’s Online Stock-Picking Service Could Have Doubled Their Subscriber’s Money in 2 Years

Author: Halvorson Research Associates, LLC
Dateline: Fri, 17 Dec 2004

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “NAPLES, FL /Send2Press Newswire/ —, a division of Halvorson Research Associates, today announced that returns on its Tiny 6 Stock Portfolio has risen 127-percent since December 1, 2002, which could have resulted in subscribers more than doubling their investments in just 2 years.”

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NAPLES, FL /Send2Press Newswire/ —, a division of Halvorson Research Associates (, today announced that returns on its Tiny 6 Stock Portfolio has risen 127% since December 1, 2002, which could have resulted in subscribers more than doubling their investments in just 2 years.

“We’ve developed a unique system of stock evaluation that selects under-priced companies that have upward price momentum, high future earnings projections, and superior growth rates,” explained William A. Halvorson, President of HRA and former President of both the American Academy of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries.

“We do the analysis for our subscribers, and select our top 6 stocks (Tiny 6) plus an additional 24 stocks which we combine into our Favorite 30. Members can choose any combination of Tiny 6 and Favorite 30 stocks to build their own portfolio with confidence, using their broker of choice. We do the research, we track the market, and we evaluate the risk. And we are pleased to announce that, based on our past recommendations, subscribers would have far exceeded our goal of doubling their money in four years…by doing it in just two.”

Halvorson cautions, however, that investors should always bear in mind that losses can happen in all investment systems, and patience is one key factor in any investor’s long-range success. HRA now wants to share their knowledge and stock strategy with new subscribers via their recently launched website so that they too can enjoy the benefits of this proven stock selection system. provides member access 24/7 to Tiny 6 and Favorite 30 stock picks, along with unique research on over 800 companies representing 75% of the investment market. Other member benefits include access to essential information about all 800 stocks in the HRA database including:

– Earnings per share for the latest 12 months

– Expected dividends

– Price per share percentage changes over the last 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months

– Current 4-year projected growth rate in earnings

– Over-priced/under-priced condition of the market, and investment exposure recommendations

Halvorson Research Associates, which is the product of the work of William A. Halvorson, his oldest daughter, Janet C. Raphael, and his youngest son, James L. Halvorson, has published its Tiny 6 and Favorite 30 stock selections for over twelve years. Since 1992, HRA has managed three investment partnerships and has recently formed a limited liability corporation based in Naples, Florida to enable new subscribers access to HRA’s services through the Internet.

HRA believes that the current investment and economic scenario, combined with easy access to proven stock selection recommendations, will provide investors with new and exciting opportunities for growth. is currently offering a 20% discount on their services to new Internet subscribers.

“Investor use of online stock-picking services is on the rise for good reason,” said Jim Halvorson, HRA’s Director of Marketing. “Typical mutual funds and hedge funds dilute end results. These days, investors are looking for lower fees, more and better information, and increased end results. For these investors, who also prefer buy-and-hold stock trading and who wish to make trades only twice a month, is the right choice.”

William Halvorson graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with BBA and MBA degrees in Actuarial Science and Investment and Insurance. Since 1983, following a successful career as a consulting actuary with Milliman and Robertson, Inc. (now Milliman USA), William has focused his energy to quantifying movements in stock prices and earnings growth rates. This analysis has led to the development of’s unique Sell/Buy System.

Janet Raphael holds a BBA in Finance from the UW-Madison and is an investment consultant and advisor for a large financial corporation in NYC. Janet is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and has been working with her father on several HRA Investment Partnerships over the last 10 years. Her intuition and assessment of the stock market trends and futures is instrumental in selecting HRA’s Tiny 6 and Favorite 30 stocks.

Jim Halvorson has a BBA degree in Marketing-Sales Management from UW-Madison. He has worked in industrial Sales and Marketing positions for over 25 years with Honeywell International, their international partners, as well as other firms. Jim’s experience in web site design and administration, and development and execution of business and sales plans, supports his current mission to deliver the message about the power of HRA’s Sell/Buy system to investors.

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