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How to Factory Reset Apple iPhone Without Passcode in 2023

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- How do I factory reset my iPhone without passcode? Many iPhone users ask this common question when they have to factory reset their phone and don't remember its password. Luckily there is a way out of this predicament with an iPhone password unlocker solution, called Tenorshare 4uKey. Curious to know when and how Tenorshare 4uKey can iPhone factory reset without passcode? Let's find out.

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When Would You Want to Factory Reset an iPhone?

iPhone users often find themselves in dithers, wondering how to factory reset on iPhone without passcode. There are several reasons behind wanting a factory reset, such as:

* You may want to erase data from your iPhone before selling it.

* You forgot its lock screen password.

* You entered the wrong passcode several times, and now your iPhone is locked.

* You got a used iPhone with a passcode.

"No matter what reasons behind needing a factory reset on iPhone without passcode, it is tiresome to factory reset iPhone without passcode or computer," says the Tenorshare spokesperson. "No worries, Tenorshare has launched 4uKey to reset iPhone to factory settings without passcode or iTunes backup."

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without a Passcode Using 4uKey?

Due to advanced technology and near 100% success rate in bypassing iPhone passwords without iTunes, Tenorshare 4uKey will match your demands for it can reset iPhone to factory settings without passcode.

Below has shown how you can use 4uKey to do a factory reset when you forgot your passcode and wish to do a factory reset:

* Connect your locked iPhone to your computer and launch 4uKey.

* Press "Start" and then "Next."

* Download the latest firmware when prompted and click "Start Remove."

* 4uKey will factory reset your phone successfully.

What Would You Gain Apart From Resetting an iPhone Without a Passcode?

In addition to doing an iPhone factory reset without passcode, Tenorshare 4uKey iPhone password unlocker tool can also help you with the following:

* Remove Face recognition ID, and Touch ID from iOS devices.

* Remove 4 and 6-digit passcodes and lock screen within a short time.

* Remove the MDM profile and MDM screen and unlock iPhone without requiring iTunes or iCloud backup.

* It supports the current iOS 16 devices and iPhone 14 models.

About Tenorshare:

Tenorshare, a trustworthy smartphone solution provider, has won many awards for providing practical solutions with technical support to millions of users worldwide. Tenorshare 4uKey is a prime example. Although performing a factory reset on your iPhone is impossible if you remember its passcode, you can do an iPhone factory reset without passcode or iTunes with Tenorshare 4uKey.

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How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving? Try Out Tenorshare iAnyGo, Now

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Have you found it difficult to play Pokemon Go without moving? There are many limitations for every Pokemon Go trainer to walk around to capture Pokemon. Fortunately, Tenorshare iAnyGo has trick to change GPS location. To thank its clients on thanksgiving day, anyone can get an outstanding discount from Tenorshare Sale Promotion before Dec. 9, 2022.


Could we Play Pokemon Go without Moving?

While Pokemon Go attracts more fans, its restrictions in Pokemon Go's guidelines stop users from playing."You must be eager to learn more about how to walk in Pokemon Go without walking." Said Tenorshare spokesperson, "To create a better gaming experience, Tenorshare just launched a fantastic solution for changing location, called Tenorshare iAnyGo, and it has been used to play Pokemon Go without restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can I play Pokemon Go without moving on iOS?

Pokemon Go is a game that requires a lot of movements. How to walk in Pokemon Go without walking is a common question among gamers. Tenorshare iAnyGo is a fantastic software for changing location, which offers you an ideal way to effortlessly change your location if you don't want to go outside but need to change your location.

Just open iAnyGo by connecting your iPhone to your computer, and next choose "Change Location." Then locate the place you want to go by tapping "Modify Location." And drag the speed bar to set the number of movements and modify the movement speed.

Why do we recommend Tenorshare iAnyGo change GPS Location?

Available on both Android and iOS users - With "Fake GPS Location Spoofer," it is possible to play Pokemon Go while staying at home for Android users.

