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[Fast] Downgrade or Remove iOS 17 to 16 with Downgrader Tool 2023

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- iOS systems occasionally bring new software and system updates, making users excited to install them on their iOS devices. Sometimes, these updates come with technical problems. UltFone wishes to prevent users from undergoing these problems with its iPhone downgrade tool to downgrade iOS 17 with a single click without iTunes.

Things to Know Before Using iOS Downgrade Tool:

Downgrading iOS means re-installing an old OS on your iPhone/iPad and will wipe your device to the factory settings. So it would be better if you backup before downgrading with iTunes or iCloud or data management tools like UltFone iOS Data Manager, keeping your important data from loss.

Remove iOS 17 to iOS 16 from iPhone with iTunes:

It is the official way to downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16 with iTunes by putting device in recovery mode. Here is how to use it: Choose the correct IPSW file at> Connect the device and boot into Recovery Mode>Click "Restore."

However, using iTunes to remove iOS 17 to iOS 16 has risks. You will need to select and download the IPSW file for your phone, and put your device into recovery mode manually, which may brick your iPhone or get your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, or arise other iOS issues.

There are lots of posts on Reddit that users don't know how to set phones to recovery mode or complain about iPhones stuck on the Apple logo or iPhone bricked in the process.

That's the reason why UltFone iOS Downgrade Tool comes,an easy and safe iOS downgrade tool to uninstall iOS 17 to iOS 16 in one click.

Downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16 without iTunes for Windows and Mac [Free Download]:

Compared with iTunes, UltFone iOS Downgrade Tool can be the easiest iOS downgrader to downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16 safely and automatically. You don't need to put device to recovery mode manually or select IPSW file, so no worries about any iPhone system issues.

Moreover, it is 100% working for downgrading iOS fast and without losing data.

Video guide:

Quickly follow the below guide for iOS downgrading:

* Run the program and click on "iOS Upgrade/Downgrade" to start.

* Choose "Downgrade System" and click "Download."

* Once it's downloaded, click on "Initiating Downgrade" to start. It will roll back to a lower system within a few minutes.

Top Features of UltFone Downgrade Tool to Downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16:

The UltFone iOS Downgrade Tool offers a plethora of incredible features that provide users with an enjoyable experience:

* Easiest iOS 17 Downgrader: The iOS downgrader tool requires no technical knowledge and downgrades iOS systems with just few clicks.

* Downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16 Automatically:This iOS downgrader automatically removes iOS 17 in seconds.

* Safe and No jailbreak : Uninstall iOS without fear of losing important data and jailbreak with maximum data security.

* Wide compatibility: As a good alternative of iPSW downgrade tool, it is compatible with all iPhone and iPad models, including the latest iPhone 14 series and iOS/ iPadOS 16.

* Support to remove iOS 17 :Revert back to iOS 16 OFFICIAL.

* Fix any iOS 17/16 downgrade issue: Say goodbye to any iOS 17/16 downgrade issues, such as iPhone stuck on recovery mode or iOS update, etc.

About UltFone:

UltFone, a leading expert of mobile utility technologies and applications in the software industry, offers fully integrated solutions for data backup, data recovery, system repair etc.



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Empowered Aging Announces the ‘See Me. Hear Me.’ Campaign in Recognition of Elder Abuse Awareness Month

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. -- Today, Leading Bay Area nonprofit, Empowered Aging announces the launch of their Elder Abuse Awareness campaign, 'See Me. Hear Me.™' This movement is designed to shed light on the vulnerability of older adults and adults with disabilities living in long-term care facilities and in the community. For the month of June, the organization will be sharing stories of the people behind the cases that the Empowered Aging team takes on while preserving privacy.

"Our mission here at Empowered Aging is to ensure older adults and adults with disabilities are seen and heard every single day," said executive director Susannah Meyer. "This campaign is a testament to our person-centered advocacy and education that our programs offer in response to the critical issues of abuse and neglect our elders face."

According to research by the National Center on Elder Abuse, approximately one in ten Americans aged 60 and older have experienced some sort of elder abuse. They also estimate that nearly five million elders are abused each year. In another report, they share that only one in twenty-four elder abuse cases are reported to authorities. A 2009 report to the California State Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes stated that 13% of all complaints to the CA Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman involved abuse, gross neglect, or exploitation - more than twice the national rate of 5%.

