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ACES Quality Management Q1 2020 Mortgage QC Trends Report: EPDs Rising, Critical Defect Rate Hits Three-Year Low

DENVER, Colo. -- ACES Quality Management (ACES), formerly known as ARMCO and the leading provider of enterprise quality management and control software for the financial services industry, announced the release of the quarterly ACES Mortgage QC Trends Report. The latest report, which provides nationwide loan quality findings based on data derived from ACES Quality Management and Control Software(TM), covers the first quarter (Q1) of 2020.

Noteworthy findings include:
* Overall critical defect rate of 1.56% matched the lowest rate in three years;
* Defects attributed to the credit and income categories rebounded after climbing higher in Q4 2019;
* Increases in the share of refinances (5%) and conventional loans (2%) contributed to the improvement in the overall defect rate; and
* Early Payment Defaults are on the rise.

"The combination of falling interest rates, employment numbers not yet impacted by COVID-19, and steady property appreciation all contributed to increases in the share of both refinances and conventional loans, which in turn drove the continued decrease in the overall critical defect rate observed in Q1 2020," said ACES Executive Vice President Nick Volpe. "However, the last few weeks of the quarter encompassed the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and given the economic impact of the pandemic on consumers, the number of early payment defaults increased, as one would expect."

"ACES is monitoring this area closely, and the early Q2 data shows the number of EPDs reviewed by lenders through ACES is 75% higher than the average monthly rate of EPD reviews for 2019. Because an EPD review is triggered only when borrowers fall three or more payments behind, this indicates the industry is still in the early stages of the problem, and there is a high likelihood that the number of EPDs will continue to increase," Volpe added.

The Q1 2020 ACES Mortgage QC Industry Trends Report is drawn from nationwide post-closing quality control loan data from over 90,000 unique loans selected for random full-file reviews, as was captured by the company's ACES Quality Management and Control benchmarking system. Defects listed in the report are categorized using the Fannie Mae loan defect taxonomy.

"Amid the chaos and uncertainty driven by COVID-19, data provides a clear path forward for lenders. While the industry's focus has been on managing the near-historic volumes, Q1 loan defect data also indicates that lenders must also turn their attention to the growing problem of EPDs, as this represents a significant operation and financial risk to their organizations," said ACES CEO Trevor Gauthier. "The power of ACES benchmarking functionality is that it allows lenders to utilize their current QC data to see what may lie ahead and respond accordingly to maintain loan quality and manage risk. This kind of trend forecasting can be a powerful tool in lenders' arsenals especially with so much uncertainty remaining at a macroeconomic level."

Mortgage QC Industry Trends Reports are available for download, free of charge, at

About ACES Quality Management

ACES Quality Management, formerly known as ACES Risk Management (ARMCO), is the leading provider of enterprise quality management and control software for the financial services industry. The nation's most prominent lenders, servicers and financial institutions rely on ACES Audit Quality Management & Control Software(TM) to improve audit throughput and quality while controlling costs, including:
* 3 of the top 5 and more than 50% of the top 50 independent mortgage lenders;
* 2 of the top 5 loan servicers; and
* 2 of the top 5 depository institutions.

Unlike other quality control platforms, only ACES delivers Flexible Audit Technology, which gives independent mortgage lenders and financial institutions the ability to easily manage and customize ACES to meet their business needs without having to rely on IT or other outside resources. Using a customer-centric approach, ACES clients get responsive support and access to our experts to maximize their investment. For more information, visit or call 1-800-858-1598.

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Track the Sudden Conversion to Renewable Fuels

BOULDER, Colo. -- The Jacobsen Publishing has launched a hub for tracking the rapidly changing landscape of fuel producers adopting renewables, with a focus on renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels and co-processing operations.

The special coverage includes tracking on:
* Current US Renewable Diesel Production Refineries
* US Co-Processing Refineries
* US Refinery Conversions and New Builds
* Renewable Diesel Facilities List with 10 Year Projections
* Renewable Diesel Feedstock Balance Sheets
* Price Forecasting and Supply and Demand Analysis

The Jacobsen's position between agriculture and energy gives them a practical and insightful understanding of how these two industries will converge at an ever-increasing rate in the upcoming year.

