Hot Lids a Very Cool Idea

Author: Smart Lid Systems
Dateline: Tue, 01 Nov 2005

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Nov. 1 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Smart Lid Systems’ color changing disposable beverage lid has just been awarded third place in the leading category of ‘Consumer Convenience – Beverage Packaging,’ at the fourth annual QSR Magazine-Foodservice & Packaging Institute awards competition in Colorado.”

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– Smart Lid Systems Wins Foodservice Packaging Award with Color Changing Coffee Lid

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Smart Lid Systems’ color changing disposable beverage lid has just been awarded third place in the leading category of “Consumer Convenience – Beverage Packaging,” at the fourth annual QSR Magazine – Foodservice & Packaging Institute awards competition in Colorado.

Smart Lid Systems, an Australian product development company, have commercialized the world’s first color-changing single-use coffee cup lid. The “Smart” lid offers drastic advancements over currently available lids alerting consumers that the contents are hot by changing from a coffee brown color to a bright red when heat is applied. More importantly the lid indicates whether or not it is securely attached to the coffee cup, placing the store-owner at ease regarding safety concerns.

*(Photo Caption: “An activated color changing lid: imagine a hot beverage that communicates to you!”)

Aimed at both high-volume users (large quickservice chains), and small independent cafes, this new lid has entered the market at the right time. Current consumption numbers for to-go beverages are above 50 billion per annum in America.

The market trends show the top five key cup and lid manufacturers all developing new ways of delivering hot beverages. Recent developments include high-quality insulated paper cups and resealable coffee lids. No company to date has introduced a product that communicates with the coffee drinker, until now.

Hot beverage consumption this winter will be a whole new experience and also allows a new medium to put logos and text on coffee lids, with messages appearing as the lid changes color. Advertisers now have the vehicle to take branding and advertising on disposable lids to the next level, allowing the large fast food chains to further enhance the purchase experience. Information at or contact:

The lid slowly changes back to the brown color as the drink cools, signaling your beverage is becoming too cold to drink. This allows interaction between the customer and the product.

The product uses FDA food-contact compliant additives and Smart Lid Systems already have exclusive license agreements in place for the Asia Pacific region.

Smart Lid Systems has multiple patents pending in all major regions of the world and is seeking to expand into the American market.

The next generation in foodservice packaging is here, coupled with the American packaging industry awarding Smart Lid Systems with the prestigious prize, this new smart packaging will become a global industry standard.


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