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GPRS Launches New Safety Initiative to Address Aging Water, Wastewater Infrastructure

MAUMEE, Ohio -- Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC (GPRS) has announced a new safety initiative designed to help municipalities and facilities regain control of their water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure.

Water & Sewer Damage Awareness Week (WSDAW) will run October 23-27, 2023. GPRS water safety professionals will spend the week traveling the country to give free WSDAW safety presentations to government officials, facility managers, and other individuals and entities in charge of water and wastewater systems.

Additional safety information will also be shared throughout the week on both the GPRS and WSDAW LinkedIn pages.

GPRS' Senior Vice President of Marketing and SiteMap(®) Product Executive, Jason Schaff, explained that WSDAW is designed to help these groups take back control of their water and wastewater systems:

* Six billion gallons of water are lost daily in the U.S. due to defective subsurface water infrastructure. This is referred to as non-revenue water (NRW) and $2 billion of it trickles away into the soil or waterways each year

* 70,000 sanitary sewer overflows occur annually in the U.S.

* The average sewer pipe in the U.S. is 45 years old and at 81% capacity

* The United States' infrastructure scored a C- on the 2021 American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card

"Infrastructure in America is in bad shape," Schaff said. "Utility infrastructure and specifically sewer infrastructure is in bad shape. Water is becoming scarcer. WSDAW is positioned to help address some of these issues with simple and practical solutions."

He continued, "Money is literally leaking out of our pipes every day. There are some great, proactive approaches that WSDAW will bring to light - not only saving money, but increasing safety and decreasing project delays."

For more information about WSDAW or to sign up for a free WSDAW safety event, visit

About GPRS:

Founded by Matt Aston in 2001, GPRS Intelligently Visualizes The Built World(tm) by providing private utility locating, concrete scanning and imaging, 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, leak detection, and mapping & modeling services to utilities, contractors, engineering firms, and environmental consultants in every major market in the United States.

Headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, the company has a team of more than 400 elite Project Managers strategically stationed across the country, allowing them to respond to any jobsite, anywhere in the U.S., usually within 24 hours.

GPRS recently expanded its service offerings through the launch of SiteMap(r) (patent pending), a digital facility infrastructure management platform that offers clients the ability to easily and securely store and share their data, streamlining the lifecycle of projects and keeping them on time, on budget, and safe.

To learn more about GPRS and the services they offer, visit

To learn more about SiteMap(®), visit


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Olea Kiosks Launches its HYPERMODULAR Kiosk Technology

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Olea Kiosks(R), the fastest growing provider of self-service kiosk solutions, has announced its new HYPERMODULAR(TM) kiosk technology which allows for complex kiosk configurations to be piloted and in-service much faster than a custom designed product.

Olea's HYPERMODULAR(TM) technology directly addresses the growing challenge of configuring kiosks with complex access control peripherals so governments, businesses, and organizations can tackle their most pressing needs for automation and to expedite time to market.

While the product is targeted at firms requiring access control solutions, other complex kiosk use cases will benefit from this platform. It's designed to accommodate a host of self-service peripherals including barcode scanners, RFID readers, iris scanners, fingerprint readers and many more.

"We want to help our customers reduce the time and money spent on kiosk design and engineering services, so we developed the HYPERMODULAR to address that challenge," explained Frank Olea, CEO.

"This innovative platform is designed to address common complex requirements with a faster time-to-market and the ability to iterate quickly. In the past, kiosk projects required large upfront CAPEX, complex development and productization and could take 6 months to get to a prototype," added Olea.

With HYPERMODULAR(TM), Olea has developed a hardware partnership ecosystem where several common components are pre-tested. This is what facilitates faster deployment, improved support and enhanced innovation.

For more information, visit:

Patent pending. Filed with USPTO.

About Olea Kiosks(R), Inc.:

Olea Kiosks(R) Inc., is a self-service kiosk solution provider for government, healthcare, hospitality, travel, and entertainment. Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing, design, and innovation have made it an industry leader. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, customers include CLEAR, IDEMIA, Greyhound Lines, Securiport, ACF Technologies, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Olea Kiosks can be found wherever high-volume authentications and transactions are required, including 50+ major airports, and premier stadiums across all 5 major US sports leagues.

