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Digital Mortgage Platform Maxwell Announces Partnership with Mortgage Loan Origination System Byte Software

DENVER, Colo. -- Today, digital mortgage platform and fulfillment provider Maxwell Financial Labs, Inc. announced that it has partnered with Byte Software, a mortgage loan origination system that streamlines the mortgage production process.

With the establishment of this partnership, Maxwell's digital mortgage point-of-sale will connect to Byte's loan origination system via an API integration.

"Byte's best-of-breed approach provides consistency in business operations, even as production methods are rapidly evolving," commented Mark Todd, National Sales Manager at Byte. "The addition of an innovative partner like Maxwell will further enable our customers to quickly and easily adopt emerging digital strategies."

The integration of Maxwell and Byte will allow users to seamlessly connect their data and work within Maxwell with their LOS, creating a simple, intuitive process for lenders and borrowers. This includes acceptance of the new URLA 3.4 compliant loan application. This connectivity is critical in Maxwell's commitment to a relationship-focused mortgage experience, allowing the lending team to spend more time providing vital expertise to the borrower and performing value-add activities rather than working on lower-impact tasks.

"We're thrilled to unveil our partnership with Byte," said Maxwell Co-founder and CEO John Paasonen. "This key integration with Byte's LOS as the system-of-record with Maxwell's impactful point-of-sale platform will allow us to improve borrower experience, empower more lenders to save time, streamline processes, and increase productivity with our mutual customers."

Maxwell's robust integrations and partnerships enable lenders to accelerate the mortgage lending process from application to underwriting so loan officers can focus on the human relationship at the center of the mortgage journey. Today, hundreds of lenders across the U.S. use Maxwell to originate nearly $6 billion in mortgage loans each month at a closing rate 45 percent faster than the national average.

About Maxwell:

Maxwell empowers mortgage lenders to be more connected, productive, and successful by intelligently automating their workflow with homebuyers and real estate agents. Hundreds of mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions nationwide use the Maxwell platform to serve their customers a modern lending experience. Founded in 2015, Maxwell is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association and is proud to be built in Denver, Colorado.

Connect with Maxwell:




About Byte Software:

Over 1,000 organizations trust BytePro loan origination software with their business. Our clients range from national lenders originating thousands of loans per month to small organizations originating just a few. Whether your business is retail, wholesale or correspondent lending, we have solutions to meet your needs.

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Los Angeles and Las Vegas Are the US Cities with The Most Searches for Court Records

WILMINGTON, Del. -- Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the cities where the most searches to a leading court records website originate from. Data taken from shows that other areas which have seen the largest numbers of searches include Houston, New York, and Dallas., the leading court records and data site, has studied the site's data around searches and where they have come from to compile a list of the most searched cities in the US.

The Top 10 list in full is:
1. Los Angeles
2. Las Vegas
3. Houston
4. New York
5. Dallas
6. Chicago
7. Phoenix
8. Denver
9. Atlanta
10. Philadelphia

The Top 10 states which court records searches originate from are:
1. California
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Ohio
5. Illinois
6. Arizona
7. Georgia
8. North Carolina
9. Pennsylvania
10. Michigan

Using Court Records is a great way to find out information on a variety of subjects. You can use them to search yourself to make sure that the correct information is in the public domain, to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with, and to look up your neighbors if you have concerns about them. is your place to go when you want court records. Whether it's federal court records you want or just general public court records, they are the experts at doing a court records search.

Whether you are trying to screen dates you meet online, keep tabs on who your children are hanging out with, or just curious about the people in your neighborhood, is your central place. Their records are constantly updated with new information. You can trust them to let you know what's going on with the people who want to be a part of your life.

For more information, please visit or call customer support on 1-855-701-4138

DISCLAIMER: is not a government agency, nor are we a consumer reporting agency. You may only use the information we provide you in for entertainment and research only.