"With the dramatically rising numbers of the older adult population, and the growing demand for related resources and direct care support, we are concerned that more needs to be done to address the increased risk for elder and dependent adult abuse and neglect," Meyer continued. "As we work to expand our reach and the Empowered Aging team prepares to meet the rising needs further protecting the vulnerable population we serve, my team and I challenge everyone to join us by helping to raise awareness and bring the fight against abuse of older adults and adults with disabilities out of the shadows."

For more information about the See Me. Hear Me. campaign, please visit

If you would like to request a paddle to have your quote and photo featured, please send an email to

See Me. Hear Me. Campaign Launch Video:

About Empowered Aging:

For over 50 years, Empowered Aging has provided critical, high-quality advocacy on behalf of residents living in long-term care through its Ombudsman programs. During those years, the organization has also evolved to meet the needs of our time that impact a vulnerable and vastly diverse senior community.

Today, Empowered Aging is uniting individuals, organizations, and communities together around a common mission, a shared vision, and a path forward to a stronger, more equitable journey in aging. The nonprofit's services and scope of work now additionally provides a Masters in Social Work Internship Program, Elder Justice and Friendly Visiting/Telephone Reassurance programs in Solano County, and the Healthcare Career Pathway (HCP) program - launched in Contra Costa County and recognized by the Governor as a pilot program of the Master Plan for Aging. HCP is currently expanding state-wide through a grant from the California Department of Health Care Access and Information to address the State's direct care workforce crisis.

While our organization has transformed over the years to address the challenges and changes in the world, one thing remains the same: our focus on improving and strengthening the lives of our elders.

To learn more about Empowered Aging, visit


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FineShare FineCam: the First AI-Powered Virtual Camera Unveiling Powerful AI Text-To-Image Generation Feature

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- FineShare FineCam has recently unveiled its latest version, V2.0, introducing new AI features and bringing a complete revamp of UI and user experience. With its user-friendly interface, intelligent video enhancement, and convenient solution for transforming smartphones into webcams, FineShare FineCam makes it faster and easier than ever to obtain high-definition videos and create a seamless, professional video experience during video recording and video conferences.

FineShare FineCam is the first AI-powered virtual camera software that leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence deep learning models such as text-to-image generation, semantic segmentation, and super-resolution, making it a game changer. It allows users to quickly create high-definition videos and deliver engaging video conferences wherever they are.

One of the highlights is AI background generation. We finetune the text-to-image generation model, so users can input corresponding prompts based on the given instructions to generate unique backgrounds within seconds, helping them quickly and efficiently show their personality and elevate their professionalism in video conferences and pre-recorded videos.

The updated features of FineShare FineCam V2.0 include:

1 - Big UI update: We have changed the user interface to provide a better user experience.

2 - Content sharing: It works on any platform with virtual camera support and allows users to share slides, application windows, iPhone/iPad screens, webpages, videos, images, and more.

3 - Theme templates: Users can apply free themes to get the layout, background, lens style, and more with one-click and quickly start video calls, online courses, product demos, and tutorial recordings.

4 - Segment recording: Users can record videos in small segments, freeing themselves from the constraints of lengthy and uninterrupted video recordings.

"Our goal is to enable anyone to quickly create high-definition videos and deliver engaging virtual presentations," said Jared Dun, the founder of FineShare. "The launch of FineCam V2.0 marks a new era for AI-powered virtual camera. We hold the belief that the power of the most advanced AI tools will revolutionize the way people deliver video presentations, bringing unprecedented efficiency and convenience."


FineShare FineCam V2.0 is compatible with Windows. If you want to learn more about FineShare FineCam, please visit: or follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About FineShare Co., Ltd.:

FineShare is an intelligent software company committed to providing individuals and businesses with innovative solutions to simplify digital life. Our mission is to help people create and share inspiring content such as videos, music, photos, and more on any platform and device. Ignite creativity, build better connections, and embark on a shared journey of delightful digital experiences with FineShare!

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How to Download Apple’s iOS 17 Beta Without Apple Developer?

