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Bravo Protection Products Celebrates Over 20 Years of Providing Excellent Clear Bra Paint Protection Film in the Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Bravo Protection Products is celebrating an incredible milestone in 2022. An industry leader in the Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film installation business, Bravo is celebrating over 20 years of proudly serving Minneapolis, the western suburbs, and St. Paul.

According to Tommy Prezioso, the owner of Bravo Protection Products, "Our constant focus on innovation and use of the latest available technologies has helped us stay ahead of the curve in Paint Protection Film installation and window tinting. At the same time, we have always focused on providing excellent service to all our clients, building long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty for long-term success."

He further explains, "We are one of the few XPEL-certified film installers in the Twin Cities and one of the country's largest installers of XPEL. We believe in providing the finest products to all our customers. As a top-level Clear Bra installation company in Minneapolis, we apply high-quality XPEL Paint Protection Films to protect your car against damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt, insects, small debris, and other dangers."

From the Basic Protection Package, which offers partial protection for your hood, fenders, and mirrors, to the Full Car Protection Plan, which covers every square inch of your paintwork, Bravo offers flexible PPF solutions to fit your preference.

Getting complete PPF or Clear Bra coverage for your vehicle can help your car look its best for years. At the same time, it also endows your vehicle with the ability to combat the elements and protect your paint finish from chipping from small rocks or small debris on the road.

Another critical element that sets Bravo apart is its incredible team with over 50 years of experience in the automotive and window tinting industry.

Prezioso explains, "When we talk about Paint Protection Film installation, there's no substitute for experience. My team has perfected our processes using the knowledge and practice gained over decades of PPF installation and window tinting jobs. The level of expertise and the attention to detail that comes with it is hard to find anywhere else."

Apart from its excellent human resources, the company also channels advanced technological tools, including the XPEL DAP or Design Access Program. The program offers a database of over 80,000 patterns from XPEL to apply Clear Bra Paint Protection Film accurately for every car, every time.

Another distinct advantage that distinguishes Bravo Protection Products from the rest is the company's world-class dealer network with certified installers in over 55 countries.

Additionally, the importance of ensuring a positive customer experience is high up on Tom Prezioso's list. He states, "One of the key factors that have been instrumental to our success is our referrals. These arise from a high level of customer satisfaction. At Bravo, we display a strong commitment to the client because we are attentive to our clients' every need. We dedicate ourselves to every job, taking pride in doing business the old-fashioned way."

While Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film installation is the company's primary focus, the company offers an incredibly diverse bouquet of services.

Prezioso adds, "We get extensive work in the automotive sector due to our stellar reputation. Aside from our extensive Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film installation services that help protect your car's exterior paint and maintain its factory sparkle, we are also the top choice for window tinting. Our experts are frequently called to commercial buildings and private residences for specialized window tinting and security window film jobs."

With Bravo Protection Products, you can get XPEL Window Film installed on the windows at your home and office, thereby cutting out nearly 99.9% of the sun's UV rays and reducing heat absorption by up to 80%, saving you a fortune in energy costs. Lower UV exposure further helps reduce the fading of your interiors, including hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, artwork, etc.

Bravo Protection is extremely proud of reaching the milestone of 25 years in business. And we will continue to focus on providing the best products and the best service for the greater Twin Cities area for the next 25 years as well!

About Bravo Protection Products

Established in 1997, Bravo Protection Products has built a name for itself in the Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film installation industry.

Each of the company's products is meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions while adding additional gloss and depth to your vehicle's appearance that far exceeds your expectations.

The company's confidence in the longevity of its products is reflected in its warranty. Bravo offers its clients a 10-year warranty on all its installations, guaranteeing that it will be free from defects like bubbling, fading, cracking, etc.

Here are the key reasons why Clear Bra or PPF is the best protection that you can get for your vehicle:

* Best-in-class Products: After trying and testing most of the products in the market, the experts at Bravo are well conversant with what works and what doesn't.

Bravo uses XPEL Paint Protection Film to protect your vehicle's finish from road debris, scratches, weather hazards, and regular wear and tear.

* Exceptional Clarity: XPEL PPF is specially-designed to elevate your automobile's look. It acts as an invisible shield protecting your vehicle from harm while providing a clear finish.

