CorEdge Networks Demonstrates Industry’s First PicoTCA Test and Development Systems

Author: CorEdge Networks, Inc.
Dateline: Mon, 05 Jun 2006

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “BOSTON, MA – June 5 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — GLOBALCOMM — At GlobalComm 2006 in Chicago, IL from June 4-8, CorEdge Networks, Inc. will be demonstrating three variations of its PicoTCA test and development system: CEN-PICO-1US, CEN-PICO-1UR, and CEN-PICO-xUE.”

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“PicoTCA” systems substantially reduce barriers to developing MicroTCA/AMC applications

BOSTON, MA – June 5 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — GLOBALCOMM — At GlobalComm 2006 in Chicago, IL from June 4-8, CorEdge Networks, Inc. will be demonstrating three variations of its PicoTCA test and development system: CEN-PICO-1US, CEN-PICO-1UR, and CEN-PICO-xUE.

* CEN-PICO-1US with support for two bays for Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC), making it ideal for IPMI, base channel and fabric channel testing;

* CEN-PICO-1UR with support for one single or double wide AMC and a Rear Transition Module (RTM) for the development, design, debug and test of a single AMC. The PICO-1UR is ideal for design engineers who need access to all 21 AMC data lanes;

* CEN-PICO-xUE, which enables the modular construction of scalable MicroTCA systems up 4U high using multiple CorEdge Networks PicoTCA chassis modules, with support for up to ten AMCs. The xUE series also integrates CorEdge Networks’ industry-leading MicroTCA Carrier Hub (CEN-MCH) and MicroTCA Power Entry Module (CEN-MPWR). This makes the CEN-PICO-xUE series ideal for companies who want to use MicroTCA components in a small form factor and want to expand the number of AMCs supported in a single system, such as in remote base station applications like 3G or WiMAX.

The term ‘PicoTCA’ reflects the small size of each chassis module (13″ width x 7.8″ depth x 1.7″ (1U) high) compared to a traditional 19″ or 23″ rack-mounted MicroTCA system. PicoTCA chassis support the same Advanced Mezzanine Cards used in standard MicroTCA or ATCA systems, but in a much smaller, less expensive, portable and convenient package.

The CEN-PICO family is the industry’s only PicoTCA implementation of a MicroTCA system. The CorEdge Networks PicoTCA chassis is simple to use, easy to setup and tear down; low cost and is self-contained with a small footprint. It requires a minimal learning curve, and enables applications developers to focus on applications development.

“As a developer of AMCs and MCHs, CorEdge Networks had a strong internal need for a low cost, portable test and development system,” said William Chu, President of CorEdge Networks. “Since there wasn’t anything available commercially, we decided to make our own.”

“When we showed our original PicoTCAv1.0 at the ATCA Summit last December, everyone who saw it wanted one. So we upgraded the design and decided to make it generally available to AMC and MicroTCA developers.”

“We have a number of Tier-1 customers using the PicoTCA platform to solve their test and development requirements. We also expect a number of companies to choose the CorEdge Networks PicoTCA platform to demonstrate their MicroTCA/AMC applications at GlobalComm 2006. Consequently, we believe the PicoTCA form factor may prove useful in a variety of environments beyond internal development.”

The single-unit price for the CEN-PICO-1US is $1,500, with pricing for the CEN-PICO-1UR depending on the RTM unit. The CEN-PICO-xUE pricing is dependent on the size of the system. Substantial volume discounts are available.

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