1-Click to change current location on iPhone - With a single click, you can change the location of Pokemon Go without walking, and all location-based applications on your iPhone will be updated to the fake location as well.

GPS joystick to control the direction - Tenorshare iAnyGo is capable of location simulation. To more naturally and effectively manage GPS movement direction, use a GPS joystick or keyboard.

Import GPX files to create your routes - It is possible to examine and begin a planned route on the map by importing GPX files of single and multiple pathways.


About Tenorshare:

In addition to playing Pokemon Go walk without moving, Tenorshare as a leading international software brand has studied software-related problems deeply and is always providing high-quality support and professional solutions. Since excellent results from 2007, Tenorshare has gained the trust of over 10 million users. Hence, Tenorshare has launched Big Sale Promotion to thank your support and trust! Don't miss out to receive great discounts from Tenorshare!

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RelyCircle Networking App helps Small-Businesses Get New Customers with Its Zero Up-Front Cost Referral System and Free Advertising on FB/Google

SECAUCUS, N.J. -- RelyCircle networking app offers small-businesses a Pay-Per-Sale digital advertising platform vs Pay-Per-Click by Google and Pay-Per-Impression by Facebook. The free "RelyCircle Business" app helps small-business owners gain new customers by requesting, tracking and incentivizing referrals from their existing customers. Business owners only pay a cash referral fee after - not before, as is the case with competitors - they have gained new sales.

The majority of that cash referral fee goes straight to the customer, rewarding them for their successful referral. In addition to customers sharing their referral on social media platforms, RelyCircle spends a portion of its revenue towards advertising the listed businesses for free on Facebook and Google.

For customers that enjoy recommending small businesses by giving well-deserved reviews on review sites, this is a game changer. Customers recommend small businesses via the RelyCircle App and earn cash rewards for each referral that leads to a new sale.

"Local business search is the most common type of query performed by consumers and RelyCircle provides the search results based on user recommendations and distance only, providing consumers with unbiased answers to their search," says CEO Minesh Chandarana.

RelyCircle aims to revolutionize social selling by giving businesses a platform to connect with a vast pool of customers without spending any money upfront for advertising.

And with the rising concerns over consumer privacy, RelyCircle's creators emphasize that consumer and business data is never sold in order to gain revenue. The app's sole source of revenue is referral fees.

The "RelyCircle Business app" is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Businesses that register will be automatically be entered to win a $10K makeover.

More details and terms on the program can be found at:

Learn more about RelyCircle at:


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Foneazy Unlockit Android New Release: One-Click FRP Bypass for All Samsung Models!

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Established in 2020, Foneazy Studio, a flourishing software company that provides a definite solution for your smartphone issues, releases Unlockit Android - a competitive solution for Samsung FRP stuck issues.

With Unlockit Android 3.0.0, you can bypass Google lock on Samsung devices running Android 11/12. You don't even require a Samsung account or overly advanced technical knowledge. You only need to follow some trivial steps, and access to your device is restored in a matter of minutes, the FRP bypass process has been easier than before.

You don't need to download additional unsafe APK files or access another device, as everything can be done through your phone and computer.


* One-Click Samsung FRP Bypass

FRP lock stands for Factory Reset Protection. This is a security measure put in place that is designed to prevent you from accessing a recently reset device unless you type in the relevant Google account and password. Unlockit Android allows users to bypass the Google account verification without the password in just a few minutes with your computer. This feature also works for the latest Samsung devices, including Galaxy S22.

* Wide Compatibility

The one-slick solution supports all Samsung devices running on Android 6 to 12.


1 - Download and install Unlockit Android on your Windows PC, launch it.Connect your device to your PC through a USB cable.

2 - Choose option and start FRP bypassing.

Check more details via this 2-minute short video:


* 1-Month Plan - $29.95

* Year Plan - $39.95

* Lifetime Plan - $49.95

Check Unlockit Android pricing plan here:


Founded by Carter Land, Foneazy is all about creating software that caters to the needs of the everyday user. With more than 160,000 users worldwide and 10+ years of experience, Foneazy aims to become a trustworthy brand in the software development community and continue offering easy-to-use products that help users around the globe.

