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Vape Detector introduces a line of sensitive and affordable Vape Detectors that detect vape smoke from glycerin, propylene glycol, and other vape juice components

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Vape Detector, a Californian brand, has announced the launch of its line of Vape Detectors for schools, hotels, businesses, and parents. The growing popularity of vaping among young people has made it increasingly difficult for schools and workplaces to enforce policies against it. Vape Detector™ is a trademarked brand of Forensics Detectors which is a leading gas detection company located in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Koz, the president of Forensics Detectors says, "The new line of vape detector products will offer schools, hotels, casinos, and business with choices that will assist in controlling the vaping epidemic."

Vaping has become a growing concern for school administrators and business managers, leading to the implementation of policies aimed to curb vape use. However, enforcing these policies can be difficult. With the introduction of affordable vape detectors, enforcement becomes much more manageable, especially with continuous, real-time vape detection and cell phone alarm features.

A vape detector is an electronic device that detects vape smoke using laser scattering sensor technology. They are over 100 times more sensitive than a typical home smoke alarm. Vape Detector has launched three unique affordable vape detector products to address the vape challenge.

The first is a handheld unit, priced at $195, that can be used for point-and-sample measurements to confirm if vaping has occurred in an indoor space. The second is a modern and slim wall-mount unit, priced at $495, that can provide discreet and real-time monitoring and smartphone alarming, popular among schools and hotels. The third is an industrial wall-mount vape detector, priced at $895, that has cosmetic deterrent features and a super-sensitive laser sensor for industrial workplaces.

The detectors are sensitive to a variety of toxins emitted by vaping, including vape juice smoke, THC vapor, CBD vapor, weed smoke, nicotine smoke, propylene glycol vapor, and glycerin vapor.

About Forensics Detectors:

Vape Detector is a trademarked brand of Forensics Detectors. Vape Detector makes the best and most affordable vape detectors for schools, hotels, homes, and business. Forensics Detectors is the most comprehensive gas measurement company offering the world's best and most affordable gas detectors, meters, and analyzers.

Since 2017, Forensics Detectors has grown to include virtually every major type of gas meter and detector to various sectors such as oil and gas, R&D, transport, food, construction, electronics, and occupational safety. Forensics Detectors is dedicated to providing the best professional gas measurement, detection, and monitoring equipment with expert technical support.

For more information, please visit Vape Detector at

Vape Detector, 777 Silver Spur Road, Suite #130, Rolling Hills Estates, CA, 90274, USA.


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Join the Church of Scientology of Melbourne for the 12th Anniversary of Its New Home

MELBOURNE, Australia -- For the anniversary of the dedication of the new Church of Scientology Melbourne by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige in 2011, all are invited to learn more about the Church, its staff, and the unique character of one of the world's premiere cities by watching Destination: Scientology--Melbourne on the Scientology Network.

The episode shows the appeal of this vibrant new religion to the multifaith and multicultural state of Victoria, where 30 percent of the population was born overseas and 34 percent grow up speaking a language at home other than English.

Despite this diversity, one thing everyone has in common is their love of sport. This includes everything from tennis and cricket to car racing and surfing. But it's especially true of Aussie Rules Football, which is not merely a national pastime, it is almost a religion in its own right.

And that makes the location of the Melbourne Scientology Church "hallowed ground," as it was on this very site in the 1870s that the Essendon Football Club played its first Aussie Rules football game. Realizing how much this building meant to the community, the Church faithfully restored the property.

The documentary takes viewers into the Church to meet men and women who work there. They appreciate the way Melbourne brings people together from diverse backgrounds.

"We're all different," says Alyssa, one of the staff members at the Church. "But we all get along as a community."

"I work at the Church of Scientology," says Errol, "because we have, in a place like Melbourne, this opportunity to make a difference--to actually cause some change, some social change that is going to make this place even better.