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- When iOS 16.6 beta was released, it created quite a buzz, and people eagerly anticipate when is iOS 17 beta coming out and what are the new features. It is great news for iOS users because iOS 17 Beta is out today, says Tenorshare. To start, it's essential to learn how to download iOS 17 Beta and also how to fix iOS 17 Beta issues if they may arise. So, let's dive into the process without any delay!

Video Guide:

How to Download and Install iOS 17 Beta on iPhone?

If your software update failed and you're eager to know how to download iOS 17 Beta officially, below is how to update to iOS 17 Beta by enrolling Apple Developer Program. Keep in mind that you will need to pay an annual fee of $99 to acquire the iOS 17 beta profile for download.

* Access the Apple public beta website and register using your Apple ID.

* Afterward, log in with your Apple ID and select "Install Profile" on your iOS device.

* Restart your iPhone and navigate to "Settings"> "General"> "Software Update."

* In the Beta Update section, choose "iOS 17 Beta Software Profile." Tap Install, and voila! The update installation will commence. Please be patient during the installation process.

* Once installed, your iPhone will automatically restart, and you'll update to iOS 17 Beta.

How to Download iOS 17 Beta Without Apple Developer?

Seeking a budget-friendly alternative to Apple Developer for iOS 17 beta download? Look no further! With Tenorshare iOS Downgrade Software, you can download the iOS 17 beta without Apple developer account.

* Launch Tenorshare ReiBoot by connecting your iPhone. Then click on "iOS Upgrade/Downgrade."

* When prompted, select the Upgrade option.

* Click on "Download" to acquire the latest firmware package and patiently wait for the download to complete.

* The upgrade process will automatically initiate and typically takes a few minutes to finish.

iOS 17 Beta Tips & Tricks with Tenorshare ReiBoot

Swift: ReiBoot provides the fastest method for the iOS 17 beta download, but offers instructions on how to remove iOS 17 beta from iPhone or how to downgrade to iOS 16.

Comprehensive: Tenorshare ReiBoot can fix iOS 17 beta issues without losing data while coming across challenges like stability issues, poor performance, and other system-related problems.

User-friendly: Clear and concise iOS 17 beta download instructions, no technical expertise needed.

Budget-friendly: No need to invest in an expensive Apple Developer Profile.

Learn more:






About Tenorshare:

While iOS 17 Beta offers thrilling features, it's frustrating if iOS 17 Beta Not Showing up or the software update failed. Luckily, Tenorshare ReiBoot is highly recommended for iOS 17 beta download and common Beta issues fixed. As a trusted smartphone software brand, Tenorshare always offers reliable tools to address iOS problems for iPhone users.

More information:





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Introducing Flushmaster: The World’s First Portable Automatic Outboard Engine Flushing System for Single and Multi-Engine Boats

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Seamule, LLC, a trailblazer in solutions simplifying life around the water, proudly presents its groundbreaking new product - Flushmaster - the world's first portable outboard engine flushing system. Engineered to streamline the process of flushing outboard engines after use, this innovative system not only promotes engine longevity but also saves significant time and water.

Housed in a portable marine-grade waterproof box, the Flushmaster system sequentially flushes each engine, utilizing the full force of your water pressure for optimal flushing. Compatible with one to four outboard engines, a boater simply connects the device's outlet hoses to their outboards' flushing ports, presses ON, then START, and the Flushmaster handles the rest.

With the Flushmaster system controlling the water supply, there is no need to touch the water source valve after installation. Portable and versatile, the system can easily accompany you to the marina or can be permanently installed near your boat. Flushmaster is a game-changer for boat owners, simplifying engine maintenance and extending the life of their boats.

"We are thrilled to bring Flushmaster to market, a true plug-and-play and easy-to-use solution to flushing boat engines," said Cayman Ellis, President of Flushmaster. "Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the engine flushing process, saving our customers time and water while ensuring their boats remain well-maintained for years to come."

You can see Flushmaster in action in this YouTube video:

The Flushmaster outboard flushing system is now available for purchase. For more information, visit or contact Seamule at (855) 732-6853 or

About Seamule:

Seamule is all about moving things around the water, as easily as possible. Whether you are floating in the pool, heading to the beach, or going boating - Seamule has a product for you. Our newest product, the Flushmaster, simplifies the process of flushing your outboard boat engines. Connect your hoses, push a button, and walk away! Learn more:

"Let the mule do the work!"