For more information, visit

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New Smart Watch For Seniors with Fall Detection from Medical Care Alert

NORTHVILLE, Mich. -- Seniors have a new way to stay safe with the new SmartWatch PRO from Medical Care Alert. This smart watch is designed for seniors to get emergency help when needed, and stay connected with family and friends.

Unlike standard smart watches, the SmartWatch PRO is designed with seniors in mind and offers automatic fall detection as an optional feature.

"The SmartWatch PRO is easy for seniors to use because it has a large clear display, and doesn't require a cellphone or Wi-Fi," said Bryan Stapp, President of Medical Care Alert. "The watch also features automatic fall detection on the wrist, a feature normally worn around the neck," Stapp added.

The SmartWatch PRO is equipped with features to help seniors stay safe and healthy. The watch is easy to use and includes:

* Clear display shows the date and time (digital or analog watch face)

* Press the crown button for 24/7 emergency help

* Pedometer to track steps

* Heart Rate monitor

* "Virtual Assistant" can answer questions like "will it rain tomorrow?" or "who won the World Series in 1984?".

* Automatic fall detection (optional feature) can initiate a call to the emergency response center.

A companion smart phone app allows family members or caregivers to track the watch's location, send scheduled medication reminders to the watch, and keep track of important health information.


* Shower-safe to get wet. Highly water-resistant IPX8 rated.

* GPS Location Services.

* T-Mobile cellular service built in, no additional charge or account required.

* 48-hour battery life and Quick Charger (1-hour quick charge to 100%).

* Comfortable watch strap with quick-release pins to customize the watch strap if desired.

* 24/7 monitoring by EMT/EMD certified agents in our US-based emergency response centers.

The watch includes GPS location services that can be used to locate the wearer in case of an emergency. This feature can be used to send an alert to family members or emergency services if the wearer is in danger or needs help.


The SmartWatch PRO offers automatic fall detection as an optional feature.

This innovative feature allows the wearer to have automatic fall detection worn on their wrist, whereas most fall detection buttons are typically worn around the neck as a pendant.

"Some smart watches offer fall detection but are designed for runners and joggers, and only call 911 or a friend," said Stapp. "Our fall detection is designed for seniors and notifies our emergency response center agents with the wearer's location and situation."

If a hard fall is detected, the SmartWatch PRO will sound an alarm and display "FALL DETECTED" on the watch display. The wearer will have up to 30 seconds to cancel the alarm if triggered accidentally. Otherwise, the watch will contact the emergency response center flagging the call as "FALL DETECTED" making the operator aware of the situation.

The wearer is encouraged to always press their button for help in the event of an emergency as fall detection is never 100% accurate.


The SmartWatch PRO is available exclusively for order on Medical Care Alert's website at or calling 855-272-1010.

The cost includes a one-time purchase of the watch, and a monthly subscription plan for service:

* $149.95 SmartWatch PRO one-time purchase

* $39.95 / month subscription for service and cellular

* $10 / month add-on for automatic fall detection

SmartWatch PRO is available now and ships on the same or next business day when ordered.

About Medical Care Alert:

Medical Care Alert provides independence and peace of mind for thousands of seniors and their families in all 50 states. Systems cost around $1 day, with nothing to buy and no long-term contracts. Family owned and operated, the company has an A+ rating with the BBB and numerous awards for outstanding customer service including Angie's List and University of Florida Gator100 Awards. Learn more at


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ONTARIO, Calif. -- The Maglite® brand partners up with the Pedestrian Safety Institute (PSI) to support traffic and pedestrian safety during the deadliest month of the year, July. According to the PSI, July has the highest rate of traffic-related fatalities. The days surrounding July 4th are particularly dangerous and are routinely referred to as the deadliest driving days of the year.

Drivers in the United States struck and killed 3,434 people in the first half of 2022 - up 5%, or 168 more deaths, from the same period the year before, according to analysis from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).

Darkness and low visibility play a significant role in pedestrian deaths. In fact, more than 70 percent of fatalities happen in low-light conditions, particularly at night. In addition to the Pedestrian Safety Institute, Maglite is proud to have the American Paramedic Association, Citizens Behind the Badge, the U.S. Deputy Sheriffs Association, the lead economist of the Drucker School, Jay Prag, America's Criminologist Dr. Currie Myers, and legal scholar John Tulac joining in this mission to illuminate the dangers facing pedestrians and solutions.

