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‘My Spouse, My Friend’ – Educator and counselor writes from a faith perspective to give a crash course on marital relations

FORT SASKATCHEWAN, Alberta -- "My Spouse, My Friend" (ISBN: 978-0228842859) is a must-have book for couples, newlyweds, those long in love, and engaged. A crash course on married life by author Ingiete Oyama.

Released in April 2021, "My Spouse, My Friend" is a crash course on married life, from how to argue like an adult to making financial plans for the future, to how to get along with your in-laws. Written from a faith perspective with a biblical backing and real-life anecdotes, "My Spouse, My Friend" is a guide to navigating questions about marriage and finding answers.

Author Ingiete Oyama sets you in a front row seat as she highlights the necessity for spouses to treat each other as friends and not foes. The book centers on the blessings that abound in marriage when couples choose to love each other and put God at the helm of affairs in their lives. Best summed up as intentional or purposeful marriage.

"My intention for writing this book is to help couples reclaim their intimacies and unite in perfect matrimony. They should also realize God's intention in instituting marriage," said Oyama when reflecting on her book.

"I am convinced that the Lord God who put this idea in me would bless everyone with a very fulfilled marriage and God's blessings and protection. Hopefully this book succeeds in bringing back the fun in marriage, where couples can be themselves and are not afraid to laugh freely with each other. Reinstates friendship, abundant love, and understanding between all couples. Where the lightheartedness of friendship and love exist and where man and woman work toward common goals of unity, happiness, and love."


INGIETE OYAMA is an accomplished, married and well-educated woman, whose passions lean heavily toward helping others. She has a master's degree in counseling, child and adolescent welfare, occupational health, rehabilitation and return to work, as well as other credits in addiction and behavior management. She is a mother of five, an educator and counselor.

To learn more about author Ingiete Oyama's writing debut and "My Spouse, My Friend," please visit

"My Spouse, My Friend" is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $23) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more.


Author: Ingiete Oyama

Genre: Self-Help

Released: April 2021

PAPERBACK: ISBN-13: 9780228842859

HARDCOVER: ISBN-13: 9780228842866

EBOOK: ISBN-13: 9780228842873

AUDIOBOOK: ISBN-13: 9780228848875

Publisher: Tellwell Talent ( ).

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Grief Opens Path to Reconnection, Resilience in New Online Retreat Nov. 5-6

WEAVERVILLE, N.C. -- Grief, like the seasons, is part of the normal cycle of life, yet each person experiences it differently. Join grief guides Melody LeBaron and Dean Spillane-Walker for "Heart Broken Open: Grief as a Sacred Path to Reconnection and Resilience," a new online retreat for the bereaved, on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 5-6, 2022. The event is presented by: Transforming Space, Self, and Loss; and by Living Resilience.

The event is designed to transform the experience of grief for those experiencing any significant loss. These include those experiencing:

* the loss of a relationship, family member, pet, home or job

* struggles with trauma, a diagnosis, or an illness

* grief for the devastation of the planet and its peoples

* difficulty coping with stuckness, sadness, or loneliness

Learn more:

Caregivers such as family members, therapists, coaches, health and wellness practitioners may also benefit from the ritual practices of grief within a community setting.

"Our ancestors accepted grief as a normal part of life," says LeBaron. "They knew that grief buried alive kills the mind, the body, the soul."

LeBaron is the author of "Transforming Death: Creating Sacred Space for the Dying" (ISBN: 978-1733477123) a guide for the dying and their caregivers, based on her experience as a midwife for the deaths of 12 of her closest loved ones including her 17-year old son, mother, and sister.

"So, when one person grieved, the tribe gathered and formed 'a community of mourners,'" she says. "In other words, when a loss happened to one member of the tribe, it was processed and grieved-by the entire tribe."

Walker says that within a community, grief can be transformed. "Grief is feral," he says. "It does not come on demand. But grief can be evoked-through stories, writing, movement, and ritual."

Walker is author of "The Impossible Conversation: Choosing Reconnection and Resilience at the End of Business as Usual" (ISBN: 978-0692900017). He helps create consciousness within communities in ways that encourage the maturation of deep inner resources, as its members bravely face an unimaginable future.