Access to the hub is available to the public and can be accessed at

About the Jacobsen:

The Jacobsen has been a price reporting agency since 1865 which puts us in a rarefied field of companies that have survived for so long. We set the benchmark for a wide range of commodities trading as a result of our unbiased, rigorous, neutral position in the market. Our team is unparalleled in experience on supply-demand fundamentals, reporting and forecasting in both long-standing and emerging markets.

Please contact George Morris at George [at] for more information.

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George Morris
The Jacobsen

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A New Measure of Home Condition Without Inspections – Pomar Lane Completes Condition Scores for 90,000 Homes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- Pomar Lane, a data analytics firm specializing in real estate modeling, today completed a demonstration project that estimated condition scores for over 90 thousand homes. Home condition is represented by the Pomar Condition Score, the first measure of home condition based on advanced analytics rather than expensive inspections or appraisals.

"Online real estate sites commonly present home prices, but have a tremendous blind spot when it comes to home condition. This changes with the availability of the Pomar Condition Scoring System. Our intent is to provide the home buyer with individual home condition scores and renewal costs for all major U.S. residential markets," said company CEO Peter Lufkin. "And the need for condition data extends beyond online search."

He adds, "We foresee a time when any transaction depending on the value of your house will require a condition rating. Apply for a mortgage, purchase homeowner insurance, or market a short-term rental-these all can depend on the Pomar Score as an objective and inexpensive measure of home condition."

The Pomar Score is based on the structural value of the home. Scaled from 1 to 100, a low value indicates little investment in maintenance and repair, while a high value indicates the homeowner is keeping up with wear and tear as the home ages. The predicted score comes from a unique learning model that incorporates changing home characteristics, neighborhood features and local economic data.

Developed over the last three years, the proprietary algorithm delivers for each home:

* a condition score that measures the remaining value of the home structure
* an average condition score for the vicinity
* a range of estimated renewal costs depending on maintenance style

The estimated scores are highly correlated with actual appraisal results, yet can be generated for a small fraction of appraisal costs. As a service, Pomar Lane will provide regular condition updates for homes in key U.S. markets.

About Pomar Lane

Pomar Lane LLC is developing a nationwide database of home condition scores and renewal costs. We use data science instead of costly inspections to score property condition. Pomar models can inform the choices of individual home buyers. Our tools can help reduce insurance claims, improve investor decisions, and make valuation models more accurate.

Learn more at:

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* Caption: Pomar Lane LLC is developing a nationwide database of home condition scores.

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‘Work to live, not live to work’ reveals new HomeWorkingClub survey

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- HomeWorkingClub, a global home working portal, has revealed insights into remote working and freelancing through a new survey. The company reveals that home life and health are now more important than career progression, development and even money. The survey found that 75% of remote workers plan to work from home more in the year ahead, while over 50% of freelancers and remote workers plan to have second jobs or side gigs.

The new survey from HomeWorkingClub has revealed a keen focus on working to live, not living to work. The survey sought the views of freelancers, remote workers and those not currently working from home to gain insights into post-COVID working attitudes. The results show a clear focus on family life and health, over and above career progression and financial gain.

"People universally want to work to live, not live to work. Nowadays, career progression, professional development, and even money take a clear backseat compared to health, home life and happiness," said Ben Taylor, Founder, HomeWorkingClub.

The results showing workers' priorities were conclusive, as were those showing how much people plan to work from home over the course of the next year. 75.3% of remote workers plan to work remotely more over the coming 12 months. 62.4% of them stated that this was as a direct result of COVID-19, as the longer-term impact of the pandemic on working life becomes clearer.

"It's clear that workers want to do more remote work and have more control over their lifestyle.," adds Taylor. "What's also interesting is the overwhelming evidence that the trend towards remote working and freelancing has nothing to do with an aversion to hard work. Indeed, a significant proportion of workers plan to increase their hours of work or start a second job/side gig over the year ahead."

Setting up a second job or a side gig is one way to try and ensure job security in these testing economic times. The HomeWorkingClub survey found that 56.5% of remote workers plan to do so in the next year, along with 51.1% of freelancers.

