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Independent Label tHinc. Records Announces the New Album, ‘Soul In Exile Redux’ from The Hesh Inc.

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. -- Independent record label tHinc. Records is excited to announce the release of the latest album from The Hesh Inc., "Soul In Exile Redux," available online everywhere on Jan. 28, 2022. The Hesh Inc. is a NJ/NY-based act led by singer-songwriter Heshy Rosenwasser (best known by his online moniker Hesh Meister), performing songs about exile, redemption, beach towns in the off season, and finding one's place in the world.

tHinc. (pronounced "think") Records is The Hesh Inc.'s proprietary label, which has put out releases by the artist since 1999.

"'Soul In Exile Redux' is a Rock album, in the Album Rock genre, by an artist who still believes in the power of Rock'n'Roll and albums, for fans of Rock music, in a world where such releases are increasingly rare, if not altogether archaic. It is the keystone release of the artist's magnum opus, designed to put him and his music before newer and wider audiences who may be thirsting for new releases of this style of music," Rosenwasser says.

An advance single from the album, "Jersey Shore Baby," was released on Nov. 26, 2021.

About Heshy Rosenwasser:

Heshy has been an active musician since his high school days, starting his musical journey in Jerusalem, Israel and then making his way through Boston, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, playing in bands covering a range of styles and genres from Rock to Disco to Reggae to Jewish music. He has released five albums of original music and has lent his keyboard and vocal skills to various artists in all the above-mentioned styles and locations. He has always considered the Jersey Shore his spiritual and creative center, returning there between and during his sojourns in those other places.

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Breaking Hits App Turns Up the Volume on Amplified Authentic Opinions in the Music Business

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Breaking Hits, an organized aggregator of an authentic opinion App, is ramping up to launch its pilot program. The first will focus on the Super Bowl and the second on Valentine's Day. Both will ask, "Retire or fire?" and ask music and non-music related questions. It's a new voice that music industry pros will want to hear.

On February 4, 2021, "Retire or On Fire Super Bowl Day Review," will ask a series of questions focused on which players people think should retire or who are on fire for the next season. The second one to launch on February 11, seeks people's authentic opinions about which love song artists and love songs should be retired as well as those on fire.

The Breaking Hits App looks to differentiate opinion from fact. Its goal is to ditch the hype and get the real opinions of listeners for others as well as the music industry at large. Through their voice, people can engage directly with the music and entertainment world. This app ensures that all opinions are accounted for and amplified.

"You are more than a number, a like or a vote. You are a voice. You are part of an authentic collective that is heard, honored and amplified to artists, their representation, managers, investors and record label," Neil Collins, Breaking Hits, CEO and founder says. "We're compiling authentic opinions from real music listeners, vetted influencers and verified music industry pros and then bringing that authentic intel and data to the artists and labels."

Loren Weisman, brand messaging strategist and author of "Music Business for Dummies," and "The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business," says, "We've seen a great deal of money and time wasted in creating connections to consumers. The tone across social media has left many users feeling confused, annoyed, unheard and under-appreciated. Some people have been able to purchase votes, likes, views, listens and comments, while voting as much as they like and this may be harming more than helping. This app has the authority that I believe artists, labels and investors are hungry for."

Breaking Hits is available on iOS and Android and allows people to discover the latest music, videos, breaking artists and fresh sounds shared exclusively by the talent, management, labels, radio stations and sponsors that are hungry for the authority intelligence to make those next-step promotional decisions.

On April 3, Breaking Hits is also launching 4,3,21 Ignition and Launch: All Opinions Go Debut. It's inviting interested artists to be part of it and to get in touch by filling out a form at: to be considered as a featured artist or brand for this next phase.

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*Caption: Neil Collins, Founder and CEO.

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