"Grief can be welcomed, integrated, and transformed within the sacred space formed by an intentional community," Walker says.

But, they say, some losses can't be managed alone. People may need a community of grievers in order to complete the grief cycle.

"When grief is fully processed and integrated, it transforms into a life-force, a fuel that revitalizes and propels us into reconnection and resilience, as individuals, families, and communities," says Walker.

But when grief is ignored, tamped down, buried alive, vitality may be buried with it.

"We live in a time when we are experiencing devastating personal-and planetary-loss. It is no longer advisable to grieve privately, to force ourselves to 'get over it,'" says LeBaron.

Now is the time for a conscious, courageous community grieving. The retreat will include:

* Powerful writing practice to assist in opening our stories of loss

* Deepening our trust in our emotional and body wisdom

* Sharing our stories of loss in a confidential container, to the extent you want that

* An avenue to express our grief over world events

* Learning practices and healing tools to use after the retreat

* Music and Movement that allow us to embody and then release emotions

To learn more about "Heart Broken Open: Grief as a Sacred Path to Reconnection and Resilience," or to sign up to attend on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., and on Sunday, Nov. 6, from noon to 5 p.m., visit:

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Desert Chic: Scottsdale-Based Luxury Accessories Brand Launches Arizona-Inspired Variation of Best-Selling Clutch Handbag

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- For travelers and locals alike looking to always be reminded of the heart, soul and grandeur for which Arizona is known, Soul Carrier, a Scottsdale-based luxury accessories brand, announced today the launch of a chic new variation of the best-selling clutch handbag paying homage to The Grand Canyon State and the more than 30-million guests annually who seek rest, relaxation and rejuvenation within its buzzing resort community.

Available at some of Arizona's most prestigious resort boutiques including The Phoenician, JW Marriott Camelback Inn and the historic Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria, Soul Carrier was founded by Jennifer Paige Boonlorn, a first generation Thai American, with the intent of helping women confidently transport the things that are important to them while catering to a luxury resort clientele.

While Jennifer chose to focus this new line on her home state, Soul Carrier handbags can be found nationally from the Beverly Hills Hotel to the new Waldorf Astoria in Washington, D.C.

As versatile as it is functional, this unique handbag works as a clutch, or when dropped into a larger carrier can organize smaller items. Complete with a debossed message on the inner leather pocket that reads, "I Found Myself in Arizona," this version of the clutch also features a few new enhancements including a velvet liner, a side leather tassel, and gold hardware to allow the bag to double as a crossbody with the addition of a strap. This style is offered in a variety of options including full grain leather and hair on natural cowhide, with additional specialty leather releases planned in the coming months.

"Arizona is such a metaphor for space and how you want to respond to life, from the grandiosity of our mountain ranges and the sunny skies that go on for miles to the rambling desert that extends out of Phoenix in every direction. The wild-west ethos provides a can-do-get-up-and-go-entrepreneurial spirit, which is what these variations are inspired by," said Jennifer. "Since the bags are sold at Arizona resorts, we're looking at this line as a way to create lasting connections with tourists and the many locals who long for nearby staycations, in hopes of contributing to their evangelism and return visits."

An Arizona State University graduate, Jennifer found solace in travel and connecting with others seeking peace after a tragic accident in which she lost both of her parents. Following her father's footsteps as a designer, she founded Soul Carrier in 2009.

No stranger to the fashion world, Jennifer lived and worked in New York City, obtaining valuable experience in fashion and visual merchandising with designers such as Oscar de la Renta and brands including American Eagle Outfitters. At Conde Nast, she focused on Women's Wear Daily Accessories, procuring items and coordinating photo shoots for women's accessory guides and feature articles.

"I remember subway rides where I daydreamed of cacti, intense sunshine, and the intangible vibe of the desert community. I never stopped longing for the nourishment that came via living in Arizona. The warm heat of the southwest was ingrained in my being, and that fever never fully broke during my time back east," said Jennifer. "Yet, through all the glamor of Fashion Week, all the sparkling lights that make up the Big Apple, all the golden opportunities, my soul longed for the dry-dusty desert, and I hope with this new line, the essence of Arizona can be taken and experienced just about everywhere."

For more information about Soul Carrier or to learn more about which resorts will carry the new line, visit

Be sure to follow @SoulCarrier on Instagram for the latest product launches and announcements.

