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How to Spoof in Pokemon Go on an iPhone for Free without Jailbreak

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- August is here, and so is the Pokemon Go Fest! And with all the discussion about how to spoof in Pokemon Go 2023 Reddit, many players wonder if it is possible to spoof the game without getting banned, says software developer UltFone. Pokemon Go is a famous AR mobile game by Niantic that involves players walking around the real world, using smartphones to find, catch, and train virtual Pokemon. However, not all players can go out and move around the city whenever they play the game.

Therefore, the only way to stay ahead in the game is by changing location, such as using UltFone Location Changer.

Is it Possible to Spoof in Pokemon Go without Getting Banned Now?

The Answer is Yes! The purpose of Pokemon Go is to walk around in search of Pokestops and gyms to be able to find different Pokemon. However, you can only find them in specific locations.

If you are wondering how to spoof on Pokemon Go without getting banned, you can change your GPS location via the pokemon go spoofing app.

But how to realize it, Let's find out!

How to Spoof in Pokemon Go iPhone & Android? [No Getting Banned]

When we talk about changing the location in Pokemon Go, the main concern is how to spoof without getting banned. This is where UltFone Location Changer enters the picture, which can one click to teleport to the desired location safely without Jailbreak and Root.

Here is what you get with UltFone Location Changer:

* Built-in cooldown timer that avoids being flagged when you spoof Pokemon Go.

* Try all features by Pokemon Go Spoofer download free version before going premium.

* Hatch eggs quickly with Single-Spot Movement and Multi-Spot Movement.

* Join remote raids free without remotes raids passes

* Participate in Pokémon Go Fest remotely without ticket

* Customize route by importing/exporting GPX files.

* Support up to 15 devices.

UltFone Location Changer is one of the best Pokemon Go spoofer out there.

Here are the steps of how to spoof in Pokemon Go without a VPN and without getting banned:

* Download and launch the free trial version of UltFone Location Changer on your PC.

* Connect your Phone to the PC, and select the "GPS Change" option from menu on the left.

* A world map will appear on the PC screen, using which you can select your desired location.

* Now launch Pokemon Go on smartphone, and play the game on the location you want with this Pokemon Go Location Spoofer.

And that's how to spoof in Pokemon Go iPhone free. It also supports Android.

About UltFone:

UltFone is a software developer of utility technologies and applications offering viable solutions for iOS and Android data recovery, data transfer between devices, iOS system repair, etc. Furthermore, if you are looking for an easy way how to spoof in Pokemon Go, UltFone Location Changer can help you.





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How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving? Try Out Tenorshare iAnyGo, Now

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Have you found it difficult to play Pokemon Go without moving? There are many limitations for every Pokemon Go trainer to walk around to capture Pokemon. Fortunately, Tenorshare iAnyGo has trick to change GPS location. To thank its clients on thanksgiving day, anyone can get an outstanding discount from Tenorshare Sale Promotion before Dec. 9, 2022.


Could we Play Pokemon Go without Moving?

While Pokemon Go attracts more fans, its restrictions in Pokemon Go's guidelines stop users from playing."You must be eager to learn more about how to walk in Pokemon Go without walking." Said Tenorshare spokesperson, "To create a better gaming experience, Tenorshare just launched a fantastic solution for changing location, called Tenorshare iAnyGo, and it has been used to play Pokemon Go without restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can I play Pokemon Go without moving on iOS?

Pokemon Go is a game that requires a lot of movements. How to walk in Pokemon Go without walking is a common question among gamers. Tenorshare iAnyGo is a fantastic software for changing location, which offers you an ideal way to effortlessly change your location if you don't want to go outside but need to change your location.

Just open iAnyGo by connecting your iPhone to your computer, and next choose "Change Location." Then locate the place you want to go by tapping "Modify Location." And drag the speed bar to set the number of movements and modify the movement speed.

Why do we recommend Tenorshare iAnyGo change GPS Location?

Available on both Android and iOS users - With "Fake GPS Location Spoofer," it is possible to play Pokemon Go while staying at home for Android users.

1-Click to change current location on iPhone - With a single click, you can change the location of Pokemon Go without walking, and all location-based applications on your iPhone will be updated to the fake location as well.

GPS joystick to control the direction - Tenorshare iAnyGo is capable of location simulation. To more naturally and effectively manage GPS movement direction, use a GPS joystick or keyboard.

Import GPX files to create your routes - It is possible to examine and begin a planned route on the map by importing GPX files of single and multiple pathways.


About Tenorshare:

In addition to playing Pokemon Go walk without moving, Tenorshare as a leading international software brand has studied software-related problems deeply and is always providing high-quality support and professional solutions. Since excellent results from 2007, Tenorshare has gained the trust of over 10 million users. Hence, Tenorshare has launched Big Sale Promotion to thank your support and trust! Don't miss out to receive great discounts from Tenorshare!