"Melbourne is a city that looks out for each other. It's a city that is close despite having an enormous population, so if you get something going in a place like Melbourne, it takes off. It gets going.... I know if you're making a difference in a place like Melbourne, you're changing more than just one city."

Destination: Scientology is an original series airing on the Scientology Network at DIRECTV channel 320 and streaming at, on mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms. Episodes take viewers inside Scientology Churches across the globe, where they discover what makes each Church unique, the diversity of Scientology Churches, and the cooperation that weaves each into the local community fabric.




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Children’s book author Diana Aleksandrova turns her struggles to become pregnant into children’s book bringing solace and hope to others

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Diana Aleksandrova has always wanted to be a mom, but after years of trying to become pregnant, that dream hasn't come true yet. Inspired by her struggles and the legend about the storks bringing the babies, she writes "The Lazy Stork" (ISBN: 978-1953118264; May 2023; Dedoni).

In "The Lazy Stork," Stan slept through most of his training, so his first delivery isn't as easy as he thought. When the compass makes him swirl in circles and he can't read the map, he is afraid his mission is a failure.

Despite the hardship that brought this book to life, The Lazy Stork is anything but sad. On contrary, it is full of humor and hope.


"After years of suffering from infertility, I decided to blame it on 'the lazy stork.' I needed some humor in my life when everything seemed so dark," says Aleksandrova. "With a surprising happier than the happiest of endings, 'The Lazy Stork' is meant to bring hope to the families still waiting for their miracles. The story shows kids how much their parents wished, waited, and longed for them to arrive. It's a lighthearted and humorous way to explain why their baby brother or sister hasn't come yet. Blame it on the stork!"

Diana hopes to bring awareness to the fact that 1 in 8 in the US are impacted by infertility! Infertility is not a condition that individuals choose or can prevent and there is little to no support for families affected by it. Diana lives in Nevada, a state that does not mandate fertility coverage, and most companies elect not to offer such.

Learn more:


Diana Aleksandrova is an award-winning author of children's books. Her mission is to help emerging and reluctant readers fall in love with books. Diana believes that reading is beneficial for children and is a way to shape thinking and an emotionally intelligent future generation.


Name: The Lazy Stork

Written by Diana Aleksandrova

Illustrated by Svilen Dimitrov

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-953118-26-4

Library of Congress Control Number: 2022916190

Preorder campaign: March 2023

Publication Date: May 1, 2023

Publisher: Dedoni ( )

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Pittsburgh Internet Consulting Announces Rebrand as PIC

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- Pittsburgh Internet Consulting announced today that it has rebranded to effectively align with its core mission as a growth-oriented marketing agency. The company's name is now PIC, and its new logo and messaging reflect a dedication to PIC's creative and value-based Walk With You Marketing™ approach.

Established in 2001, PIC seeks to forge a long-term strategic marketing partnership with each client, leveraging the PIC team's knowledge and experience to achieve each client's short- and long-term growth goals. PIC's marketing experts collaborate with the client's existing marketing team or leadership to develop a strategy and tactical roadmap, and then "walk" with the client to execute effective, data-driven marketing initiatives.

What does PIC stand for? ( Video: )

PIC's Founder & President, Jeff Schroeffel, stated, "When I founded Pittsburgh Internet Consulting more than 20 years ago, I focused primarily on search engine marketing but helped organizations with a wide range of online marketing needs. We have grown to be a company with 20 full-time team members and have evolved into a full-service marketing agency focused on growth enablement."

"Relationships are at the heart of what we do," Schroeffel emphasized. "That is why we've developed our consultative and unique 'Walk With You Marketing' approach as a close partnership with each customer. For some of our partners, we are their marketing department. For others, we are a critical extension of their marketing team. In every case, the client's goals are our goals, and we're all working together to hit those goals."

