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BlogPaws 2017 Conference Lets the Cats Out of the Bag – Features Pop Culture Presence for Felines

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- Everyone knows "cats rule," not only online but in millions of feline-loving households. As it turns out, at the upcoming BlogPaws Conference taking place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from May 18-21, 2017, the cat presence will also include several celebrity cats of Instagram, play host to the Cat Writer's Association, prominent cat brands like PawCulture and feature Hauspanther founder and New York Times best-selling author, Kate Benjamin.

We are a kitty-loving nation, with cats dominating web videos, memes, and social media feeds. Feline fancy meets functionality as attendees of the 9th BlogPaws Conference will experience in the revamped and modernized Cat Lounge.

A dedicated section of the BlogPaws 2017 Conference exhibit hall will host all things feline, focusing on the latest cat trends and topics as well as showcasing the hottest product lines for cats and cat lovers.

"I'm really excited to be involved in a whole new cat lounge this year! We wanted to bring more variety to the lounge with fun cat topics and trends like fashion and decor as well as behavior and cat care," says Kate Benjamin, coordinator of the BlogPaws Cat Lounge experience. "We're also thrilled to have the Cat Writers' Association in the lounge this year, so all the cat-centric fun will be headquartered in one place!"

Pop culture and feline Internet sensations, Nala Cat (3.4 million Instagram followers) and Luna Rose (Nala Cat's famous sister) will stop by the Cat Lounge for a face-to-face, nose-to-nose meet and greet.

Cat blogger, Teri Thorsteinson of Curlz and Swirlz, and Coco, The Couture Cat, will demonstrate how she enhances the human-cat bond through clicker training and by using props like clothing to create unique photographs with her cats. Coco the Couture Cat will model feline couture as part of BlogPaws' Cat Lounge 2.0.

Not to be outdone by their canine counterparts, attendees will learn about the latest trends in cat cafes, cat shelter design, and residential design for living with cats.

"BlogPaws can't wait to share the new experience that awaits all attendees in this year's Cat Lounge," says Chloe DiVita, BlogPaws' Chief of Everything. "Working with Kate Benjamin's expertise, the Cat Writers' cat passionate journalists, Teri Thorsteinson and her stylish cats, and so many more cat-centric professionals has created a focus point to the conference that is not to be missed!"

In an effort to improve the quality of cat information to the general public (both online and in print), the Cat Writers' Association has once again teamed up with BlogPaws to participate in their growing, engaged and original pet community and social media marketing conference.

Every dog has his day, but the cats have arrived, as today's modern cat ladies can attest.

Members of the BlogPaws staff are available for interviews, insights into pet trends, and any other pet-related angles.

Event Details:

The BlogPaws 2017 Conference takes place May 18-20 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. The conference is capped at approximately 500 attendees for a more intimate, personal experience, culminating with a Red Carpet event to celebrate the pet industry's only pet blogging awards judged by a distinguished panel of professionals, not by popular vote. Press conference takes place Thursday, May 18 at 12 p.m. in the Main Exhibit Hall.

About BlogPaws:

BlogPaws is the web's premier community of pet people online, and the largest professional network of pet bloggers and social media enthusiasts. BlogPaws is owned by Pet360, Inc. -- a division of PetSmart. Learn more: http://blogpaws.com/.

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Tenaja Environmental Concerns Association Requests County Stop Issuing Kennel Permits

MURIETTA, Calif. -- The Tenaja Environmental Concerns Association (TECA) is requesting a call to action from Riverside County public officials to stop issuing kennel permits in Residential and Equine neighborhoods. It says that the existing ordinance needs to be updated to address specific property rights of surrounding residents and to introduce additional conditions to safeguard them from the negative impact these kennels present to these communities.

"When Ordinance 630 was first written, there were more open spaces than there are today. Now, those same spaces are home to residential and equine neighborhoods and while the area has changed, the ordinance has not," Scott Becker, resident and active member of the Tenaja Environmental Concerns Association, says.