* Comes with Self-Healing Properties: Another reason to go for XPEL PPF is that its innovative film comes equipped with a self-healing material capable of repairing all scratches on its own without requiring any assistance from the vehicle owner.

* High Durability: Bravo has been taking care of Minneapolis' Paint Protection Film needs for over two decades. Our team has installed Clear Bra on thousands of automobiles, allowing owners to keep their vehicles in pristine condition with minimal effort.

Our XPEL Paint Protection Film packages are backed by lifetime manufacturers and offer long-lasting world-class surface protection for your vehicle's paint. In fact, our XPEL Paint Protection Films can last you for an entire lifetime with proper maintenance.

As Tom Prezioso states, "We're incredibly proud of how far we have come as a company and aim to continue providing our clients with the finest products and services in the years to come."

For more information on Bravo's Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting Services, visit their website:

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SeQuel’s Jody Johnson Selected as 2021 Women in Business Honoree by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- SeQuel Response is pleased to announce that Jody Johnson, CFO/COO, was selected for the 2021 Women in Business award by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. After receiving hundreds of nominations, the Business Journal recognizes just 50 women who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievements, leadership qualities and community contributions throughout the Twin Cities.

"I'm humbled to be chosen as a Women in Business honoree," said Johnson. "I feel quite lucky to be a part of SeQuel where I get to be intimately involved in building out the larger team, solving complex problems and identifying opportunities, all while working with people whom I genuinely like and whose abilities I have the utmost confidence in."

Throughout her career Jody has thrived in rapid growth environments. As a fast-paced and evolving agency, SeQuel was looking for a financial leader to establish business process solutions focused on scalability and rapid revenue growth. In August 2018, Jody Johnson joined SeQuel as Vice President of Finance and in only 14 months was promoted to the inaugural position of Chief Financial Officer. In late 2020, she added Chief Operating Officer to her resume. In addition to her career accomplishments, Jody actively supports her professional community and a variety of philanthropic programs.

"In Jody's short tenure with SeQuel Response, her unique leadership style generated a compelling sense of discipline and responsibility company-wide, to calmly inspire the transition of our financial culture into one of purpose and accountability," explained SeQuel Co-founder and CEO Jay Carroll. "Her persistence and thoroughness also successfully guided us through the COVID-19 pandemic to position the agency for stability during a challenging time for so many. We are proud of Jody's recognition and more than thankful for her significant contribution to SeQuel."

The 2021 honorees were featured in the Business Journal's special Women in Business publication on October 15, and celebrated during a luncheon event on October 18 in Minneapolis.

About SeQuel Response

SeQuel Response has quickly become the go-to direct response advertising agency for growth-oriented consumer brands looking to launch and rapidly scale their direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. In five consecutive years, Inc. Magazine has named SeQuel to its Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

Learn more at:

For any business and/or media inquiries, please contact Jacqueline Johnson-Leister at 952-208-1314, or email her at


*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Abyan Nur Announces Heated Menstrual Cup Kickstarter Project for Safe and Eco-Friendly Relief from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Women's health enthusiast Abyan Nur and her team are introducing the Heated Menstrual Cup to help women find relief from menstrual pain and reduce or eliminate dependence on over-the-counter medication.

"Many women suffer severe discomfort and pain before and after menstruation due to cramping. For relief, most of them go for over-the-counter drugs, which offer a temporary solution," said Nur.

Abyan Nur announces a Kickstarter campaign for Heated Menstrual Cup to help women find a safe and simple way to get relief from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The product contains two components, including a cup for collecting menstrual fluid and a removable thermogenic heating ring, which attaches to the open upper end of the cup. Heated Menstrual Cup is made from 100% hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, making them safe, comfortable, convenient, and flexible.

Pain during menstruation is common for many women and can affect physical and mental health. Abyan Nur created the Heated Menstrual Cup because of her passion and commitment to improving women's health and helping them find relief and reduce or eliminate dependence on pain relief and other drugs. While taking the pain pills, women have suffered severe and mild side effects that have left them with symptoms that affect their happiness and reduce productivity.

Heated Menstrual Cup offers so many benefits to help women maintain a healthy and pain-free menstrual cycle. It doesn't introduce any chemicals into the body, making it safe for most people no matter their age, size of the cervix, and flow rate. They are affordable and pocket-friendly, compared to other options like tampons.