PIC currently serves 50 businesses, primarily growth-focused organizations with small internal marketing teams. The agency's comprehensive marketing solutions are customized for each client, are founded on collaborative and personal relationships, and include the appropriate marketing mix from PIC's extensive skill set:

* Awareness Strategies - Search engine optimization, social media, Email

* Lead Generation Campaigns - Inbound, outbound, and account-based marketing

* Branding Strategies - Brand narrative, voice of the customer

* Competitive Intelligence - Competitor analysis, gap analysis

* Paid Media Strategies - Paid social, search engine marketing

* Website Development - Growth-driven design, strategic growth planning

* Hero Mission Strategy™️ - Move beyond buyer personas

* HubSpot® - Onboarding, consulting, marketing automation, and training

Robb Luther, PIC's V.P. of Business Development, emphasized, "PIC has a successful track record of helping businesses develop and implement marketing strategies that meet their growth goals. We are an extension of the client's marketing team and provide the level of service they need. We can do the work for them, help them do it, or teach them how to do it. In every scenario, our 'Walk With You' approach means we're constantly evaluating performance and collaborating to continuously improve the client's brand, website, and marketing initiatives."

"Marketing agencies aren't new," Luther continued. "But what we're doing at PIC is truly different and innovative, and our clients' success is proof that 'walking with PIC' delivers positive results. I strongly encourage business owners and marketing leaders to contact us to learn more about what makes PIC unique and effective, including our innovative Hero Mission Strategy."

About PIC:

PIC, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a full-service growth marketing agency, providing services to local, national, and international organizations in need of a strategic, comprehensive strategic marketing campaign. Since 2001, PIC has helped businesses of every size build and execute digital and traditional marketing strategies focused on generating leads and securing and retaining new customers, all with a focus on maximizing ROI.

To learn more about PIC and request a free consultation, visit or call (412) 424-6418.

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Nina G, one of the first stuttering comedians, records debut solo album and live show at the Alameda Comedy Club

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Thirteen years ago, Nina G made her debut as the first stuttering female comedian. Since then, she's challenged the status quo of how people who stutter are perceived - onstage and off. So, in an industry that lacks speech diversity, Nina G's unique voice will record both her first solo comedy album and comedy special on March 9, 2023 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Alameda Comedy Club located in her hometown. The album is projected to come out later in the spring on the Punchline Records label with the comedy special to follow.

Since a child, Nina G's mission has been to make people laugh, but she never thought it possible. Her story details how she first abandoned her dreams, but then was able to embark on a journey and embrace her voice to culminate in a comedic career.

Like many successful comedians, the material conveyed through her humor is grounded in reality. Nina G's biting observations have made audiences laugh, worldwide. She touches on topics related to the broader disability experience, her Italian-American family and her experience paying back student loans.

And her audience is large. The Stuttering Foundation reports that, globally, there are more that 70 million people who stutter and that stuttering impacts about one percent of the adult population; one in four of them is female.

She says that there are many famous people who stutter too. Marilyn Monroe, James Earl Jones, President Joe Biden, Samuel L. Jackson and King George VI, who was the focus of the movie "The King's Speech" all had or have issues with stuttering. While there's no cure for stuttering, Nina G makes it easy for people to understand and laugh about it.

Her ability to quickly adapt makes her comfortable performing in multiple venues from comedy clubs and colleges/universities to conferences. She's been featured on NPR's "51 percent," BBC's "Ouch!," TEDx, The Heumann Perspective podcast with Judy Heumann, radio and multiple day time talk shows and podcasts. She's appeared in the pages of "Psychology Today" and is the author of three books including: "Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy: A Humorous History"; and "Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn't Happen."

An international keynote speaker, Nina G has learned that the issues impacting people with disabilities impact everyone. She hopes her album and comedy special will not only entertain, but inform, not just stutterers, but all.

In 2021, the British Stammering Association launched a campaign to raise awareness around stuttering in the media. "No diversity without disfluency" was one of the tags used to illustrate the need for stuttering voices among those in the mainstream.

"These voices shouldn't be heard only on stuttering awareness days or weeks, but across all media," Nina G says.

