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NAES Southampton Power Station in Franklin, Virginia Receives the Virginia ‘Star’ Designation Under the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s Voluntary Protection Programs

RICHMOND, Va. -- Commissioner C. Ray Davenport announced today that NAES Southampton Power Station in Franklin, Virginia, has been recertified as a Virginia STAR Worksite under the Virginia's Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), the agency's highest level of recognition for excellence in safety and health management systems. The facility was honored with its fourth recertification since being originally certified on December 13, 2004. NAES operates the biomass fueled Southampton Power Station which is owned by Dominion Energy, Inc.

"This outstanding achievement in occupational safety and health has come through the dedication and hard work of NAES Southampton Power Station employees and management. I commend NAES Southampton Power Station for embracing the cooperative spirit of VPP, and congratulate them on their hard earned recertification as a Virginia STAR Worksite," said Commissioner Davenport.

NAES Southampton Power Station's commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees is demonstrated by its low injury and illness rates. The Franklin facility has a total three-year average for the TCIR (Total Case Incident Rate for injuries and illnesses) of 0.0 compared with a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) national rate of 6.4, representing a TCIR rate 100% lower than the national average for the industry. The site's three-year average DART rate (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred injury and illness cases) is 0.0, compared with the national rate of 2.1, which is 100% below the national average for the industry.

As part of the recognition for achieving Virginia STAR status under VPP, the worksite is entitled to fly the Virginia "STAR Worksite" flag. The NAES Southampton Power Station facility is the only STAR Worksite in Virginia for NAES and is one of two NAES VPP STAR sites currently in the United States.

Virginia businesses that participate in VPP substantially improve safety and health protections for thousands of Virginia employees through cooperative efforts to reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatal accidents. VPP STAR sites regularly report decreased bottom line costs associated with dramatically reduced injury and illness rates (an average of approximately 50% below the respective industry average), and improved productivity and employee morale. Reducing private sector employer costs associated with injuries, illnesses, and fatal accidents enhances a company's economic viability, competitiveness, and increases available capital for reinvestment, expansion, and new hiring.

VOSH operates six recognition programs. These include:

1 - Virginia STAR is a cooperative relationship between the VOSH program, the employer, and the employees that include the agreement of company leaders to operate exceptional safety and health management systems that meet a rigorous set of occupational safety and health criteria. Participating employers agree to voluntarily participate in the program and to directly involve employees in all aspects of the company's safety and health management systems. Requirements include an extensive application process, submission of written safety and health policies and procedures, demonstration of successful implementation of those programs through injury and illness rates that are below the national average for the employer's industry, and an intensive weeklong inspection by a team of VPP experts.

2 - Virginia BEST (Building Excellence in Safety, Health and Training) is a strategic partnership between the DOLI and the Associated General Contractors of Virginia that recognizes AGCVA members who voluntarily implement highly effective safety and health management systems to benefit construction workers and reduce or eliminate injuries, illnesses, and fatalities on construction sites in Virginia.

3 - Virginia BUILT is a new strategic partnership between the DOLI and the Associated Builders and Contractors of Virginia and is designed to encourage and recognize ABC-VA members who voluntarily implement highly effective safety and health management systems to benefit construction workers and reduce or eliminate injuries, illnesses, and fatalities on construction sites in Virginia. The Virginia BUILT program incorporates the ABC STEP program (Safety Training Evaluation Process) as the gateway to participation in Virginia BUILT.

4 - Virginia CHALLENGE is a formal three-stage recognition program that dramatically improves safety and health at the worksite and prepares the company to apply for Virginia STAR recognition.

5 - VOSH-VADOC CHALLENGE is a strategic partnership between the DOLI and the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) to recognize safety and health excellence at correctional facilities around the Commonwealth. Three stages of participation in VADOC Challenge prepare a site to apply for Virginia STAR recognition. Virginia has the only two correctional facilities in the nation to have received VPP STAR status, Augusta and Lunenburg Correctional Centers. For additional VPP information, contact Milford Stern, VPP Manager, at (540) 562-3580, ext. 123, or

6 - Virginia SHARP recognizes businesses of 250 employees or fewer and is administered by the DOLI VOSH Consultative Services Division. Contact Tracy Michaud, Consultation Program Manager, at (804) 786-8707 or

DOLI also offers free On-Site Consultation Services to help employers better understand and voluntarily comply with VOSH standards. Priority is given to high hazard workplaces with 250 or fewer employees and all services are offered to employers at no cost. On-Site Consultation Services helps employers identify and correct potential safety and health hazards by conducting walk-through surveys (without citations or penalties), abatement advice, on-site training, and program assistance to develop safety and health programs.

