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Lowell Chamber Orchestra’s December performance contemplates immigration, history

LOWELL, Mass. -- Nearly forty percent of Americans can trace at least one ancestor to Ellis Island, and the Lowell Chamber Orchestra will present a work based on three actual stories of the famous islands that encompass the immigrant experience.

Composer Gabriele Vanoni spent half year researching for his work "Island of Peoples," a multimedia composition based around three true stories from Ellis Island that are just as relevant today as they were when they happened, since they deal with struggle, pain and sadness, but also joy, love, friendship, and faith.

"My family has a connexion with Ellis Island because in the museum, you can look up for passengers," says Vanoni, "And I found the record. I found the ship where they came. When I got to passengers' search looking for my family's history, I found out about the Ellis Island Oral Histories.I found this amazing collection of stories of people who basically just left their country without knowing what to expect."

These stories are told and unfold intertwined around a few common traits: the longing for home, the perils of traveling for days, and the cultural, social and human uncertainties of the new world, through the fabric of musical mastery that only Vanoni can delivery.

When asked to describe his work "Island of Peoples," Vanoni says "What you're gonna hear is basically three snapshots. This is a multimedia work in which you will have electronic music interludes with some media projection, and you're gonna have three works for ensemble, which are snapshots of three stories."

While the ensemble is very small - flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion - Vanoni's orchestration makes it a perfect vessel to express the many feelings imbued in the stories. Soprano Mary Mackenzie and tenor Kartik Ayysola are the vocalists who bring to life the three stories, sometimes singing, sometimes speaking.

Vanoni decided on three particular stories because "it was important to give a little bit of a glimpse of the experience to the listener. The scenes do follow pretty much like a trip. So the first section talks about leaving the country. Then the interviews and the middle section talks about being on Ellis Island. And the end of it is just the legacy, if you wish: the history and the future if you wish."

Like all Lowell Chamber Orchestra concerts, the performance is free and open to the public, and will take place on: Saturday, December 17, 2022, 7:30 p.m., at Middlesex Community College's Richard and Nancy Donahue Academic Arts Center (240 Central Street, Lowell, MA).

This concert is part of Middlesex Community College's "A World of Music Concert Series."

Please click the link below for more information:


VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/D94wBi0gmzw

Related link: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/

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Golden State Pops Orchestra presents the 2022 Holiday Pops Spectacular!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Golden State Pops Orchestra rings in the holiday season with joyous music and high spirits on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 8 p.m. in the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, California. Celebrate the holiday season with Maestro Steven Allen Fox, Resident Choir Maestra Marya Basaraba, and the Golden State Pops Orchestra and Chorale, with the "Holiday Pops Spectacular." Experience this festive performance of timeless holiday film music, traditional favorites, special guests, and snow!

Recent contestant on NBC's "The Voice," Lana Love, will join the GSPO on stage to sing "Into the Unknown" from "Frozen 2," "All I Want for Christmas Is You," and "Christmas, Baby Please Come Home."

Tenor of the Americas, Maximo Marcuso, will also join the festivities to sing "When My Heart Finds Christmas," "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and a duet with Ms. Love, "The Prayer."

Rounding out the special guest soloists will be Internationally renowned flutist, Sara Andon, performing the solo from Williams Ross' arrangement of "Charlie Brown Christmas." In addition, the orchestra and choir will perform White Christmas, Sleigh Ride, selections from Mannheim Steamroller, music from the motion picture "Polar Express," and more.

Tickets start at just $33. Visit https://www.gspo.com/ or call 310-433-8774 for information and tickets.

About Golden State Pops Orchestra:

With a driving mission to create, develop and present innovative and fresh orchestral concerts, the Golden State Pops Orchestra (GSPO) is quickly becoming nationally known as a pioneer in providing quality film music with a second life on the concert stage, in productions that absorb audiences from beginning to end.

The orchestra performs a wide variety of musical repertoire, including classical, Broadway, pop music and even video game soundtracks. However, the primary focus of the GSPO remains film music, a specialty of the orchestra since its founding in 2002. The orchestra is composed of professional freelance musicians from around the Los Angeles area and operates under a Metropolitan Agreement with the American Federation of Musicians, Local 47.