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DigitalSelf Announces Partnership with Elo, Attendance at Miami Auto Week and Art Basel

MIAMI, Fla. -- DigitalSelf® is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Elo who will serve as DigitalSelf - Automotive's brand ambassador. DigitalSelf will be sponsoring L'Automobile at the Miami International Auto Show October 15-25 and hosting a venue at Art Basel at Supercar Rooms Miami in December.

"DigitalSelf will be hosting and participating in several events in Miami over the next few months," said Craig Muir, founder and CEO of DigitalSelf®. "These events will serve as DigitalSelf's, and its Metaverse and 360-degree streaming services, formal introduction to the world. In addition, I'm pleased to announce that Elo, who is well-known both in Miami and in the supercar world, will be the brand ambassador for the DigitalSelf - Automotive division. Elo's creativity and sense of style will be a welcome addition to the DigitalSelf team."

DigitalSelf® is an immersive technology development company whose platform is aimed at creating virtual lifestyles and universal access to the Metaverse. DigitalSelf® is creating immersive environments with 360/VR interactive experiences/content for a growing number local businesses, brands, and tourist destinations, both domestically and internationally.

DigitalSelf® is sponsoring Elo's L'Automobile at the Miami International Auto Show. One of the nation's leading auto expositions which is expected to feature hundreds of new cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers, the Auto Show is being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, one of the nation's hottest event destinations on South Beach. DigitalSelf® will also be hosting a venue at Supercar Rooms - Miami during Art Basel.

Located in the Arts and Entertainment District Wynwood, Supercar Rooms Miami is a members-only auto gallery and gourmet dining experience. The showroom showcases one-of-a-kind vehicles, including concept cars and never seen before vehicles.

"I am very excited to be working with DigitalSelf," said Elo, Supercar Rooms owner. "We will be putting on a series of events, beginning in Miami, that will combine the immersive nature of VR, AR and 360 streaming with supercars. No one in the Metaverse space has done anything like this."

About DigitalSelf:

DigitalSelf® was founded by Craig Muir. DigitalSelf is an immersive technology development company whose platform is aimed at creating virtual lifestyles and universal access to the Metaverse. In DigitalSelf, consumers will increasingly spend part of their everyday life transported into virtual environments where they will socialize, connect and engage in immersive experiences. DigitalSelf and the DigitalSelf Wallet are the first apps built to deliver our vision of a universally accessible digital representation of our lives, content and memories. In the DigitalSelf® apps, we are building an ecosystem where our users can leap into festivals, soccer matches, conferences, colleges, concerts, museums, championship sports and even medical appointments anywhere on Earth.

For more information, please visit our website:

About Elo:

Founder and creator of Supercar Rooms Miami, the British-born automotive visionary Elo is the owner of one of today's most coveted collections of classic, vintage and custom-designed vehicles - on two wheels and four - which forms the centerpiece of an aesthetically fueled concept in luxury automotive excellence, epicurean hospitality and nightlife entertainment, considered to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Elo started to develop his own collection of cars, a passion that stemmed from an early fascination and appreciation for automobiles. His collection grew into having a car for every mood and occasion. A real car enthusiast, Elo has been an avid collector for over 30 years. He has presented on various TV show's such as "Modern Wheels or Classic Steals" on DAVETV, "Ultimate Wheels" on HISTORY UK channel and "Slips" MTV. Elo has secured for himself the role of a leader in the automotive custom/classic car scene.

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Engage By Cell Announces Rebrand of Divisions

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Today, Engage by Cell announces the rebranding of former divisions Guide by Cell, Give by Cell, and Train by Cell to create a cohesive and clear client experience. Engage by Cell has served as a catchall for the growing divisions under the "by Cell" umbrella for years and will now serve as the company's sole iteration.

The tech company will release a new website,, updated services, and a fresh vision for user-friendly mobile tools in a variety of domestic and international organizations.

