TimeIPS by Stratitec Enhances Their Line of Intelligent Personnel Systems

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Dateline: Tue, 19 Apr 2005

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “WICHITA, KS — (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Stratitec today announced the availability and shipping of their enhanced TimeIPS systems (www.timeips.com) for small, medium and enterprise level organizations looking to control overtime and lower employee-related costs. Patent pending e-mail alerts help business owners & managers reign in employee overtime, tardiness and early clock-ins.”

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Patent Pending E-mail Alerts Help Business Owners & Managers Reign in Employee Overtime, Tardiness and Early Clock-ins

WICHITA, KS — (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Stratitec today announced the availability and shipping of their enhanced TimeIPS systems (www.timeips.com) for small, medium and enterprise level organizations looking to control overtime and lower employee-related costs.

Customer driven enhancements include additional payroll system compatibility including ADP, QuickBooks, PayChex and many others, flexible time-clock rules which include time-snapping and rounding features specifically designed to help manufacturing and other businesses that have a large number of employees that start work at a specific time, but enter the building and clock-in prior to work actually starting. With time-snapping, the time is able to be auto-forwarded to the actual employee start time.

In addition to significant system enhancements, the TimeIPS biometric fingerprint reader was also released today. The fingerprint reader uses a more advanced indexed method of verification which virtually eliminates the possibility of an incorrect fingerprint match by an employee. The new readers are compatible with all TimeIPS systems, including the thousands of systems previously shipped by the company.

Also released is the new TimeIPS relay module which is able to control up to 3 switched devices. This can be used in conjunction with the fingerprint reader to securely control door access, or used to trigger buzzers, horns, lights or any other electronic device that needs to be operated based on a time schedule or on regularly scheduled employee related activities.

TimeIPS (www.timeips.com) systems are the first network time clocks of their kind to offer affordable automation of time and attendance recording and reporting for up to 15 times less money than comparable Time and Attendance systems.

The TimeIPS product line, launched in 2004, is designed to provide substantial savings, potentially thousands of dollars per year per employee, compared to manual cards or digital punch-clock devices. Each system integrates time and attendance records, detailed employee personnel information and scheduling, payroll data collection and calculation, allowing for accurate, REAL-TIME reporting and control of payroll costs and employee related issues. TimeIPS TimeStation Clients range in price from $500 to $1000 depending on features and employee input preferences. The optional TimeIPS dedicated servers range in price from $999 to $2999. All TimeIPS systems are backed by free technical support and a 12-month product warranty.

Sana Zunker, Owner of Austin, Texas based Aus-Tex PCS with 16 employees, explains the ways in which the fully automated TimeIPS system began saving her business money in multiple locations. “Although I only have two employees at a satellite store location, I purchased a unit for that store, and all my stores are now integrated on one system. An employee can leave my main store, clock out, and go to the second store and clock in. This eliminates any ‘guestimating’ as to when the employee arrived at the other store, plus I can view all my employees at both stores as a group. I am so impressed with the TimeIPS capabilities, that I’m in the process of purchasing and installing a third unit for my location in Killeen. Because TimeIPS eliminated the need for a data entry clerk, as well as saving me an entire morning to concentrate on running the business versus mulling over payroll, I’ve been able to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary payroll this year. With TimeIPS, I’m able to save money and be super efficient.”

TimeIPS is designed with virtually every business in mind – even businesses with as few as 5 employees can operate more efficiently, increase productivity and generate more profits. For larger scale enterprises, the most powerful TimeIPS systems can handle a maximum of 2,500 employees and are powered by enterprise class hardware.

Time IPS operates as an integrated network appliance, connecting to an existing computer network and can also be accessed securely through LAN, WAN, VPN, over a T1 connection or other similar network architectures. Every TimeIPS system is password protected and incorporates enterprise level security. TimeIPS is designed for easy set-up and configuration, requiring no technical training or advanced I.T. operations – making it very cost-effective with easy “out of-the-box” installation. Managers can use the system’s easy-to-navigate, secure internal web page to update and edit employee information including schedules, hours worked, overtime alerts, job cost tracking and more.

The TimeIPS system provides for a designated person to be the system administrator. This administrator maintains master passwords, controls employee system access and permission levels, creation of employees within the system, manages company information and configuration of backup and system upgrade options. Multiple password protected permission levels are available within the system, assigning each employee the appropriate level of system access according to the operating requirements of the business owner or manager.

TimeIPS – Ideal for virtually any industry, business or organization

Retail, Automotive, Construction, Call Centers, Health Care, Manufacturing, Assembly and Production, Warehousing, Food Service, Daycare, Airport FBOs, Restaurants, Education/Schools, Student attendance tracking, Non-Profit Organizations – virtually any industry, business or organization.

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For more information on TimeIPS systems please visit www.timeips.com or call toll-free at 888-336-4418.


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