One of GSPO's core values is the continuous advancement of our artistic capacity and production values, while maintaining a focus on high-quality performance. We work constantly to build even more relationships with composers and entertainment industry professionals, and to bring our unique brand of entertainment to world-renowned venues throughout Southern California.

https://www.gspo.com/ 310-433-8774

Related link: https://www.gspo.com/

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Nashville Band Releases Disturbing Music Video About the ‘Dangers of Christian Nationalism’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Nashville-based Future Girl Records today announced the release of "Traitor," a music video by the rock band We_Anomaly. The song, written by Gabriel Gabor, sounds the alarm about the dangers of the current Christian Nationalist movement in America.

"I believe Christian Nationalists aka evangelicals are an imminent threat to American democracy," says Gabriel Gabor the band's leader and songwriter.

He goes on to say, "Evangelicals are dangerous. They secretly hate American democratic values. In fact, they are very comfortable with fascism just like many of their Evangelical and Catholic forefathers were in Nazi Germany. They'd have no problem making Trump king aka president for life just like his buddy Putin. As long as Trump continues to support the church like Adolf Hitler did.

"For America to be saved we need to get to the root of the problem. We need to look past Trump and the republican party. This evil originates in churches. It's the pastor, the priest, and the seemingly innocent little old lady with the bible in her hand, just like in the video.

"I named the song 'Traitor' because that's exactly what I believe they are. These people must be stopped here and now or America as we know it will cease to exist."

To watch the "Traitor" music video visit: https://youtu.be/v0911JRb9iI


Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Future Girl Records is a full-service entertainment agency that specializes in creating content with pro-democratic and social justice messaging.

More information: http://www.we-anomaly.world/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCilJPsafB25VwNabDotCliQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weanomaly/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/we_anomaly

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/we_anomaly

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7ilmaTs3Zwt6ZDfqxykRnm

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@we_anomaly_official


VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/v0911JRb9iI

PHOTO LINK: https://postimg.cc/30F13Tp6

CAPTION: Princess El from We_Anomaly sings "Traitor."

Related link: http://www.we-anomaly.world/

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Detroit Singer-Songwriter JOAN BELGRAVE’s ‘Oooo Boy’ EP Features Range of Romantic Moods and Timeless Grooves

DETROIT, Mich. -- Dynamic singer and songwriter Joan Belgrave latest EP release, "Oooo Boy," gives expression to three distinct declarations of love. With her lush voice drawing liberally from gospel, soul, and pop traditions, Joan gives her all on these tunes, which are produced by Sanchez Harley (Shirley Caesar, Mighty Clouds of Joy, RiZen and others). On the current EP, available from the Jazz Development Workshop Inc., Joan Belgrave shimmers through both playful and passionate moods on the original R&B/pop compositions "Oooo Boy," "Dreaming of You," and "I'm Not Going Anywhere."

"Oooo Boy" music video -- https://youtu.be/ZD-pfSGQDyM

"Oooo Boy" EP recording & press materials -- https://bit.ly/3CPIZRw

Belgrave is a veteran vocal powerhouse who has previously released albums as a soloist, some in partnership with her late husband, jazz trumpet stalwart Marcus Belgrave, who passed away in 2015. The EP was conceived in the wake of this loss and recorded as Joan continues a challenging personal battle with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), the EP is a labor of love and a testament to the artist's endurance. With both this new EP recording completed, and a brand-new documentary film about Marcus in the works, Joan is forging ahead with optimism and a singleness of purpose. She hopes her story of perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds serves as a gift to inspire and encourage others facing major challenges in their lives.

Songs Of Love, Music That Heals

The EP's title tune, "Oooo Boy," available for download on Apple Music, is a sexy blues come-on - a party-ready invitation to a potential partner. The video for this danceable flirtation was filmed at the Italianate-style Berry Gordy Mansion in Detroit and features Mark Scott, the current lead singer of The Miracles. "Dreaming of You" is a smooth expression of sweet longing in the mold of mid-tempo favorites from a classic era of R&B. "I wanted to write a song that is light and airy, but nice and dreamy. I wanted to write something that was musically timeless, with a 'Pillow Talk' feel to it," says Joan, giving a nod to the 1973 hit by Sylvia.