The survey also explored what it is about freelancing and remote working that holds so much appeal, aside from the obvious point about it being an ideal social distancing arrangement. For remote workers, it was the enhanced work/life balance that was top of the list. 75.3% reported that more family/leisure time was one of the best things about remote working. Mental health benefits come into play too, with 69.4% flagging up stress reduction as one of the best benefits.

For freelancers, 76.6% of respondents felt that the ability to make their own hours was one of the best things about working freelance, followed closely by being their own boss (56.7%), job flexibility (51.8%) and more family/leisure time (51.1%).

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed working life in countless ways, as the HomeWorkingClub survey results reflect. 87.8% of respondents feel that the working world has changed forever.

Taylor added, "Employers who want to emerge from the pandemic as leaders in their fields need to make sure they take these findings into consideration. Financial incentives and career development opportunities are no longer the key drivers. Instead, companies need to mould their operations around the new normal - and that means factoring in ways to ensure that their employees can prioritise their family life and their health in the long-term as well as the short-term."

For further details, visit

Media Contact:
Ben Taylor

About the Company: is a global portal for home workers of all kinds, from freelancers to remote workers. Launched in 2017, the site has received over two million page views, and helps around 30,000 people each month.

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Uncertainty Due to Short-Notice FHFA Directive Amplifies Harm to Borrowers

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a leading mortgage hedge advisory firm, analyzed the potential effect of Wednesday's fifty basis points worsening in prices paid by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for most mortgage refinances. According to data from the MCTlive! secondary marketing software platform, MCT estimates increases in borrower rates of up to 0.375%, leading to the average borrower paying as much as an additional $21,000 over the typical thirty-year loan term.

"These FHFA-directed price adjustments do more than work against the hopeful economic rebound and the original agency charters, they undermine trust and spur uncertainty at a crucial time. Who knows where the next no-warning directive will strike? Non-owner-occupied loans? High loan-to-value?" commented Phil Rasori, COO of MCT. "The only way lenders can protect themselves from these risks is to increase margins across the board, according to our analysis on the order of seventy-five to one hundred basis points in total."

The result of these margin increases, exacerbated by the twenty-day notice driven by the Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA), will be higher housing costs to borrowers at a time where many are in need, and a drag on the economy overall. The short notice amounts to effectively no time for lenders and borrowers to react, as the typical thirty-day rate lock and the practice of "floating" a rate hurt both respectively in this case. Beyond the issue of timing, these actions are perpendicular to the efforts of the Federal Reserve and the administration to assist consumers and stimulate the economy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MCT's analysis indicates the average $280,000 American mortgage will cost an additional $58 per month, $2,800 in the first four years, and $21,000 over a thirty-year term. For comparison, the average California mortgage of just under $400,000 would cost an additional $82 per month, $3,900 in the first four years, and almost $30,000 over the full term. Due to the current near-record low-rate environment, the typical lifespan of a mortgage can be expected to increase significantly, lengthening the borrower impact of the agency price changes and associated uncertainty. MCT calculates that these cost increases will be 34% higher than they would have been if the new Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fees were simply passed-through to borrowers, indicating the significant effect of lender uncertainty due to the way the changes were communicated.

"Whether or not economic headwinds justify these 'adverse market' fees, their needlessly short-notice implementation introduced ongoing risks and increased negative impacts to borrowers," said Curtis Richins, President at MCT. "A more traditional 90-day notice would have minimized uncertainty and borrower cost increases with a negligible difference in the long-term capitalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."

MCT serves over three hundred lenders and manages over twenty percent of the US secondary market for mortgages. Based on this data, MCT will continue to monitor and analyze ongoing developments stemming from these FHFA-directed price changes. Further analysis and mortgage market volatility guidance is available.

