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Intellimedia Networks Expands its Operations into Kenya

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Intellimedia Networks, an award-winning leading provider of technology solutions for government, educational institutions, and businesses, is excited to announce the expansion of its operations into Africa with a new presence in Nairobi, Kenya. This move follows several meetings with Kenyan government officials and the Kenyan business community at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC on December 13-15, 2022. Intellimedia's participation in the summit was a key step in the company's mission to provide innovative technology solutions to businesses across the continent.

"We welcome the entry of Intellimedia Networks into the African market through the planned presence in Nairobi, Kenya," said Dr. Musalia Mudavadi prime cabinet secretary of the Republic of Kenya. "Intellimedia Networks' solutions fit our commitment to elevate the lives of Kenyans by creating opportunities for Kenyans to acquire new skills rapidly. Intellimedia will be warmly welcomed as a key player in a new wave of American businesses forming a base in Kenya, and as a solid partner and an enabler of high growth via emerging immersive technologies."

Intellimedia Networks' solutions encompass industry-leading interactive and VR/AR based training and education platforms, advanced content and media distribution platforms, and live event broadcasting solution". Intellimedia's solutions will be used in vocational training and education, entertainment, and education distribution, healthcare, e-commerce, and finally support a broadcasting of conferences and events that are held in Kenya.

"The focus of the Kenyan leadership team was impressive resulting in action-oriented meetings that have made it logical for us to engage in Kenya," said Mr. Darshan Sedani, President and Co-founder of Intellimedia Networks. "We are excited to support one of the strongest economies in Africa by providing results-oriented approaches at a grassroots level in our business strategy coupled with identified customer application needs in Kenya. We aim to be effective in helping Kenya attain its short-term digitization goals."

"As a member of the African diaspora, I am pleased to support accelerated growth in Kenya by providing an array of software solutions ideal for emerging nations that have a need to create a growing middle class," said Mr. Teodros Gessesse, CEO and Co-founder of Intellimedia Networks. "Our commitment is to work hard to make our solutions benefit the greatest number of Kenyans and radiate outwards into potential markets in the COMESA member countries."

The Nairobi office will provide businesses in Kenya and the surrounding region with access to Intellimedia Networks' full range of services, including design, implementation, and support. In addition to Intellimedia Networks' USA staff, several members of Intellimedia India's executive team including Mr. Joy Shah, Managing Director, Mr. Devang Ajmera, Head of Operations and Mr. Rajkumar Ramakrishnan, VP of Technology will be focused in supporting Intellimedia Networks Africa's expansion.

Additionally, the office will offer training and education programs to equip local government, educational and training institutions, and businesses with the solutions and skills they need to support and maintain the technology solutions provided by the company.

About Intellimedia Networks:

Intellimedia Networks is a leading provider of technology solutions for businesses, offering a range of services including network design, implementation, and support. The company's mission is to help businesses across the world to harness the power of technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and drive growth.

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MoSHE and IntelliMedia Networks Partner to Digitally Transform the Ethiopian Higher Education and Vocational Training Sector

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE) agrees to join forces with IntelliMedia Networks Inc. and its local partners Andalem Consulting PLC and United Systems Integrators, to enable a country-wide online learning platform to streamline access to higher learning across Ethiopia and improve quality of education and training for undergraduate and graduate students.

This historic public-private partnership will implement IntelliMedia's Apollo Learning and Training Management System (LTMS) that utilizes engaging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content with a multi-phase five-year strategy ranging from a short term COVID-19 response to a full digitization of the Ethiopian higher education and training sector. The project which is valued at multi-million dollars will build higher education institutions' capacity for delivery of Ethiopian-authored content to anyone with a smartphone, including live and on-demand classroom courses, access to additional learning material, centralized secure online testing, artificial intelligence (A.I.) backed personalized learning and data-driven sector performance metrics.

The project is a direct outcome of Ethiopian prime minister and Nobel peace prize winner Dr. Abiy Ahmed's digital transformation agenda, for Ethiopia's inclusive and sustainable development. It will bridge the gap between higher education and the local economy through effective integration with industrial actors through project-based learning, precision internships and job placement. It also aims to become the driving force for technology entrepreneurship and the development of a vibrant national startup ecosystem.

"This partnership is yet another important milestone in our effort to digitize the Ethiopian higher education and vocational training sector, as an integrated part of the overall digital Ethiopia strategy set forth by the government," said MoSHE State Minister Professor Afework Kassu Gizaw. "We are excited to bring this capability to Ethiopia's student body as it will help us further achieve a fundamental shift by enabling higher education institutions to provide high quality, immersive and personalized education coupled with data-driven metrics helping us reach our goal of improving our teaching institutions."

"As a member of the Ethiopian diaspora since 1978, I am especially honored to contribute to Ethiopia's digital transformation by providing educational platforms ideal for its unique needs. With IntelliMedia's consultative and collaborative approach in overcoming local challenges and its commitment to a fully transparent knowledge-transfer, this project will play a significant role in creating opportunities for the Ethiopian knowledge workforce and in fostering entrepreneurship. We will work as a strong and determined partner to support the advancement of education in Ethiopia," said Teodros Gessesse, CEO and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks, Inc.

"There is a convergence of themes playing out in emerging markets that's accelerating educational institutes' engagement with online learning and training systems. IntelliMedia is thrilled with this partnership, which will provide the necessary flexibility for MoSHE and Ethiopian institutions to deliver content using our immersive learning technologies," said IntelliMedia's president and co-founder Darshan Sedani.

The collaboration between MoSHE, IntelliMedia Networks and local Ethiopian partners Andalem Consulting PLC and United Systems Integrators (USI) is prepared to affect a rolling deployment that is geared to enable Ethiopians to locally create educational content, manage and expand the Apollo LTMS platform based on local infrastructure and mobile data network conditions.

"This private public partnership is an ideal platform that will enable us to effectively mobilize the necessary resources to execute on our joint mission to digitize higher education and better integrate it with the country's and the global digital economy," says Michael Tesfaye Hiruy Managing partner of Andalem Consulting PLC.

"This is a true collaboration of government, the Ethiopian diaspora and local Ethiopian businesses in a project that empowers Ethiopians to create sustainable growth," said Michael Shebelle managing director of USI Ethiopia.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is established by proclamation number 1097/, in October 2018, and is responsible to lead the development of science, higher education as well as the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Ethiopia.

IntelliMedia Networks Inc. is a U.S.A. and India based company specializing in developing and deploying immersive media platforms that distribute content through the cloud and onto multiple screens. Utilizing extensive experience IntelliMedia has global customers in a variety of markets. IntelliMedia is a winner of two Product of the Year awards at the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters show for products recognized as trail blazers in the video industry.

Andalem Consulting plc is an Ethiopia based firm dedicated to enabling technology and Data-Driven decision-making to advance Africa's economic transformation and sustainable development. Andalem is dedicated to build Private-Public ecosystems that think globally and implement sustainable solutions. Focusing on various markets, Andalem is committed to foster international collaborations that build Africa's technological capacity and accelerate its sustainable development.

United Systems Integrators is an Ethiopian company specializing in building and supporting IT infrastructure and software integration in the financial industry, focusing on banking application software and ERP implementations. USI is a best-practice proven system integrator in Africa with over 20 years of experience and excellent customer satisfaction track record headquartered in Addis Ababa with offices in Nairobi.



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