Kiosk Machine Industry June 2024: Self Service Kiosk Machine – InfoComm Preview and Acrelec Feature

WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Kiosk Manufacturer Association News: See our Preview of InfoComm 2024 – See 22Miles, Peerless-AV, LG and Panasonic to name some. Biggest AV show of the year (along with ISE in Barcelona). We work with AVIXA as a main partner of ours.

In the restaurant and drive thru space we did a response report on the latest WW market report by Datos. Usually data reports are terrible but RBR does pretty good. See feature.


Our latest Gold sponsor is Acrelec. Interesting facts are Acrelec has over 30,000 software licenses (many at McDonald’s I hazard the guess). Interesting too is the greater reliance on self order kiosks in the French market. In the US you might see 6 kiosks (3 double-sided) whereas in France the standard is closer to 10 to 15. Datos list Acrelec as worldwide leader.

It’s not surprising either to see Acrelec involved with Self Checkout (see Check out at Walmart NOT going away). Acrelec is owned by Glory, a financial giant in retail. Be sure and read our complete writeup –


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