M2M Software for SmartFusion

Author: RoweBots Research Inc.
Dateline: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (WATERLOO, Ontario)  | Mon, 02 Dec 2013

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “RoweBots Research Inc., a leading supplier in development of solutions for the Internet of Everything (IoE) or Machine to Machine communications (M2M), today announced support for Microsemi SmartFusion with its POSIX-compliant Unison RTOS.”


RoweBots Research Inc., a leading supplier in development of solutions for the Internet of Everything (IoE) or Machine to Machine communications (M2M), today announced support for Microsemi SmartFusion(TM) with its POSIX-compliant Unison RTOS.

Additional add on support for a variety of wireless modules for WiFi, Zigbee, 6loWPAN, UHF, GPRS, 3G and GPS provide developers of machine-to-machine (M2M) networks with wireless connectivity and extensive POSIX applications programming interfaces for fast and easy development.

"Proprietary protocols are common for Internet of Everything applications and integration with other standard operating system features is required," said Kim Rowe, CEO of RoweBots. "RoweBots is offering a set of options for addressing these unique protocols using a combination of software and FPGA fabric in SmartFusion for greater efficiency while still providing extensive operating system modules, deployment integration and billing integration."

The Unison RTOS has advanced off the shelf options for Internet of Everything or M2M development using SmartFusion with additional features which include:
* TCP/IPv4/IPv6 with multiple network interfaces
* Advanced networking protocols including: telnet, tfpt, dhcp, dns, mdns, zeroconf, smtp, http, web server and sntp,
* Extensive file system options,
* USB host, device and On-the-Go,
* SNMP v1, 2c, 3 for management of many devices and automated device management,
* SSL/TLS for secure connections,
* SSH, for secure remote access,
* SFTP, for secure file transfer,
* split management and applications architectures,
* and remote field service support with secure boot.

The Unison RTOS with this complement of features is unsurpassed for developing and deploying low cost, high volume Internet of Everything applications to many. From sensor processing and data transformation through cloud updating and storage, Unison and RoweBots support SmartFusion within your implementation architecture.

RoweBots also offers integrated development services for the Unison RTOS including hardware design and applications development. This one stop shop for SmartFusion-based Internet of Everything applications provides minimum time to market options along with minimum total cost of ownership for volume products.

Unison RTOS now offers improved Do It Yourself (DIY) capabilities. All software modules for building Internet of Everything applications using SmartFusion are now available to DIY developers free and are also available free for commercial prototypes. The free components include all the wireless and M2M modules. Commercial pricing for modules is also available starting from $999.

Parties interested in learning more about RoweBots Research Inc. M2M or IoE solutions are encouraged to visit the company's website ( www.rowebots.com ), send an email to questions@rowebots.com, or see RoweBots YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/rowebots ).


RoweBots offers complete one stop product development products and services to OEM developers targeting the Internet of Everything or Machine to Machine communication allowing OEM managers to achieve the best achievable time to market and total cost of ownership minimization. The company is based in Waterloo, Canada. For more information, visit the RoweBots web site http://www.rowebots.com/ .


Unison's open standards, ultra tiny size, modularity and lack of GPL contamination are the key features which substantially reduce system development risk, cost and time. OEMs can use the industry's preferred operating system APIs and still utilize tiny, low cost MCUs without fear of contaminating their applications, doing extensive optimization, retraining their staff and redeveloping existing POSIX and Linux applications. Unison V5.2 is ( http://rowebots.com/products/unison_rtos ) hosted on Linux, Windows(R) XP, Vista(R), System7(R) and System8(R) for x86 platforms.

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