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Award-winning documentary, ‘Just One’ selected for August 3 screening at San Antonio Film Festival

CYPRESS, Texas -- One single encounter with the police can change a young person's life forever - especially children of color. "A Black or Brown child acting out at school or having a bad day can very quickly find themselves enmeshed into two very broken systems," says filmmaker and PrettyWork Creative CEO, Lisa N. Alexander. "Kiddos without family support not only become part of the juvenile correctional system but oftentimes the foster care system as well," she continued.

Alexander worked with Collective Action for Youth (CA4Y) to produce and direct the documentary, "Just One."

The film tells the story of two young people who overcame life in both systems and has been selected for screening at the 28th Annual San Antonio Film Festival. The film will screen on Wednesday, August 3 between 5 and 7 PM at the Radius Center, 106 Auditorium Circle #120, in San Antonio, TX.

"I had no idea what a dual-status youth was before taking this project," said Alexander. "I was unaware that this population even existed and that organizations like Collective Action for Youth were helping these incredible young people navigate their journeys," she continued. "It was truly an honor to help them tell their story," she said.

The documentary focuses on the stories of CA4Y staff members, Dieter Cantu and Angel Jackson. The two share the moment their lives were forever changed, how they overcame their challenges and the policies and legislation they're working to change. "In my initial meeting it was made quite clear that whatever work I produced had to depict them from an empowered place," Alexander remembers. "There would be no victimizing or 'white saviors' to edify," she recalled.

"Just One" opens with a dramatic court scene and has an unexpected twist at the end. It also includes a heart-wrenching interview with former Texas Juvenile Correctional Officer, Sharee Cammon. Harris County Dual Status Juvenile Probation Department Supervisor, Deidra Ewing assures viewers that the department is more "compassionate" and does what she calls "heart work."

This is the second film festival recognition for "Just One." The film won a Silver Remi from the 55th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival in April.

To purchase tickets to the screening of "Just One" go to:

About Lisa N. Alexander:

Known as The Marketing Stylist® for most of her career, Lisa N. Alexander is the owner of the award-winning creative agency PrettyWork Creative LLC (PWC), she serves as the company's CEO and creative director. She along with her team help their clients tell amazing stories through video. Lisa and her husband Elgin Alexander produced their first documentary entitled, What Mercy Looks Like in 2017 and the project is available to watch on It is a story about the volunteers who helped rebuild Houston after Hurricane Harvey and the organization that spearheaded the mission. The documentary won a Gold Remi at the 2018 WorldFest Houston International Film Festival and was Selected for Showing at the San Antonio Film Festival.

About PrettyWork Creative:

PrettyWork Creative LLC, is an award-winning, Black-woman-owned, Cypress-based studio specializing in video production and storytelling. The agency also provides brand development, and communication, PR and social media strategies to its clients. The organization believes every business deserves not only pretty work but branded work that tells each company's story across multiple channels.

About Collection Action for Youth:

Collective Action for Youth centers experiences of impacted people to transform systems and create solutions. Their aim is to create an aligned and data-driven system that is inclusive of families and caregivers, committed to equity, and responsive to youths' individualized needs.

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‘ALICE’ Families Focus of New Docudrama by Education Based Housing, Premieres July 21

HOUSTON, Texas -- A $500 or $1,000 unplanned expense is enough to send an ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) family spiraling according to a report by Bankrate. Education Based Housing, a Houston nonprofit that serves ALICE families and communities knows this to be true. The organization partnered with Cypress creative agency, PrettyWork Creative to produce a docudrama to show situations real families face and expand the national conversation on ALICE families.

"The Spiral" will premiere Thursday, July 21, 2022 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the India House, 8888 West Bellfort St., Houston, TX 77031.

Education Based Housing Chief Executive Officer, Jarvis Taylor, believes the short film will help "unpack how stereotypes affect a communities' ability to access resources and services." According to Taylor, individualist pursuits and chasing the American dream has led to deeper levels of poverty for many thus continuing the cycle of generational poverty. The solution, according to Taylor, is building successful, thriving communities. "It's going to take all of us to overcome systemic poverty," said Taylor.

The docudrama is based on a combination of news headlines and personal stories and leaves viewers asking, "what would you do?" Premiere attendees will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ask questions of Taylor and other guest panelists.

Click here to watch the film's trailer and go to to register for the free premiere.

About Education Based Housing:

Education Based Housing's (EBH) mission is to work with ALICE households to provide access to quality housing and tools to help them sustainably thrive. By expanding the knowledge and comfort level that individuals and families have with a variety of work-related skills, EBH helps broaden a family's opportunities and empower each member with practical skills to help them achieve their goals.

With a variety of training programs including medical assistant and accounting specialist training, class attendees are better prepared to seek better jobs and continue their education, so that they will be role models for their families and communities.

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