For additional information about On-Site Consultation Services visit

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Smart Growth Strategies in Pompano Beach Are Protecting City from COVID-19 Fiscal Stress

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- While other cities around the country are considering raising taxes, or already have, in response to budget shortfalls due to COVID-19, the Pompano Beach CRA has announced that residents of the City of Pompano Beach are experiencing one of the lowest tax rates in Broward County according to the recently released 2021 millage rates.

This financial stability is due in large part to the smart growth strategies that have been occurring in the City during the past few years. The City's investment in redevelopment and infrastructure has attracted quality private development bringing in new tax dollars and additional support for local businesses, allowing the City to maintain the tax rate.

"Leadership in Pompano Beach knew the importance of tapping into the City's real estate assets-- land and property, in order to create a more economically stable municipality," said Nguyen Tran, CRA Director. "By properly managing these assets and taking a proactive stance, we have been able to create new revenue streams to benefit the City and its residents, which also offer a layer of protection during unforeseen events like this pandemic."

Pompano Beach began its transformation in earnest in 2009. After decades of decline, a targeted, economically-driven plan was launched, making the City an attractive location to the private investment community. The City prepared for the growth by establishing development guidelines and zoning laws to protect the City from over development. This plan is working to eliminate blighted areas and enhance the quality of life for the community.

Developments such as Koi, Sabbia, Heritage at Pompano Station, Avery Place and the new restaurants and retailers at the Pier such as Beach House and Oceanic have added approximately $166 million in new property valuation and more than $1 million dollars in new property tax revenue to the City over the past few years. Between 2015 and 2019, the City has seen an increase of approximately $39 million or 39% in major tax and fee revenue sources including property taxes, half-cent sales taxes, state municipal revenue sharing, franchise and utility taxes, franchise fees and communication service taxes.

These enhanced revenue streams have allowed the City to maintain its financial stability even through the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 millage rates were recently released, and out of 31 cities in Broward County, Pompano Beach is the 6th largest, yet it has the 11th lowest tax rate, according to the Broward County Property Appraiser's Office.

"Without the strategic growth policies that attracted this private investment, we would be under tremendous fiscal stress right now," continued Tran. "The economic impact of good growth has been extremely important for the long-term success of our City and the prosperity of our residents."

This development has been carefully managed to maximize the benefits including a strong tax base, job growth and small business support, while also addressing important resident concerns by regulating building height, creating walkable spaces and connectivity between projects and exploring ride sharing initiatives to manage traffic congestion and enhance mobility. Cities who invest in their public assets and build quality amenities for their residents tend to be the most fiscally stable. The City and CRA's investment in our public assets have been instrumental in attracting private sector investment.

About the Pompano Beach CRA:

The City of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was created in 1989. It has two independent districts: Northwest CRA and East CRA established by City government for the purpose of carrying out redevelopment activities that include reducing or eliminating blight, improving the economic health of an area, and encouraging public and private investments in a CRA district.

The Pompano Beach CRA is funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). The funds are collected as property values increase and a portion of that increase is captured by the Agency. TIF raises revenue for redevelopment efforts without raising taxes. For more information

Media Contact:
Kay Renz

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Royse Events to Host the 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum: The Future of California

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Royse Events LLC, a nonpartisan organizer of technology and policy events, today announced its upcoming 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum. The CASC Forum will provide a virtual platform for candidates from across the state to briefly share their vision for California's future.

Candidates will either appear live via videostream on October 10, or can choose to submit a prerecorded video for publication. Participation is open to all California candidates currently running for the United States House of Representatives, California State Assembly, or California State Senate.