Engage by Cell has grown to serve healthcare, education, nonprofit, government, occupational safety, enterprise, cultural, and several other industries.

This rebrand will encompass the core technologies: Text Messaging, Mobile Web Apps, GPS Wayfinding, Call Services, Payment Processing, and Digital Cards. These platforms may work together or independently to create the desired client experiences.

"With the tech and mobile world booming, we are constantly upgrading services and adding new platforms. Our new organizational structure will allow us to offer a cohesive, unified front moving forward," says David Asheim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Engage by Cell.

About Engage by Cell:

Founded 16 years ago in San Francisco, CA, Guide by Cell began by providing mobile touring solutions to cultural venues. Over the years the "by Cell" divisions have grown to serve clients like Smithsonian Institution, Aon, Bloomberg, USPS, Banner Health, Central Park Conservancy, American Cancer Society, Mary Kay, and many more by providing innovative ways for organizations to use mobile technologies to improve the efficiency of their operation.

For more information, visit: or call (415) 297-6677

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iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp) V6.0.0 Supports Recover WhatsApp Data from Google Drive

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- iToolab Co Ltd - one of the most reliable software development companies - comes up with a new version of RecoverGo (WhatsApp) V6.0.0 to allow Android & iPhone users to recover lost WhatsApp data from Google Drive. RecoverGo (WhatsApp) makes it easy to restore accidentally deleted WhatsApp files and messages. Along with the recovery of deleted files and messages, it also allows you to export your WhatsApp chat to a PC in various formats like PDF, HTML, XML, etc.

Accidentally losing necessary WhatsApp conversations and media files can be maddening. That's why iToolab brings you exclusive software that is specially designed to support the hassle-free recovery of all your WhatsApp chats, photos, status, video, etc.

iToolab's CEO Mia Garcia says, "We have already released several tools to recover conventional data types from various storage devices. But our team was keen on designing a tool that specifically supported WhatsApp data recovery. That's why, after months of continuous development, testing, and redesigning, we are here with RecoverGo (WhatsApp) - a revolutionary tool that'll help users recover their deleted WhatsApp data in no time."


With the upgradation, iToolab has launched a new version of RecoverGo (WhatsApp) to support the recovery of WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.

RecoverGo (WhatsApp) V6.0.0 solves all the drawbacks of recovering from Google Drive backups. For example, automatic recovery from Google Drive requires reinstalling WhatsApp, and overwriting the recovered data with previously stored data, making it unreadable.

To top it all, RecoverGo (WhatsApp) saves a lot of time by supporting the flexible recovery of your lost WhatsApp data. That means it allows you to select the required WhatsApp data that you want to restore from google drive backup.


* No reinstallation of WhatsApp is required

Direct recovery of WhatsApp data from Google Drive requires the reinstallation of WhatsApp. However, RecoverGo allows you to recover your deleted data without the need to reinstall WhatsApp. You can directly recover the required messages and media files from google drive backup safely.

* Enable to see encrypted WhatsApp backup on Google Drive

Unlike Google Drive, RecoverGo (WhatsApp) also enables you to view encrypted backup of WhatsApp messages and media files on Google drive. It helps you to recover the required data selectively.

* No overwriting of previous backups

Direct restoration of deleted WhatsApp data from Google drive overwrites the data on the previous backup, making it unreadable. Hence, it sometimes makes the files useless. On the other hand, restoring WhatsApp data from google drive backup through RecoverGo (WhatsApp) involves the safe recovery of the required data without overwriting and corrupting the files.

* Ability to backup and preview each WhatsApp backup

RecoverGo (WhatsApp) enables you to check the preview of the selected file if you forget the details of the data you want to recover. You can easily view all files, images, and messages, including WhatsApp profile pictures. It helps you save a lot of time while recovering lost data.

The updated version of RecoverGo (WhatsApp) now supports the recovery of WhatsApp data from the end-to-end decryption backup (64-digit encryption key).

