TeamF1’s High Performance V-IPSecure Software Supports Cavium Networks’ NITROX(tm) Security Processor Family

Author: TeamF1, Inc.
Dateline: Tue, 22 Mar 2005

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “FREMONT, Calif. /Send2Press Newswire/ — TeamF1, Inc. (, the high-performance embedded networking and security software company, today announced optimized support for Cavium Networks’ NITROX family of security processors in the latest version of its V-IPSecure embedded IPsec/IKE software.”

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Hardware Accelerated IPsec/IKE software offering brings gigabit wire-speed to traditionally performance constrained embedded devices

FREMONT, Calif. /Send2Press Newswire/ — TeamF1, Inc. (, the high-performance embedded networking and security software company, today announced optimized support for Cavium Networks’ NITROX family of security processors in the latest version of its V-IPSecure embedded IPsec/IKE software.

This tight integration of TeamF1’s full-featured IPsec/IKE software suite with Cavium’s award-winning processors enables OEMs to achieve wire-speed performance that scales up to multi-gigabit speeds. Optimized drivers that leverage the performance of the NITROX family on leading embedded operating systems such as VxWorks(r) and Linux, together with a software architecture designed for hardware acceleration, enable customers to meet performance goals even in constrained embedded environments.

“With increasing network speeds going up against CPU-intensive security requirements, customers are demanding hardware acceleration for the data-plane in connected embedded devices,” said Vinai Kolli, Vice-President of Engineering at TeamF1. “By teaming up with Cavium to provide a seamless solution, we seek to empower our mutual customers with the ability to secure their infrastructure devices without having to compromise on performance.”

“Cavium Networks’ NITROX family is the industry leading security processing family with the highest performance, scalability, flexibility and multi-protocol support. It provides 50 Mbps – 10 Gbps of performance for IPsec, SSL, WLAN and multi-protocol security” said Rajneesh Gaur, Director, Product Marketing at Cavium Networks. “We are pleased that our partnership with TeamF1 has resulted in an optimized VxWorks(r) and Linux based solution for our customers.”

About V-IPSecure

TeamF1’s V-IPSecure is a high-performance, lean and flexible implementation of the IPsec protocol, including support for leading-edge features such as IPv6, IKEv2, NAT-T, FIPS-certified cryptography and PacketCable compliance. TeamF1 also supplies a choice of authentication implementations for IKE ranging from pre-shared keys and XAUTH to Kerberos/PKINIT and digital certificates.


V-IPSecure is licensed as a royalty-free source code license and is available with support for Cavium Networks’ NITROX on Wind River System’s VxWorks(r) operating systems and VxWorks-based Platforms such as Platform CD and NE, as well as on embedded Linux distributions including MontaVista(tm) Linux.

About TeamF1

TeamF1, Inc. a privately held corporation headquartered in Fremont, CA, is a leader in high performance embedded networking and security software. Founded in 1996, TeamF1’s products enable secure management of telecom/datacom and industrial equipment, and provide the infrastructure components needed for switching and wireless products in various market segments.

For more information visit the company’s website at or contact TeamF1 Public Relations at 510/505-9931 or email pr _at_

About Cavium Networks

Cavium Networks is a worldwide leader in security, network services and content processing semiconductor solutions. Cavium Networks’ award-winning NITROX and MIPS64-based OCTEON families of processors and accelerator boards offer flexible, scalable and highly-integrated solutions delivering 50Mbps to 10Gbps performance. The company’s products are integrated into a wide range of networking equipment that include routers, gateways, network appliances, content switches, wireless LAN access/aggregation points, servers and storage networking devices.

Cavium Networks is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA with development centers in Marlboro, MA and Hyderabad, India. For more information, please visit:


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Story Title: TeamF1's High Performance V-IPSecure Software Supports Cavium Networks' NITROX(tm) Security Processor Family
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