Gina Chin-Davis, the director of Nina's comedy special, and also a stutterer, says, "There's so much ignorance and misinformation about stuttering out there. With Nina G, you not only get comedy, you also get schooled on what stuttering really is and how to respectfully interact with people who stutter. It's exciting to collaborate with someone who can skillfully walk the line between entertainment and education."

Mathew Layne of Punchline Records adds, "One of the reasons I started Punchline Records was to help amplify comedic voices that may have otherwise been marginalized. Funny is funny. Nina G is one of the funniest - stuttering or not."

About Nina G:

When she first started out, Nina G. was the only woman who stuttered in the stand-up comedy world. Today, she co-produces the "Comedians with Disabilities Act," a national touring comedy show featuring exclusively comedians with disabilities. She also produced the first compilation album to feature Disabled Comedy Only. Nina's brand of comedy reflects the experiences of many with disabilities.

About Gina Chin-Davis:

Gina Chin-Davis is an award-winning filmmaker and writer based in California. She attended Barnard College in New York City where she received the Howard M. Teichmann Writing Prize for work distinguished in originality of concept and excellence of execution. Chin Davis' writings have been featured in Rigorous, Penultimate Peanut, and The Conium Review, and her plays have been produced by The Aluminous Collective and The Piedmont Center for the Arts.

Her first feature film, "I Can't Sleep," was produced on a self-raised budget of $10K and went on to win Best Script at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival and Best Sci-Fi Film at the MidWest WeirdFest. Outside of her creative endeavors, Chin-Davis is a clinical psychologist. Her greatest honor has been to return to her hometown of Richmond, CA to provide trauma-informed mental health care to young adults in the public health sector.


Nina G:

Alameda Comedy Club:

Punchline Records:


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How to Transfer LINE from Android to iPhone/iOS With and Without Computer?

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- It is challenging for smartphone users who've bought a new iPhone to move LINE chat history from Android to iPhone. That is right on point, though, as LINE offers no solution to make it easier for users to transfer LINE from Android to iPhone. As hard as it sounds, it's not impossible, as shown by the Tenorshare iCareFone for LINE, an effective program to provide easy Android to iOS LINE transfer. So without hesitation, check out how it works to provide you with a comprehensive LINE transfer solution.


Why Is It Difficult to Transfer LINE From Android to iPhone?

There are genuine reasons why it's difficult for smartphone users to transfer LINE chat history from Android to iPhone. Firstly, iOS has limitations when it comes to downloading anything from Android, as both are different operating systems. Secondly, LINE doesn't offer any solution to restore LINE chat history from Android to iPhone.

"Searching for a way to move LINE from Android to iPhone is troublesome and time-consuming," says a Tenorshare spokesperson, "But we are proud to offer iCareFone Transfer for LINE, a time-saving program to fix the issue of LINE transfer between different operating systems."

How Do I Transfer My LINE App From Android to iPhone on Computer?

With advanced tech and no risk of data loss, it is no longer difficult to transfer LINE from Android to iOS for iCareFone Transfer for LINE provides an easy process for Android-to-iPhone transfer. It can move LINE chat history, messages, and data in a short time and without limitations. Moreover, it can restore LINE backup and is compatible with the latest Android and iOS devices.

Read below to figure out how it works:

* Install iCareFone for LINE on PC.

* Connect Android and iPhone to the same PC.

* Open the tool and choose "Transfer."

* Launch LINE on Android and scan the QR code.

* Next, the device will transfer LINE chat from Android to iPhone.

How to Transfer LINE From Android to iPhone Without Computer?

If you want to transfer line from Android to iOS without computer, it is feasible with the help of iCareFone for LINE Transfer APP.

Here's how to do that:

* Download & install the line transfer application and launch it to choose "Android to iOS."

* Select "Use the app to complete the transfer."

* Follow on-screen instructions to complete the whole LINE chat movements.

