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Vacant Property Inspection and Seasonal Service Packages Now Offered by Miami Mold Specialist

MIAMI, Fla. -- Travelers, rental owners, property management companies, realtors, foreclosure companies, banks, property investors, developers, commercial leasing companies can all benefit from Miami Mold Specialists' new vacant property inspection service offering.

Indoor air quality monitoring, radon detection, water intrusion inspections, toxic mold assessments, complete property walk through's, visual/infrared inspections, and HVAC system check-ups can now be scheduled with Miami Mold Specialist as preventative measures to mitigate the risk of property damage and expensive repair bills.

Maintaining a home is a full-time job and then some in itself. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, money, and usually assistance in some form to completely take care of a home or building inside and out.

Keeping tabs on a buildings air quality, indoor fungal ecologies, and other indoor environmental particulates and pollutants is a job in itself, especially when a home or building is left unattended.

This is where Miami Mold Specialists new service offering comes into play. Similar to a landscaping or lawn service, Miami Mold Specialists indoor environmental experts can conduct their work with minimal oversight. Miami Mold Specialists new Wi-Fi enabled equipment and live monitoring service can also assist owners with keeping "tabs" on all of the work going on in their home(s) or building(s) while away.

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Whether it be routine HVAC system check-up and cleaning service, indoor air quality monitoring and maintenance, and/or routine mold prevention and mold assessments; Miami Mold Specialists new seasonal service packages offer home and building owners "peace of mind" and the opportunity to protect their investments even further by simple and less costly preventative actions.

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Simple acts of maintenance and preventative actions on anything and everything from lawn equipment, to vehicles, to homes and buildings, will ultimately end up saving people thousands upon thousands of dollars in major repair bills and substantial replacement costs.

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