National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month was created by the Pedestrian Safety Institute with the goal of educating and urging drivers to use caution while driving during this time of year.

"There are simple ways to reduce the number of deaths due to pedestrian traffic accidents - carry a bright flashlight, wear reflective clothing and be cautious, especially around fast-moving traffic," said Tony Maglica, founder and CEO of Mag Instrument, Inc., manufacturer of the Maglite® Flashlight.

Other facts and Safety Tips are available in the attached materials (link below) and at:

Info sheet (PDF):

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Fluid Metering Announces New Distributor in UK and Ireland

SYOSSET, N.Y. -- Fluid Metering Inc., a pioneer in design and manufacturing of high-performance fluid handling solutions, is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Premier Control Technologies Limited (PCT) as the new distributor of precision fluid control solutions throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Fluid Metering Inc, and PCT are well aligned with their company ethos, at the forefront is collaboration with both its suppliers and customers to ensure all expectations are met working within the science and laboratory segments, as well as the broader life sciences sector. Foremost, this alliance allows us to be well placed to be your partner of choice for your next project or OEM requirement.

"PCT are proud to be the partner of choice for Fluid Metering Inc, the technical and commercial needs of UK and Irish customers can now be met with local service and support," says James Kybird, Managing Director at Premier Control Technologies Limited. "Based in Hethel, Norfolk, our sales office remains the first point of contact with business development managers placed throughout the UK offering market and product expertise for customer applications requiring engineering support."

"Fluid Metering, Inc. is excited to have found a partner within the UK and Ireland that shares FMI's commitment to customer service and will be able to further our customer's success in those markets with local support," says Sean Madden, Vice President of Commercial & Product Development at Fluid Metering, Inc.

About Fluid Metering Inc.:

Fluid Metering continues to be a leader in the manufacturing of valve-less ceramic dispensers and metering pumps with strategic focus in the life science market space. Proudly, incorporating over 64 years of OEM design and experience to meet customer specific application requirements with Accuracy, Precision & Reliability!

Learn more at:

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ADA Compliance and Digital Kiosks: Ensuring Accessibility in Healthcare Settings

DENVER, Colo. -- Kiosk Innovations, a U.S. based digital kiosk manufacturing company, would like to inform the various stakeholders within the healthcare industry about the importance of digital kiosks in the medical field and emphasize the need for ADA compliance to ensure equal access and inclusion for all patients. Consulting with experts, such as Kiosk Innovations, can maximize inclusion and efficiency in implementing self-service solutions.

Digital kiosks serve an increasingly wide variety of tasks in today's society. It is no question these terminals can efficiently provide services in healthcare by completing tasks such as wayfinding directions as well as self service check into Epic's Welcome or other EHR systems. Being the patients first impression of a medical group, it is important that these devices are noticeable, welcoming, and easy to use for patients to ensure the patient's journey is fluid which ultimately increases adoption rates in this technology and helps instill confidence in patients.

It is important to understand the demographic of the typical healthcare patient. In many cases these individuals are older and/or may have a higher rate of disability (whether temporary or permanent) than the average US population. Healthcare providers have both an ethical and legal obligation to provide the same level of service to patients with common disabilities. ADA compliance is clearance and reach for those who are wheelchair bound, an audible form of navigation and either tactile or voice recognition for those who are visually impaired, or visual cues for those with auditory impairments.

To fulfil your legal obligations and be ADA compliant one must understand what information is being communicated, what tasks are to be completed, and provide equal access to this information as well as provide an equal amount of privacy. Not providing an equally accessible solution can result in legal ramifications, ethical shortcomings, reputational damage, and a lower adoption rate.

ADA compliance should not just be a legal requirement. Providing equal access and inclusion is the right thing for so many more reasons than just legal ramifications. Ensuring a digital self-service solution is ADA compliant ensures individuals remain autonomous. This allows a much larger range of patience that can complete tasks more efficiently, having a larger pool of patience that can help themselves helps drive organizational efficiencies.

The purpose of self service is to drive efficiency to patients as well as the organization, the greater accessibility the larger the pool of users, the larger the pool of users, the more efficiency gained. Self-service is a tool, the consultant at Kiosk Innovations can help guide you towards a solution that maximizes inclusion for your patients and efficiency for your organization.