About MCT:

Founded in 2001, Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT) has grown from a boutique mortgage pipeline hedging firm into the industry's leading provider of fully integrated capital markets services and technology. MCT offers an array of best-in-class services and software covering mortgage pipeline hedging, best execution loan sales, outsourced lock desk solutions, MSR portfolio valuations, business intelligence analytics, mark to market services, and an award-winning comprehensive capital markets software platform called MCTlive! MCT supports independent mortgage bankers, depositories, credit unions, warehouse lenders, and correspondent investors of all sizes.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, MCT also has offices in Philadelphia, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles and Dallas. MCT is well known for its team of capital markets experts and senior traders who continue to provide the boutique-style hands-on engagement clients love.

For more information, visit or call (619) 543-5111.

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Shuler Research Studies COVID Public Communication Effectiveness

HOUSTON, Texas -- Shuler Research, a social modeling research group noted for predictions based on public risk tolerance, is studying effectiveness of COVID-19 information and how the public uses it to make strategic decisions.

An on-going survey asks "Current projections of vaccine effectiveness are 40-60%, similar to research demonstrated mask effectiveness of 50-75%, did you know this?" Respondents report 89% to 11% that they did not.

A key question is highly correlated with strategy choices: "Population (herd) immunity is all or nothing - a threshold effect?" Respondents are 60% in agreement and 40% in disagreement. This affects, for example, the public reaction to economist Joe Brusuelas' recent comment (see image).

A difficulty of epidemic or pandemic modeling is that predictions change behavior, which change predictions. Weather forecasting does not have this problem. But economic forecasting also has it. founder Robert Shuler, developer of an economic based crash rate theory for NASA and book author, says, "Pessimistic reinforcing forecasts between the economy and a pandemic are not just possible but likely. With more accurate understanding and messaging, people will make better decisions. Our focus is on the understanding that the decisions are based on, not what the decisions are. Reasonable people may choose different paths, and more than one path may lead to a solution, but if expectations are not met businesses crash and we lose both the economy and our health."

The survey will run through the first week of August at

It includes an animation of good/bad behavior effects on unlock (unexpected), a special graphic with unlock, seasonality and immunity showing effect on total cases, and takes only 5 minutes for participants to evaluate and give feedback. Over 48% of say they learned something from the survey. They will contribute to better COVID information and faster, more effective strategies. is an independent research think tank focusing on the puzzle of society, civilization, evolution and systems behavior.

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*Image caption: Pie charts, public reaction to economist Joe Brusuelas' recent comment.

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Children’s Hospital LA Study on Mobile Devices includes UV-C Disinfection

LINDON, Utah -- Use of smartphones and other mobile devices in the healthcare setting has skyrocketed over the past decade, but infection prevention protocols designed to keep them clean have not kept pace, says PhoneSoap. In fact, research suggests as few as 13-37% of healthcare providers report regularly cleaning their devices.

This leaves a significant gap in healthcare infection prevention and control efforts as mounting evidence shows mobile devices frequently carry pathogenic bacteria and viruses on their surfaces, posing a significant infection risk to healthcare providers and the patients they treat.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles takes disinfecting of mobile devices very seriously. Recently, their Infectious Disease physicians conducted and published a study in the American Journal of Infection Control titled, "Shining a light on the pathogenicity of health care providers' mobile phones: use of a novel Ultraviolet C wave disinfection device."

The study evaluated the disinfection efficacy of a UV-C device, PhoneSoap Pro generation 1, for the mobile phones of pediatric residents and nurses working a 12-hour shift on a pediatric medical/surgical unit. The researchers found that total pathogenic bacterial counts were reduced by 98.2% after one 30-second disinfection cycle and by >99.99% after two disinfection cycles.

"The use of UV-C light allows us to disinfect cell phones in a sustainable manner without the use of wipes or cleaning products," said Sanchi Malhotra, MD, a fellow in infectious diseases at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and primary investigator of the study. The researchers also point to the fact that many wipes are not intended for use on mobile devices, are not recyclable, and are subject to shortage.

The effective pathogenic reduction seen after just a 30-second disinfection cycle aligns with the needs of the healthcare industry for which time constraints and workflow patterns demand a rapid and efficient solution. The technology also provides an opportunity for establishing an easily-implemented disinfection protocol.