The third track, "I'm Not Going Anywhere," is a tender promise of unconditional love that will resonate with anyone who has experienced that most exalted of emotions. Rarely has such a simple declaration sounded so profound. Joan says that the catalyst for creating the tune was the loss of her husband, adding that the song practically wrote itself after an extended period of mourning.

After his passing, Joan was faced with rebuilding not only her personal but her professional life as well. Joan felt it best to leave Detroit memories behind, temporarily moving to New York City's Harlem to spend time with her daughter and newborn twins. Still, the pain of her loss seemed almost insurmountable. But one night, the song appeared and instantly brought a measure of peace.

"It was almost like Marcus was helping me write it," Joan recalls. "The lyrics just came and started flowing. It almost felt like he was saying, 'Okay, that's enough. I understand, but you need to get back to doing what you do. And I'm still here. I'm not going anywhere.'" With its relatable lyrics, gorgeous melody, and a riveting performance by Joan, "I'm Not Going Anywhere" is poised to become an anthem heard at weddings, engagements, and homegoing services.

Also Producing Documentary on Marcus Belgrave

Inspired by the work of her late husband, Joan has also made it her mission to see Marcus Belgrave's story celebrated on the big screen. Joan is currently producing and appearing in a film documentary that spotlights his many contributions to the popular music landscape in a career that spanned some 50 years. Titled "Marcus Belgrave: All My Love," a nod to the tune "All My Love" that the Chester, Pennsylvania-born musician wrote in honor of his adopted hometown Detroit, the documentary features interviews with some 30 fellow musicians; a key scene will be a concert by Joan of some of Marcus's favorite tunes with other special guests before a live audience at Detroit's historic 400-seat Gem Theatre. The film is expected to be complete in the spring of 2023. "I want to get his story told on my watch," Joan declares. "I don't want somebody else telling his story."

A jazz and soul trumpet player who toured and recorded with Ray Charles in the 1950s before returning to the Motor City in 1963 to work with Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, the Temptations, and the Four Tops, continuing to tour and record. Marcus founded the Jazz Development Workshop, a school program that helped develop careers for generations of jazz artists. At Motown and the Workshop, he became a mentor to such talents as Ray Parker Jr., Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye at Motown, as well as jazz artists Geri Allen, Kenny Garrett, Regina Carter, and others. In addition to recording as a leader, Marcus's trumpet can be heard on recordings by Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., Geri Allen, David "Fathead" Newman, B.B. King, and Wynton Marsalis. Named as Detroit's only Jazz Master Laureate, Marcus Belgrave was also inducted into the National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame in Detroit in 2017 and has a city street, Marcus Belgrave Avenue, dedicated to him.

Facing Down Cancer with Faith and Purpose

Continuing to work while undergoing intensive treatment for an aggressive form of cancer has not been easy for Joan. Intensely spiritual as well as massively talented, she says she has been blessed to continue to make music, which has its own healing properties. And after maintaining silence around her diagnosis, Joan now feels it is important to speak out to support and encourage others.

"If I can help someone else to let them know it's okay, then it's okay," says Joan. "Just keep pushing. A tunnel is just that, a tunnel. You just keep walking through. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and before you know it, the light is shining."

"Oooo Boy" is available now on all digital platforms.

Keep up with JOAN BELGRAVE by visiting:

Website: http://joanbelgrave.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoanBelgraveMusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jbelgravejazz/

Twitter: @belgravejazz https://twitter.com/belgravejazz

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgod6dPzV00nkiJMZyBdEQ



Learn more about the Jazz Development Workshop at: https://www.facebook.com/people/Jazz-Development-Workshop-Inc/100068048431179/

Related link: http://joanbelgrave.com/

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High Mountain Breezes (HMB Players) asks ‘Why Do We Love Music?’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- High Mountain Breezes today announced the release of their first video "Why Do We Love Music?" The video is being released following the successful launch of their first album back in early 2022, "Daddy's Margarita Rose." The Record is now available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, You-Tube and many other major streaming services.

"Why do we love music? When we listen, our mood changes, we remember, we're inspired. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, the experience is better with good music. We can be inside a concert hall and the music can take us to the great outdoors... our favorite styles and our favorite artists can transform our experiences anywhere. we can be listening while we are working in our office, and we almost feel a cool breeze in the air," said Bruce Tarletsky, Founder of High Mountain Breezes.