To learn more visit:

About Kiosk Innovations:

Based in Denver, Colorado, Kiosk Innovations is an employee-owned company that supports and nurtures the essence of what is required to give customers the quality solutions they need - INNOVATION. We are proud to produce unique and original designs that not only stand out from their surroundings, but incorporate ever-changing technological advancements as they are introduced to the industry.

With more than 30 years of experience, the Kiosk Innovations team has extensive knowledge of evolving kiosk applications, and we design and manufacture everything in-house to ensure tight quality control while keeping costs competitive. Combining first-rate knowledge and field experience with creative vision and passion, Kiosk Innovations strives to provide the very best customer service and experience.

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Introducing Flushmaster: The World’s First Portable Automatic Outboard Engine Flushing System for Single and Multi-Engine Boats

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Seamule, LLC, a trailblazer in solutions simplifying life around the water, proudly presents its groundbreaking new product - Flushmaster - the world's first portable outboard engine flushing system. Engineered to streamline the process of flushing outboard engines after use, this innovative system not only promotes engine longevity but also saves significant time and water.

Housed in a portable marine-grade waterproof box, the Flushmaster system sequentially flushes each engine, utilizing the full force of your water pressure for optimal flushing. Compatible with one to four outboard engines, a boater simply connects the device's outlet hoses to their outboards' flushing ports, presses ON, then START, and the Flushmaster handles the rest.

With the Flushmaster system controlling the water supply, there is no need to touch the water source valve after installation. Portable and versatile, the system can easily accompany you to the marina or can be permanently installed near your boat. Flushmaster is a game-changer for boat owners, simplifying engine maintenance and extending the life of their boats.

"We are thrilled to bring Flushmaster to market, a true plug-and-play and easy-to-use solution to flushing boat engines," said Cayman Ellis, President of Flushmaster. "Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the engine flushing process, saving our customers time and water while ensuring their boats remain well-maintained for years to come."

You can see Flushmaster in action in this YouTube video:

The Flushmaster outboard flushing system is now available for purchase. For more information, visit or contact Seamule at (855) 732-6853 or

About Seamule:

Seamule is all about moving things around the water, as easily as possible. Whether you are floating in the pool, heading to the beach, or going boating - Seamule has a product for you. Our newest product, the Flushmaster, simplifies the process of flushing your outboard boat engines. Connect your hoses, push a button, and walk away! Learn more:

"Let the mule do the work!"

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Electrly Redefines EV Charging Solutions with Intelligent and Comprehensive Offerings for Global Market

SHENZHEN, Guangdong -- Electrly, a leading EV charging station supplier in China since 2015, is redefining the industry with its intelligent and convenient charging solutions designed for drivers and industries worldwide. Boasting a comprehensive lineup of EV charging products, including portable chargers, level 1 and level 2 AC chargers, DC fast chargers, power modules, and more, Electrly proves to be a trailblazer in the electric vehicle market and a respected global player.

With an extensive market reach covering over 30 countries, Electrly has solidified its position as China's top EV charging station provider. Despite these achievements, the company continues to pursue progress and excellence. Adaptability plays a key role in Electrly's success, marked by its in-house tech team's ability to continually adjust to evolving customer preferences and industry advancements. This dedication to innovation ensures that Electrly's chargers consistently deliver optimal performance and unparalleled user experiences.

Electrly's comprehensive lineup of EV charging products not only allows businesses and individual drivers to access advanced charging solutions but also supports the company's commitment to creating a more sustainable, eco-friendly world. By developing top-tier EV charging infrastructure, Electrly simultaneously encourages further electric vehicle adoption, contributing to a greener, more connected future.

One of the defining aspects of Electrly's approach to providing EV charging solutions is its focus on convenience and user satisfaction. Understanding the diverse needs of the global market, the company strives to tailor its offerings to individual drivers as well as various industries, catering to all levels of demand. Consequently, Electrly remains a trusted, reliable choice for consumers seeking intelligent and efficient EV charging solutions.

Another significant factor in Electrly's success is its investment in cutting-edge technology. The company embraces the integration of new technologies in its product development, ensuring optimal charging performance, safety, and versatility. This forward-thinking mindset positions Electrly as a leader in the rapidly growing EV charging market, setting the bar high for competitors.

As the world continues its transformation toward a greener, more electrified future, companies like Electrly play a critical role in shaping the landscape of transportation and technology. With its exemplary dedication to innovation and providing advanced EV charging solutions, Electrly is more than just a successful company-it's a harbinger of a better tomorrow.