The CASC Forum is a free event and open to the public. Attendees should register at

Confirmed participants include:
* Chris Bish - Candidate for US Congress (District 6)
* Ritesh Tandon - Candidate for US Congress (District 17)
* Jeff Gorman - Candidate for US Congress (District 20)
* Andy Caldwell - Candidate for US Congress (District 24)
* Eric Early - Candidate for US Congress (District 28)
* Angélica María Dueñas - Candidate for US Congress (District 29)
* David Kim - Candidate for US Congress (District 34)
* William "Liam" O'Mara - Candidate for US Congress (District 42)
* James S. Waters - Candidate for US Congress (District 46)
* Gary J. Michaels - Candidate for State Senate (District 19)
* Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh - Candidate for State Senate (District 23)
* Cathy Cook - Candidate for State Assembly (District 8)
* Eric M. Rigard - Candidate for State Assembly (District 9)
* Carlos Villapudua - Candidate for State Assembly (District 13)
* Peter Ohtaki - Candidate for State Assembly (District 24)
* Julie Solis - Candidate for State Assembly (District 34)
* Mike Graves - Candidate for State Assembly (District 43)
* Jeffi Girgenti - Candidate for State Assembly (District 45)
* Toni Holle - Candidate for State Assembly (District 52)
* Godfrey Santos Plata - Candidate for State Assembly (District 53)
* Fatima S. Iqbal-Zubair - Candidate for State Assembly (District 64)
* Sharon Quirk-Silva - Candidate for State Assembly (District 65)

Roger Royse, founder of Royse Events, shared "we look forward to bringing the California candidates together in a virtual forum to meet their voters and share their vision of the future."

The 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum is the third political forum hosted by Royse Events since 2016. Previous events included the 2018 Silicon Valley Candidates Forum in San Francisco, CA and the 2016 Presidential Candidates Forum in Menlo Park, CA in which 5 US Presidential candidates participated.

About Royse Events

Royse Events LLC is an organization committed to helping, and connecting founders, investors, markets, and regulators. Royse Events promotes visionary thinking in technology, hosts dozens of local, national, and international events and webinars, and publishes useful resources for the technology community. Today, more than 19,000 members have been actively involved with Royse Events.

Media Contact:
Roger Royse

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September is National Preparedness Month: Statewide Mutual Aid Network Provides 24/7 Response to Illinois Communities

ST. CHARLES, Ill. -- Communities are continuing clean-up efforts following the summer's severe weather events, says Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network. This includes an Aug. 10 storm classified by the National Weather Service as a Derecho (a long-lived line of thunderstorms and intense winds) that produced widespread damage to trees, power lines, buildings, and vehicles from hurricane-force winds and 11 tornadoes.

Five Northern Illinois communities - Lombard, Oglesby, Villa Park, Spring Valley and Grant Park - received recovery assistance through their membership in the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network (IPWMAN), a statewide organization that offers a standardized mutual aid agreement as a framework for communities to help each other prepare and recover from natural and man-made disasters. In total, 23 other IPWMAN member communities provided aid to those five cities and villages.

Formed in 2009 in response to revised guidelines issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) following 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, IPWMAN provides three primary benefits to members.

#1: Access to statewide resources, including equipment, expertise and people power.

IPWMAN's membership has grown from three members in 2009 to over 400 organizations in 2020 - including counties, cities, towns, villages and townships, as well as a sanitary district and a water district - serving populations that range from fewer than 500 to more than 5 million residents.

#2: Coordinated response.

IPWMAN members receive the first 5 days of disaster support at no cost. Requests for assistance go to an IPWMAN Call Center, available 24/7 and staffed by trained public works duty officers who coordinate requests and assistance to efficiently provide necessary resources.

#3: Training opportunities.

IPWMAN provides training for its members, with opportunities ranging from an annual conference that offers information on a variety of emergency response topics to meeting with others who have worked or will be working with them during emergency responses. Other training provided throughout the year includes participating in disaster simulation exercises with other organizations, offering opportunities to learn about and from those other mutual aid organizations.

Learn more about IPWMAN:

See all members by county or region:

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Ohio Veterans Launch Camp Freeman GoFundMe campaign and website to begin construction on their first non-profit Veterans’ Retreat

NEWARK, Ohio -- Camp Freeman, a Veteran Owned Ohio Non-Profit 501(c)(3) has been established to support homeless, at-risk, disabled, and transitioning veterans. Camp Freeman is launching their fundraising campaign on September 11th, 2020 with a goal of $2.9 million to build their first regional facility and headquarters right here in central Ohio.

The new organization is currently accepting donations on their website, GoFundMe, via PayPal, or by mail to Camp Freeman, PO Box 245, Jacksontown, OH 43030.

Volunteer opportunities are also available for individuals and organizations who wish to support the veteran community.