He went on to say, "We are truly touched and most honored by the tremendous response our music has received since its release, we felt it was time to let our friends in music learn a little bit more about who we are and our approach to our kind of music, thus we are releasing our 'Why Do We Love Music' video."

View video (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyjWuC7x1QY

In the last six months, after a successful launch of "Daddy's Margarita Rose," the record, on major streaming services back in January of 2022, three (3) songs off of the record have been released in Europe. All three songs experienced success on the European Charts, all climbing into the top 10 and reaching as high as number 2# for the first release and #3 for the second release. The current release off of Daddy's Margarita Rose, the record, has been on the European Top 40 Charts for four weeks (4) it debuted at #12 and currently sits at #8 (Hotdisc Top 40, August 28, 2022).

"It's a real breath of fresh air listening to the HMB Players album. I love the diversity and the quality of the musicianship as well as excellent vocal performances by the likes of Dave Gibson in the mix. European audiences have certainly taken the band to their heart and the DJs too as the first three singles have become Top 10 hits in the Hotdisc chart," said Stuart Cameron, Hotdisc Managing Director. "The Hotdisc Chart is a survey put together by European country music DJs who rate the current crop of songs available via Hotdisc, Europe's number 1 promotional service."

In early October 2022, High Mountain Breezes plans on releasing its fourth (4th) track off of the "Daddy's Margarita Rose" record, their cover of a classic song, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken." When first released on streaming services, the song was very well received, with almost 114,000 streams on Spotify alone. "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" brings an amazing vibe that that we have seen leave listeners be inspired and thankful for the times of their lives. We just can wait to share it with our friends in Europe and around the World. Our arrangement, which we believe is unique and different from any of the original versions that audiences have come to know, was done by Chris Leuzinger, who simply nailed it.

Deborah Allen, a Grammy-nominated entertainer, an extraordinarily talented singer, songwriter, producer and performer brings her amazing talent and heart & soul to the song as one of the featured artists accompanied by the HMB Players. Ms. Allen said, "I'm proud to be a small part of this 'wonderful' circle of great friends and music."

"It was a pleasure working on this wonderful project with such a talented team of musicians, singers and engineers. Everyone was so passionate about their contributions, and it shows in the music that was recorded. I look forward to this project getting out to the public," said Bob Bullock, Producer, High Mountain Breezes / New West Productions. Bob has spent nearly 50 years in the music industry with over 50 Gold & Platinum Records to his credit.

"Having been involved with the Nashville music scene for 25 years, my mind was blown when I saw the artists involved with High Mountain Breezes. The music they have created reflects their sublime artistry. Though many of the players are not household names, anyone who has listened to Country music or been to a show has enjoyed the music they have been a part of. No surprise that this is one of my favorite albums of 2022!" said Ed Gertler of Digital Delivery Services.

High Mountain Breezes is asking fans to be sure to click on the "Follow" buttons on their favorite streaming so that they can continue to be a part of the High Mountain Breezes experience along with us as we continue to bring our music to the world.

About the HMB Players (High Mountain Breezes Players):

The HMB Players are a studio group. We are a collection of life long music friends who take time out of our professional careers to come together in the High Mountain Breezes to reconnect, share in our friendships and our God given talents to create our own style of music together. When we are in the studio, it is a very heartfelt and spiritual experience shared among friends who love what they do as opposed to just a studio work session. One HMB Player expressed who we are and what we do so very eloquently when he said, "The gift of being a worthy session player is two-fold, first; using one's palette to augment something already beautiful, and second, being trusted and skilled enough to do it."

As we come together as a team, we are doing the same for ourselves, together. In a way, we are leaving our own mark on music, our legacy so to speak. When we come together, it is truly a collaborative effort. Time seems to stand still as everyone shares in the creative process. Everyone from the players, the vocalist, the songwriting team, and producers contribute to a record. Like in years gone by, we make our records the old fashion way, right in the studio.

So, when you hear one of our songs, you will feel the chemistry of years of friendships, the love, skills and collaboration of experiences, ideas and individual feelings in our records and music. We all are truly very honored and blessed to have the opportunity to make our kind of music together and spend a little time together, hopefully for years to come.

