods' leaders hope that this is the beginning of many new things ahead and reports that the new website is designed for all platforms - desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The website embraces the new, yet still maintains its old-school vibe and values.

"We believe that personal relationships are still the most important part of business," Passanisi shares. "Good food, drink and shared experiences are the stuff of life. We want to do more for our loyal customers, who have supported our products for so many years. This is just the beginning."


About XLNT Foods

XLNT Foods is the oldest continuously operating Mexican food brand in the United States, and one of the oldest companies in Southern California. For more than 125 years, its produced delicious, home-style Mexican foods which include small batch tamales and Chili Con Carne.

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*Photo Caption: XLNT Foods - Tamales, Chili and Chili Con Carne.

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