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Redefining the Future of Live Broadcasting: Broadcast to Cover the Full Story About Your Business, Talents and Sports

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- ViuCom Corp., a Beyond Apps Group company, introduces Multi-Live Streaming, Multi-View App, "ViuLive" - a new dimension in live broadcasting. Unlike any other apps or software, ViuLive allows multiple cameras to be used to broadcast an event/story from different angles and or different locations, while all streams can be viewed at the same time in sync by the viewers.

To select which main display to view is the pure option of the individual viewer, so each viewer can focus on the stream they are interested in while they can select a different one in an instant from the thumbnails available on the screen.

This innovative design can be used to broadcast full stories/events from several dimensions and angles. As an example, a presenter/participant can have a closeup camera showing his/her face while another camera is zoomed out to show the audience and or the location where he is presenting from.

Also, events such as weddings, graduations, yoga / cooking / teaching classes, etc., can have multiple cameras focusing on specific subjects as well as side views.

"Redefining Action Sports Broadcasting can be foreseen with this unique and innovative way of live streaming when each participant can be part of the broadcasting," stated Nader Saleh, chairman and founder of Beyond Apps Group. "We look forward to provide the users & live streamers full set of tools to live stream varieties of events & actions, On-The-Go."

"We are very excited to be the first offering these exciting apps to the market," stated Mehrnaz Atari, Media Relations Executive. "Our apps for both App Stores and Google Play are released and are available for users to download and use, all features are free of charge during the introductory period. You can now start live streaming your events, graduation, weddings, classes, concerts, on-line shopping, sports action & news channel."

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