As a result, TECA members are asking the county to implement additional conditions before issuing new kennel permits.

"Many counties and cities throughout the U.S. provide for stringent restrictions such as distance and zoning requirements before a kennel permit is approved," Becker says. "Issuing kennel permits in pre-existing residential communities is unfair and unjust to residents and surrounding property owners."

According to TECA members, kennels create the likely potential for a noise nuisance, undue stress and possible health concerns. They significantly decrease surrounding property values and pose a danger to children, domestic pets and horses. These residents also feel that kennels do not belong in the sensitive Santa Rosa Plateau area as the noise, feces and introduction of too many dogs disrupts the natural environment and wildlife.

"We're asking the county to recognize the rights of its citizens and to protect sensitive ecological areas. The current and very antiquated ordinance needs to be amended to provide more protection to the residents of Riverside County," Becker says. "Other surrounding areas such as the City of Riverside, Kern County and San Bernardino County have already updated their ordinance to recognize and define kennels as a commercial use, which would be a prohibited use in residential areas.

A public hearing is scheduled before the County Board of Supervisors on April 25, 2017 at 9 a.m.; Riverside County Building, 4080 Lemon Street, 1st floor. Transportation and carpooling are being provided to the hearing. To schedule a ride, call: 951-660-2586.

Concerned residents can also contact Supervisor Kevin Jeffries at: 951-955-1010 or district1@RivCo.org to voice their concerns.

A petition has been started and the goal is to collect 10,000 signatures by April 25. The petition and additional information can be found on their website at https://www.savemyneighborhood.com/.

Residential communities need to be protected and Riverside County has an important role to play. It can update Ordinance 630 and stop issuing kennel permits to ensure a quiet, safe and peaceful environment for its citizens.

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Ferret Owners Hopeful as California Fish and Game Commission Consider Issuing Permits for Ferrets

LA MESA, Calif. -- Legalize Ferrets, a California organization that continues to advocate for ferret legalization in the state, has a watchful eye on The California Fish and Game Commission this month. Why? The commission is set to consider issuing permits for ferrets during its April 26, 2017 meeting in Van Nuys, Calif.

Currently, ferrets are legal in 48 states - California and Hawaii are the exceptions. But ferret lovers are hopeful that California is ready to join the ranks.

"Previously, the commission rejected a proposal to remove ferrets from the prohibited species list," Pat Wright of LegalizeFerrets.org says. "It said doing so would remove ferrets from its jurisdiction and that ferrets could pose a threat to wildlife."

However, prior to 1985, the commission had issued permits for neutered male ferrets. So, ferret advocates countered the recent proposal rejection asking it to revisit its previous position. The commission agreed to study and hear the proposal.

California ferret lovers have submitted an open letter to the commission which highlights the commission's two objections and provides ferret advocate responses.

The commission's first objection that eliminating the ban would eliminate the commission's control is countered through a response suggesting that permitting would enable the commission to maintain their jurisdiction. Secondly, concerns over threats to wildlife are countered through letters submitted from all 50 states, and a few Canadian provinces, that report no instances of ferrets attacking or harming wildlife.

In fact, Wright shared that a ferret was recently confiscated in Arroyo Grande. It had gotten out and a neighbor turned it into local animal control.

"After a big deal and lots of tears the ferret was returned to the owner and she was given 30 days to get rid of it. This is just another example of the futility of the ferret ban," Wright says. "There's not a single documented case of feral ferrets in the United States. It's time that California ferret owners have protection from confiscations and possible euthanasia of their pets."

To read the open letter to the California Fish and Game Commission and to learn more about LegalizeFerrets.org, visit: http://www.legalizeferrets.org/.

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* Photo Caption: LegalizeFerrets.org is advocating to make ferrets legal in California.

Media Contact:
Pat Wright
of LegalizeFerrets.org

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