More information:




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Foneazy Releases MockGo: A Jailbreak-Free iPhone GPS Location Spoofer

HONG KONG, China -- Do you want to access Geo-restricted apps and games without the location restriction? Or would you like to change the geographic location to fool your friends into thinking you are somewhere else? Well, try using MockGo from Foneazy Studio to transport your GPS location to anywhere in the world without having to jailbreak the device. It works with all location-based apps, such as Pokemon Go, Ingress, Life360, Fitness app, Facebook, etc.

MockGo Key Features:

1. Simulate GPS Movement Along a Specified Route and at a Specified Speed

You can choose to drive, walk or cycle virtually. This type of specific GPS movement comes in handy for games like Pokémon Go because it is more convincing and may even give you more chances to capture more Pokémon on the route you have chosen.

2. Two-Spot Mode

Choose an icon on the map, select your start and end locations and set the speed as desired. You then choose how many times you want to move between the selected location and you'll be able to see the movement in real-time.

3. Multi-Spot Mode

This feature allows you to select multiple stops along a specified route. This is the right mode to choose if you want to cover long distances.

4. Joystick for Precision

Because simply dropping a pin on a map will not give you the perfect location, MockGo has incorporated the Joystick mode to further refine the location. With the joystick, you can easily move forward, reverse, left or right using the arrows on the screen or the W, A, S and D keys on the keyboard.

5. GPX File Support

GPX files store GPS data including the longitude, latitude, routes, tracks, geocaches and waypoints. They are often used in fitness devices and application designed to track a biking or running route.

With MockGo, you can easily import a GPX file into the program and follow a real-time route virtually, ideal for playing location-based games like Pokémon Go.

Pricing and Availability

There are four pricing plans with MockGo and all four include up to 5 iOS devices and one PC or Mac. A monthly license costs $9.95, a quarterly license costs $19.95, an annual license costs $39.95. Lifetime license comes as best value: $59.95.

For more information, please visit:

About Foneazy

Foneazy is focusing on the development of handy and effective tools to save your digital life and make using your phone as a doddle! With these tools, you can easily change the iOS GPS location, unlock the iPhone and solve so much more troubles when using your mobile device!

Learn more at:




Media Contact: Aria, at

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iToolab AnyGo V4.0.0 Version Out Now! Collect and Customize Your Own Route

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- iToolab Studio: iToolab has launched the new version of AnyGo V4.0.0 with two unique features in the market. AnyGo as one of the most popular iOS GPS changer software you can use it for spoofing location, simulation route. It helps more than 100,000 location-based AR gamers. With iToolab as the leading iOS solution provider, you can trust the company with any product.


1. Collection Locations and Routes

Save the locations and fake GPS routes for future use. This way whenever you have to use the same route/location, you could directly access it from the saved history, making the overall process more convenient.

2. Connect via Wi-Fi

AnyGo now supports spoofing GPS location over a Wi-Fi connection on Mac. By connecting your device to the same network, you could wirelessly spoof the current GPS location and hide the real whereabouts.

3. Multiple Travel Modes

This mode allows you to set up a round-trip route where you can walk from the start to the end and then back again from the end. You can also repeat the route for many times.

4. Auto-Close Path

Using the multi-spot movement, if your start and end point are shorter than 50 meters then AnyGo will automatically close the route for you.

Free Download iToolab AnyGo

You can now download iToolab AnyGo for free on your macOS and Windows. Simply visit the and download the correct variant of the tool according to your current system requirements.


Regular Functions:

You'll be able to teleport the GPS location on your iDevices with one-click. While faking GPS location, you can also use either 2-spot movement or multi-spot movement modes to virtually control your movement on the map. The former will allow you to set the starting and endpoint and virtually traverse between them.

Supported Games:

Apart from PokemonGo, iToolab AnyGo can also be used to fake GPS location in other location-based games such as Wizards Unite, Ingress Prime, Jurassic World Alive, and Minecraft Earth. Since all these games access the GPS location, you'll be able to manipulate the gameplay and unlock new levels by simply changing your current whereabouts.

Extensive Compatibility:

iToolab AnyGo supports multiple iPhone/iPad models and iOS versions. The tool is even compatible with the recently announced iOS 15. So, even if you're running the beta version of iOS 15 on your iDevice, you can easily change your GPS location using AnyGo.

Pricing (The Most Cost-Effective Geo Spoofing Tool for iOS)

For one moth license, 1-5 devices it only takes $9.95. The lifetime version is the best value price: $59.95.

Visit to learn more about the all-new features of iToolab AnyGo.


iToolab is a Hong Kong-based software development agency that mainly designs applications for iOS users. The company has been serving the iOS market for more than a decade and has an extensive customer base of 55,000 users. Over the years, iToolab has released a wide range of tools such as AnyGo, UnlockGo, and FixGo. All these tools are designed with a vision to help iOS users troubleshoot different iOS issues in their daily life.







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