About Tenorshare:

Since 2007, Tenorshare has been striving to bring smartphone users a comprehensive and hassle-free solution for many years. Because it is pretty challenging to find a solution to transfer LINE from Android to iPhone, Tenorshare provides a quick and easy fix, Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer for LINE to transfer LINE chat history and messages between Android and iPhone.

More information:






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Activist Writer Exposes Inhumane Slaughter of Dolphins in New Book: The American Outsider

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Linbrook Press announces a new novel, "The American Outsider" (ISBN: 978-0977978038), authored by Homa Pourasgari, scheduled to be released January 23, 2023. It's a story about the inhumane slaughter and torture of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, and addresses the complex nature of the Japanese culture. It's written for anyone who cares about animal welfare and who hopes to make a difference.

Homa, an activist writer, blends fiction with reality. Her stories are based on facts and woven into fictional tales. "The American Outsider" clearly illustrates her talent to communicate real-life horror through well-written fiction.

"After learning about the inhumane slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, and traveling to Japan, I knew I had to write about it," Homa says. "Many people purchase tickets to venues that use dolphins as a source of entertainment, but what they don't realize is that the majority of these dolphins are captured in the most horrific way. They're starved and mistreated to learn pointless tricks so they may entertain the public. It's a tragedy and it's important that people know about it."

That's why dolphins are at the heart of this story.

"We should rethink purchasing tickets to places that keep these cetaceans in captivity and use them for entertainment," she says.

The brutal treatment of the dolphins is depicted under the pretext of tradition - one that drives the fishermen to capture the dolphins. The truth is - it's all about profit and nothing else. Each "show dolphin" they find brings in $100,000 to $300,000.

Aside from the dolphins, there are three main characters in "The American Outsider" who help to tell the story of a complicated culture conflicted by conventions and modernization.

Tessa walker, a Los Angeles-based veterinarian, is troubled by what she witnessed as a teenager - fishermen ruthlessly torturing dolphin pods till the water ran red with blood. As an adult, she travels to Japan to join the Japanese activists protesting the abuse of these mammals so she may heal from her past. It's an adventure with a mission and will quickly prove to change her life.

Akira Nakano, a Japanese activist, joins forces with Tessa to demonstrate and help put a stop to the mistreatment of dolphins. Born in Japan, but raised in the U.S., Akira is outspoken and has a problem looking the other way in a culture that does not look fondly on individuality and expects her to conform.

Toshiro Yokoyama, a random stranger, has a chance encounter with Tessa. He quickly falls for her and decides to help her out in her quest to save the dolphins. As Toshiro learns more about their mistreatment and Tessa's passion to save them, he begins to question his own beliefs. Is he willing to always do as he's told for the greater good?

About the Author:

Born in Tehran, Iran, Homa Pourasgari spent hours in her father's home office, writing, reading and letting her imagination carry her to unseen worlds. She moved to United States at a young age. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in business, she left for Paris to study literature at the Sorbonne. Her first book, "Lemon Curd," was nominated for Forward Magazine's Book of the Year Award; it was a finalist. Her second book, "The Dawn of Saudi," won the Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award. She lives in Los Angeles and when she's not writing, she's stumbling, miming and pointing to find her way in a foreign country.

About Linbrook Press:

Linbrook Press is a small publisher based in Los Angeles, primarily involved in the publication of original material from author-activist Homa Pourasgari. It publishes fiction with emphasis on social, ethical, political and human rights issues with intention to entertain and inform. A portion of the profits is donated to organizations such as Dolphin Project, Human Rights Watch, and Action Against Hunger as well as to individual causes such as helping a prisoner of conscience under oppressive regimes get released from jail.



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BlueStone Advisors Announces Launch of its Lithium-Ion Battery Insurance Captive

CHICAGO, Ill. -- BlueStone Advisors, a specialty commercial insurance brokerage firm, announced today the launch of their BlueStone Lithium-Ion Battery Captive to help advanced battery companies manage their insurance costs and offer a broader policy with comprehensive and consistent coverage terms.