Camp Freeman is a planned 50+ acre veterans' retreat and the first facility of its kind featuring:
* Veteran's Village (Cabins/Tiny Houses)
* Transitional Housing
* Family Support and Crisis Shelter
* Support Groups
* On-site Behavioral Health
* Nutritional services
* Education & Counseling
* RV Campground & Primitive Campsites
* Recreational Facilities
* Fitness Center & Aquatics
* Art & Equine Therapy Programs
* Auto Hobby Shop
* Designated Quiet Spaces
* & So Much More

Each veteran will go through an initial interview and counseling that Camp Freeman will use to create an individual action plan with easy to reach personal goals. Major milestones will be celebrated to recognize these veterans' efforts for themselves and their community. All programs at camp freeman will be offered at no cost except for campground, Veterans' Village, and transitional housing; but those cabin and site rentals will be offered on an income-based scale so it is affordable for any veteran.

Camp Freeman's mission may best be stated by one of its founding members, Christopher Reynard: "We are tired of watching veterans fall through the cracks of a broken system. Our veterans need real behavioral health support, real community, real comradery, and most of all they need their military family back. With the onslaught of natural disasters, a nationwide pandemic, and a forthcoming eviction apocalypse, we can't wait any longer. The time is now! The place is right here where we can make the greatest impact."

Camp Freeman Board Members

One of their Board Members, Timothy Godwin has already launched a highly successful PTSD Support Group, The Huddle, which is still active today. Another, Jacob Edgell, has spent most of his time in the past couple of years practicing and planning therapy opportunities for disabled Veterans including art, equine therapy, digital veterans' communities, and even volunteers as a counselor for veterans in his spare time through multiple online support groups. With over 15 years of combined experience serving veterans and active military members, the Board Members of Camp Freeman have witnessed what could only be described as Miraculous Transitions.

According to Army Veteran, Specialist Murphy who was homeless with a family of 5 near the onset of the Covid-19 crisis and is now transitioning into his own home in Southern Ohio: "I don't know where I'd be without Tim, Jake, and Chris. . .maybe on the side of the road...probably not good. My family and I got to stay with Chris and his family, and it was different than anything I'd seen. Seeing what they do for others makes it hard not to try every day and be a success story... I can't wait 'til I can come back and help some!"

The Camp Freeman Team has supported veterans in crisis, assisted with housing, provided counseling, sheltered veterans and their families, and most importantly have built supportive relationships with veterans of every background using only their own resources. With the support of local organizations and public/private donors to provide facilities and paid staff; Camp Freeman will make an unimaginable impact on the Veteran Community while providing a benchmark for the veterans' programs of the future.

Board member Timothy Godwin while speaking at a recent board meeting stated: "It's not just Central Ohio...It's not just Ohio, it's all the surrounding states...the whole nation...None of our unsung heroes will be forgotten with time and no more will be abandoned if they come to us. That is going to be our legacy, our brothers continuing on, that is our legacy... Sometimes you just can't do it alone...It takes a village."

Camp Freeman can be operational before the end of the year at a limited capacity with the success of this fundraising campaign then operating at full capacity before the end of 2021. On this September 11th, remember the patriotism and the unity after that great tragedy. With your support now, next year on the 20th Anniversary of this generation's Pearl Harbor (9/11/2021) Camp Freeman will be fully operational and serving veterans from all across the nation. With all of the hatred and discontent spreading today, this gives us all a chance to be a part of something positive that will not only save lives, but give our nations heroes the purpose and opportunity they deserve.

Important Links:

Website -

PayPal -

GoFundMe Campaign -

Christopher Reynard
of Camp Freeman

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Pompano Beach CRA Announces a Special McNab House Presentation

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- Pompano Beach residents are encouraged to attend a special presentation about the McNab House & Botanical Gardens during a virtual Pompano Beach CRA meeting on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 1 p.m. The presentation will introduce Randy Hollingworth, Director of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Urban Design from the award-winning, international firm Bermello, Ajamil and Partners (B&A).

Hollingworth will explore potential concepts generally found in botanical gardens based upon his extensive experience in creating outstanding public parks and open spaces.

To view the meeting please visit,

"Randy will be discussing a variety of space-compatible elements for potential inclusion in a botanical garden. This phase begins with a clean slate and no preconceived notions," said Nguyen Tran, Pompano Beach CRA Director. "We are excited to share the possibilities and to launch the public input workshops."

