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‘Get Laughs or Cry Trying with Ken Rudnick’ is official selection at Battle of the Sketches

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- "Get Laughs or Cry Trying" is a fresh digital sketch comedy series, releasing original sketches on 4K HD on YouTube every Sunday through January 16, 2022, followed by HD release the next day on Instagram. The second episode, "PostMurder" premiered July 25, 2021, and is an Official Selection of The 4th Annual Battle of the Sketches.

"PostMurder" is a parody of popular app-based delivery services, with a dark twist. "As someone who's spent a lot on app-based food delivery -- did I say that right? -- anyway, I'm happy it's paid off. I mean it hasn't paid off financially, of course, but it's great just to be a contender for an award," Ken Rudnick shared. The writer, director, creator and sometimes co-star just wants to make people laugh.

"I missed the sketches we did back in college, when I was part of LCC, Lapu the Coyote that Cares Theatre Company." The UCLA sketch troupe, founded in 1995 by Randall Park, Dave Lee and Derek Mateo was a place for students to put on original plays and sketch shows where underrepresented artists would be able to play starring roles. "As someone from the sketch comedy community I never expected to win anything, whether it be a contest or my parents' approval. And to be fair, we may not win," Ken said. "But as someone who's never been selected to play a sport, being an official selection still feels like a W." The sketch will go head-to-head with comedy from around the world on October 16, 2021 at the Alamo Drafthouse Mueller in Austin, Texas, vying for recognition as Battle of the Sketches' Live Round Champion.

"My favorite part was creating and throwing the fake blood," co-star Myra Vitela said when describing the process of making the sketch, "It was a mix of ketchup, hot sauce, and some other stuff. It smelled so bad and it got everywhere, but the end result was hilarious." PostMurder was edited by Judith Schomp. When informed of the official selection status, Gregory Rosenberg who co-stars with Rudnick and Vitela revealed, "I didn't plan on being shirtless so early in my sketch career, but it wasn't gratuitous or anything."

Ken enlisted a group of young Hollywood talent, including co-producer Erin Walsh, Cameron "Camera" Coulter, and composer Stefan Ecklund, and asked them to make sketches on a shoe-string budget during COVID.

The "Get Laughs" series stars Ken Rudnick and Frankie Kevich, and features Sean Choi, Hector Claros, Zef Husain, Billy Levin, Amber Li, Anne Mathews, Vik Ramen, Kaitlyn Ricci, Gregory Rosenberg, Jomi Segun-Williams, Andres Valdez, Myra Vitela, and Patrick Zhang.

"We're looking forward to being able to do live screenings and shows when COVID is over," Ken said. "But even while people are stuck at home, we're going to make them laugh, or cry trying."

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About "Get Laughs or Cry Trying with Ken Rudnick"

"Get Laughs or Cry Trying with Ken Rudnick" is a digital sketch comedy series available on YouTube and Instagram.





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Caption: "Get Laughs or Cry Trying Episode 2" photo with Official Selection Laurel from Battle of the Sketches 2021.

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Caption: "Get Laughs or Cry Trying" Series Poster. Featuring cast Frankie Kevich, Myra Vitela, Amber Li, Kaitlyn Ricci, Gregory Rosenberg, Sean Choi, Ken Rudnick.

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Superhero Cooking School, YouTube’s Hottest New Comedy Show, Provides Comedic Relief with Zoom-Filmed Episode

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- "Superhero Cooking School," a new web comedy series, has been generating laughs around the world. Featured exclusively on YouTube, Superhero Cooking School was created by Gina Nemo, an award-winning actress and filmmaker, and founder of G Plan Media, and has earned acclaim for its unique comedic style and Saturday Night Live vibes, where actors create characters and parody famous comic book personalities.

Nemo, the creator of Superhero Cooking School, was determined to continue filming despite the COVID-19 pandemic. She made the decision last month to shoot episode eight of the series exclusively on the telecommunication platform Zoom.

Now in its first season, production was ongoing through March 2020 until the stay-at-home orders were announced to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Halting in-person production for Superhero Cooking School, creative steps were taken to ensure the show would go on.

"We upload a new episode every Thursday at noon PST," remarked Nemo. "We were running out of episodes, and I had to get creative to deliver for our fans around the world."

Nemo, determined to find a way to film new episodes, decided to shoot episode eight, the latest in the series, exclusively on the telecommunication platform Zoom. The idea first came to Nemo last month after her acting classes, and private auditions, were transitioned to Zoom due to the coronavirus. Featuring in-character interviews and more, the innovative Zoom style offers an exciting twist for fans of the series. Future episodes will be filmed similarly until stay-at-home orders are lifted, paying homage to millions around the world now dependent on the telecommunication platform.

Starring Sebastian Sage, Russel Donahue, Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, Belle Nemo, Michael Charles Jr., Michael DiGiulio, and Robert DiGiulio, watch Superhero Cooking School on YouTube or visit to learn more.

Media Contact
G Plan Media
Contact Person: Gina Nemo

Address: 226 West Ojai Ave. Suite 101 #526 Ojai, CA 93023 Country: United States


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