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Ganja Pioneer Ed ‘NJWeedman’ Forchion Commemorates 4/20 with New Jersey Celebration and Miami Expansion

TRENTON, N.J. -- While "Weed Day" 4/20/21 marks a luminous occasion for longtime marijuana activist and entrepreneur, Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion, in his home state of New Jersey, per the recent legalization of cannabis, the victory is somewhat bittersweet for him. The bitter is that his current "Citizen's Dispensary" operates as a black-market operation as he continues to battle for inclusion within the legal arena.

The sweet is, not only a huge in-store and online celebration party this 4/20, but also the announcement of his expansion, with a 420-themed lounge opening soon in Miami, Florida, entitled, The Joint of Miami. Onsite festivities for this 4/20 at NJWeedman's Joint, located at 322 E. State St. in Trenton, include vendors, live entertainment and food with online streaming across all the NJWeedman's Joint social media platforms and website.

A self-confessed weed smuggler from the early 90's, Forchion's 1997 arrest by the Camden County Drug Task Force and members of the local DEA would turn out to be just one of many over several decades. Never one to back done from authority, he achieved media notoriety when he was arrested for smoking marijuana in front of the entire New Jersey State Assembly in 2000 and garnered a national platform when he fired it up at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA during the Republican National Convention. It was 10 years before the launch of Instagram and smoking weed publicly was still a criminal act, but there was no social media to make such radical deeds of civil disobedience go viral. Over 20 years later however, with marijuana finally legalized in over half of the United States, Forchion knows that his consistent battles on behalf of the plant are part of the steam engine behind cannabis now being heralded as a 'new' billion-dollar industry.

A cult figure in the marijuana legalization community, Forchion has since become one of the most vocal and controversial members of the pro-pot movement. He is the founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party of New Jersey and has run previous campaigns for Governor, U.S. Senate, Congress, the State Legislature, and the Burlington County Board of Freeholders. After decades of public persecution, Ed Forchion is finally being applauded for his decades of activism. Last month he spoke on virtual panels at Stockton and Princeton University, was featured on NBC News in New York and he is slated to appear on an upcoming segment of ABC-TV Nightline.

His many marijuana infused media stunts are well documented, including his attempt to legally change his name to, denied first by the courts in New Jersey in 2004 and in another case in California in 2011. His 2010 arrest in Mount Holly New Jersey, after a traffic stop where he was charged with possession with intent to distribute, with a jury ultimately serving a 12-0 verdict of acquittal, also added to his lore. His marijuana mansion parties in the Hollywood Hills between the years of 2009 and 2011; his Liberty Bell Temple dispensaries in Hollywood and his books, including his first title, "Public Enemy #420," published in 2010 all lend credence to NJWeedman's devotion for marijuana.

Police raids, DEA investigations, and state prosecutors have hounded Forchion coast to coast from New Jersey to Los Angeles and now back in New Jersey, but he has never missed a beat. His current reincarnation is NJWeedman's Joint, opened in 2015 with the support of his business partner, Debbi Madaio. The establishment was raided in 2016 by the local police and Forchion ultimately spent 447 days behind bars, only to later have a large portion of the charges dismissed by a judge.

While NJWeedman's Joint is a bustling marijuana themed eatery and smoke shop, The Joint of Miami will be an extension of the NJWeedman brand, offering a more inclusive cannabis experience. The Joint of Miami, located in the Wynwood Art District, will be a marijuana lounge with 'members only' access. Slated to open midsummer, The Joint of Miami will be a franchise operation and NJWeedman is already fielding inquires in other cities.

"I always dreamed this day would come," expresses Forchion. "I, like so many others, knew there was nothing criminal about this plant, yet we were treated like criminals. Now that it is legalized, our battle is with the politicians and corporations who want to shut out people like me, the brick layers of this industry. I tell everyone, I'm not getting off this 'cannabus.' I've been a ride or die soldier for years now and I'm not going anywhere."