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The Story of the Orange Dress: Ashburn-Based Private Chef Turned Heads at her Wedding in Local Berryville, VA

ASHBURN, Va. -- Private Chef and Owner of Fleur de Cuisine, Natalie Ramos (now Natalie Vaughn), has shared her story about overcoming adversity on her way to success in building her chef and catering business in Loudoun County, Virginia. Through sharing her story about growing up in Brooklyn, New York's housing projects, Natalie has gained a large following for her strength, willingness, and determination for overcoming obstacles that led to her personal and professional success.

Vaughn continued to turn heads when celebrating her wedding on September 30, 2022 stunting an incredibly unique orange gown.

The Private Chef met her new husband, Michael Vaughn, after a bitter divorce that ended in alleged domestic violence with a near fatal ending. Michael Vaugh came to Natalie after being in an emotionally abusive relationship for over 20 years. They met each other online after friends convinced them that this was the way to meet new faces. At first glance you wouldn't view them to be a lifelong couple, as Natalie was more fashion forward and a community socialite, while Michael was more understated and less dramatic in his appearance. However, the couple found love in their similar stories, love for family, and love for life.

The couple decided on September 30th for their wedding date; A date that held traumatic memories for the bride, as this was the date that her grandmother passed, the date when she was pushed from a moving vehicle, and the date of a car accident that nearly took her life.

It was this date that Natalie decided to fill with positivity moving forward.

The theme of the wedding held true to the late September date and encompassed Fall details throughout. Orange had always been a color of change for Natalie, and it represented life's way of adapting to order. The orange dress was one of which Natalie designed herself from Di Domenico Designs by Dress Maker, Kelsy Hall. The two made their connection through Fleur de Cuisine catering Hall's wedding, and now it was Natalie's turn. Together, her and Natalie came up with a dress that would represent the greatest change in Natalie's life, finally feeling loved. The dress was bohemian style that fell free and embraced being open to the new world ahead, with just enough embroidery and jewels to convey Natalie's fashion-driven personality.

The wedding was held at Juniper Acres in Berryville, VA, and was chosen for its beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain views, and was also owned by local friends.

The wedding in total supported over 16 local community businesses and was filled with delicious hors d'oeuvres at the cocktail hour including petite Philly cheesesteaks, a hot dog station, walking taco station, French fry stations, an elaborate charcuterie station, and even SpaghettiOs. The tables were filled with pictures of things the couple loved, including polaroid cameras and memento albums to save photographs for the bride and groom. The wedding favors included local apple pie moonshine, a warm cozy blanket, popcorn and m&m's, and pecan pie jars.

To make things even more personal, Natalie reached out to family members to find siblings she hadn't seen in over 15 years to attend the wedding and further signify new beginnings. Natalie also took samples of her father's voice and added it to her first dance song with her father's brothers and son who also walked her down the aisle, leaving the guests in tears. In addition, Natalie helped Michael with his mother-son dance by soliciting the help of a friend and local musician, Hilary Veltri, to sing an acoustic rendition of the theme song from the popular television show "The Golden Girls" of which Michael and his mother would watch daily.

The guests filled with joy and love for the blending family, and raved positivity about incorporating Michael and Natalie's LGBTQ daughters by having drag queens in attendance. It was a local community wedding celebrating all things change and diversity.

Learn more about Natalie and Fleur de Cuisine, at: and

Wedding Vendors:

* Venue: Juniper Acres

* Photographer: Andrew Sample Photography

* Consultant: S&S Events

* Day of Planner: Tyrone Shelby and Shaday Ortiz

* Officiant: Chekesha Kaitlin

* Wedding Gown and Veil: Di Domenico Designs

* Shoes: Custom Converse Sneakers

* Hair: Krave Creations and Strands by Dottie

* Makeup: Ashley Ramos of Ulta and Brittany of Blingz

* Bridesmaids' dresses: Do Domenico Designs

* Formal wear: Miguel Wilson

* Invitations: E. L. Strategic

* Flowers: S&S Events, LLC

* Rental equipment: S&S Events, Country Farm Houses, Vintage Games, Nance Vintage Equipment