Heated Menstrual cups permit multiple uses, making them a huge money saver. The product is eco-friendly and easy to maintain and clean to ensure high-level hygiene. They're also travel-friendly and will be a perfect companion for girls who like to go on vacation. So, go trekking, road trips, sightseeing, adventures, and camping without worry.

Supporters of the Heated Menstrual Cup Kickstarter campaign will have the privilege of becoming part of the product development process. They'll also get the product at a discounted price, among other perks.

For more information, please visit

YouTube channel:

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MedCraft Investment Partners selects Pereview as its new asset management platform

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- MedCraft Investment Partners has partnered with Pereview Software to support its growing medical office buildings (MOB) and ambulatory care portfolio and data strategy.

MedCraft Investment Partners (MIP) is a dedicated investment platform established by MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate. MIP has been designed to apply MedCraft's unparalleled facility development track record, a steadfast focus on long-term client partnerships, and nimble and flexible deal structuring for the successful acquisition of healthcare assets.

Pereview is the only all-in-one asset management platform that manages all of a client's data across the entire asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposition. By aggregating all of your data into a single source of truth, Pereview reduces time spent on tedious report creation by up to 90 percent, providing actionable insights while delivering unparalleled analytic capabilities with consistent data governance for the overall increased value of your investments.

"We are excited about the partnership with Pereview and the team they have assembled for our portfolio," said Jon Lewin, CEO of MedCraft Investment Partners. "They took the time to understand our investor relationships and our long-term strategy with our healthcare portfolio assets. Our asset management team is grinning ear-to-ear knowing we have the power of the Pereview team behind us."

MedCraft regularly receives reporting from operating partners in the form of Excel, Word, and PDF documents - which requires a lot of employee bandwidth to aggregate and analyze. Going forward, MedCraft will leverage Pereview's expert Data Management Services to receive, review, process, and upload that data to a single platform.

"Pereview's platform will free up employee bandwidth, allowing us to focus on creating value for our tenants," Lewin said. "As we expand our portfolio, the consolidation of data will dramatically reduce the time required to find information, resulting in resource savings that we can use to focus on the expansion of our portfolio and client service offerings."

Corinne DiSalvo, Regional Vice President of Sales for Pereview, said that she is honored that Jon and his team have chosen Pereview as their software and data partner.

"MedCraft Investment Partners is led by some of the industry's best real estate visionaries," DiSalvo said. "Deploying Pereview's out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, and Excel Modeling Framework will give the MedCraft team rapid insight into their historical, point-in-time, and forward-looking analysis.

"Our Data Management Services team will absorb the collection of all operations and financial property level data freeing up the MedCraft team to do what they do the best - increasing the value of the underlying assets for the upmost return to investors."

Learn more at:

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ABEP – Moving The CU Forward

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The Association for Black Economic Power (ABEP) is reaffirming its commitment to bringing a black owned and operated Credit Union to North Minneapolis.

Valerie Geaither, Chair of the ABEP Board of Directors, and a former 20-year resident of North Minneapolis explained that, "After undergoing internal management changes and COVID-19, ABEP like many other organizations paused operations, reorganized and is now moving forward."

ABEP's new Board of Directors were installed following the civil unrest following George Floyd's alleged murder. After initiating a strategic planning process, they hired Debra Hurston as their new Executive Director.

Ms. Hurston's association management background includes national, state, and local organizations. "This is a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of residents in North Minneapolis. I could not be more honored to participate in this important initiative," Hurston explained.

Geaither stated that, "The board is confident that working as a team with leaders of the community, funders and government officials, we will continue to move forward on the original goal of establishing the Credit Union."

In addition to meeting with key organizations, ABEP will host community Town Hall meetings this spring to update supporters on the status of the Credit Union.


Create prevention and intervention models to address wealth extraction through systems change and the development of products and services that provide generational wealth building opportunities and access to capital while providing an alternative to traditional predatory, culturally incompetent and inequitable practices.

Learn more:

Contact: Debra Hurston; Phone: 651-278-1976

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Bravo Protection Products Uses Latest Technology and Best-in-Class Products for Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting Services

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Bravo Protection Products is excited to announce that it has now completed more than 11,000 clear bra paint protection film and window tinting jobs. Tommy Prezioso, the owner of Bravo Protection Products, says, "Services such as clear bra paint protection film and window tinting can quickly change the appeal and function of a car, boat, home or business."