"Back in mid-2000, I left New Jersey for Hollywood, CA. I was one of the early marijuana legalization pioneers out there, until the DEA made me leave. I came back to New Jersey, I saw what was going on and I conquered. My boast is that they can't get a jury of 12 to convict me. Now I'm headed to Miami and I'm super excited about the upcoming Florida expansion with the new lounge location. In fact, I envision 'Joint' locations around the country," notes Forchion.

For more information about NJWeedman's Joint 4/20 party, go to

For more information about The Joint of Miami, head over to

Take a puff with NJWeedman and read all about his adventures at

Makeda Smith
Jazzmyne Public Relations
Phone Number: 323-380-8819

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Fanplayr Issued U.S. Patent on Segmentation as a Service

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, a leader in online behavioral personalization and artificial intelligence for the past decade, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,958,743 which is related to the use of true first party observed data to offer behavior personalization focused on growing revenues for Fanplayr customers.

U.S. Patent No. 10,958,743 was issued on March 23, 2021 and covers the use of "Method and System for Segmentation as a Service" by Fanplayr.

"Segmentation as a Service" enables Fanplayr's powerful segmentation engine to be deployed for real-time segmentation with multiple apps, 3rd party systems, and combining first-party data with CRM and CDP historic data. The patent recognizes that Fanplayr is the only technology company offering segmentation as a broadly available service in the global ecommerce industry.

The technology disclosed in the patent modularizes the real-time evaluation of first-party data that reflects individual experiences and then defines an interface wherein the actions of remote, third-party services can be invoked. This enables such remote services to become increasingly fit for purpose without having to deal with the complexity and meaning of each individual visit. Such visits have context, such as purchase and visit history, site pattens and market trends, individual and collective behavioral indicators that remote services have limited awareness of.

Through the use of Segmentation As A Service, Fanplayr dramatically reduces the technical challenge of integrating state-of-art AI and IOT technologies and optimizes their relevance to each visit as it happens.

The patent includes various use cases that illustrate its claims, such as creating better visitor awareness in chatbots, survey widgets, credit calculation algorithms, cart margin evaluations and intelligent recommendations of products and articles.

The patent will remain in effect until 2038. Corresponding international patent filings in Europe, UK, China, HK, and Australia are pending grant.

At the heart of the Fanplayr method is true, first-party data which refers to information gathered in real-time, that is actionable as it happens, and originates from its primary source.

"In the current AdTech ecosystem, historical tracking data from cookies is not only less reliable but those third-party cookies are in the process of being phased out by pending privacy changes," says Derek Adelman, Co-founder and Vice President of APAC for Fanplayr. "Fanplayr's Seg-As-A-Service technology allows the customer to have confidence in services that have a more complete awareness of visitor experiences. Because they operate from data that is pure and actionable and see it as it happens, they not only deliver a consistently better result, but they can enjoy continuous improvement as these services become more visitor aware and more fit to their purpose."

Simon Yencken, Fanplayr CEO & Co-founder, says the technology required significant foresight and development. "Ten years ago, we saw that the future of the digital world would be understanding visitors in a responsive but non-intrusive way, as a digital replication of the interaction between a salesperson and a customer," says Yencken. "This patent recognizes the originality and uniqueness of our approach, thus protecting the intellectual property (IP) and establishing a strong defense from would-be competitors. We are extremely pleased with the patent issuance as a critical step in our product development, differentiation, and global expansion for Fanplayr."

With an enormous surge in e-commerce in the last year, Fanplayr's expansion has been driven by its ability to convert online users into buyers for companies of all sizes. Customers range from notable high-end fashion retailers and hotels to banking and major software brands. The company has expanded with operations in top global markets, including the U.S., United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and the Middle East among others.

In addition to steadily increasing its global footprint, Fanplayr has announced several new services, or "products," in the past year, including Product Recommendations and SMS Messaging for brands. "Our goal is to offer a full range of products, to preserve the integrity of the data we capture and also to provide the most comprehensive system of artificial intelligence and behavior analysis available, thereby ensuring positive results for our customers," says Rajiv Sunkara, Co-founder and CTO of Fanplayr.