* Catering: Devine Swine, Fleur De Cuisine, Reckies Caribbean Catering, Fantasticks

* Music: Hilary Viletri, DJ Z Haul

* Cake: Lucy Q's Bakery

* Favors: Lucy Q's and Tiana's Mean Cuisine

* Transportation: Regal Limos of Ashburn, VA, and VIP Events

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BabyLiveAdvice Announces $1.1M Seed Investment to Improve Maternal-Infant Health Outcomes

CALABASAS, Calif. -- BabyLiveAdvice™, the leading virtual maternal telehealth provider, announced the completion of a $1.1 million seed investment led by Venn Ventures and Synergen Technology Labs. BabyLiveAdvice, founded by CEO Sigi Marmorstein, RN, PHN, MSN, FNP-BC, partners with healthcare providers and health systems to support coordinated, comprehensive prenatal, postpartum, and infant care anywhere by closing the care gaps experienced by expecting and new parents. The result is reduced complications and better outcomes for parents and babies.

Participating strategic investors span the healthcare ecosystem, including

* Venn Ventures, venture capital group,

* Synergen Technology Labs, technology innovators,

* Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) the nation's largest and only dedicated OB hospitalist provider,

* CareFirst BCBS, payer organization, and

* LifeBridge Health, hospital system.

"Providing safe and timely care to pregnant people and infants has always been a tremendous challenge," said Marmorstein. "Now, with decreasing outpatient and inpatient care capacities, related to provider burnout and shortage, maternal-infant care gaps are growing, resulting in worsening outcomes for parents and babies.

"BabyLiveAdvice's unique approach enables it to reduce these gaps and improve outcomes to enhance, not replace, the current standard of care."

BabyLiveAdvice had served over 40,000 parents, including Hispanic, Black, Navajo Nation, and other historically underserved populations. Through research and pilots, BabyLiveAdvice has demonstrated improved clinical outcomes, decreased emergency room use, reduced readmissions, and fewer postpartum complications.

Marmorstein explained how BabyLiveAdvice, "provides services that support marginalized, remote communities at a fraction of the cost with improved outcomes. We are the only company on the market that can support the entire pregnancy journey in one place from the comfort of the user's home without increasing the provider burden. With BabyLiveAdvice, babies now come with instructions."

Users have access to a network of resources and support for their journey to parenthood, including nurses, nurse-practitioners, doulas, lactation specialists, socialworkers, mental health providers, nutritional specialists, care coordinators, diabetic specialists, and virtual group education classes.

BLA provides users with virtual, live maternal education classes that support self-care and self-advocacy. Users receive significantly improved maternal-infant education in lactation, proper nutrition, mental health, weight management, blood pressure and blood sugar control, and other benefits.

"Maternal health is often overlooked and is an area of healthcare ripe for innovation benefitting both parents and children," said Melissa Larson Youngblood, BabyLiveAdvice Board Member and Co-Founder and Partner at Venn Ventures, which co-led the investment round. "It was easy to invest in BabyLiveAdvice and Sigi as a women entrepreneur. The company is mature, has a strong pipeline, and has tens of thousands of users across the nation."

BabyLiveAdvice leverages a VSee-built, customized telehealth solution that is HIPAA-compliant, featuring EHR integration, telemonitoring capabilities, chat functionality, and group or one-on-one consultations. All consultations are documented, and notes are shared with the patient's medical provider through seamless EHR integration to assure medical and supportive care are well aligned.

"Through our BabyLiveAdvice partnership, we look forward to providing new maternal care resources to our patients and hospital partners," said Dr. Amy VanBlaricom, OBHG's Chief Clinical Officer and BabyLiveAdvice board member. "We are especially excited about BabyLiveAdvice's potential to positively impact patients with access to care challenges and the minority populations we serve. BabyLiveAdvice aligns with OBHG's mission of saving the lives of mothers and babies regardless of location, race, or economic status. Supporting patients throughout all phases of pregnancy, including the prenatal and postpartum stages, is so important in closing gaps in care."

BabyLiveAdvice partners include March of Dimes, Johnson and Johnson, The National Black Doulas Association, LifeBridge Health Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Huntington Health, AltaMed, among others.