Supported File Types:

iToolab's RecoverGo (WhatsApp) supports the recovery of various files and formats making it easy for you to access all your required WhatsApp data. Here's a complete list of different files and formats supported by RecoverGo - WhatsApp Data Recovery:

1. Chats and Messages (Single & Group)

2. Starred Messages

3. Contacts & Call logs

4. Stickers

5. Images

6. Status ---Only supported by iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp)

7. Audio files & Voice Notes

8. Videos

9. Various Document formats like PDF, Docs., PPT, etc.

10. Links

11. WA Business Quick Replies - Only supported by iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp)

Price and Availability:

Monthly Plan: $35.95

Yearly Plan: $39.95

Lifetime Plan: $49.95

You can visit the following link to get the latest premium version of iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp) for Windows.

About iToolab:

iToolab is one of the leading software development companies committed to launching various unique tools so that you can resolve smartphone system-related issues without any technical know-how. It is widely known for its safe and reliable tools to assist you to resolve various technical issues while operating different versions of Android and iOS smartphones. It offers many tools like UnlockGo, FixGo, AnyGo, WatsGo, and RecoverGo (Android). Each of these tools is designed specifically to resolve a particular problem. For instance, FixGo helps to resolve and downgrade many system-related issues in various versions of iOS devices, while UnlockGo helps bypass different types of screen locks.

With a dedicated team of professional developers, iToolab continues to provide its users with a hassle-free experience to resolve various technical issues.







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UltFone WhatsApp Transfer Updated to Transfer WhatsApp to New Phone including Apple iPhone 14

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- UltFone, a top-tier supplier of software for maintenance and management of iOS devices and data, upgraded UltFone Transfer and with the updated version, you can quickly transfer WhatsApp to new phone like Samsung S22 series, and iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max.

UltFone CEO Mike Lee stated: "After Apple's new update, everyone wants to know how to transfer WhatsApp to new phone 14. UltFone always works to resolve customer issues to meet user needs, we therefore develop and upgrade the software to transfer WhatsApp to new phone."

What are the new UltFone Transfer updates?

With the new solution, WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business chats can be transferred freely between iOS and Android devices. For instance, with just a few straightforward steps, we may move WhatsApp from an iPhone to an Android device and vice versa. Additionally, backup and restore have a more flexible and practical method.

How to transfer WhatsApp to new phone you can check guide from following link:

The newest iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are fully compatible: It not only works with the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 14, but it also supports a number of iPad and iPod models running iOS 9 up to the most recent iOS 16.

1-Click to Transfer WhatsApp between Android and iOS:

You may transfer WhatsApp messages and attachments, including videos, music, photos, and files, from an iPhone to an Android device, an android to iPhone with UltFone Transfer.

Restore and Backup WhatsApp from iPhone, iPad, Android to PC/Mac:

It's much simpler than you may think to transfer WhatsApp chat history, contacts, pictures, and videos to a new phone! Backup your WhatsApp data and then restore it on your iOS and Android devices.

Updated Features of UltFone Transfer:

* Transfer WhatsApp to new phone, including messages, images, and videos.

* Backup your WhatsApp files and then reinstall it on your iOS and Android devices.

* Transferring GBWhatsApp between Android and iOS.

* There is support for various phone numbers, No need to perform a device factory reset.

* Merge WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS using the same account.

Price and Availability:

Individuals can now get a great discount on a one-year licence for $39.95, a one-month license for $19.95, and a lifetime license for just $49.95. A one-year business plan costs $59.95.

For more information or take part in the event, visit:

About UltFone:

A well-known software provider called UltFone provides fully integrated solutions for data transfer, iOS system repair, Android data recovery, and other things. Numerous well-known websites, like PCWorld, Macworld, TechRadar, Tech Advisor, and many more, have faith in the company.




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iToolab AnyGo Fully Supports Changing iPhone GPS Location on iOS 16 Now

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- iToolab Co Ltd announces iToolab AnyGo, one of the most popular Geo spoofing tools for iOS, now supports the latest iOS 16. With Apple releasing its latest software update, the engineers at iToolab have again put on their coding caps and released the latest version of AnyGo that's compatible with iOS 16.