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Shattering Barriers in Fine Arts Education: The Vocal Gym Unveils World’s First Full-Credit Homeschool Course for Singing

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Throga announces a new online course for singing, specifically designed for homeschool students. Singing has long been considered outside the scope of most homeschool training, as the intricacies of the arts and technical complexities involved in vocal training present particular challenges in a home learning environment.

But now Richard Fink IV, a vocalist recognized by Guinness World Records and named "world's leading online vocal coach" by the Wall Street Journal, is set to redefine the terrain.

His revolutionary approach to vocal training will launch as the world's first ever full-credit homeschool course for singing. The course, the Vocal Gym by Throga, will be released at the FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention in Orlando on May 25th, 2023 to make singing readily accessible to all, especially homeschoolers.

Taking a scientific approach, Fink methodically dissected the voice, demystifying this instrument we cannot touch or see, and making it as teachable as any other tangible instrument. The patented technique he developed involves breaking down the voice into the 7 Dimensions of Singing: flexibility of the vocal folds, breath management, intonation for pitch control, vocal range, tonal quality, articulation of sound, and strength in maintaining vocal stability and stamina.

The course aims to spark creativity, nurture cognitive development, enhance emotional well-being, and promote self-expression and critical thinking skills. Homeschoolers can now refine their vocal skills, explore the thrill of performance, and earn a full fine arts credit, on their own time and wherever they live across the country.

Tailored for ages 12 and up, the curriculum starts with a personal vocal assessment and provides an individualized learning experience that helps students pinpoint their strengths and areas for improvement. The course boasts a rich resource of 115,000 vocal exercise combinations, over 300 educational videos, and more than 150 hours of lessons, exercises, and activities. The Vocal Gym also offers a parent portal, enabling easy tracking of student progress through automated record-keeping, taking the stress out of lesson planning.

"The course isn't just for students interested in a career in the performing arts, it can be for any student who wants to learn how to sing or to talk more confidently by using their instrument, their voice, in a much better way," said Peggy Ployhar, founder and CEO of SPED Homeschool. With performance and writing assignments and even scientific principles that can be credited for additional hours, "the Vocal Gym truly covers it all," she said. "No matter what type of learner your student is, there are text, audio, video, diagrams, and activities for them to be engaged in."

This pioneering initiative marks a significant step in enriching homeschool education, arming students with the necessary tools to cultivate essential communication and stage skills for a successful future.

To learn more, visit:

- Vocal Gym Logo:

- Promotional Image:

- Testimonial Video:

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New Release: 4DDiG File Repair for Mac, Simplifies Video and Photo Repair for Mac Users

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- 4DDiG, an esteemed subsidiary of Tenorshare and a leading software provider, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of the Mac version of their groundbreaking software, 4DDiG File Repair. This awesome software is specifically developed to fulfill the needs of Mac users seeking high-quality solutions for repairing digital media files. It allows them to effortlessly restore damaged photos and videos with a high success rate and simple operation.

"The release of 4DDiG File Repair for Mac represents a major milestone for us," said John Smith, Product Manager at 4DDiG. "We deeply understand the frustration that Mac users experience when they lose or damage their visual files. That's why we prioritize the success rate of file repair, offering a powerful software solution that users can trust to restore their valuable digital assets."

Key features of 4DDiG File Repair(Mac):

* Photo Repair Features: Photo Repair features can help users effortlessly restore their precious old photos and resolve issues such as the inability to open photos after data recovery. The software also supports a wide range of image formats, including jpg, jpeg, arw, cr2, and more. Another remarkable feature of Photo Repair is its ability to repair up to 3000 pictures at once.

* Video Repair Features: Many Mac users frequently encounter error codes indicating that videos cannot be played properly. Video Repair features provides an easy solution to this problem. Additionally, it also can repair corrupted, choppy, distorted, or fuzzy videos. It supports popular video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, 3G2, and 3GP. The software works with various storage media and supports batch repair for multiple formats at once.