For media queries and BLA partnerships contact David Marmorstein:

About BabyLiveAdvice:

BabyLiveAdvice is a woman and nurse-founded company with the mission to close the care gaps in maternal childcare and reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality around the world. BabyLiveAdvice has helped tens of thousands of parents to get one-on-one support and education from a caring provider in their language. Its mission is to help parents and improve the statistics surrounding pregnancy, births, and maternal wellbeing.

Learn more:


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Opening Thurs., Sept. 15: ‘Veils’ The Musical Takes Center Stage Reminding Us of The Price Paid for The Freedoms Won and The Women Behind It All

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) has teamed with Restoration Stage (Washington, D.C.) to bring the popular musical "Veils" to the Los Angeles area for a short run Thursday, September 15, and Friday, September 16 at 8 p.m.; Saturday, September 17 at 2 and 8 p.m. and Sunday, September 18 at 8 p.m. at the Nate Holden Performing Art Center in Los Angeles, California. Purchase tickets at

So much has been written about the men lost in the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter movements. Unexplored, however, are the stories of the women whose lives are affected by these tragedies - the women who wear the "Veils." This musical is described as an emotional historical pageant of grief and resilience that pays tribute to women veiled in mourning, with a focus on Black lives lost in bloodshed during the sixties Civil Rights Movement to gain many of the freedoms we enjoy today.

BHERC believes that "Veils" on its own sends a powerful message of courage and sacrifice. However, as we find ourselves at the precipice of a democracy that is being contested, and the right to vote is being undermined as well as other freedoms, BHERC believes that "Veils" is truly a great example of the price that has already been paid for the gains being threatened. It represents the strong Women, like those who today are standing up and marching for justice.

"We are proud to bring this inspirational and compelling work to Los Angeles for a second time," States Sandra J. Evers-Manly. "The pandemic disrupted the performance in March 2020, but not this time. Everyone must come out to witness this incredible musical. It will inform, energize, and inspire you, with hope for our future as a people."

"Veils," the musical, is written by Steven A. Butler, Jr. with music and lyrics by Courtney Baker-Oliver and Christopher John Burnett and is directed by Courtney Baker-Oliver. Joining the West Coast production is soul singer, dramatist, educator, and activist Ayanna Gregory. The daughter of iconic comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory, Ayanna continues her father's work with deep awareness and concern for Human Rights expressed through her gift of music. More than entertainment; they are her mission. "She touches the place that is the deepest and clearest in my heart", Stevie Wonder. Filling out the cast are Bernie Alston, Steven A. Butler, Jr.*, Desire' Dubose*, Kandace Foreman, Bridget Garwood, Andrea Gerald, Robert Hamilton, Brandyn Marshall, Corisa Myers, Suli Myrie, Ayana Ogunsunlade*, Grace Pugh, Nakiea Washington Dade (*member of Actor's Equity Association). Stage Management by Ronald Lee Newman*, Musical Direction by Justin Thompson, Choreography by Kyra DaCosta *, Sound/Video Design by David Lamont Wilson*, Lighting Design by Stage Jerry Dale, Jr. Set and Properties by Courtney Baker-Oliver and Robert Hamilton, Costumes by Courtney Baker-Oliver & Luqman Salim, Technical Direction by Robert Hamilton; Executive Producer, Sandra Evers-Manly and Producers: Courtney Baker-Oliver and Steven A. Butler, Jr.


"The singer-actors have created an exquisitely beautiful experience of enduring sorrow, honor, and healing." - John Stoltenberg

"The surprise is that with Veils two such multitalented African American young men have undertaken this profoundly womanist theme with such deep empathy and authentic respect. This, to my knowledge, is a first in theatre history." -

"Tackles roles ranging from Sybrina Fulton and Mamie Till to Jacqueline Kennedy and Viola Liuzzo." - The Washington Informer

"I'm thrilled that my mother's story is one being told in this production which brings history to life and light." - Mary Liuzzo, daughter of civil rights martyr Viola Liuzzo


Tickets are $55.00 each. $45.00 for students and seniors. $45.00 for groups of 10 or more. For tickets, log onto or call 310.284.3170.