It means if you have already updated your iDevices to the latest version or are planning to buy one of the iPhone 14 models, you'll be able to spoof your geolocation and access geo-restricted content without any hassle.

For readers who don't know, iToolab is a Hong Kong-based software development company that primarily designs high-quality iOS tools to help users tackle different technical scenarios in their daily life. Over the past few years, the team has released dozens of iOS apps that make it easier for people to deal with different issues and enjoy a seamless user experience.

AnyGo is one of the most reputed iOS applications designed by iToolab. It's a professional geo-spoofing tool that allows users to fake their GPS movement to access geo-restricted content and play games like Pokémon Go to enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. With iToolab AnyGo, players can change GPS location on iPhone and virtually control their movement on the map using a Joystick to catch more Pokémon and increase their Experience Points in the game. The best part is that AnyGo lets users change their location to anywhere in the world, which means you can even collect some of the rarest Pokémon as well.

Another key feature of AnyGo is its GPS simulation. Users have the liberty to select a virtual route on the map and simulate their movement on this route. You can even customize the moving speed to avoid getting caught.


Now, coming to the real deal - with the latest iToolab AnyGo V 5.9.0, you can now fake GPS location on your latest iOS 16 devices. However, the feature will be only available after you've enabled the "Developer Mode". To do this, go to "Settings>Privacy & Security>Developer Mode" and toggle the switch on to enable the Developer Mode.

Once the Developer Mode is enabled, you'll be able to easily manipulate your device's GPS signals and even fake GPS movement on the latest iOS 16.


Even with the latest version of iToolab AnyGo, you'll find all the features to manipulate GPS movement easily. These features include

1. GPS Teleportation

With AnyGo, you can teleport your GPS location in the world with a single click. AnyGo even allows users to select a GPS location using specific GPS coordinates.

2. Simulate GPS Movement Along Any Route

You can manually draw a route on the map using the two-spot and multi-spot modes and use AnyGo to stimulate the GPS movement on the particular route. During this simulation, you can also control your character's movement speed.

3. Mock GPS Movement with Joystick

AnyGo also supports the GPS Joystick feature that lets users control their GPS movement on the map using the arrow keys on their keyboard. This is an ideal feature for users who want to play Location-Based games and have full control over their movement.

4. Play Location-Based Games Without Going Outside

Finally, the biggest advantage of a tool like iToolab AnyGo is its ability to manipulate GPS location in games like Pokemon Go. You can also use the tool to play other location-based games and control your GPS movement virtually without going outside whatsoever.


Unlike its competitors, iToolab AnyGo is available at a pocket-friendly price and you can also grab exclusive discounts on the tool. Here's a detailed price overview of iToolab AnyGo.


1-Month plan: $9.95 per month

1-Quarter plan: $19.95

1-Year plan: $39.95

Lifetime Plan: $69.95


1-Month plan: $12.95 per month

1-Quarter plan: $19.95

1-Year plan: $49.95

Lifetime Plan: $79.95

Check this link to get the latest iToolab AnyGo Coupon Codes:


As far as compatibility is concerned, AnyGo is available for Mac 10.11 and later, and Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11. It supports all iPhone/iPad/iPod with latest iOS 16 versions. Being a cross-platform geo spoofer, you can install iToolab AnyGo on both Windows and macOS and enjoy its functionality without any hassle.

About iToolab

iToolab is a Hong Kong-based software development team designing high-performance iOS to tackle a variety of iOS apps that helps users tackle different iOS issues in their daily life. The team has been building feature-packed iOS tools for more than 10 years. Over the years, iToolab has acquired a customer base of 55,000 users from different corners of the world. In addition to AnyGo, the company has released several other tools such as UnlockGo and FixGo - two of the most popular iOS apps in the world.





