CThings.com – Hailed as ‘The CNN of Change’ – Launches on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Author: CThings, Inc.
Dateline: Mon, 16 Jan 2006

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “LOS ANGELES, CA – Jan. 16 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — CThings, Inc., has today launched a one-of-a-kind website that aggregates news of the amazing things people are doing to transform thought, challenge convention, and re-shape the world.”

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Innovative website covers breakthrough news across all sectors

LOS ANGELES, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — CThings, Inc. (www.CThings.com), has today launched a one-of-a-kind website that aggregates news of the amazing things people are doing to transform thought, challenge convention, and re-shape the world.

“CThings covers the news that is changing the world, as opposed to the news that is keeping the world the same,” said site editor Paul Horne. “It also desegregates the breakthroughs, so they can live together — environmental innovation next to tech developments next to new hope for ending AIDS and poverty. We chose to launch on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because he exemplified the kind of heroism and unorthodoxy we intend to showcase.”

The site features stories that have been historically overlooked by mainstream news or relegated to specialty sites and pulls them all together into one, easy-to-read webpage for what Horne calls “the responsible global citizen.”

The tagline “Change the world news” has a double-meaning. “We feature the news that is changing the world, but the site is also a call to action — let’s raise our expectations of the press and change what we consider news,” said Horne.

“There’s more going on in the world than Angelina Jolie and the soap opera of a few political celebrities in Washington,” added Horne. “But you wouldn’t know that from reading the mainstream news. People are doing transformative stuff in the world that should give us hope.”

A sampling of this week’s headlines:

* Chileans Elect Their First Woman President

* Bold Plan to Immunize Every American Against Bird Flu… In Only 4 Weeks

* Chad and Sudan Express Willingness to Talk

* Trauma Pill Could Make Memories Less Painful

* Dogs As Effective As Medical Screening for Cancer

* Algae Could Transform World’s Energy Needs and Cut Global Warming

* TV Show Brings Conflict Resolution to Nigeria

* Breakthrough in Space Propulsion Could Mean Travel Outside the Solar Systems

* In India, Fair Trade is Transforming the Lives of Millions

Early site visitors have already referred to CThings as “the NY Times of Transformation” and “the CNN of Change” — a nod to the site’s mainstream look and feel. In addition to news updated throughout each day, CThings features profiles of people who are positively impacting the world, and a daily blog featuring innovative products, websites, and initiatives — many of which have been submitted by site visitors.

“CThings is a welcome addition to our daily news sources,” Horne said. “Not only for people who want to start their day off with an empowering look at the world, but also for the journalists and editors who are looking for more important stories to cover. People are doing the most amazing things.”

About CThings, Inc.

CThings, Inc. was founded in 2006 as an empowering alternative to the mainstream press.


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Story Title: CThings.com – Hailed as 'The CNN of Change' – Launches on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
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