We Are a Music Family:

Over the years, our lives in music have brought so many wonderful individuals with so much God given talents into our lives. True lifelong friendships have grown from our paths having crossed with them. We are all very honored and truly blessed to be able to call each of them friend. Our friends have meant so much to the music that has been ingrained in generations of hearts around the world and for that, it's a gift that will last till the end of time. We love and admire each of them, as we are sure fans do too through their music that has touched all our hearts and souls.

For more information, contact Bruce E. Tarletsky, Founder, High Mountain Breezes Publishing, LLC by email at highmtbreezespub@aol.com or visit https://www.highmountainbreezes.com/

LINK TO STREAMING SERVICES: https://digital-delivery-services.lnk.to/aRHJ6XlFPR


VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/DyjWuC7x1QY

Related link: https://www.highmountainbreezes.com/

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The Lowell Chamber Orchestra releases ‘Miniature Symphonies,’ a pandemic-defeating album

LOWELL, Mass. -- he Lowell Chamber Orchestra announces the release of its second album, "Miniature Symphonies," a project started at the height of the pandemic, and designed to keep selected composers and musicians active at a time of insecurity in the performing arts.

The album is part of an initiative by the Lowell Chamber Orchestra's Music Director Orlando Cela called "Lowell Threads," a way to pay homage to the textile history of the city of Lowell. The orchestra commissions a new way to showcase new composers alongside a set of works by a well-known composer, a genre, a style, etc., and programs them next to each other, allowing for a multidimensional experience akin to a fabric of new works crisscrossing with established masterpieces. In the case of these album, four living composers - Brittney Benton, Yoko Nakatani, Quinn Mason, and Kevin L. Scott - were commissioned to write a piece matching the instrumentation of one of five chamber symphonies by Darius Milhaud.

"Orlando Cela's creative ideas always inspire me, and this project was no exception," says composer Yoko Nakatani. "I was honored to be a part of it, and wish the Lowell Chamber Orchestra great success in the future with Orlando's excellent leadership. I would also like to thank the recording engineer Will Holland, who is a true professional and made a difficult process easy."

Producing this album kept a number of musicians active during the pandemic. The reduced instrumentation - no more than 10 and as little as seven players at a time - eased the finding of venues; the shortness of the works, none longer than 7 minutes, allowed more recording time to commission more composers.

"We started recording 10 feet apart from each other, and behind plexiglass shields" says LCO's Music Director Orlando Cela, "but we kept going when concert halls were closed. We were very fortunate to be able to access the beautiful spaces at Middlesex Community College Lowell campus. Such great acoustics!"

The four commissioned works sometime compliment, sometimes opposed the nature of the matching work. Las Vegas composer Brittney Benton's "The Sentinel" was written with the same instrumentation as Milhaud's first chamber symphony: while Milhaud's work (subtitled "Spring") has a bright and pastoral quality to it, Benton's work offers a dramatic story filled with foreboding. On the other hand, Dallas-based composer Quinn Mason wrote a work orchestrated for the exact instrumentation, and is heavily inspired by the style of Milhaud's fourth chamber symphony, as the title suggests - Petite Symphonie de Chambre Contemporaine (après Milhaud).

Composer Brittney Benton says, "'The Sentinel' was a joy to write, and I'm excited to bring the story I've crafted through my music to CD and to the world."

"I thoroughly enjoyed writing for the Lowell Chamber Orchestra and to have a work recorded by them is an honor. The entire process had me involved in some way so it truly felt like a fruitful collaboration," says composer Quinn Mason.

The Lowell Chamber Orchestra is Lowell's first and only professional orchestra. We provide the area with an ensemble that presents music at a very high level, of all styles and time periods, entirely free to the general population. The performances take place at Middlesex Community College, the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and at other venues around the area, to provide students easy access to concerts without leaving their respective campuses, and allow the public in general to attend a concert at a proper performance space. The LCO is a member of Lowell City of Learning, working to make Lowell an UNESCO learning city.