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The Joy Factory Partners with Augmentir to Offer Seamless Solutions for The Mobile Connected Workforce

IRVINE, Calif. -- Global mobile tablet accessory manufacturer The Joy Factory has partnered with smart workforce solutions provider Augmentir™ to deliver the tools needed by today's mobile connected workers to boost productivity, streamline processes, improve work quality, and ensure safety particularly in the fields of Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, and Manufacturing.

With decades of expertise in the technology and electronics sectors, The Joy Factory has been consistently providing solid solutions for mobile workers, enabling them to stay active, engaged and feel secure while using their devices even under challenging conditions. Having a range of products that are Hazardous Location (HazLoc) compliant or certified in Class I and Class II, Div. 2 & Class III Div. 1 & Div. 2, Groups A - D, F & G for North America as well as in ATEX Zone 2 Compliance: Ex ic nc IIC, enable workers to focus on their job without worrying about safety and compliance. The Joy Factory also supplies compatible patented MagConnect™ ergonomic mounts that allow mobile users to work comfortably hands-free regardless of their location.

As products become more sophisticated and global competition grows stronger, new opportunities have opened for many industries. Along with these changes, the workforce is transitioning into a digital age as boomers are starting to retire, making way for millennials who aim for collaborative processes that improve efficiency and enable them to manage their work more effectively.

"Instead of getting swallowed up by the digital age, many companies have ridden the wave and adapted to these changes," said Miranda Su, executive vice president. "And one of the keys to this is allowing employee mobility, which is more than just giving mobile devices to your workers. Rather, it's about giving them both protection and access to their work and all the data they need to perform their tasks from any location in the world."

Mobile connected workers have many challenges which is why The Joy Factory and Augmentir™ have teamed up to offer end-to-end solutions for companies who are looking for ways to expand the capabilities of their field workers.

Augmentir™ takes this one step further with their suite of AI-based connected worker tools that blends intelligent skills management and digitized work, giving workers the guidance and support they need, and giving employers data-driven insights, in real-time, into the needs and performance quality of their workforce. This means that the company's decision makers get more clarity on how the work is being done, thus enabling customization of work processes that aim to improve efficiency and productivity.

These insights enable team leaders and managers to provide personalized on-the-job guidance and support, as well as deliver the right information at key moments to help workers perform at their personal best. Augmentir's solution is specifically designed to recognize patterns from data sets generated by frontline workers, then works to extract only the relevant information and bring focus on the real issues that affect the company's bottom line.

Augmentir's AI can be applied in many industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, as well as pharma and life sciences, helping companies streamline their operations and find ways to improve on in terms of safety, quality, operations, maintenance, field service, training, and workforce development.

"The combination of Augmentir and The Joy Factory meets the unique requirements of our industrial clients. Our clients are looking for Augmentir to assist every worker at each phase of their jobs but as no two facilities are set up the same, a lot of thought must go into how digital technologies can be incorporated into their work environments," said Dave Landreth, vice president of customer strategy. "Having a partner who can cater to the specific requirements of our clients in fully leveraging their digital investments is hugely important to us and The Joy Factory has proven to be that partner."

About The Joy Factory:

The Joy Factory, Inc. is a global manufacturer of leading tablet mounting, cases, enclosures, kiosks, and mobility accessory products that have been enhancing human interaction with digital devices for over a decade. The Joy Factory has quickly become an essential rugged tablet solution provider for a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, energy & utilities, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, education, government, and retail. For more information, please visit

About Augmentir:

Augmentir™ is a connected worker solution that allow industrial companies to digitize and optimize processes that support frontline workers from "hire to retire". The complete suite of tools are built on top of Augmentir's patented Smart AI foundation, which closes the loop between training and work execution, delivering the data and in-line insights necessary to continuously improve operational excellence day-over-day, year-over-year.

Companies in manufacturing, service, energy, and construction leverage Augmentir's AI in conjunction with the platform's digital workflow and remote collaboration capabilities to optimize their frontline operations and deliver significant growth and continuous improvement in the areas of performance support, training, and workforce development. For more information, please visit

VIDEO (YouTube):

Other source:

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