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Five-minute Custom Splinting System Designed to Succeed Where Others Fail

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- MakeITMarket USA is excited to announce a new custom wound shield that protects injuries within five minutes. It's the USplint(TM) and it's American-made. Ideal for professional first aid kits, medical, dental and even veterinary applications, this new injury protection device is getting noticed.

It's already been tested and purchased by Special Forces and quickly covers wounds or burns. It offers a strong shield to protect affected areas from further injury.

Manufactured in Charlotte, N.C., USplint(TM) is patent-pending and is a fast and easy solution for people to use in the field. It can be carried everywhere and used anywhere. It's reusable, biocompatible, radiolucent and latex-free. It covers injuries over or under protective bandages.

So, how does it work? The USplint(TM) heats in water, on a non-stick surface or in an MRE bag to 140F in about one to two minutes. When heated, it becomes transparent and pliable which means it's ready to be formed and applied. Next, it takes about one minute for the shield to set at which point it returns to its original opaque and rigid state. It's self-securing and conforms to nearly any injury.

Product pieces can be heated together to cover larger areas and newly heated material can be added to set material to offer more strength or protection. It's also lightweight and low cost.

Kate Liddle, partner at MakeItMarket, says, "Here's a general injury shield that offers a fast and easy way to create a custom protective device in five minutes in virtually any situation."

Broken tooth? Jammed finger? Injured pet? Fractured wrist? The USplint(TM) ensures that no further damage will occur to a wound and provides peace of mind. It's available in multiple sizes and shapes, and comes ready to add to professional first aid kits right away. And, if an x-ray is required, it can be performed without removal.

"It's not just an upgrade to first-aid kits, it's a must-have," Liddle says.

It helps practitioners do more with less and helps patients with compliance.

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Founded in 2014, MakeITMarket USA is focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing products using American facilities, ideas and employees.

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