The album will be released this Friday, August 26th, in the most popular digital platforms. For more information about the album, visit: https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6447/

Listen to the first track of the CD here: https://tinyurl.com/LCOMason

The Lowell Chamber Orchestra survives solely by donations, you can make a huge difference by donating here: https://tinyurl.com/LCOdonate

Related link: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/

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California Soul Food Cookout and Festival to Benefit Regional Charities

PLEASANTON, Calif. -- This two-day California Soul Food Cookout and Festival is not only filled with food, fun and music, but purpose too. For 12 years running, this premier food and music event has grown to be a regional favorite. This year's festival will be held at the Alameda Fairgrounds on September 17 and 18, 2022 and will donate a portion of revenue to different charities in the Bay area who work to help the homeless and domestic violence victims.

Upwards of 5,000 people per day are expected to attend and the food and entertainment is setting up to be off the hook. In addition to some of the region's top food vendors, Chef Milly, a Hell's Kitchen celebrity, will take center stage.

For music lovers, R&B artists and gospel greats will include: Musiq Soulchild, Kevin Ross, Angie Stone, Marsha Ambrosius, Fred Hammond, James Fourtune, Karen Clark Sheard, Charles Jenkins and Bishop Cortez Vaughn.

And, football fans have something to get excited about too. Several sports' greats will be there to meet with attendees through "Meet the Football Legends" supported by the NFL Northern California Former Player's Chapter. Shake hands with the likes of Anthony Bell of the Raiders; Honor Jackson from the Patriots and Giants; Mike Meriwether of the Steelers and Vikings; Anthony Simmons of the Chargers and Cowboys; and more.

Annette Jackson, CEO of The California Soul Food Cookout and Festival, says, "This will be the ideal place to get family and friends together while celebrating the power of positivity through food, fun and music and giving back to the community at the same time."

To date, 35 food truck vendors are signed up and a job fair and career expo are scheduled to take place each day. There will also be many other vendors and specialty shops set up for people to enjoy.

Corporate partners are invited to help underwrite the California Soul Food Cookout and Festival, while showcasing and promoting their company's services and products.

Customized sponsorship packages are available here: https://eventhub.net/events/California-Soul-Food-Cookout-and-Festival_3027

"The California Soul Food Cookout and Festival serves as a platform for people to gather, celebrate and spread peace and love throughout the community for a long time to come," Jackson shares. "We also want everyone to have access to the event, so we're providing complimentary tickets for various community organizations to distribute."

For event information: https://www.californiasoulfoodcookoutandfestival.com/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/soulfoodfestCA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/calisoulfoodfest/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calisoulfoodfest

Related link: https://www.californiasoulfoodcookoutandfestival.com/

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The Lowell Chamber Orchestra announces its fourth season

LOWELL, Mass. -- The Lowell Chamber Orchestra announces its fourth season, with five free concerts that look to entertain, educate, and enlighten Lowell audiences. "The season is designed to turn the western classical musical canon on its head," says Music Director Orlando Cela. "The programming elevates contemporary works above established masterpieces, demonstrating that music keeps evolving in the orchestral medium."

The season will feature works by very well-known composers such as Manuel de Falla, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Franz Joseph Haydn, but these will have very unusual features, such as flamenco style chanting, a vanishing orchestra, and unusual instruments. The newer works will have influences by grindcore punk, Latin-American rhythms, Cornish traditions, and more.

Most of the works have an important social message, such as Gabriele Vanoni's multimedia oratorio "Island of Peoples," about the immigrant experience, and Estefanía Pardo Perez's "Paikuna Saqinku," about displacement of ethnic communities due to environmental disasters - the latter piece being the winner of LCO's second call-for-scores.

"Even the last movement of Haydn's 45th symphony is a social commentary," continues Cela. "The ending is not so much about requesting to go back to Eisenstadt, as it is about demonstrating the importance of teamwork and working together (as told by Giaccomo Ferrari); and in a world where war and political tensions plague our everyday life, we program this piece as a call for global unity and peace."

The season features many guest artists: for the first time ever, the Lowell Chamber Orchestra will feature Canadian conductor Geneviève Leclair as the LCO's first ever guest conductor, and Roi Karni, the winner of LCO's first ever concerto competition. Vocalists Sophie Michaux and Rose Hegele, and cellist Leo Eguchi will also be featured, among others.