About the BHERC:

Founded in 1996 by Sandra Evers-Manly, the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit organization designed to advocate, educate, research, develop, and preserve the history and future of Black images in film and television. Through film festivals, award ceremonies, book signings, script readings, contests, scholarships, other programs, and special events, BHERC recognizes the contributions of Black men and women in front of and behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Like us on: Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. SOCIAL INFO:


Instagram Bhercdotorg | #BHERC

About Restoration Stage, Inc. - (Washington, DC) is an independent theatre company. Best known for the original works of its founders, playwright Steven A. Butler, Jr., director/lyricist Courtney Baker-Oliver, and composer Christopher John Burnett, it is a partnership that has yielded the critically acclaimed "The Truth", "All That Glitters", and "Chocolate Covered Ants." The core focus of Restoration Stage, Inc. is to produce innovative theatrical productions with themes that contribute to the ongoing dialogue about how to improve the condition of the family in American society. ​

Our Founders: Courtney Baker-Oliver and Steven A. Butler, Jr. created Restoration Stage, Inc. in May 2005 and serve as Restoration Stage's legal directors. Initially created as a producing entity for Butler's play, "The Truth," it has expanded to include additional projects currently in various stages of development. Since 2005, Restoration Stage has employed the talents of more than fifty performers, designers, technicians, and other support staff to produce its productions.

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Thousands Expected to March on DeSantis This Weekend for Reproductive Rights

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Thousands of people this weekend are expected to March on Ron DeSantis, the Capitol and the Supreme Court of Florida, Bans Off Our Bodies Florida announced today. Fed up with the way that the Republican government is treating their rights, they are prepared to show the governor their displeasure with numbers.

What: Thousands to March on Governor's Mansion

When: August 27, 2022

"I think that the consistent insults that come from Tallahassee have worn down the patience of the people of Florida," Laura Lippo, one of the organizers said of the March, "and they are ready to show Ron that attacking our bodily autonomy is the last straw."

"Our main message is that he, and his fellow lawmakers, need to make a declaration, with actions to match, that they will support the people of this state under no uncertain terms by declining all legislation that prevents the right to choose." Laura concluded.

DeSantis has continued to uncharacteristically remain relatively quiet on the subject, only saying that he would, "work to expand pro-life protections." Most political scholars feel this is to avoid the election year controversy that largely favors the opposing view.

The peaceful protest on Saturday is pressuring the governor to make his stand.

"The constitution of Florida states, 'Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person's private life'," Emmie Reed, another organizer of the March said, "what we are asking of Ron DeSantis is to enforce our Constitutional rights."

Bans Off Our Bodies Florida is a campaign led by abortion rights supporters. It is a movement for reproductive rights and healthcare with rallies across the state which are intended to send a message loud and clear: All people deserve access to abortions when they need it and in the communities they live in.


Facebook page:

FB Group:

Event page:


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Hit Psychology Book Gets Updated Edition

BOSTON, Mass. -- "Calm & Sense: A Woman's Guide to Living Anxiety Free," the hit novel by psychologist Wendy Leeds (Calm Day Publishing, ISBN 978-0999901526), has an updated edition out with new updated studies and information. In honor of the new edition, there will be a limited time sale on the ebook version of the book across platforms.

Calm and sense uses a unique women-centric approach to anxiety. The book focuses on the needs of women. Combining up to date data from anxiety studies, personal stories, and practical tips, author Wendy Leeds offers something special in the space.

Leeds is a practicing psychotherapist with both a professional and a personal interest in finding ways to heal anxiety without medication. She has dealt with anxiety all her life and knows what it's like to live with the kind of worry and fear that make the smallest things in life difficult.

In 1995, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent several surgeries and six months of chemotherapy. It was at that low point, that she began a life-long journey to create a calm, centered joyful life, for herself and others. She began by reading everything she could get her hands on about anxiety. Then in 2006 she went back to school to earn two graduate degrees in psychology.

Ashley L Peterson of Mental Health at Home said, "['Calm & Sense'] doesn't feel like a therapist trying to educate you; rather, it has the feel of another regular person having a conversation with you, who just happens to have the knowledge and experience of a therapist. With the wide range of ideas offered in the book, I think any reader is likely to find things that work for them."