Jeffrey Bender, MD, a specialist in infectious diseases at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, said, "In hospitals, we are already using UV-C light to disinfect equipment, patient rooms, and other spaces. Using a UV-C device allows us to standardize the process of disinfecting personal cell phones and potentially further reduce risk of infection."

Citing survey results demonstrating that the staff overwhelmingly endorsed use of the device, the study authors conclude that the phone and tablet disinfecting technology offers a valuable and well-received approach to reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections and protecting healthcare providers.


PhoneSoap was invented by cousins Dan Barnes and Wes LaPorte after recognizing the need to decontaminate hand-held devices. They conducted testing and results proved that the average phone is 18 times dirtier than a public bathroom. PhoneSoap has sold over two million consumer units and continues to grow at a rapid speed. In the past three years, additional models have been released as well as newer devices including PhoneSoap Go, HomeSoap and screen-cleaning accessories like the PhoneSoap Shine and Microfiber Pad 3-pack. PhoneSoap's focus continues to be making the world a healthier place.

Learn more at:

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: Med Pro with table stand.

Denise Graham (202)294-6314

Kelli Sprunt (951)505-3374

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LBA Ware Issues Q2 2020 Mortgage Loan Originator Compensation Report

MACON, Ga. -- LBA Ware(TM), a leading provider of incentive compensation management (ICM) and business intelligence software solutions for the mortgage industry, today released summary statistics on the state of mortgage industry compensation in the second quarter of 2020. The firm's analysis of data from its CompenSafe(TM) ICM platform shows significant refinance volume growth in Q2 2020 compared to Q2 2019 contributed to a 59% year-over-year increase in total loan originator (LO) commissions paid over the three-month period.


LBA Ware reviewed account data for mortgage lenders who used CompenSafe to automate incentive compensation throughout the second quarter of 2020. The controlled, sample dataset consisted of retail, first-lien production from LOs who funded at least six loans during the three-month period beginning April 1, 2020, and ending June 30, 2020.

Key Findings
* Commissions earned by LOs in Q2 2020 increased 59% from Q2 2019, because the average LO originated and funded 63% more volume in Q2 2020 ($2.4M per month) versus Q2 2019 ($1.4M per month).
* Refinance transactions drove the market in Q2 2020, accounting for 56% of total volume funded in the quarter (versus only 21% of total volume funded in Q2 2019). LOs averaged $1.4M in funded refinance volume per month, an increase of more than 230% over Q2 2019.
* Although paychecks were larger in Q2 2020 than Q2 2019, the uptick in refinance production contributed to a 2.7% decrease in per-loan commissions from 108 basis points in Q2 2019 to 105 basis points in Q2 2020. Refinance leads are more likely to be company-generated versus self-sourced, so they tend to pay out at a lower rate than purchase loans, averaging 100 basis points in Q2 2020 compared to 110 basis points paid out for purchase loans.
* Purchase volume held steady year-over-year with LOs averaging $1.08M in funded purchase loans per month ($1.16M in Q2 2019) and receiving on average 109.9 basis points per purchase loan (109.7 in Q2 2019).

"In this year of bleak economic news, surging refinance volume and steady home purchase business have been bright spots. Low rates have fortified lenders' pipelines and put more money in originators' paychecks," said LBA Ware founder and CEO Lori Brewer. "LO commissions paid out during the three-month period are up 59% over 2019. I just hope some of that hard-earned money gets set aside for the rainy days that are bound to follow expected increases in unemployment and loan defaults."

About LBA Ware(TM):

LBA Ware is a leading provider of cloud-based software for mortgage lenders. Since 2008, LBA Ware has been on a mission to help mortgage companies reach new heights with software that integrates data, incentivizes performance and inspires results. Today, lenders of all sizes, including some of the nation's top producing mortgage companies, use LBA Ware's award-winning technology to enhance lender experiences and maximize the human potential within their organizations. A 2019 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company, LBA Ware is headquartered in Macon, Georgia. For more information, visit

Twitter: @LBAWare #CompenSafe #mortgagetrends #LOcompensation

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Patent Bots LLC Releases New Legal Rankings for Tracking Patent Quality

SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Patent Bots today announced its Patent Law Firm Quality Scores, a new ranking of 802 U.S. patent law firms with at least 50 issued patents for the year ending March 31, 2020. Patent Bots downloaded 310,842 publicly available patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and then used the company's AI-powered, automated patent proofreading tool to count the number of errors in each issued patent. Issued patents identify the law firm responsible for the patent and also the company that owns the patent.