All of the concerts are completely free, consistent with the LCO's mission to provide extraordinarily high level classical music performances and take down socio-economic barriers to access these concerts. The LCO survives only through donations.

To see the entire upcoming season, click here: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/events

To donate to the Lowell Chamber Orchestra, click here: https://tinyurl.com/LCOdonate


VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/h_IHd23O9-s

Related link: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/

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The Old Saloon of Emigrant, MT hosts Ryan Bingham for Benefit Concert

EMIGRANT, Mont. -- The Old Saloon and Ryan Bingham, acclaimed country music singer songwriter and Walker on the hit show "Yellowstone," partnered to support the Park and Madison counties from recent catastrophic flood damage.

"We were thrilled to host Ryan on our stage and blown-away by his generosity to donate his time for the cause," says Brett Evje, co-owner of the renowned Old Saloon establishment. "Having the additional support of Outriders Presents, and the large financial contributions of Simkins-Hallin, and the numerous people who rose to the occasion means a lot to the community."

"On behalf of the many individuals in Park County this fund will help, I want to extend my deep gratitude to everyone at the Old Saloon and Ryan Bingham for their generous support of the SW Montana Flood Relief Fund and the people of Park County. Over the past weeks, I have been witness to an incredible display of people helping people - the epitome of the Montana Spirit. This gift from the Old Saloon and the generosity of Ryan Bingham is an example of that way of life we all love and the reason we call Montana home," proclaims Gavin Clark, Park County Community Foundation executive director.

In the hours following the flooding, the Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund- serving Park County, was collaboratively launched between Greater Gallatin United Way and the Park County Community Foundation to support communities affected by the severe flooding in June.

So far, the Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund has raised over 1 million dollars from over 1,000 donors. The fund is providing financial assistance for home/business property damage, clean-up efforts, emergency evacuation reimbursement, and other crisis needs. Over $800,000 has been distributed.

Those wishing to help people most impacted by the flooding in Southwest Montana are encouraged to donate to this fund by texting Flood22 to 41-444. To donate online go to https://www.greatergallatinunitedway.org/ or https://www.pccf-montana.org/.

For people who have been affected by the flooding and need financial assistance, please fill out the Funding Request Form for the SWMT Flood Relief Fund on Greater Gallatin United Way's website or call the Park County Community Foundation at 406-224-3920.

About The Old Saloon:

Established in 1902, The Old Saloon is a classic western bar and eatery that not only offers great food, cold beer & whiskey but also hosts big name music during the summer and local music all year round.

Learn more: https://www.oldsaloonmt.com/

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Covenant Winery Summer Music Series Announces July Calendar Berkeley, CA Drinks District is Hopping

BERKELEY, Calif. -- The Covenant Winery Summer Music Series, which kicked off on Memorial Day weekend in Berkeley at their Sixth Street winery, continues through July with four concerts, July 3, 10, 17 and 24, 2022. Showcased at the winery's new outdoor tasting lounge, fans of wine and music can enjoy the vibe of the Berkeley Drinks District, while sipping a nice array of California and Israeli wines.

Covenant founding winemaker Jeff Morgan, who owns the winery with his wife and CEO Jodie, has a deep history with music as a performer, specifically as a saxophone player. After a formal education at the French National Music Conservatory in Nice, France Jeff became a co-band leader for the house band in Monte Carlo at Prince Rainier's Grand Casino in Monaco. He took a hiatus from playing music for the last 25 years, but during the recent Covid pandemic, he had some time on his hands and returned to his saxophone again.

Today, a year later, Jeff has regained his playing chops. His funk band, Free Run, will perform July 17 and 24 this month.

Other bands to be featured in the music series include: Dave Eagle's Brazilian Trio de D and the original rock band, Felsen, with all musicians hailing from the Bay Area.

For the complete Covenant Winery concert schedule, go to https://www.exploretock.com/covenant-wines/event/342902/summer-concert-series.

Performances take place between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets can be purchased in advance, and $20 will get you a glass of wine (choice of white, rose or red), light snacks and concert admission. Advance reservations can be made at wine@covenantwines.com.

Covenant Winery is located at 1102 Sixth St. in Berkeley, California.

LEARN MORE: https://covenantwines.com/

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved. ID:NEO2022