"We're excited to announce the launch of BlueStone's Lithium-Ion Battery Captive to the advanced battery ecosystem for employers who are adversely affected by rising insurance rates, limited capacity, and shrinking coverage terms offered in today's insurance and reinsurance marketplace," said Andy Royce, President of BlueStone Advisors.

We've seen reinsurance rates spike due to global economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest, and increased catastrophic claims paid to international lithium-ion battery operators with inferior safety standards. The BlueStone Lithium-Ion Captive is for U.S. employers with sound risk management practices who want more control of their insurance costs, pricing stability, and coverage certainty.

With the BlueStone Lithium-Ion Captive, BlueStone Advisors continues its decade-long commitment to providing innovative insurance solutions designed to advance a sustainable circular economy.

About BlueStone Advisors:

BlueStone Advisors is a specialty commercial insurance broker that has provided insurance and risk management services to the lithium-ion battery industry for over ten years. BlueStone Advisors delivers advanced brokerage solutions that reduce the total cost of risk and insurance while leveraging best practices that strengthen an organization's risk profile.

Additional information can be found at:


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‘Beat the hell out of Putin!’ Ukrainians have come up with a new stress relieving game, KICK THE PU

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- "Kick the Pu" (aka "Kick the Invader"), a brand-new stress relieving adventure game, is now available in mobile application stores from PRICERA DMCC. Players could make good use of the game, as it may help them blow off steam and release their negative emotions in a playful manner by beating up, firing a Javelin, or throwing a hand grenade at one of the world's biggest anti-heroes and invaders.

In the release version of the game players are given the opportunity to mock and torment Putin, Lukashenko, a so-called "chmonya" (that's what they call a Russian soldier), or a "Kadyrovite" (called the soldiers of Ramzan Kadyrov).

A number of Russian propagandists will soon appear in the game as well. Players are offered a selection of weapons: a knife, a machine pistol, a hand grenade, or a grenade launcher. The game is now available on the App Store and Google Play in any country of the world except for Russia and Belarus.

Game video trailer:

"Kick the Pu" also supports a good cause - by playing it, you are helping Ukrainian defenders. Most of the ad revenue from the free version of the game will be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The premium version costs 99 cents, all of which will be spent on wounded defenders' medical treatment. The funds transfer reports will be published in the game developers' Telegram channel.

The game was developed by a team of Ukrainian IT professionals and Belarusian programmers who had been persecuted over their support of the opposition and forced to flee Belarus.

"Back in March 2022, we got this idea of creating a simple anti-stress game where every Ukrainian could mock and abuse Putin. In a matter of a few days, we put together a team of developers, artists, and animators - Belorussians and Ukrainians who were prepared to work on this social project free of charge," says one of the developers, Vlad Sen. "The first version of the game was ready in just three weeks, in April. That is when the lengthy and complicated process of publishing our app on the App Store and Google Play began. Our submissions were repeatedly rejected despite numerous appeals - we had to submit more than 15 of those."

In anticipation of cyberattacks and bot invasions by the Russian FSB, the developers of "Kick the Pu" are urging all mobile device users who would like to play the game to download it as soon as possible, or else it may be too late because of the bot attacks. If you download the game now, you will be able to play it even when it disappears from the app stores.

The game developers are also encouraging players to give the game high ratings, leave comments with ideas of how the game could be improved, and share the app with their friends. All of that would help to beat the negative comments and complaints left by ruscists so that more people can have access to such a fun way of dealing with stress.

The game can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store.

