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Track the Sudden Conversion to Renewable Fuels

BOULDER, Colo. -- The Jacobsen Publishing has launched a hub for tracking the rapidly changing landscape of fuel producers adopting renewables, with a focus on renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels and co-processing operations.

The special coverage includes tracking on:
* Current US Renewable Diesel Production Refineries
* US Co-Processing Refineries
* US Refinery Conversions and New Builds
* Renewable Diesel Facilities List with 10 Year Projections
* Renewable Diesel Feedstock Balance Sheets
* Price Forecasting and Supply and Demand Analysis

The Jacobsen's position between agriculture and energy gives them a practical and insightful understanding of how these two industries will converge at an ever-increasing rate in the upcoming year.

Access to the hub is available to the public and can be accessed at

About the Jacobsen:

The Jacobsen has been a price reporting agency since 1865 which puts us in a rarefied field of companies that have survived for so long. We set the benchmark for a wide range of commodities trading as a result of our unbiased, rigorous, neutral position in the market. Our team is unparalleled in experience on supply-demand fundamentals, reporting and forecasting in both long-standing and emerging markets.

Please contact George Morris at George [at] for more information.

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George Morris
The Jacobsen

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Hans van der Sluijs Joins BioTork as Chief Development Officer

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- BioTork, the leading evolution biotechnology company, today announced that biotech executive Hans van der Sluijs has joined the company as Chief Development Officer. Hans brings over 20 years of international business leadership experience, with a focus on business development, management, and building strategic alliances/partnerships. Hans will be responsible for commercializing BioTork's technology globally.

"I'm very excited to join BioTork at this stage of their development, the company possesses a unique technology and has made great strides over the past years," said Hans. "Nature continuously develops and BioTork leverages that with their adaptive evolution technology; the opportunities are endless."

"We are looking ahead to 2020, and are happy to have the opportunity to strengthen our management team with the additions of industry veterans such as Hans van der Sluijs and Mark DeAndrea earlier this month," said Eudes de Crecy, CEO and Founder of BioTork. "We believe we have the right leadership in place to guide BioTork forward and gain the necessary market penetration to become an industry standard."

Renewable fuels and bio-based alternatives are becoming increasingly more important as the world shifts from oil to bio-based products. BioTork harnesses its proprietary adaptive evolution technology to create optimum non-GMO cellular factories for the conversion of agricultural by-products, co-products and feedstock into desirable commodities or specialties.

This better positions clients to leverage their production of sustainable biomaterials, thus dramatically improving efficiency while also reducing their carbon footprint.

BioTork's diverse approach can be used to improve upon any organism, whether it be GMO, non-GMO, and organic.

Most recently, as Vice President Business & Strategy - Americas for DSM Bio-based Products & Services, Hans built the North American team, delivered on the strategic objectives, shaped new ways for growing the emerging business including launching new biotechnology into the ethanol market, and significantly grew revenue through strategic partnerships and license agreements.

Previously, Hans served as Joint Venture Director for POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels. He played a leadership role in establishing and managing the partnership to build and operate the world's first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plant. Hans's international leadership experience also includes strategic projects (M&A) and finance management, for DSM's antibiotic division and an international food company.

About BioTork:

BioTork is the leading evolution biotechnology company that focusses on the development and improvement of organisms. The company develops and improves scalable, highly efficient, and robust microorganisms and adapts them to their related industrial processing conditions. BioTork's technology has numerous applications in industries like agriculture, biofuels, biomaterials, chemicals, consumer products, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food, and feed.

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