The Patent Law Firm Quality Scores provide public recognition for patent firms doing exceptionally high-quality work in avoiding legal errors in issued patents. The Quality Scores show the names of only the top fifty firms (e.g., those with the lowest number of errors per issued patent). Patent law firms outside of the top 50 can login to the Patent Bots website to see their own quality scores and where they stand with respect to other patent law firms.

"Automated patent proofreading helps decrease the number of errors in issued patents," says Jeff O'Neill, Patent Bots Founder and CEO. "Patent law firms are recognizing the importance of doing quality work and are subscribing to our proofreading tool to move up in our rankings."

Benefits of the Quality Scores rankings include:
* A novel, highly relevant, objective measure of the quality of work performed by patent law firms.
* Recognition for firms that score well, demonstrating their dedication to patent quality.
* A catalyst for underperforming firms to improve the quality of their work.

Patent Bots will update these rankings on a quarterly basis and highlight firms who are improving their Quality Scores. Moreover, Patent Bots plans on releasing more data-driven insights about other aspects of patent quality to improve the patent industry.

About Patent Bots:

Patent Bots' automated patent proofreading tool enables patent attorneys to use cutting edge machine learning to provide their clients with better patents. In addition to proofreading, Patent Bots has a suite of products that includes patent examiner statistics, an art unit predictor, patent family trees, patent timelines, and more.

Learn more at:

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Black Underrepresentation Worsens in Management, STEM Jobs

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- With Black Lives Matter and other protests against racial discrimination, discussions have broadened to include underrepresentation of blacks in management positions in the workplace. Despite decades of concern over the lack of diversity in management in U.S. companies, and overall employment growth from 2016 to 2019, the latest job index data shows black underrepresentation in management occupations has worsened over the past three years, Dr. Nathan Hardy finds. Among the worst: First-line supervisors of police.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data was used to create a job representation index to measure over- and underrepresentation of gender and race groups for hundreds of occupations, which may be due to various factors such as discrimination. Bottom 25 occupations where blacks are underrepresented are mostly management (e.g., advertising and promotions managers, farmers and agricultural managers, construction managers, editors) and professional STEM and doctor jobs that require college degrees or certifications (e.g., statistical assistants, physical scientists, biological scientists, dentists).

Where are blacks overrepresented and have more success in landing jobs? Dominating the list of the Top 25 occupations in which blacks are overrepresented are government and healthcare jobs, and jobs that require little education and deal directly with the public like postal service clerks, bailiffs and corrections officers, taxi and bus drivers, phlebotomists, personal care aides, and barbers. With COVID-19 especially hurting these public facing jobs that cannot be done remotely, blacks have in turn been hurt in high numbers. Growing black overrepresentation since 2016 in many of these jobs has exacerbated the problem.

"The government has long been a leader in equal opportunity employment for blacks-it is time for businesses to step up its black employment efforts," Dr. Nathan Hardy says.


Dr. Nathan Hardy is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Neumann University in Aston, Pa. in suburban Philadelphia. He is a member of the Insights Association and Neumann University Diversity Council. Dr. Hardy developed the job representation index to simplify comparisons between population groups and years and occupations.


The job representation index measures representation of gender, race, and other population groups in hundreds of jobs based on United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data. An index score of 100 indicates normal employment equal to the population percentage of the group, less than 100 indicates underrepresentation, and more than 100 indicates overrepresentation. Historical index scores can help find areas of discrimination, how job initiatives change job trends for gender and race groups, how these groups migrate in and out of jobs, among other uses.

Top 25 Overrepresented Jobs For Blacks Table Graphic:

Bottom 25 Underrepresented Jobs For Blacks Table Graphic:

Top 25 Overrepresented Jobs For Blacks % Gain Table Graphic:

Bottom 25 Underrepresented Jobs For Blacks % Loss Table Graphic:

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