Anyone who would like to take part in the creation of new versions of "Kick the Pu" is welcome to do so by suggesting new types of weapons, new anti-heroes or ways of mocking them. The incoming suggestions include some public figures whom Ukrainians "admire" the most: Vladimir Solovyov, Olga Skabeyeva, Margarita Simonyan, Dmitry Medvedev, Anton Krasovsky, Sergey Shoigu, Dmitry Kiselyov. You can "treat" them to a hearty smack or a nice kick, shoot them with a Ukrainian Stuhna-P or an American HIMARS. You are welcome to send in your ideas via the developers' Telegram channel chat or email them at

According to psychologist Iryna Tarasova from the "Therapy of Win" centre that provides social and psychological support and rehabilitation to service members, this kind of pastime activity can be a good idea for the player's psychological wellbeing because their interactions with anti-heroes are actually aimed at alleviating stress.

"Firstly, all of the aggression toward the enemy that the player has been trying to suppress eventually piles up and finds its way out through frustration, and the game provides a perfect virtual target for those negative emotions," Iryna says. "The important thing is that the player feels in control of their interaction with the enemy. For instance, the character selection option puts the player in control of their emotions, as it helps them find the best match for the image of the aggression trapped inside.

"Secondly, physical interaction helps reduce stress, so making your body involved in the process is a rather common technique (e.g. when the player vigorously presses the buttons to strike their enemy). Switching the focus from the internal to the external can also be beneficial. When the anger toward our enemy has been piling up inside us for so long that we feel overwhelmed by it, the game provides us a safe place for releasing it. Such practice can help us make way for emotional healing, as it can provide more room for positive feelings that aren't even related to the game. Moreover, the emotions we experience when we defeat our enemy help to bolster our position of strength, which is very valuable in current circumstances."

Link to download the game "Kick the Pu":

Google Play:

App Store:

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How to Factory Reset Apple iPhone Without Passcode in 2023

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- How do I factory reset my iPhone without passcode? Many iPhone users ask this common question when they have to factory reset their phone and don't remember its password. Luckily there is a way out of this predicament with an iPhone password unlocker solution, called Tenorshare 4uKey. Curious to know when and how Tenorshare 4uKey can iPhone factory reset without passcode? Let's find out.

Video Tutorial:

When Would You Want to Factory Reset an iPhone?

iPhone users often find themselves in dithers, wondering how to factory reset on iPhone without passcode. There are several reasons behind wanting a factory reset, such as:

* You may want to erase data from your iPhone before selling it.

* You forgot its lock screen password.

* You entered the wrong passcode several times, and now your iPhone is locked.

* You got a used iPhone with a passcode.

"No matter what reasons behind needing a factory reset on iPhone without passcode, it is tiresome to factory reset iPhone without passcode or computer," says the Tenorshare spokesperson. "No worries, Tenorshare has launched 4uKey to reset iPhone to factory settings without passcode or iTunes backup."

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without a Passcode Using 4uKey?

Due to advanced technology and near 100% success rate in bypassing iPhone passwords without iTunes, Tenorshare 4uKey will match your demands for it can reset iPhone to factory settings without passcode.

Below has shown how you can use 4uKey to do a factory reset when you forgot your passcode and wish to do a factory reset:

* Connect your locked iPhone to your computer and launch 4uKey.

* Press "Start" and then "Next."

* Download the latest firmware when prompted and click "Start Remove."

* 4uKey will factory reset your phone successfully.

What Would You Gain Apart From Resetting an iPhone Without a Passcode?

In addition to doing an iPhone factory reset without passcode, Tenorshare 4uKey iPhone password unlocker tool can also help you with the following:

* Remove Face recognition ID, and Touch ID from iOS devices.

* Remove 4 and 6-digit passcodes and lock screen within a short time.

* Remove the MDM profile and MDM screen and unlock iPhone without requiring iTunes or iCloud backup.

* It supports the current iOS 16 devices and iPhone 14 models.

About Tenorshare:

Tenorshare, a trustworthy smartphone solution provider, has won many awards for providing practical solutions with technical support to millions of users worldwide. Tenorshare 4uKey is a prime example. Although performing a factory reset on your iPhone is impossible if you remember its passcode, you can do an iPhone factory reset without passcode or iTunes with Tenorshare 4uKey.

More information:






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