From its global headquarters in Palo Alto, California, Fanplayr has been leading fully integrated online personalization and AI for a decade. The company has achieved consistent growth of more than 60% annually over the last several years.

About Fanplayr

Fanplayr is a global leader in e-commerce behavioral data, using machine learning and AI to enable businesses to increase conversion rates and revenue, collect more leads, and retarget visitors with personalized recommendations during and after the shopping experience. Fanplayr is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Brazil, Mexico, Milan, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hamburg, Melbourne and Tokyo.

Learn more at:

Media Contact:
Lacy Talton
(252) 467-5220

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo Caption: Rajiv Sunkara, Simon Yencken and Derek Adelman.

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Beach Lovers: a NYC Summer Love Story Fundraiser Goes Live

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Photographer Erica Reade announced today the kickoff of her fundraiser campaign "Beach Lover: a NYC Summer Love Story." The photographic series about love and intimacy will be turned into a book that will offer nostalgic and candid images of the love shared between couples at the beaches of New York City.

"I have spent years photographing beach-goers and the intimate gestures of couples; some tender, rubbing sunscreen on a partner's back; others lustful, a deep kiss in the water. Being on the beach emboldens couples to enjoy more affectionate freedom, their inhibitions less hidden than anywhere else I've observed in the city. I capture these tender moments that would otherwise be lost or overlooked," says the Brooklyn-based photographer.

New York is home to a one-of-a-kind beach culture that is diverse, time-limited, and low-profile. After six years of documenting this subject, Erica is ready to publish her first book and needs the community's support. The funds will help cover production costs and allow Beach Lovers to reach a broader audience.

About Erica Reade:

Erica is a Brooklyn-based freelance photographer originally from Montreal. She is drawn to the ocean and is fascinated by the juxtaposition of beach culture and landscape in the midst of NYC's urban chaos. Her Beach Lovers series has been featured in numerous publications, including: C-41, Ain't Bad, Feature Shoot, Medium, Lomography, La Repubblica Italy, Women in Street, and Flavorwire.

The Beach Lovers photo 'The Couple Next Door' was a winning image in the 2020 Women Street Photographers' Exhibition and was exhibited in December 2020 Artspace PS 109.

The series has also been exhibited at Ground Floor Gallery and Picture Farm Gallery in Brooklyn, and Studio Galerie B & B in Paris, France. Beach Lover's prints are held in permanent collection and display at The Rockaway Hotel in Queens, NYC.

Links to the campaign and social media:

Kickstarter -

Instagram: @ericareadeimages


Fundraiser hashtags: #beachloversnyc #anycsummerlovestory

Erica Reade Images
(646) 379 - 3013

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Ebola Outbreak Map Reg. Trademark And Website Ebola Outbreak Map Is For Sale – Ebola Outbreak Map . Com

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- Ebola Outbreak Map® registered trademark and the website Ebola Outbreak Map is now for sale to all interested parties.

Ebola Outbreak Map . Com website tracks Ebola and locations with Ebola Monitoring.

Ebola Outbreak Map inputs Ebola locations onto a map that is viewable by people worldwide on Ebola Outbreak Map . Com.

Ebola Outbreak Map is trademarked no other company or corporation may have an Ebola Map.

Violation of trademark law is very serious.

Ebola Outbreak Map® is registered under the Federal Trademark Act of 1946 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Any unauthorized use, publication or infringement of this designation without express written permission is prohibited.

Such violation is subject to liability for damages, injunctive relief, attorney's fees and other penalties, civil and criminal.

Ebola Outbreak Map®


Ebola Outbreak Map registered trademark is for sale.

Imagine the possibilities of having exclusive rights for an Ebola Map.

IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Advertising and directory services, namely, promoting the services of others by providing a web page featuring links to the websites of others; Marketing the goods and services of others by hyperlinking and placing ads on a website; Promoting and marketing the goods and services of others by offering ad space on a website to place ads; Promoting the goods and services of others by offering ad space on a website to place ads; Provision of space on websites for advertising goods and services.

Ebola Outbreak Map .Com --

Ebola Outbreak Map Trademark and Licensing can be purchased.

10% finder's fee will be paid from the total trademark sale amount to anyone who finds a buyer for the trademark Ebola Outbreak Map.

Interested parties may submit their trademark purchase requests via email:

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Aligned Technology Solutions Awarded as One of The Financial Times The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Aligned Technology Solutions has been recognized as part of The Financial Times list of The Americas' Fastest Growing Companies 2021. This prestigious award is presented by The Financial Times and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider.

The FT The Americas' Fastest Growing Companies is comprised of the enterprises that contribute most heavily to economic growth. 500 companies are featured on the list, which was announced online on April 13, 2021 and can currently be viewed on the FT website.

Out of the millions of active companies in North and South America, only 500 firms were awarded in the list, and Aligned Technology Solutions is ecstatic to be recognized as one of FT's inaugural list of The Americas' Fastest Growing Companies 2021.

About Aligned Technology Solutions (ATS)

Since 2010 ATS has been helping organizations leverage and manage technology to grow and secure their businesses. ATS is an award-winning technology service provider delivering customized and comprehensive IT solutions for IT Outsourcing, Cybersecurity, Compliance, Cloud Solutions and Business Phone Systems. ATS is committed to providing world class customer service and best-of-breed technology solutions that provide our clients competitive advantage in their marketplace. Learn more at

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Indigo in Motion: long-time studio is in high gear and on a new path

ATLANTA, Ga. -- For more than 20 years Indigo Studios has been creating beautiful CGI content for its long-standing clients like Caterpillar, Ford, Daimler AG and Hasbro, to name a few. Once again, Indigo has pushed the creative bar even further by launching Indigo in Motion, a dedicated motion design and VFX platform in their Atlanta offices, with the studio's Detroit, Chicago and London offices supporting the charge.

A link to our latest reel can be found here:

Indigo's goal is to become one of the leaders in motion for the automotive and other industries needing creative storytelling.

"When we commit to a new offering for our clients, we don't do it halfway," said Peter Stamos, CEO of Indigo Studios. "Our clients are part of our family. And we're an extension of their marketing teams. So, it's only natural for us to make big decisions like this one, with them in mind."

Building and investing in the studio's infrastructure pipeline was a large part of this venture for Indigo. But that was only half of the investment. "We knew that if Indigo in Motion was going to be successful, we would need to bring on board some of the very best artists in the business," Stamos said. "So, that's what we did."

Indigo hired Felipe Roque, a seasoned artist in CGI and 3D, and a solid leader in the automotive sector. "Felipe was a must-have for us," said Indigo's Director of CGI Chris Clor. "To call him a 'car enthusiast' is selling it short. This guy, lives and breathes automobiles - and that dedication is reflected in his art."

Also added to the Indigo in Motion roster are Senior 3D artists Corin Segar and Dariusz Macowski, with decades of combined automotive experience.

Stamos is quick to note that the changes to his studio are added services and not replacement services. "We've invested in motion but we're still in the business of making beautiful CGI stills," he said. "Client demand is high in both areas and we're pleased to provide our expertise in both. Now, we're simply offering a whole new opportunity for our current clients and for clients to come."

Founded in 1996, Indigo Studios is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in Chicago, Detroit and London, England. With services that include production, CGI, animation, motion design, VFX, retouching and experiential, Indigo Studios is always looking for what's at the heart of an experience and expressing it, picture perfect. Because, Indigo believes the best way to tell a good story is to tell it beautifully.