The McNab House, built in 1926, was moved from its original location on Atlantic Boulevard, when the owners sold the land for development. With the support of the Pompano Beach Historical Society, the Pompano Beach CRA saved the historic home, moving it several blocks to McNab Park, with the vision of transforming the home into a restaurant and the surrounding land into a botanical garden. The goal of the McNab House and Botanical Gardens project is to continue economic growth with the East CRA and Atlantic Boulevard corridor. Activation of the park will encourage more pedestrian activity and create a unique attraction with park elements for residents and visitors to enjoy.

"There is tremendous potential for the McNab House & Botanical Gardens to become a premiere attraction in Broward County," explained Hollingworth, who is a Partner at B&A, the Miami-based firm that is contracted to design the botanical garden. "During this presentation, we will not be focusing on specifics, instead exploring an array of visual concepts that have been successfully implemented in similarly-sized urban parks and open spaces. I join this project with no preconceived notions, just stunning possibilities. And I look forward to robust public input leading to the creation of an amenity-filled botanical garden."

The Pompano Beach CRA offered multiple public meeting opportunities during Phase 1 and is tentatively targeting November 2020 for an initial community stakeholder meeting to discuss the design process.

About the Pompano Beach CRA:

The City of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was created in 1989. It has two dependent districts: Northwest CRA and East CRA established by City government for the purpose of carrying out redevelopment activities that include reducing or eliminating blight, improving the economic health of an area, and encouraging public and private investments in a CRA district.

The Northwest CRA District covers an area of about 3,084 acres encompassing a large part of the western portion of the City between Atlantic Boulevard and Copans Road generally west of Dixie Highway. The Pompano Beach CRA is funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). The funds are collected as property values increase and a portion of that increase is captured by the Agency. TIF raises revenue for redevelopment efforts without raising taxes.

For more information

Media Contact:
Kay Renz

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Phillip Snowden Formally Announces His Run for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District

MONROE, La. -- The Phillip Snowden Campaign announces, mentor and retired engineer, Phillip Snowden on August 29, 2020 will officially announce his candidacy to represent the hard-working people of Louisiana's 5th Congressional District. The announcement will occur at 11 a.m. in his childhood home of Dubach, Louisiana near the Hamilton Warehouse Event Center (124 Hico Street).

Mr. Snowden believes the people from Louisiana 5th Congressional District deserve a leader who will bridge us together and thereby collectively solve the problems which help to lead us out of this pandemic, increase access to affordable health care, have world class education, and infrastructure which rivals that in the best funded areas in our country.

"I will work to construct bridges between Louisiana communities and Washington, D.C. to ensure the government serve its' citizens not the opposite. My focus is delivering on America's promise to Louisiana's hard-working families up and down the financial ladder."

The public is welcome; however, we ask that you wear masks and employ social distancing. We encourage everyone to stay safe.

Those who are unable to attend can see the live stream from Facebook at the Phillip Snowden Campaign

Come meet the candidate, provide your suggestions, and hear his thoughts as well as positions on what's needed to build bridges between people and collectively address the hard problems that endanger our way of life, and our children's future in the district, Louisiana, and this nation.

More information visit our website:

Paid for by Phillip Snowden for Congress

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Tennessee’s 1st Democratic Nominee Blair Walsingham Announces the ‘Freedom Grant’

EIDSON, Tenn. -- Blair Walsingham, Democratic Congressional nominee in Tennessee's 1st District will award two "Freedom Grants," $500/month for one year to district residents. Walsingham says that her Freedom Grant, not dependent upon a vote for her, is intended to "empower individuals to move beyond survival." If elected, she will seek legislation for a Freedom Dividend, a monthly basic income of $1000 to Americans 18 and over.

Walsingham says that corporations thrive on benefits from tax dollars, and says, "It's time for taxpayers to thrive too." Walsingham cites direct cash distributions by Dolly Parton following the Gatlinburg fires, and per capita distribution in the nearby Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, as models of basic income. "In the EBCI, this practice improved quality of life and increased opportunity," says Walsingham, who interviewed Principal Chief Sneed for her podcast.

While basic income plans vary, Walsingham's plan is universal. "This dividend unites Americans with a shared benefit of citizenship," she says, pointing out that while her plan could eradicate poverty, the advantages are not just for low income households.