Compared to other products, 4DDiG File Repair not only offers a real-time preview of the repair results for free but also ensures high-quality restoration of images and videos.

Learn more:

Repair damaged photos or videos effortlessly

With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, Mac users can easily repair their digital media files. That's how to fix damaged videos or photos using 4DDiG File Repair on a Mac:

Step 1: Install and launch the 4DDiG File Repair on your Mac.

Step 2: To begin the repair process, select either the Photo Repair or Video Repair option from the software interface. Import the damaged videos or photos by tapping the "Add" button, and then click on "Repair".

Step 3: Once the repair is complete, you can preview the repaired videos or photos. Finally, click on "Export Selected" to save them to Finder.

Take advantage of the promotion by 4DDiG! Now, you can purchase 4DDiG File Repair for Mac at a discounted price of 30% off.

For more information, visit:

Follow on Social:

Official Website:





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‘Prison Audio’ Multimedia Production Company Gives A Voice To The Incarcerated Worldwide

TORONTO, Ontario -- Being incarcerated is a world of its own that a lot of people don't know anything about. Have you ever really wondered what happens inside these facilities with the incarcerated? And what transpired in their lives for them to end up incarcerated? Founded in 2022, by William Michael Tweedy, Prison Audio is a multimedia production company that produces many prison related podcasts, which help develop and teach an incarcerated individual the ability to write and tell first person stories to the outside world.

"We work with current and formerly incarcerated men as well as women in order to get their stories shared with the public because we feel it will help change the narrative in regards to how the public views incarcerated individuals," William Tweedy said.

"Also, it will give anyone in the outside world who listens a chance to learn what goes on in prison, whether it may be good or bad," he said.

Since being founded in 2022, William has launched several podcasts and additionally have more in the pre production stages.

"We have an ongoing podcast called 'Crash: Luis Miguel Salinas Story,' which dives into LAPD's Rampart scandal as well as Luis' personal life story," William said.

Luis is serving a life sentence for an attempted murder he did not do, "So this podcast was created to spread his message and share the Rampart scandal story as it's still sadly affecting a lot of families today," William said.

"Crazy Prison Stories" is where an incarcerated person tells a story about life inside prison.

"This podcast gives real and detailed accounts of the reality of prison and what happens in these environments on a daily basis whether the stories are funny, serious, scary, sad, or transformative.

"Also, they can speak about 'Prison Rules' they live by daily. These are not infractions that the prison itself may give out, but the code of jailing. And we give them the opportunity to promote their personal projects on their episode," William added.

Then they have the "Voiceless Behind Bars" podcast with Sarah DeArmond, who also runs a nonprofit called Voiceless Behind Bars. "I do interview family and friends at times, but my main focus is on the cases of Timothy Mcgruder and Efren Medina, who are both currently fighting wrongful convictions," Sarah said.

Lastly, they have the "BCFM (Brick City Face Mask), the Dawan Ingram Story" podcast that was just created in January 2023 by Dawan Ingram and William Tweedy.

"We get the chance to tell Dawan's story and show how bad gun violence was in New Jersey in 2013. Most people can't understand why someone would get charged with a shooting if they did not do it, but this is what happened to Dawan," William said.

"If we can show how common shootings were, then we can show how it's possible to be falsely accused and that's one of our main goals," Dawan said.

They believe if they can show how growing up in an area full of gun violence affected Dawan that more people will be more inclined to him (and others) receiving a second chance in life to be released.

Prison Audio is giving the world an inside look into the lives of the incarcerated in various ways, which are authentic and raw.

"The more people that listen to any of these podcasts, it will help shed a light on the incarcerated population in so many ways and that's our purpose. These men and women are still human beings no matter how they ended up incarcerated. We're giving the public ways to at least hear them out and listen to their stories," William said.

Prison Audio podcasts are available on all major streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Google podcast.


Social media:


Twitter: @PrisonAudio



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Tenorshare Celebrates its 16th Anniversary with Exciting Activities including Discounts and Gift Card

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Tenorshare, a prominent software company, has unveiled exclusive discounts as a tribute to its devoted customers for celebrating its 16th anniversary this year. Everyone can take advantage of these fantastic discounts during the 30-day anniversary celebration, which runs from May 10 to June 8, 2023.