Learn more at:

*LOGO link for media:

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American Freedom Foundation Launches ‘Your Next Mission’ – A New Initiative Supporting Our Veterans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The American Freedom Foundation announces Your Next Mission™-- a new initiative supporting our Veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses as they transition from military to civilian life. The goal of Your Next Mission™ is to help our Veterans write the next chapter of their lives and to make a real impact in the lives of those who have served our country.

VIDEO: 12th SMA (R) Jack L. Tilley "Your Next Mission™" VIDEO INTRODUCTION (Dropbox):

12th SMA (R) Jack L. Tilley states, "Your Next Mission is an extension of AFF's long-standing mission of helping Veterans and families. It is something I've devoted my life to and will continue until the day I die."

Your Next Mission™ will provide digital and online content, resources, and support to Veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses. It offers guidance and insight by creating opportunities by which they can receive assistance transitioning from military to civilian life. Your Next Mission™ will help turn their military experience into a tactical advantage in the civilian world.

Your Next Mission™ assistance to Veterans and their families will include:

*The Your Next Mission™ podcast hosted by Jack L. Tilley, 12th Sergeant Major of the Army and Co-Founder of the American Freedom Foundation. Created in partnership with Cloudcast Media, the podcast features insightful conversations with subject matter experts from the military and civilian communities.

*Identifying job opportunities through strategic partnerships with corporations.

*Providing specialized services such as understanding VA benefits and entitlements, employment, healthcare, education, and many others subjects through strategic partnerships with other nonprofit VSOs.

*Holding career-building events focused on hiring and networking.

*Creating outreach programs to educate our country about the service and the sacrifice our military service members and their families make each and every day, and the positive difference they can make in the civilian world.

Dedicated sponsors include American Freedom Foundation, Cavalry Agency, Purdue University Global, Veterans United Home Loans and Navy Federal Credit Union.

The podcast is available at and all of your favorite podcast channels.

For more information, please email us at, or call (844) 424-1134 and visit


In return for their service and sacrifices made for our country, the American Freedom Foundation, founded in 2004, believes Veterans, military service members, and their families are deserving of support that empowers and enables them to lead confident and productive lives. AFF serves and supports them by creating awareness and building support for their service, sacrifice, and needs through partnerships with military-focused organizations and always will be relentlessly driven to bettering the lives of these heroes and their families.

Throughout its short history, the American Freedom Foundation has made grants of approximately $1.2 million to more than 30 military organizations and awarded over 1,200 full and partial scholarships to military spouses and their dependents in 50 states and 8 countries through the AFF/Purdue University Global Military Scholarship program valued in excess of $9.2 million. Through the AFF national Veteran's employment initiative program, Warriors To The Workforce, thousands of Veterans have been connected to hundreds of participating companies for employment opportunities. Please reach out to us at


A native of Vancouver, Washington, Tilley was sworn in as the 12th Sergeant Major of the Army on June 23, 2000, and served until January 15, 2004. A career soldier, he had held many leadership positions within the Department of the Army and Unified Command environments.

As Sergeant Major of the Army, Tilley served as the Army Chief of Staff's personal advisor on all enlisted-related matters, particularly in areas affecting Soldier training and quality of life. He devoted the majority of his time to traveling throughout the Army observing training and talking to soldiers and their families. He sits on a wide variety of councils and boards that make decisions affecting enlisted soldiers and their families and is routinely invited to testify before Congress.

A Vietnam War Veteran, SMA Tilley has held a variety of important leadership positions throughout his 36-year career including tank commander, section leader, drill sergeant, platoon sergeant, senior instructor, operations sergeant, first sergeant, and command sergeant major. His military education includes the First Sergeants Course and the Sergeants Major Academy.

Among his numerous awards and decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit with two oak leaf clusters, Bronze Star with V Device, Meritorious Service Medal with one oak leaf cluster, Vietnam Service and Campaign Medals.