"And we only use products made by XPEL," Prezioso says. "XPEL is absolutely the best for automotive window tinting, flat glass window tinting, boat and RV window tinting and security window film."

The Minneapolis-based business, an industry leader, is also dedicated to using the latest product technologies, cutting-edge installation techniques, and following the latest product trends. It also has a staff with a combined experience of more than 50 years.

With Bravo Protection Products, customers can have XPEL Window Film installed on their windows at home or in an office and stop about 80 percent of the sun's heat from entering through the glass. Window Films from XPEL also eliminate up to 99.9 percent of the sun's damaging UV rays and reduce fading on hardwood floors, carpets, furniture and artwork.

Another popular product, Clear Bra Film, also known as the Paint Protection Film, provides a breakthrough technology that adds an invisible shield to a vehicle's paint.

Paint Protection Film, properly applied to a car, truck, SUV, or RV provides invisible protection against damage caused by rocks, insects, salt and other road debris.

XPEL's Safety and Security Window Films, also available at Bravo Protection Products, is an affordable and easy way to add protection to a home or office building. They can help to reduce the effects of intrusions such as break-ins, accidents, vandalism, and riots, along with nature's most dangerous threats.

"Our attention to detail ensures every installation is done to perfection," Prezioso shares. "We're very proud of that. We treat every customer like they're the most important customer we'll ever have, and that will never change."

As a result, Bravo is celebrating more than 24 years of providing unsurpassed quality service and customer satisfaction. Our updated installation facilities, quality control tools and techniques and positive and fun work atmosphere create the environment to complete every job to our very high standards.

For more information:

About Bravo Protection Products

Since 1997, Bravo Protection Products has provided high-quality window tinting in the Twin Cities region. Its team of expert enthusiasts has 50 years of combined experience in car window tinting, commercial window tinting, residential window tinting, safety and security window tinting and boat window tinting.

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New Study Reveals Fibercare Cleaning Services Save Hotels Money, Energy and Contributes to Healthier Environment

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- In September 2020, Robert Mapleton, owner and engineer, RPM Energy Consulting, LLC performed an independent study at an Extended Stay America hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to determine the effect of cleaning the coils of the hotel's guestroom packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) units on cooling energy usage. The test was used to determine whether Fibercare PTAC cleaning service results in lower energy costs. The test was performed on four guest rooms and revealed that the hotel could actually save up to 67 percent on energy costs with cleaner air conditioning units.

Prior to the test, annual energy costs for the four rooms weighed in at $1,750. After cleaning, the cost went down to just $591, a savings of more than $1,185 for just four rooms. Why? Under-maintained PTAC units consume approximately twice as much energy to provide a comfortable environment.

"When PTAC cleaning is done the right way, the benefits it delivers really are multifaceted," Mapleton says. "Units last longer, deliver cleaner and fresher air and save large amounts of money and energy."

In addition to saving money and energy, PTAC cleaning also contributes to a healthier environment which, in times of COVID-19, and thereafter, will certainly be a benefit that consumers will seek and demand.

"In 2020, we've all experienced what it's like to wear a mask and what it feels like when we take it off - a breath of fresh air," Ashton Grudnowski, president, Fibercare says. "PTAC cleaning is a similar concept. Once the dirt and dust are removed, the unit can breathe easy again and run at optimal performance."

Grudnowski adds that now is the ideal time for hotel and retirement communities to plan a deep cleaning.

"When the time comes for people to move around more freely, they'll be ready for action," she says. "We're focused on providing quality services that are good for the environment and also hit home for the bottom line."

Read the complete study performed by RPM Energy Consulting here (PDF):

About Fibercare

Founded in 1985, Fibercare is a privately-held business that hires and trains all of its employees. It provides deep-cleaning services to the hotel and retirement home industry and works with management groups and owners to develop and maintain clean, sanitary environments while saving money. It currently services thousands of properties, nationwide. Cleaning services include: PTAC, commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and drapery cleaning.