"Middle class Americans," adds Walsingham, "are suffering from debt and healthcare bills." A common rationale for basic income is automation in the workplace, which the McKinsey Global Institute says may eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030.

Interest in basic income has grown during COVID-19 after Congress passed a round of stimulus checks. A trial UBI in Stockton, Calif., showed that recipients increased spending on food by 12% from the same time last year.

More money in the hands of Americans means more spending. Walsingham says we can "replace the cycle of poverty with a cycle of prosperity," and that her campaign's Freedom Grant initiative is a step in that direction.

If elected, Blair Walsingham would be the first Democrat to represent Tennessee's 1st District in over a hundred years.

To learn more, visit

About Blair Walsingham:

Blair Walsingham, candidate for U.S. Congress, TN-01, is endorsed by key community and national organizations, including former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Running on a platform of health, freedom, and financial security, Blair is a veteran, small business owner, and resides in Hawkins County with her family.

*Link to images for media:

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Seattle Company, Oscilla Power, Developing Breakthrough Approach to Recharging Underwater Vehicles

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Oscilla Power, Inc. is proud to announce the receipt of a $200k grant from the US DOE to further develop technology that enables autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to recharge themselves using ocean waves. In this Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) project, Oscilla Power will collaborate with Lockheed Martin, through their Rotary and Mission Systems group, to explore how this capability can be incorporated into their AUV and UUV systems.

AUVs are now seeing significant use across a wide range of marine applications and the AUV market is projected to grow rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 20.8% to over $1.6 Billion by 2025. However, the capability of an AUV is limited by its battery capacity. An NREL report noted that there were a number of key advantages in increasing the amount of power available, particularly the ability for longer duration missions. Oscilla's technology offers the ability for the vehicle to recharge its batteries using only the environment, potentially enabling unlimited range and duration.

According to Balky Nair, President of Oscilla Power, "The development of a capability that can be integrated into commercial AUVs to provide enough power to recharge the on-board batteries could be potentially game-changing for ocean science and military operations."

Solar panels have been used previously for AUV recharging, however, this approach suffered from very low power and constrained operations to daytime only. A significant advantage of using waves for this purpose is that ocean waves are more than 100 times more energy dense than solar, allowing for much higher power to be produced. AUV's spend the majority of their time working at depth so higher power is advantageous to minimize surfacing and recharging time.

Oscilla expect to demonstrate a fully working laboratory prototype early next year. If successful, Oscilla plans to work with Lockheed Martin to progress to a full ocean demonstration shortly afterwards, with the ultimate objective of transitioning the technology to commercial and military platforms.

About Oscilla Power, Inc.:

Oscilla Power, Inc. is focused on developing advanced technology to extract energy from ocean waves.

Learn more at:

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Oz Sultan Announces Campaign for New York’s 30th District State Senate Seat

HARLEM, N.Y. -- District Leader Oz Sultan announced today that he is the reformed Republican candidate for New York's 30th District for State Senate.

Sultan, a Harlem resident, has gone from a Harlem Resident to a District Leader for the 70th Assembly. In that time, he's worked with the 5 Borough Homelessness Coalition to stop blockbusting, push legislation in Albany, bring job opportunities and giving back.

"It's time to put politics aside and do what's right for Harlem. We need Community Leaders that build - and need to continue Ruby Wright's Mission. That's why I'm running for New York's State Senate 30th District, Harlem," stated Oz Sultan.

"Those of us across Harlem deserve a true leader, who is not afraid to ask questions, engage the community, demand the truth, and who will always put the needs of the district and its people before self-interest. The people deserve an independent-minded representative who is willing to fight for a stronger health care system, strategic investments in infrastructure, and getting corporate special interest money out of our politics. Most of all, we need someone in Albany who will lookout for more than just themselves."

Working in his community Sultan has been involved in Harlem for years and seen first-hand how much has been lost with the passing of leaders like Brother Akil Rose and Sister Rubye Wright. Sultan's background is 20 years in Corporate America and Startups, with a decade working with Non-profit Organizations and Interfaith groups.

"Post COVID, we are going to need the leader that has shown they are willing to first respond, as well as able to get work done in Albany. We will have bi-partisanship and cooperation."

Learn more at:

Jason McCloy, McCloy Hall & Co.

Paid for by the Oz For NY Political Campaign

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