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Connected Solutions Group Releases m106 LTE Gateway Router

RICHMOND, Va. -- Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), a national leader in wireless hardware deployment and services, today announced that it is bringing its first in-house hardware product to market, the CSG m106 LTE Gateway Router. The router, designed to operate on the Verizon network, will be used for a wide range of business connectivity use cases.

"This is the next step in the evolution of CSG bringing dynamic and high-demand products into the market," stated Michael Pittman, CEO at CSG, "We have spent over a year in development making sure the device meets standards worthy of our brand. In the end, we've built something made with outstanding quality and with more features than most routers that are anywhere near the price point we will be able to offer."

Of the many features of the m106 Router, some of the key differentiators are its internal battery that will take over if external power is not available for up to eight hours; both WAN and LAN ethernet ports; IP passthrough mode; a cloud management portal with remote monitoring capabilities of the device; a pair of premium Panorama-4G/LTE Paddle antennas; inline failover capabilities; an included wall mount bracket; and a USB port that can output a charge to other devices.

A key motivation behind the device are the growing Business Internet (BI) offerings from Verizon. BI allows businesses to use the Verizon network as their primary internet service and requires a cellular connected router to facilitate the service for each customer.

"We've been a key player in BI 'Business Internet' since Verizon introduced it last year," said Pittman, "As we've put thousands of routers into the BI program, use cases have become clear to us that require features not available on some entry-level routers. The m106 feature set solves for many of the needs that Verizon is positioning BI into."

On the support side, CSG is backing up the device with included managed services and support for every Verizon BI customer who purchases the m106. "We are fully vested in every customer's success with this device," commented Pittman, "So it seemed natural to us to give six months of managed services with every sale. This support is with our own, US-based employees who will be here to hold the customer's hand through any questions they may have, assure that the device is set up properly for every unique use case, and even proactively monitor device status for the customer."

"At the end of the day, this is the CSG difference," concluded Pittman, "We're going to offer the best possible product backed by the best possible service in the industry. Our customers deserve it, Verizon customers deserve it, and, with the m106, we're going to deliver it."

About Connected Solutions Group:

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG) is a Richmond, Virginia-based leading VAR and wireless hardware deployment company. By bridging the wide gaps between development and deployment of M2M and IoT projects, CSG has created a true turnkey solution allowing customers to focus on building their applications while we design and implement cost-effective hardware to execute them efficiently. With services including MDM installation and support, custom programming, device staging and kitting, nationwide installation, and device activations, swaps and upgrades, CSG acts as the purchasing, fulfillment, and installation team for our clients. Learn more at

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XG Communities Rapidly Constructs Over 50 Small Cell Sites in St. Louis

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- California-based XG Communities, LLC ("XG Communities" or "XG") recently announced that it constructed more than 50 small cell sites in the fourth quarter of 2020. The project was implemented in St. Louis, MO. Engaged by one of the country's major wireless carriers, XG took less than 90 days from start to finish.

What the Project Entailed

Working on behalf of Verizon Wireless, XG Communities executed the construction of the network to meet the goal of bringing small cells on air before the year 2020 came to a close. The overall project required coordination between various entities for the replacement of existing infrastructure and deployment of new components. This process involved replacing existing street light poles with new custom poles, installing small cells, and supporting the need for additional power to the newly installed small cells.

What XG Has to Say

According to Monnie McGaffigan, President at XG Communities, "This rapid construction took place through the holiday and winter season. It was accomplished as a result of the impressive collaboration between our partners, the carrier, the local utility company, the City of St. Louis, and our on-site team. XG continues to be instrumental in carrying out the expansion of 5G in this market."

What Residents of St. Louis Can Expect

The distinctive new 5G poles and small cells are engineered to support the 5G mmWave which provides enhanced speed, capacity and coverage. Residents who are working from home or learning remotely are set to experience the benefits immediately. "Working with XG and the wireless carriers to support the deployment of small wireless facilities and 5G, is a major technological advancement for the residents and businesses here in St. Louis," said Robert Gaskill-Clemons, Chief Technology Officer of the City of St. Louis.

About XG Communities

XG is a premier provider of small cell engineering services and comprehensive wireless strategies in the public right-of-way. The hallmark of the company lies in providing A&E services and bringing construction projects to fruition. XG utilizes skilled in-house resources to execute a range of projects, while providing real-time updates. XG's turnkey services ensure efficient and effective deployments tailored to meet local requirements, safety guidelines, and industry standards.

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