deverus Launches Updated Website Highlighting Business and Technology Services Unique to the Background Check Industry

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Dateline: Wed, 29 Mar 2006

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “AUSTIN, TX – Mar. 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — deverus is a service company that helps emerging leaders in the background-check industry to diversify, compete and grow in a changing marketplace.”

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AUSTIN, TX (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — deverus is a service company that helps emerging leaders in the background-check industry to diversify, compete and grow in a changing marketplace.

The updated deverus Website,, set to go-live on March 27th, reflects the Austin firm’s evolution into being the leading provider of business and technology services for the background-check industry.

Nicholas Cramer, Director of Marketing, said, “Over seven years ago, we created a software package that gave small to mid-sized background- check companies the ability to compete with maximum efficiency using industry-leading business processes and sales tools. Through the years, we’ve honed our capabilities and developed a full line of services to accompany the technology platform.”

“Today, one of the main challenges growing background-check companies face is keeping up with sophisticated customers who demand faster and more accurate background checks integrated into the overall hiring process,” Shawn Rucks, deverus CEO, said. “By offering services that help our clients rapidly develop and implement tailored solutions, we keep them ahead of the competition. That’s why our clients are growing, on average, 41 percent yearly. That’s 16 percent more than the industry average.”

Rucks continues and explains that, “for background-check companies to diversify, compete, and grow, they need to seamlessly unify complex business processes with changing technology needs to meet the demands of the marketplace. An online presence, providing hands-on-customer service, along with fast, quality information at a reasonable price just doesn’t cut it anymore. Understanding the unique business drivers of their customers and bringing diverse solutions to the marketplace, quickly and effectively, is the new model. We’ve not only adapted to this change, we’re leading the way.”

This service approach is accomplished through key ingredients. Each deverus client has a dedicated deverus professional who works in an on-going relationship for the benefit of the specific client. deverus professionals are from the background-check industry and have the business savvy, sophistication, and specific knowledge of the client’s business to understand and anticipate their needs.

With over 40 years of combined experience, deverus professionals review market opportunities with their clients, align the business and technology to support the processes, develop execution strategies, and ensure follow through of the project to get the right solution in place at the right time.

deverus also provides their clients with a competitive edge; allowing them to focus on winning and growing the business instead of educating resources and reviewing projects to bring them back on track – or even worse – settling for the status quo.

“Our service approach is unique in the background-check industry. We are not an ‘out of the box’ software company that works for every company, Alfredo Ramirez, Director of Strategic Client Initiatives, said. “Those options exist in the marketplace and may work for certain businesses at specific stages. We choose to invest our time in working with a select group of clients and help them achieve success. As their growth accelerates, we’re there with them to capitalize on the unique opportunities through tailoring solutions for their client’s customers and the client’s business growth. We match our clients in their business lifecycle and deliver the right services. Our services scale up as our clients do.”

Tailored solutions are a cornerstone of the deverus services. deverus understands that the way to win is through focusing on competitive advantages and winning. Each client has a unique set of advantages, so each requires a solution tailored to support their success. Delivering tailored solutions to clients is one of the main reasons for their outstanding success in the marketplace.

The business services and tailored solutions are supported by deverus’ leading technology capabilities. The technology platform provides a stable, proven, flexible framework to power the daily operations of the deverus clients. The screening process “best practices,” infused into the architecture, deliver tangible business value and allow time, energy and resources to go toward the specific competitive advantages of a given client. The platform is designed for tailoring solutions reliably, as often as needed, and with an accelerated speed-to-market.

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