For more information:

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The country’s most successful non-partisan congressional candidate Michael Moore announces 2022 campaign

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- In 2020 Michael Moore challenged incumbent Democrat Ilhan Omar for Minnesota's fifth congressional district. Moore was the only U.S. congressional candidate in the country facing both a Republican and Democratic candidate who received more than 9% of the general election vote. Today Moore's campaign announced they will again challenge Omar.

According to the Associated Press, Moore Received 37,979 votes in 2020 (*Note 1). Moore ran with a message of helping provide professional guidance and experience for a district stricken with a serious leadership void.

Moore's stunning debut into politics is impressive, taking into account he was competing in a field of candidates who raised and spent over 20 million dollars.

As a prominent business owner-born and raised in the 5th district, the 51-year-old Moore presents a uniquely non-partisan approach to problem-solving. With a platform of honest, fair, and responsive representation for all residents in the 5th district, including inclusive positions on social justice, income, housing, and economic equality.

A historical view of the 5th district shows transformative and enlightened representation by champions of inclusive and responsible politics. Moore seeks to foster community strength through partnerships and strategic reforms while working on dialing back the counter-productive and harmful hyper-partisan extremism.

Moore says, "We must stop allowing ourselves to be willingly complicit in this fake struggle of 'us vs. them,' 'good guys vs. bad guys.' This deliberately perpetrated illusion of a 2-party political system has been forced upon us by a political tag-team which no longer holds our interests as their highest priority."

The Michael Moore for Congress campaign has a virtual and in-person campaign kickoff planned on February 5, at their South Minneapolis HQ at 4600 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407.

For more details, please visit


* YouTube:

* Instagram:

* Facebook:

Michael "Mickey" Moore
Michael Moore for Congress



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Pet Poison Control Center has 100% Increase in Calls Related to Household Cleaning Concerns

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Many pet lovers are taking COVID-19 cleaning recommendations to the extreme. The veterinary toxicology specialists at Pet Poison Helpline have seen a 100% increase in the number of calls from concerned pet owners about the potential misuse of common cleaning items including hand sanitizer, bleach and wipes on or near their pets.

Our toxicology experts have put together a brief video highlighting the dangers of using these products, and how to safely protect your pets and family during this pandemic.

"People are very concerned about their families during this COVID-19 crisis," said Dr. Ahna Brutlag, DVM and senior veterinary toxicologist, "and that includes their pets. When we started receiving calls from panicked pet parents regarding possible poisonings related to COVID-19 cleaning fears, we felt we needed to educate the pet loving community on the safest way to do it."

Pet Poison Helpline's goal is to not only educate pet lovers about this important threat, but to encourage them to share the video with their friends and loved ones. Below is a link to the video, which is posted on our YouTube channel and at

VIDEO (YouTube):

About Pet Poison Helpline

Pet Poison Helpline, the nation's leading animal poison control center, is available 24 hours, seven days a week for pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance treating a potentially poisoned pet. The staff provides treatment advice for poisoning cases of all species, including dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, large animals and exotic species. As the most cost-effective animal poison control center, Pet Poison's fee of $59 per incident includes follow-up consultation for the duration of the case. Pet Poison Helpline is available in North America by calling 800-213-6680.

Additional information can be found online at

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CityView Commercial and Jacobs Real Estate purchase Gaviidae Commons in Minneapolis, MN

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- CityView Commercial and Jacobs Real Estate, led by Jack Friedler and Sholom Jacobs, have successfully closed on 651 Nicollet Mall which is part of Gaviidae Commons a 443,000 SF mixed use office and retail complex in Downtown Minneapolis. Gaviidae Commons is located on Nicollet Ave and 7th street and anchored by a new YMCA and Walgreens.

"Gaviidae Commons represents the best location in downtown Minneapolis," said Jack Friedler. "In addition to a robust downtown office market, as living habits change, Millennials are migrating from suburban America to urban America. Downtown Minneapolis is flourishing."

Friedler added, "In today's shrinking retail environment retailers need to be in the best locations to succeed. The development of the old Dayton's building and revitalization of Nicollet Mall is just the beginning of a continually growing downtown."

The building is connected to the Wells Fargo Center and to the IDS and RBC buildings via the skyway system. This system provides convenient year-round access to the retail and convenience services offered in the newly acquired property.

For more information visit:

*LOGO link for media:

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