There are three different activities that customers can participate in to win amazing prizes. Hurry out to join them!

Activity 1: Click the rope to light up

Ready for some good luck? Click the rope to start the lucky draw and blow out the birthday candle to make a wish. It's your lucky day because 100% of participants will win a prize! Prizes range from a $200 Amazon gift card to 30% off your next purchase. Don't miss your chance to win!

Activity 2: Save 30% off on Best Sellers

Click either Win or Mac products to receive a 30% discount on your purchase. In this part, you can choose from 4ukey, ReiBoot, UltData, and iCareFone series to avail of a 30% discount.

Activity 3: Win $200 by Birthday Memories Sharing

Want to win $200? Just follow Tenorshare on Twitter and Facebook, then share your previous birthday memories on social media with the hashtags #Tenorshare16thAnniversary and #Tenorshare for a chance to win $200.

Activity 4: Follow Tenorshare on YouTube to win $50

Follow Tenorshare Official on YouTube, watch the anniversary video, and share your blessings in the comments section for a chance to win $50.

When will you get the prize?

After the event, we will release a video on YouTube announcing the winner, chosen at random from the comments, who will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. We will also contact the winner via comment and the winner must reply with their email address within 7 days, otherwise the prize will be forfeited.

Important Notes:

* Every IP address is eligible for two lucky draws per day.

* Welcome to share the promotion page on Twitter or Facebook for an additional chance to win.

* Discounts apply to all products except Phone Mirror (1 Month) and iAnyGo (1 Month). And the coupon code is only valid during the event.

Learn more now:

About Tenorshare:

Are you looking for reliable, professional software solutions for your mobile device or computer? Look no further than Tenorshare! With millions of satisfied users across Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms, Tenorshare has established itself as a leader in data transfer, system repair, data recovery, phone unlocking, and other utilities. And now, as Tenorshare celebrates 16 years of success, you can get in on the fun and win exciting prizes during Tenorshare's 16th anniversary! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

More information:





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Three Steps to Recover Deleted Photos on a Mac Effortlessly

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Do you know of any methods to easily and quickly recover deleted photos on Mac? In fact, many macOS users often ask questions about where are photos stored on Mac or how to recover lost photos on online Q&A forums. In fact, losing important photos can be a frustrating experience, but there's no need to worry. Tenorshare 4DDiG, a leading software provider, offers excellent photo recovery software that can help users effortlessly retrieve their important data.

Where are photos stored on Mac?

If you are wondering where photos are stored on Mac, check this: By default, photos on a Mac are usually stored in a library file that is typically located in the Pictures folder. The library file has the extension ".photoslibrary" and it contains all of your photos, videos, and other media that you import into the Photos app.

Alternatively, you can access the photo file location by following this path:

~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/derivatives/masters

"If you don't want to worry about how to recover deleted photos on Mac, you'd better backup your files or download a reliable data recovery software like 4DdiG," said a spokesman of Tenorshare 4DDiG. After understanding where photos are stored on Mac, Let's find an efficient way to recover lost photos.

How to recover deleted photos on Mac?

Many users believe that it is challenging to recover deleted photos on Mac, but that is not true. With a simple operation and advanced algorithm, 4DDiG data recovery can help users easily recover their deleted photos on Mac.

So, what are the surprising features of 4ddig?

* Support various storage devices

* Support various file types

* Support various data loss scenarios

* Built-in functions that can repair damaged photos and videos.

Follow the simple steps below and you can recover deleted photos on Mac in a short period of time:

* Lauch 4DDiG and Select the disk you want to recover deleted photos from

* Scan the disk or the trash bin and Preview the scaned photos

* Recover deleted photos and save it to a new partition

Can you believe that? Just for a moment, you don't have to worry about how to recover permanently deleted photos on Mac!

About 4DdiG:

It's never been a challenge for 4DDiG to recover deleted photos on Mac, because they always ensure that their software is top-notch and delivers the highest level of performance to their clients. Apart from photo data recovery software, they also provide other excellent software to make your life more convenient. Furthermore, users can purchase various software products at a discounted rate of 30%.

For more information:

Follow Us:




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