With a strong commitment to adaptability, technical excellence, and customer satisfaction, Electrly stands out as a shining example of a company that provides game-changing solutions to meet evolving global needs. The company's powerful array of EV charging products lays the groundwork for a future where electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure become the standard rather than the exception.

Electrly's constant drive for progress and unwavering dedication to quality not only secures its place as a top global player in the EV charging station market but also inspires other industry participants to strive for success on the same level. By shaping the future of the electric vehicle charging sector, Electrly paves the way for a world where eco-friendly, intelligent, and efficient solutions thrive, forging a brighter future for generations to come.

For more information, please visit:


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Olea Kiosks Launches Quick Ship Program for Austin Model

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Olea Kiosks®, the fastest growing provider of self-service kiosk solutions, has announced the launch of its new Quick Ship Program for its most popular model, the Austin kiosk. This program is designed to provide customers with a fast and efficient way to receive their most optimal kiosk, with a delivery time of just 4 weeks.

The Austin model is known for its sleek design and robust features, making it a popular choice for food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, and retail including self-checkout. With this new Quick Ship Program, customers can now receive their kiosk much faster than before, allowing them to quickly configure and implement their self-service solutions and improve their operations.

"Our customers have been asking for a faster turnaround time, and we listened. With this program, we can now deliver our most modular kiosk in just 4 weeks," said Frank Olea, CEO of Olea Kiosks. "The industry standard is eight to 12 weeks from receipt of PO, so we feel this is particularly helpful for seasonal businesses and hospitality where staffing is a chronic challenge," Olea added.

Upon launch, the Quick Ship Program will include the Austin free-standing kiosk model, which includes various peripherals such as a 22-inch touch screen display, a high-performance computer, a receipt printer, barcode scanner, camera, card reader and payment device. The Austin desk-top model is expected to be added soon, along with other high-volume kiosk models.

Olea Kiosks is committed to providing the best self-service kiosk solutions on the market, and the launch of its Quick Ship Program is just one of the many ways the company is fulfilling that commitment. With this program, customers can expect faster delivery times to enable them to launch their self-service programs as quickly as possible.

You can learn more about Olea's Quick Ship program here:

About Olea Kiosks®, Inc.

Olea Kiosks® Inc., is a self-service kiosk solution provider for government, healthcare, hospitality, travel, and entertainment. Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing, design, and innovation have made it an industry leader. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, customers include CLEAR, Compass Group, Kaiser Permanente, Dodger Stadium, AMC Movie Theater, The Habit Burger Grill, and Universal Studios Theme Parks.

More information:

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EV Range and Liberty Bring Fast Electric Vehicle Chargers to Northstar California

TRUCKEE, Calif. -- Today, EV Range and Liberty, a subsidiary of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (NYSE: AQN), announce a unique three-way collaboration that brought four high-powered electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers to Northstar California ski resort, which is owned and operated by Vail Resorts. These are the first fast chargers in the Tahoe area located at a ski resort property.

"We are dedicated to making continued progress towards our sustainability goals, including achieving 100% renewable electricity in North America, as part of our Commitment to Zero," said Jerusha Hall, Director of Mountain Planning at Vail Resorts. "We are excited to see more guests bring electric cars to Northstar and appreciate the collaboration with EV Range and Liberty to install these chargers in support of zero-emissions vehicles."

"When Northstar first asked us to help them bring electric charging capabilities to their guests, we mapped out a multi-phase approach," said Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range. "These new DCFC chargers are capable of delivering 200 miles of range in approximately 15 minutes, making this a clear benefit for Northstar guests, employees and the local community to fast charge their cars at the resort."

"When Northstar and EV Range came to us to discuss this project, it was an exciting opportunity to launch our EV Fast Charge Program," said Matt Newberry, Liberty Transportation Electrification Program Manager. "We are proud to support high-power fast chargers in strategic locations to reduce range anxiety and improve EV travel in our territory."

There are now 10 EV charging ports available at Northstar, including six level-2 ports (7kW) at the Village in the premium lot and four fast-charger ports (350kW) in the Castle Peak lot.

About EV Range:

EV Range is a full-service, vertically integrated electric vehicle infrastructure solution provider. Our software and services are available to consumers and businesses. To learn more about EV Range visit

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