"For those who endure chronic anxiety, even seemingly innocuous daily tribulations can take on giant, scary, insurmountable portions," said Roberta Rosenthal Hawkins, MFA, PhD. "'Calm & Sense' is a loving, gentle, often witty, and infinitely helpful path through one's jungle of fears. As one might hope of any jungle guide, the author's compass is sure, her survival kit is well-stocked, and her cheerful, can-do spirit is reassuring and encouraging the whole way."

"Calm and Sense" is nationally distributed by Cardinal Publishing Group. It is published by Calm Day Publishing, and available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and, and where books are sold.

Learn more about the author at:

Find the book on Amazon at:

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Danielle Alura Crowned Miss Global USA 2023

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Last weekend, Danielle Alura of Miami was crowned Miss Global USA 2023 in Orlando, Florida. She will go on to compete on the world stage representing the USA for the chance to win the title of Miss Global 2023. She had interviewed for Miss Florida Global USA this year and earned the state title before competing in the 2023 Miss Global USA pageant. She also won the highest point awards in talent, swim and gown competitions at the national pageant.

Danielle Alura is a major philanthropist, model, actress and singer. Her charity of choice is Family Promise of which she has helped rehouse more than 350 families since volunteering and raising funds for the charity at 14 years old.

Throughout pageant week, there were also several runway shows with designers from all over the country. Each designer showcased their creations casting models from the contestant line up and the stand out models were booked for campaigns and runway shows through the coming year. The Miss Global USA pageant prides themself with creating many opportunities beyond pageantry for those that participate.

Here is the complete runner up list of the Miss Global USA 2023 pageant:

* 1st runner-up: Raquel Basco (California)

* 2nd runner-up Kianna Harris (New Jersey)

* 3rd runner-up: Ashley Fano (Central Florida)

* 4th runner-up: Erika Ann (North Carolina)

What's next for Danielle Alura is the world stage; the Miss Global 2023 Pageant is set to take place next year with a location to be determined. The three-pillar mantra of the Miss Global Organization is: "Empowering women, Embracing Cultures and Embodying the beauty within."

The deserving winner of the world title reigns for one year and graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar Magazine amongst many other life changing opportunities.

Contact Suzi Hozefeld, Miss Global USA pageants, Email: for more information on competing at the state level for the chance to win the national title.

The Miss Florida Global USA state pageant will be held in Orlando on Nov. 18-20, 2022 and registration is still open for any ladies not married, may have children and are between the ages of 18-35 years!

Learn more about Danielle Alura at:


VIDEO (YouTube):

PHOTO link for media:

Photo caption: Danielle Alura crowned Miss Global USA 2023.

FOLLOW Danielle Alura on social at:





Twitter Tags: #missglobalusa #missglobalusa2023 #daniellealura #missglobal2023 @daniellealura @missglobal

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Marching on DeSantis for Abortion Rights: Large March Planned Ahead of Florida Supreme Court Decision on 15 Week Ban

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Pro-choice protestors are taking to the capitol on August 27, 2022, ahead of the anticipated Florida Supreme Court Ruling on the 15-week abortion ban. Bans Off Our Bodies Florida, is planning to show DeSantis, and the Supreme Court Justices, that upholding this new law is an assault on equality, health, privacy and the constitution of Florida.

"The Florida Constitution clearly states, 'Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person's private life.' I don't know how it could be any clearer that this means for the government to stay out of my reproductive rights," says Laura Lippo, one of the organizers of the event. "Although the U.S. Supreme Court assertively wrong in their interpretation of our rights under the 14th Amendment in the U.S Constitution, there is no ambivalence with Florida's."

So far, Florida courts have respected and upheld the privacy of Floridians from governmental intrusion; however, with a court that is stacked in DeSantis's favor, it is possible that could change.

"Just because you are able to assign people to a court with your belief system, doesn't make that belief system legal," Laura said. "DeSantis has created an assault on Floridians rights that will end in the ballot box."

The event will start with speakers followed by a peaceful march.

"DeSantis is waging this war against us," Nicole Richards, co-organizer of the event said. "On August 27th we are showing up with our presence and voice as our weapons. We will not be ignored."

Bans Off Our Bodies Florida is a campaign led by abortion rights supporters. It is a movement for reproductive rights and healthcare with rallies across the state which are intended to send a message loud and clear: All people deserve access to abortions when they need it and in the communities they live in.


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