After retirement, SMA Tilley has continued his advocacy for all service members and their families. He is co-founder of the American Freedom Foundation, a 501(c) 3 public benefit corporation organized to honor, serve and support our Veterans and the families of America's armed forces and raise money and awareness through partnerships with military-focused organizations.

SMA Tilley has also become a successful management consultant, working with top Fortune 500 companies on a variety of projects and programs that are unique to the military community. He is President/CEO of J.Tilley Inc., founded in 2005. Co-founder of Pinnacle Five, LLC, marketing, consulting, and contracting company, crafted with members who held the senior enlisted position within the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

A well sought-after public speaker, whose primary topic raises the public consciousness in support of military service members and Veterans. SMA Tilley is currently Senior Vice President for Leadership Development with NewDay USA, a senior advisor to the American Security Council Foundation, and a member of Mission Readiness: Military Leaders for Kids. He is also the author of his book "A Soldier's Life."

*IMAGE link for media:

*Caption: Next Mission Podcast cover.

Kim Dettwiller Burton
(615) 330-5656

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Proposed Legislation Would Make the 45L and 179D Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives More Lucrative

BLAINE, Minn. -- The 'Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now' (GREEN) Act aims to extend and boost tax incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy. According to Alex Bagne, the President of ICS Tax, LLC, "If passed, the GREEN Act would make both the 45L Energy Efficient Home Credit (45L Credit) and the 179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (179D Deduction) more advantageous while furthering the green missions of these incentives."


Currently, the 45L Credit allows eligible developers to claim a $2,000 tax credit for each newly constructed or substantially reconstructed qualifying residence. It applies to single family homes, apartments, condominiums, assisted living homes, student housing, and other types of residences. The residences must be three stories above grade in height or less. The 45L Credit requires a HERS Rater, a credentialed professional who tests residential energy efficiency, to inspect the home, perform energy modeling and prepare certificates of compliance. The 45L Credit is set to expire at the end of 2021.

The GREEN Act would increase the 45L Credit from $2,000 to $2,500 per residential unit. It also seeks to extend the incentive to 2026, as it is set to expire in 2021. The energy efficiency standards would increase, going from a 50% to 60% savings over the IRS baseline.

"Many homebuilders are unaware that their homes as built qualify for this incentive," says Travis Cansler, a 45L specialist at ICS.

Steve Samos, a HERS Rater and the Director of Inspections for ICS, adds "For homes that do not pass, builders can often make design changes to get them to qualify where the additional costs are more than offset by the credit."


The 179D Deduction, often referred to as the EPAct Deduction, is a Federal tax incentive promoting energy efficient buildings for both new and existing structures. Further, architects, engineers, contractors, and other building design professionals may also be eligible for the incentive on public projects. Commercial building owners can take a Federal tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot of the building's floor area if they install certain property (e.g., efficient lights or HVAC systems, added wall or roof insulation, etc.) that reduces energy and power costs. The 179D Deduction, which applies to both new construction and renovations, was recently made permanent by the 'Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021.' However, that Act significantly increased the energy efficiency standards needed to qualify.

For the 179D Deduction, the GREEN Act would raise the maximum amount of the deduction from $1.80 to $3.00 per square foot for improvements made after December 31, 2021. It would also lower the threshold needed to qualify for the maximum deduction. The current standard compares the building to the ASHRAE standard that was in existence 2 years prior to the start of construction and requires a hypothetical 50% reduction in energy and power costs. The GREEN Act would lower those standards to 30%.

"By making these changes, the 179D Deduction will be more beneficial and further incentivize green building design," says Jillian Jones, a 179D Deduction specialist at ICS Tax.


ICS Tax, LLC (ICS) is a consulting firm providing innovative tax planning strategies and specializes in both the 45L and 179D tax incentives. ICS collaborates with taxpayers and their tax professionals to identify credits and incentives that reduce tax liabilities and increase profitability. ICS provides nationwide service through its offices located throughout the country.

Learn more at

IMAGE link for media:

Alexander Bagne

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